Where to find GoDaddy discount codes?

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I got a quick question: Where to find GoDaddy discount codes?.

I also got another question: Have seen lot of ppl around talking that they.

Manage / track domains through:.

-> notepad.

-> excel.

-> access.

-> some windows tools.

Currently I created an website for myself..

Is there any interest for HostGator Management/Tracking Service ?



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Your question was: Where to find GoDaddy discount codes?.

Definitelyplease pm me/post what you have on offer.



Comment #1

I have been using Notepad and Excel. Without them I would be lost. Too many registrars, too many domains...

Comment #2

I came up with an idea of someone creating a program which would essentially allow you to enter the info for your registrar accounts and track and manage all domains/registrars from one simple piece of software. Though someone did point out that this presents certain risks and possible security issues that most people wouldn't be comfortable with. I.e, how do you know that the software isn't relaying your various registrar account info to the developer? Obviously that wouldn't be the case, but most people aren't willing to take that risk.

So I think as long as you create something that people can use without having to enter any usernames/passwords, people will try it.

I personally try to keep my registrations to 2 main registrars, and I don't own a huge amount of domains. Plus, most registrars email you many times to let you know if a HostGator is expiring (godaddy way too much)..

Comment #3

Sign me up! Oops forgot to cast my yes vote - evene though I am again focusing on downsizing the portfolio.....

Comment #4

I use Excel at first then I created a database and export all the information there. I organized them by HostGator names, ext., char. expiration date, Price (if I bought them), reg. fee, registrar, parking, revenue, and so on.

Then every month I run a simple query base on revenue on what domains made enough to cover the reg. fee. and every single one that made enough to cover reg. fees are ranked as Platinum and those are the HostGator that I will hold on to for a long period of time.

The ranked depends on the revenue and quality of the domains. I also have rank such as Gold; these domains are good domains and making an okay revenue and and if any of my Gold HostGator made enough to cover it's reg. fee, I move them to Premium.

I also have a rank called Silver and these domains are either for keep or for sale. The ones that could barely make some revenue or not getting enough traffic goes to the rank of Bronze.

The Bronze domains are considered bottom of the barrel and I will either let it expired or sell for a cheaper price.

That's how I organized my domains..

Comment #5

Thanks all for responses, still looking to hear more.

Currently the page/service is not finished..

It works fine for me, but if i'm going to make it public,.

I need to do some user login / security checks.

If I get some more requests, I think I will develop it more,.

And post some details in about 2-3 days.

...and I will need some test/beta users there ?

Sabre: Free: Yes..

Comment #6

In regards to housekeeping and keeping up to date with what you've got, I've been using Microsoft Access with great success (you could use any similar db app or OpenOffice's db program, which is free). I use it as an offline tool only, so it's not meant to track names, just to housekeep and record.

I've set up a lot of fields including HostGator Name, Registrar, Renewal Month Due, Extension, Category, Price Paid, Price to Renew, If Parked, Rating etc.

I can then do a sort on a field. So for instance if I want to now what domains I've got registered with a particular registrar, I sort on Registrar. If I want to know what names are due for renewal next month I sort on Renewal Month Due. (It's worth setting it up for this alone.) If I want to know what .NET names I've got I sort on Extenson. If I want to know what "solar" names I've got I do a sort on category. And so on.

It works well and you can stay on top of your portfolio quite easily. You have to be displined though in entering all the required information for each name you buy, but that's a small time constraint when you think of how much control this gives you over managing your portfolio.


Comment #7

Actually a company is offering just that it seems that the parent company is Modern Gigabyte (the makers of the hosting billing software ModernBill) according to this blog post.

The system is a full hosted solution for HostGator monetization and management.

They are also pointing out to the security issue..

Comment #8

I use Excel and have been really happy. I love Excel though so I may be a bit biased I download reports from my various parking, auctioning and selling services and track and sort the data in my own way. I like it and would not pay for a HostGator name tracking service...

Comment #9

Bottom line for me is if I use *any* external service to track domains, I will run my own audit trail. If the service provided a clean flat file export - configurable to the columns I wanted, then this would be good enough for me. I'd just do this export on a regular basis...

Comment #10

After a lot of hours spent to make it multi user application,.

Here is thread about that ->

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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