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My question is: Where to find Godaddy renewal promo code?.

My 2nd question is:















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Next year, 2009, will be the greatly new age for HostGator names, Internet and the world, including the HostGator marketplaces and the hot new waves sweeping over HostGator /img/avatar5.jpgs and domainers. There are coming many new, personalized, various HostGator names. The time for an infinite number of top-level HostGator names is coming next year!.

What are you thinking of the new HostGator age?.

What will you deal with the new HostGator age?..

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Your question was: Where to find Godaddy renewal promo code?.

Hundreds of us will lose lot of money as many of our domains will go worthless......

Comment #1

It has been reported that each of the 2009 new HostGator names' opening registration will cost $100,000~500,000...

Comment #2

Plus Staff, offices, equipment, computers, advertising, travel expenses, and on and on and on...


Comment #3

Not to mention, if I understand correctly, money in hand does not guarantee you the extension either.. you may still be denied...

Comment #4


Actually, I don't see how this is really going to effect domainers.

Most of these are going to be untouchable it seems...

Comment #5

Its just all leading to a future where anyone can register both sides of the dot for less than $20. I'm sure it will happen sometime...

Comment #6

Actually that is just a $100,000 starting bid.

Only trademark holders like .walmart .dell, .amazon will get away with $100,000 to claim their extension as no one else is allowed to compete for a big trademark like that.

As for something like .fun, $100,000 is only the opening bid (could go for millions and millions), kind of like an auction on ebay starting at 0.99c..

Comment #7

What if someone register a trade mark extension, is it possible to start an auction for the highest bidder or they have to give it away to TM holder..

Comment #8

I've checked the cost with other more news sources, and yeah, each of the 2009 new HostGator names' opening registration will cost $100,000~500,000. (I have updated with the cost reference in the post above.)..

Comment #9

As frank mentioned elsewhere and I quote (little modified to suite the existing case) He was referring to .pro, .biz and the sorts, which is now relevant to the upcoming extensions...

Comment #10

There will be some interesting happenings that can be expected:.

# Most businesses and individuals will have to buy some such-new-extension domains in/since 2009 to protect their identities.

# Much more HostGator registrations and investments in 2009 than in 2008.

# There will be much more, much better HostGator owners' and domainers' earning opportunities.

# With more such various, especially targeted-business domains coming out in 2009, the importance of .com domains is going to be less, generally speaking of the whole HostGator industry and of the targeted business industry.

# Some countries' CC HostGator administrations' earnings will be less next year.

......, ......

Any more opinions from you guys?..

Comment #11

I think that this only applies to large corporations...

Comment #12

When the .ext comes out, it'll be a way for people to buy poker.ext, sex.ext, porn.ext etc - It'll just mean more people investing in keyword.ext for a quick flip.

Imo - not all of the ext's that come out will survive...

Comment #13

My guess is we'll see (mainly) large corporations buying their .pepsi or .ibm and there won't be too many others due to the large investment required. Look how many ext have basically failed to date. There's a big risk involved in buying an ext for the general public. If I had the dough, I'd buy a good keyword ext and keep it to myself...

Comment #14

This is just another money grabbing exercise by Icann.

In the long term a lot of new extensions being used by big companies [ who else will be able to afford the new extensions at $100,000?} may raise the public awareness that there are other extensions than " com"...

Comment #15

Exactly! There is no need for having any of those crappy extentions anyway...

Comment #16


Think about it guys, large corps could start using like.




They may start thinking about selling their names like because they've got their own .ext.

This could turn out good for our industry...

Comment #17

I don't think many big organisations will want their own extension, is a stronger HostGator than any keyword .microsoft so what's the point? You're only going to confuse your customers.

Selling domains in extensions people haven't heard of won't be particularly lucrative by the time you have factored in all the start up costs. Even if you copy Afilias and knock out domains for $1 to drum up business, you are going to need to sell 1m to make any money. Most new extensions aren't going to have that sort of keyword appeal breadth so you are stuck with another .travel at best, where people register the obvious keywords speculatively but the extension don't really develop beyond that.

The RegistryPro strategy of premium .pro pricing has been proven not to work, they generate about $300,000 of revenue per annum and must be racking up big losses. Without a strictly limited number of gTLD's, those losses aren't worth funding for the ultimate registry owner. I would say that in terms of aesthetic appeal, commercial brandability, and universal understanding, it will be difficult to top .pro, so any new gTLD is on a suicide mission if they go down the premium pricing route.

What makes me smile about the ICANN announcement is the wheeling out of the cream rising to the top assurance by big .com has always been at the top and nothing is going to challenge that but more gTLD's isn't going to help anybody.

Every dollar that flows from .com to a new extension or from a current alternative extension to a new one is a dollar less to support and push up market prices have done well in the last 5 years in spite of new extensions because the whole industry has been bouyant. They would have done even better without .info, .biz, and .mobi because more money would have been focused chasing .com derivatives for popular keywords.

.com has had relatively little direct competition from alternative gTLD's; .biz and .mobi are ugly constructs, .info isn't brandable in the same way .com is, and .pro has been restricted and massively overpriced. Rich people and profitable businesses will always compete for million dollar category killer .coms but the SEO optimised 2 and 3 worder .coms are vulnerable to plausible sounding new gTLD's like .web.

If I was an SEO analyst at Marchex, I'd want to start my own gTLD, register the 100,000 highest paying search keywords without any recurring fees, and out SEO optimise my old employers. Then when Google was stocked with my PPC sites, I'd auction off the best generic single word keywords to try to cover my ICANN costs. With more sites chasing PPC income, the amount Marchex can extract from their .com domains will fall, and if they start to crumble, mid-tier .com valuations will be hit whether the .com big cheeses like it or not.

Billions of dollars are at stake so I'm surprised the big .com domaining companies haven't stopped ICANN opening Pandora's box. It's in everybody's interests apart from ICANN not to have a gTLD's free for all so I'm surprised the money hasn't got a leash on the bureaucrats...

Comment #18

In about only eight months, there will come unprecedented HostGator name and Internet phenomena.

Interested in seeing:.

Who will own those new super domains, such as Loans.Bank, RealEstate.NewYork, Casino.LasVegas, Find.Love .....

Comment #19

It's possibly a potential nightmare.

How many RegisterFlys will be created.?.


Ticket.air. (already regged or reserved)

Where will it end? Domains.insanity ...anyone?.


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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