Where to find a Godaddy bulk discount?

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My question is: Where to find a Godaddy bulk discount?.

My 2nd question is: (Please Read before Voting ).

Hello Everyone.

I am starting a new company and it is my hope that in part of the company I will be able to do brokerage of domains and websites for clients. Now do not get me wrong, I do have contacts in the industry, but not nearly enough as I would need. So my question is this.

Some of you are familiar with Rick Latona's newsletter, where he writes what names he would like to sell and at what price.


If I were to setup a newsletter in which, say once a week, you got an email informing you about HostGator and/or website sales for my clients from my company.

In other words. John comes to me and says he wants this name sold. I send it out in a newsletter to all the subscribers, as well as contact possible end users.

Would you subscribe? (Please vote)..

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Your question was: Where to find a Godaddy bulk discount?.

Good to hear Please be sure to cast your vote as well..

Comment #1

Voted not sure. Latona's works because his prices are sometimes dramatically low. That's the only reason I open his e-mail each day. You'd have to "wow" me with some great deals that makes me curious about getting a great bargain...

Comment #2

Hmm. Thanks for the post Jacal. As for others, so far 5 no votes, and no explanations..

Comment #3

Yes. as long as Im able to sell my HostGator as well...

Comment #4

So long as the newsletter has an opt out option at the bottom of each newsletter, then I think that many people would subscribe, because if it was not their cup of tea they could opt out, but If they are digging it then they can stay subscribed..

Comment #5

Depends on how it all works out. Quality of names, prices...

Comment #6

Selected "not sure". I would have to see the site first, and would really need to be impressed by it before I would sign up...

Comment #7

Web-You could sell your names and sites, but just as Rick Latona does, my company would get a percentage.

Rare-It would be in compliance with the Spam act, so yes it would have an unsubscribe feature.

Izzy and Hey- The site is in the works, it's very professional looking, defintley not some run of the mill crap site...

Comment #8

I'll subscribe to most anything with the flag of Italy on it!..

Comment #9

There we go guard! Im meeting more and more Italian domainers and webmasters everyday, I love it!..

Comment #10

I think that the quality of the newsletter will be the determining factor. there are already existing "available domains" websites out there and even a section here (i think?) so you would have to have a well-edited publication that brings true value. good deals, other valuable content, and quality domains should all factor in...

Comment #11

It would be an available domains list Its a newsletter with client websites that I would be brokering...

Comment #12

I voted no since I receive so many other emails. Unless you really have exclusive better deals, there are so many competing places to buy domains...

Comment #13

Very true. I think once the company is launched and the first letter is sent out, it will change a few minds. We will have to wait and see..

Comment #14

Thanks for the backup Charley. Now I know exactly what it is that I need to shoot for...

Comment #15

Also, you might want to have some pre-written content that's good to go for the first few issues and try to keep a buffer of content so that you can have a steady flow all the time. delivering quality on a constant basis is also important and shouldn't be disrupted just because you plan to go out one weekend, or even worse, because you're out of ideas.

Another thing to consider is ideal length and variety. you'll want to touch upon a variety of topics and ensure that the newsletters aren't short and useless, or too long and hurting my brain...

Comment #16

But you see shockie. I said newsletter, but in reality it's really a sales letter. Where the content is whats for sale at a given time. Im sure I could put a few stories and things of that nature in there as well, but for the time being it would be a sales thing...

Comment #17

Oh I see. still a regular schedule would be nice, so I guess the buffer will be for "domains for sale" as opposed to stories would be appropriate...

Comment #18

A schedule will be in place. What do you think a good time frame would be? Once a week? Month? Bi-weekly?.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions...

Comment #19

I'd say it depends on how many names you're going to put out and how much "selling content" there will be. ten to thirty domains each week with a little stats/blurb paragraph sounds about right for my particular inbox.

I'm also curious as to what others would feel is an appropriate amount/frequency...

Comment #20

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