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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Where to find GoDaddy discounts online?.

My 2nd question is: I was having another look at random stuff on the Internet tonight and I came across an interesting terrorist threat which doesn't seem all that unlikely. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

Apparently, if a nuke is blasted high in the atmosphere above the US, it will cause an EMP to ruin most of our electrical equipment (including computers). That would pretty much ruin the value of dot coms.

I've heard doomsayers complain about the economy crashing if New York got blown up. Yet, without New York, I can still imagine people logging onto the Internet the next day and domains still being worth money - so that scenario doesn't disturb my investing habits. However, I didn't know about this EMP thing. That does actually get me thinking about a backup plan.

What would you do if an EMP hit? I'd probably wish I knew a farmer (oh yea, I do - better maintain that relationship).

I just thought I'd throw this out of left field as food for thought.....

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Your question was: Where to find GoDaddy discounts online?.

Reminds me of Live Free or Die Hard, where a bunch of hackers basically tried to take down the US by knocking out all of the power and communications.

Seems rather complicated considering they could have just used a single nuke.

I advise you to buy one of those survival books, or 5... You might not need to go all gung-ho Cold War or Y2K style.... But it probably couldn't hurt you to have some reading material if the need ever arose.

If this does ever happen, I bet it comes from a country that's banned by Paypal... Because they have nothing to lose..

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I think other business would die before the HostGator names vanish...

Comment #2

Really, you're worried about the value of .coms collapsing? If the entire computer infrastructure collapses then the entire country will collapse (think about the entire defense system). We're looking at a possible Terminator 2: Judgement Day scenario. The value of domains seems like a very small price compared to the military and infrastructure collapsing...

Comment #3

Wouldnt that sort of an attck render teh batteries dead too? that would mean total collapse of the transportation structure as well?.

So wud that mean people wud come back to using bullock carts a as a means of transport?..

Comment #4

The transport system would collapse because their will be gas. Gas stations use electricity to pump gas, and in such an attack, that would collapse. So no transport...

Comment #5

If a nuclear bomb goes off I think everyone's going to be worrying about survival and saving lives the last think on anyone's mind should be .com's !!!..

Comment #6

If US/US allies attack Iran, Iran is said to likely retaliate by attacking Persian Gulf oil installations and possibly these new man-made islands for the rich that many domainers here like so much. And this whole scenario is unfortunately starting to look almost likely over the next year...

Comment #7


You are always thinking.

Interesting, I worry more about us doing harm to us more then what others may do to us. But yeah this is a possibility...

Comment #8

..the things that can keep one up at night!.

I'd imagine in that scenerio, domains would be the least of one's worries.., but then again.....

Comment #9

EMP itself would likely be a short-term inconvenience, not a showstopper.

However, the reaction by the U.S. public and predictable over-reaction by the U.S. government would likely be far more damaging than any EMP ever could be...

Ie. martial law, restriction of travel, rationing of food / fuel, large-scale detention of people - possibly upwards of a few million; not unthinkable either since the U.S. has over 2 million in prisons / jails already.

Much of what's at this link below (and others like it) seems way off the deep-end, but after the events that have occurred since Sept-11-2001, there's likely truth to some of it...

In regards to nukes ... the Bush administration and their cohorts are seemingly chomping at the bit to get a war going with Iran - a nuke scare would be perfect for Bush ... for he could then declare martial law to stay in office, attack Iran and others (since troop strength is low, likely use nukes), and have the perfect excuse to detain / execute many thousands to millions of people...

Crazy? ... well, Camp Delta once seemed crazy and yet it's a reality right now! ... basically a test-run of a larger-scale operation... It's happened before - Pearl Harbor comes to mind ... the detainment of tens of thousands of Japanese American citizens.

Rambling on, but point is the biggest threat to the economy (ie. HostGator name values) is the U.S. government / populace itself over-reacting to some sort of an attack.


Comment #10

I would be worried that domains subjected to nuclear fallout don't develop strange extensions and registrars go radioactive. A pre-blast example is 1+1 which is already composed purely of nuclear waste...

Comment #11

Hmmm nice NP sci-fi edition thread. I am gonna stock up on Mangas and Instant Noodles. I'd be fed and entertained should something like that happens and I can't surf the net...

Comment #12


With past actions by our government and the propaganda previously spun, your scenario is not so far fetched. Panic and fear are great tools and as long as the spin doctor, ( Cheney) is in power I would watch the news...

Comment #13

Years ago I remember hearing about 132 missing Russian nuclear suitcases, So It's not only the U.S that should worry. These Radicalist groups would be happy to get these suit cases stationed at any of the United States allies, leveling up to half mile.

A couple of links here.

Comment #14

Dot coms would be the least of my worries!If someting like that did happen we would all be in the same boat.Pretty much starting a new life!..

Comment #15

In the event that a nuclear device is exploded in our atmosphere causing all these problems, I'd like to be first to offer permanent lifetime links on all my sites in exchange for:.




Goods required at time of catastrophe, your links will get placed ASAP. I will also add a listing of the GoDaddy site of your choice to my post-apocalyptic directory found on the front of the cave that I'll be living in and written in charcoal. To upgrade your listing to a red font (cow's blood) I will accept dry goods or jerky...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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