Where to find Godaddy hosting coupons for 2011?

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My question is: Where to find Godaddy hosting coupons for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: The issue has been resolved..

Just get payment via Paypal.

Thanks Keith for your kindly help.

Hope Sedo perform better and better.



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Your question was: Where to find Godaddy hosting coupons for 2011?.

I am really sorry for that NameLinker.

This is sedo.

Theres a sedo's rep here and you can send a PM to Keith here explaining what happened.

Good luck..

Comment #1

Sorry to hear that.

There is worse though, you will hear groans from around the forum on this guy:.

Erich mueller.

Broker from hell..

Comment #2

Thanks for all of your guys! I would refuse to accept Iris as my transfer Rep in any future business.

To bricio:.

Thanks for your great help! I just PMed Keith for the case. Hope to hear some news soon...

Comment #3

They are all very bad. I've worked with many of them but Iris certainly deserves a spot in the podium!.

I say this as often as I get a chance to: SEDO SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS and then SUCKS again and I encourage everyone to STOP using SEDO for HostGator parking, at least.

We made SEDO what it is. It's time WE take SEDO down from where it is.

Bye bye SEDO!..

Comment #4

Hi NameLinker,.

PM sent back to you. I'm looking into this!.



Comment #5

You are welcome!!!.

I really hope you have this solved..

Comment #6

Thanks Bricio and Keith.

Hope could get some updates from Keith in a short time. What happened and who should take responsibility in this case are VERY clearly and no need for a 2 days investigation in my eyes..

Comment #7

With sedo, I thought you pushed to THEIR sedo account- not the buyer? did you say they were asking you to push to the buyer account?.

That is not escrow-..

Comment #8

Hi NameLinker,.

The issue has been resolved. Please check the PM from me.



Comment #9

Thanks Keith for your kindly help!.

Waiting for the payment. I will update the status here asap when I get it.

To smashfactory,.

Yes, Iris asked me to Push the HostGator to buyer's account in stead of Sedo's..

Comment #10

Jesus I know for sure that I`ll never push a HostGator name to any one else account but just Sedo`s one.

Keith, I`m really really surprised by how bad things are going for Sedo, I can understand the server problems and other technical issues (but not accept , considering all the money Sedo makes) , but in this case.....I am speechless...

Comment #11

I was just thinking of starting a "official sedo problems thread" lol.

Keith, can you crack the whip on the buyer to pay for the auction!!!!! I have had 4 sales on sedo with only two ever getting paid for!! One HostGator was tied up for over a Month... This will not happen to this domain. After 10 days..... it's off the market...

Comment #12

Eh Jamie, you were not the only one: last August for a $330 payment I had to wait 5 weeks...

Comment #13

I only sell my domains via sedo and park most domains there. But I have to say,.

Don't sell .ca on sedo if you are not a .ca expert.

Sedo charge a minimum of $100 for .ca selling, but all they did was telling me "Could you please confirm that you have received the transfer request? If you have received it, please follow the instructions to accept the request.".

They don't even check what the request is.

All the buyer should and need to do is to send a request to transfer the HostGator from my .ca registrant account to his .ca registrant account.

But the buyer first sent a request to change the HostGator registrar, I approved so that the buyer can manage the HostGator in his registrar's HostGator control panel and actually use the domain.

The buyer then sent a request to change MY .ca registrant account's information, replacing all my contact information with his. I declined.

If I "follow the instructions to accept the request.", I would have lost control over ALL my .ca domains. Had I allowed the buyer to replace my email address with his, he would be able to do whatever he wants with ALL my .ca domains in MY registrant account. Why not he get his own registrant account?.

I explained to gregg. why I declined the second request and stopped the stealing attempt.

It's been more than a month since then and I've never heard from sedo ever again.

10/10/07 Agreement reached.

12/05/07 Please let us know whether you have received the transfer request from the buyer..

01/21/08 ....................................

Comment #14

I've had my share of Sedo related issues for sure (as Keith knows). To be honest though, Iris has done a fine job for me in the past, and seems to be doing well for me in a current sale. She has always been super quick to reply, and follows up when she says she will.

That's just me. Sorry to hear it hasn't been the case for others...

Comment #15

I have pushed my names to a SEDO account- this is the kinds of issues you can run into when you go straight to a buyers account- it says on the site that:.

"Once Sedo can confirm that the buyer is the owner of the HostGator name, we remit the funds to the HostGator seller.".

This is why they need to take the domain. if the buyer paid, and sedo has the money, it should THEN be paid to the seller. it is up to sedo to then finish the transaction with the buyer..

You as a seller did your part- and you should be paid promptly. sedo does NOTHING promptly..

And this is why I pray comes in and sweeps us off our feet. sedo is in business ONLY because there is just afternic to go to. not a great choice we have..

Sedo has rested on it's laurels and has thought all this time, who is gonna unseat us as king of the online HostGator auctions?.

Its time is coming- and tim can sit there and watch sedo fall from glory when the new guy comes to town..

700 of my names sit with sedo- not that me leaving will make a dent, but when bido comes on, I am outa sedos hair, and so is my portfolio. I am tired of being played...

Comment #16

What is sedo's policy on escrow - push HostGator to sedo's a/c or push directly to buyer ?

Does seller have a choice ?

Comment #17

Hi Aggro,.

You can certainly let your agent know if you have a preference. There is not a set course in that regard, but you may find pushing the HostGator to Sedo's account will become more common to avoid similar issues.

@ Yofie & hostingsearch: PMs sent.

Take care!.



Comment #18

Now that I look back in my transactions, I can see one of mine said sedo created an account in enom for the buyer, and I pushed the name to that. I didnt even realize that till now. other times I have pushed it to a sedo account- or so it seems- one was sedode as the user name..

You are not asked, you are just told what account- so sometimes to sedo, somettimes to a buyers acct- inconsistant...

Comment #19

Given all the problems with Sedo, is there a reason domainers use Sedo rather than SnapNames/Moniker? I have been looking into both of them and I feel more comfortable with Moniker, if for no other reason, they actually have a telephone number on their site and are in the U.S. Is Sedo more for European domainers? Am I missing something?.



Comment #20

Im dealing with that transfer agent just now and she doesnt reply! ive had to pm "sedo" here to get an update on my transaction. the guy probably wont pay as per usual and sedo should do something about this as I'm sick and tired of non-payment, especially when this particular deal is in the $xx,xxx range..

Comment #21

Isn't the solution rather straightforward. Just like any retail transation, the buyer needs to move money to Sedo, before Sedo considers the transaction is "in process". Heck, until I see money, there is no transaction. That's standard business practice. I can't understand Sedo's process at all.


Comment #22

I know alot of people say sedo is to blame when the buyer doesnt pay. of all the faults sedo has, this is not one of them. it happens at any online auction house.

Sedo is a venue for buyers and sellers. and buyers back out. that is not sedos fault and they cant force them to pay. you just cant when you deal online. it is nearly impossible.

Even if sedo disclosed to the seller the buyers details- and you personally decided to sue because they broke the contract when bidding- are you really going to spend that money to sue someone for breach of contract each time it happens?.

The only way I can see this being avoided would be a whole new set up- where by before a bid the buyer deposits money to cover that bid into an account- so it is there if they win. but that can end up being an accounting nightmare, and as a buy, you end up tying up your money in several auctions until the end.

So, I dont think there is any real way to assure 100% of payment from a buyer. and the more steps taken to secure payment, the more manhours used, and in time, a raise in commissions.

With that being said, that is the ONLY thing I dont hold againt sedo :-)..

Comment #23

Very well said smashfactory!!!.

But sedo could take some precautions regarding these bidders....

They could act, in these case, like snapnames; have your credit card number and charge you as soon as the auctions ends.

I have been in hundreds of snapnames auctions and overdue there is much lower than in sedo; besides, and I dont know if snapnames does it, the account should be, at least, suspended as when you are in an auction it is in the contract you have to pay if you win it.

I dont go to an auction (or anywhere else) without money but I think some people go to them without it and if they win, they try to sell a name but they forget the liquidity factor (you can take some days to have the money and pay the auction)..

Comment #24

Yes, that is the way to do it. A buyer needs to have enough money (maybe 50%) to cover the bids he/she is making. Otherwise, it is a joke. At any auction, you are expected to put down enough earnest money to ensure you don't walk away from the purchase. I see no reason why buyers should not deposit money ahead of time, and that when they exceed a certain amount, then they can no longer make any further bids until they transfer more money. Sort of the way margins work in the stock market.


Comment #25

Given a choice, most sellers would prefer to push the HostGator into sedo's a/c - and in accordance with the strict definition of escrow - means the funds should be immediately payable to seller once the HostGator is in sedo's control...regardless of what happens later between sedo and buyer.

This way there can be no funny business with buyer saying they never received it or taking their sweet time over acknowledging receipt etc....

Comment #26

Yes, this is protection for the seller. Either cash or credit card. If buyers don't have the funds, they have no business bidding. The seller has an interest here also.

From what I have read, SnapNames/Moniker seem to have a much better business process model than Sedo.


Comment #27

If a buyer can afford to pay $xx,xxx for a domain, I'm sure they would be able to put down a deposit for bidding.

Sedo needs a major shake up..

Comment #28

Hi richrf,.

Sedo has an office in Cambridge, MA (across the river from Boston). The number will be posted publicly on the site in the very near future, and is currently available in the User Agreement. Feel free to call our office there anytime you have a problem that cannot be addressed by our FAQs or via email.

Domainers from all over the world use Sedo's marketplace, which is one of the major reasons it's so popular. We have over 9 million domains listed for sale by these international members. Also, escrow services are included, so it's often easier for many people.

Take care!.



Comment #29

The reason sedo is so popular is because of lack of choice for domainers. afternic isnt much better..

Give it time- someone will come along, and do it right- and then..........

Comment #30

Funny but today I got an e-mail right from Iris asking me to start a transfer over a HostGator I just sold.

It asks me to push it to Sedo`s account so it seems things have improved...

Comment #31

I just got the payment via Paypal.

Thanks for Keith and all of your guys!.

To Italiandragon,.

NIce to know that you are asked to push your HostGator to Sedo's account.

Good Luck!..

Comment #32 the mean time I got another email from another Sedo rep asking me to send the auth code to them which they`ll pass to the buyer for another sale that I was waiting payment..

Comment #33

I got my payment today for as well. I finished the push yesterday, so the payment arrived as I asked, with in 24 hours...

Comment #34

Interesting... in the past couple of weeks there didn't seem to be any movement on a couple domains I bought several days apart and one I issued a week ago... then today 2 reps at different times finally sent the emails regarding the 3 transactions.

Maybe they were all in customer service training boot camp.....

Comment #35

I bought 1 week ago on Sedo and today go into my account to see if the transaction is finally starting to move ahead.. To my surprise, they cancelled the transaction and claim to be refunding my money (with no reason as to why).

I don't want a god$%^& refund... I want the I won fair and square. Fed up with their BS... Won't be buying anything else through them once my current offers expire...

Comment #36

Hi Reece,.

I took a look at the transaction records, and it looks like the seller had listed the HostGator fraudulently and is not the actual owner.

Your refund should be on the way, and this seller's account has been closed by your transfer agent.

Take care!.



Comment #37

This simply should not happen! A new system is needed, to erase this problem. I know you have 3 million domains on your system, but to have some credibility, these kind of things can't happen...

Comment #38

Hi Jamie,.

I JUST responded to your PM. :-) I posted a bit about fraud on a different thread, which you can see here:

Unfortunately, fraud prevention is a fine line, where we can't say too much about what we're doing, as people would find ways around it. However, the safety of the marketplace is very important to me as well as all of my colleagues at Sedo.

If you see anything that you think is fraud, send a message toOr, if you have any ideas that you think may help all HostGator owners, feel free to send that as well.

Hopefully that helps a little.

And yes, 9 million. ;-).

Take care!.



Comment #39

Prove it!!!.

I had a bunch listed in my account as well, that have been "sold" else where, (that I just cleaned up) but I'm sure there are ten's of thousands of domains that are not in the original owners hands, that had them listed at one point on sedo and sold at another venue and the owner just "forgot" to remove the HostGator from there sedo account.

This is one problem that can be cleared up, if they do a whois scan of currently listed domains per user. It would get closer to 3 million.

Current domains parked with sedo.... 1,681,717 If it is 9 million, then 2 out of 9 domains that are listed, are not parked with sedo that are being sold there? I figure it would be a little closer to 50/50...

Comment #40

9 million isnt all active altho most of it I am sure is. sedo doesnt delete names from the account, and many owners do not either. I know that I still have old names listed in my account that are sold, expired- and still listed for sale on sedo. when you have portfolios listed in different places, and so many names, it is hard to keep up with an updated account.

But those names are not valid names, and still show for sale...

Comment #41

Iris Siedlatzek.

Is the worst person to deal with.

Current transaction has taken over 4 weeks, buyer paid within 3 days.

I dont see how Sedo can employ someone so bad.

It takes about a week for a response it's very poor...

Comment #42

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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