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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Where to find GoDaddy promo codes for the UK?.

My 2nd question is: For amusement I was reading through the Haus posted policy.....

So let me make sure I follow this logic to conclusion. The Haus basically is saying that "is based in the United Kingdom where the sending of Unsolicited Bulk Email is now illegal" and furthermore, "Spamhaus sees the introduction of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (S.877/HR 2214) as a serious failure of the United States government to understand the Spam problem.".

Basically in the end, the Haus thinks CAN-SPAM, while legal in the U.S., is not legal in the UK and accordingly, they regulate mailers and force their will on private companies. Which is in violation of U.S. law...

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Your question was: Where to find GoDaddy promo codes for the UK?.

See now I saw "SpamHaus Position" and I imagined p0rn and some dude bending over having it given to him by an overly endowed horse....

Cause that's what Spamhaus thinks they are the horse arse fucking some mailer......

Eewwww I shudder just thinking about how violated I feel thinking I've been arse raped by a horse..

Yeah Roundy I see where you're going with this. Damn man...

Comment #1

Serious mistake, Tsunami, South America, Asia.... sounds like Fox news.

I wonder when will we all send to haus our company names and IP address spaces. We should all be on their ROKSO list and stop demonizing it because at the end of the day, we are giving them such power and relevance to that nazi list. I almost had a rokso a couple months ago and almost shit my pants..

Once they realize how we don't give a fuck about them, server providers don't give a fuck about them, and how a few ISPs are already dropping them because of the grief they cause, they will just have to focus on rolex and viagra mailers. Their blackmail to push server providers is: If you collaborate with mailers, you'll get your rokso listing. I wonder how is that an element of pressure if they get a 10k mailers listings over there instead of their crappy hand picked 100..

We all have control over that list if we think about it, the same way we have control over our own databases. We would never overload our databases because we know what happens, essentially we put our business at risk..

Fuck you haus, Fuck providers who support them and Fuck our lame.

Scared asses. It's our fucking fault..

Comment #2

How do spamhaus make any fucking money, just out of interest?..

Comment #3

^ Bribery, in essence.


Somethings gotta be done about it for sure, the problem is unifying enough people willing to stand up and say "here I am" by either political or legal means. A lines gotta be drawn between the truely BH mailers and the guys staying within can-spam.

To me it definitely seems absurd that a foreign company can enforce policies on american isps, and they have to bow down to them or pay them their ransom to get removed. Aren't there a number of legal issues with american isps blocking legitimate senders right now going on? I remember seeing something recently about this..

Comment #4

How do you "almost" get on the ROKSO list?.

Did Spamhaus call you and say "we're thinking about adding you to ROKSO....well naw, we changed our mind"?..

Comment #5

I gave them your name instead and let me go.

Actually the first part is right:.

"we're thinking about adding you to ROKSO....". Then they didnt say anything and nothing happened. The SBL record that costed me a couple domains showed up in yellow. I had a conversation with them over this issue, super cool guys..

Comment #6

LOL that actually may hold more truth than you realize..

Interesting. Usually direct communication is not advocated, in most cases it has more negative results.

Simple trick to stay off ROKSO forever.....

Don't mail GI and be compliant in your sending and configurations. FYI it's against Spamhaus internal policy to list SBLs on Yahoo, MSN or AOL. Occasionaly they will but it's a super rare and you had to do something really bad...

Comment #7

Now is this just for the standard sweatshop type of slavery or can you order them with a required skill set?..

Comment #8

Yeah... Dont get me wrong, it wasnt a nice talk.... and to be honest it was my last attempt to avoid the listing (since when I saw that SBL in yellow, thought my business was over and my dick would fall apart). Happy ending though... no listing.

^^ See how fucking woosies we all are about it?... Again, they make a living out of our stupid anonimity inercy carried back since 2003, where none of us had a clue if we were doing legal shit or not. We learned how to hide, and from who, and now we cant find the way out of our fucking caves..

Comment #9

I had heard from a couple of sources now that SR02 is actually an old hacker/phisher chappie who is based in the U.S., and had done federal time in the past for hacking, credit card fraud, and identity crimes. Yet is now the number 2 honcho over at SH.

We've been doing a bit of digging on the backbone to these chappies. I enjoy a good chuckle at how they hide behind U.K. laws, or jurisdiction while trying to force that bullshit on U.S. companies. Including those CAN SPAM compliant, who can prove it. Yet their position, and enforcement, is actually based on U.K.

Which, as many know, is very harsh on libel/slander. Something they openly do, and easily documented. Which is setting them up for a nice little lawsuit. Especially if the U.S. guy, and his address, can be located and served. From what we've dug up to date, including the past lawsuit in Illinois, these guys are doing a little jurisdictional two step.

The search continues.....

Comment #10

Originally Posted by CPAholic.

I gave them your name instead and let me go.

I had someone do this to me about a month ago. It was a convoluted situation.. involving Adstation, and an Adstation affiliate and both the affiliate and Adstation tossed me under the bus...

Comment #11

Fuck that and them O_o. So if I use powermta and spamhaus contacts me I should be able to forward them the CEOs contact detalis? lolwut..

Comment #12

Actually in the Adstation situation I believe it was pressure from entities like SpamHaus that made them change how they list the domains they use for their tracking links..

As JDub and others (including myself) have found our adstation account link domains under a WHOIS check show our private company information instead of Adstation the actual registrar..

Adstation is trying to negate liability by throwing the affiliates under the bus. Not very good business practices but it does showcase the intimidation power the Antis are weilding these days..

Russ that sucks man :-(..

Comment #13

Interesting to see a company like that throwing you under the bus...

Comment #14

Private WHOIS ID.

Repetitive NAME SERVERS.

Spam Eating Monkey.



Certain Cooperative Registrars.


Comment #15

"I don't even have a speech prepared. I'm so excited. I'd like to thank SR14 and SR18 for their SBLs, and now pre-emptive SBLs. I couldn't have done it without you. I'd also like to thank Mr. Linsford, with apologies for surrounding your houseboat with 100 gallons of chum in the middle of the night and attracting all those sharks - the giant hole in your Mickey Mouse boxers can be repaired! I'd also like to thank my faithful registrars for illegally confiming my identity, no hard feelings guys, it's not like I send you thousands of dollars per month or anything, right? Who else, who else? I'd like to thank the ISPs I've run with over the years, my NEW name will be Sammy Spamzilla, please make note and pre-approve my /21's I'll be buying again like I know you will...

<holding golden SPAM CAN in the air> I couldn't have done it without YOU, my 2.4 billion triple-optin fans. Please enjoy the next two weeks SPAM FREE as I rebuild, you've earned it!"..

Comment #16

A little treat for your reading pleasure.....

Criminal Past of John Blasik, Spamhaus's Owner!..

Comment #17

We should start a criminal present website of that fucker and his whole damn team as well..

Simply enough to create a website with the DMA and the ESPC listing all the "preventive" SBLs that they are publishing and that costs us money.We should also start responding to them and publishing the entire conversations with their intimidatory practices. Not just from one guy, but from all of us..

Specially those conversations from SR02 where he asks for "names" to let you off the hook..

Im sure there should be more than one member of these two organizations that are supposed to protect can spam compliant mailers over this forum. They could be great mediators over SBL disputes, protecting mailers companies, hosting services, etc..

Again, the way we keep hiding is the only reason as of why we get this much fucking grief our way..

....fucking phenomenal, almost past away laughin..

Comment #18

I am "on it" and if people can send me info to include I would greatly appreciate it. Here's what I am working on: The StopHaus Project. I want to expose them at the same level they expose (what they call) sp@mmers.

I want to gather evidence of marketers that have been SBL'ed over nanae complaints from actual subscribers (proves tortuous provision for claim) and I want to have a FREE community data hygiene application with a dynamic submission ability so we can all work as a team to fight the real criminals..

By consolidating records in a non-profit and organized structure, we can and WILL shut these crooks down. We can, at the very least, prove tortuous interference by US-based companies that use ZEN. After all, e360 proved it is illegal to do that (no matter what the amount of the judgment was in the was still a judgment)..

Send me anything of value. The more personal info we can gather of the Sp@mhaus contributors, the more effective the publicity will be and the more we work together the less they single single us out...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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