Where to find a Godaddy dedicated server coupon?

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My question is: Where to find a Godaddy dedicated server coupon?.

My 2nd question is: What is the fastest registrar..

My favorite is I like them because the domains seem to become available right away and there is no 24 hour wait like that of Godaddy & other registrars.

Another reason I like them is nothing ever takes too long to update. Whois info and nameservers are near updating immediatly...

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Your question was: Where to find a Godaddy dedicated server coupon?.

I would have to agree with DynaDot. They are quite fast aswell.

Don't the domains go into a pending status though?..

Comment #1

Nope, I only use GD and always get the name in my account and confirmation etc within an hour some time 15 mins - Only ever had longer with as nomninet can take longer but had that issue everywhere!.

I stick with GD - Good prices and no hassles!.


Comment #2

Possibly, but not that I've noticed. I've literally reg'd a name there before, set it to forward, browsed to it right away and been forwarded...

Comment #3

I have always been able to use the HostGator soon as I registered it..

Generally it's something to do with your PC that prevents you from seeing the page once you update your name servers...

Comment #4

Its seems like everytime I register a HostGator with godaddy or it takes a good while for the HostGator to become available.. I get the messagePlease wait 24-48 hours for your order to process..

Comment #5

Godaddy always works instant for me. long as I dont type the HostGator into my browser before I set the name servers I can use it instantly. What I do is when I register the HostGator set the NS at that time. I then setup the hosting account on the server and it's active...

Comment #6

Yes, NameCheap is very fast and has good customer service. But I like Godaddy, after payment the HostGator is instantly added to your account which I like..

Comment #7

DynaDot, the fastest registrar if you have prepaid balance there..

Comment #8

I second that. If I'm logged in and have a balance there you all better watch out..

Comment #9

Whenever I register a HostGator at godaddy, or even registerbird, the HostGator shows up in my account pretty much instantly. There is no 24 or 48 hour wait. If you are talking about when you update the nameservers, yes sometimes there is a wait. This is normally because of DNS propogation. Also, if you have visited the HostGator before changing the nameservers, your computer's cache or the local DNS server from your ISP may have the old version of the site cached locally. If it is cached on your computer, that is something you can take care of easily. If the site is cached on a local DNS server from your ISP, then you will have to possibly wait a little while for it to be updated...

Comment #10

Beyond any doubt... Superfast checkout. HostGator immediately in account. Change nameservers and your good to go. Resolves almost immediately...

Comment #11

I would have to go with godaddy. it's fast enough for me almost real time...

Comment #12

Another vote for, update the name servers and they do resolve really fast...

Comment #13

Did you guys know that you can change your default name servers under "edit defaults" in your account and you can skip this step?..

Comment #14

I did know but must have forgotten about that..

Comment #15

I've noticed a really fast way to get updated DNS settings resolving on your computer.

1. Set your computer or router's (if you're on a home network) to use OpenDNS at for your DNS server. All the instructions are at the website..

2. Whenever you change your nameservers or DNS records on your domains, go to Type your HostGator in and it'll tell you what IP address the HostGator is currently pointing to. If it's still pointing to a old IP address or it's not resolving, click "Refresh the Cache.".

3. Try visiting your HostGator a few minutes later. Should work now..

If it's still not pointing to the new nameservers or IP address, try flushing your DNS cache with these instructions and restarting your computer. Then try again...

Comment #16

Fabulous has a link to expedite outbound transfers which is pretty nice...

Comment #17

I don't remember ever having to wait longer than a minute after registering a .com at Godaddy, I check out, go to "my domains" and it's there..

Comment #18

No they don't. Moniker doesn't have that..

Actually they don't allow it under any circumstances. Even if you ask support they won't ack a transfer...

Comment #19

I guess the question here is who's the fastest registrar in terms of registering.

The HostGator name, and resolving it to it's intended destination, with few steps.

As possible? Or is it after completing all the registrar's required steps to do all.


Just trying to clarify...

Comment #20

My names usually show up within 30 seconds after payment...

Comment #21

How soon after that does the dns start resolving?..

Comment #22

Absolutely. I'm always amazed that more people don't seem to know about them. I use them for all my hand regs, you just can't beat $5.99 with a stick...or a godaddy promo code.

I have no idea what this thread is about though...the only registrar that ever makes me wait for anything is 1and1...including taking my money!.

Word of advice to anyone shopping for a registrar: Stay away from!.

They're either completely incompetent or have a malicious contempt for their customers. They will drop your domains...

Comment #23

True I also use OpenDNS and it propagates really fast...

Comment #24

Yeah but I like having google apps setup by default. For the few domains I use them on it is SO much easier than configuring the DNS on my server. Not that it's that hard, but several more steps. Changing the nameservers there is so quick and easy...GoDaddy needs to learn a few lessons from them...

Comment #25

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