Where I can find printable Nutrisystem food logs?

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Question I have... Where I can find printable Nutrisystem food logs? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. My second Nutrisystem order is shipping today and I looked at the order on my account and scrolled down to the bottom where it shows that my first Nutribear will be included..

I'm 52 years old and I'm so excited about getting that little bear!.

Just curious about what all of you do with your bearsdo you keep them at home or take them to work? Do you have a special place for them? Display them?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

My 8 bears (-70 + goal) are all on top of a file cabinet next to my computer..


Comment #2

I gave mine to Elliott The WonderDog... He loves to play with it, and it is a constant reminder to me that his favorite toy is one that I EARNED for him!!!..

Comment #3

I have mine sitting on one of the shelves in my home office..

Congratulations on getting your first bear, very exciting!!..

Comment #4

Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming!.

Great idea, and congratulations on the two sizes!! Woo hoo!.

Made me think maybe I should keep my little guy in the kitchen to remind me not to graze!..

Comment #5

Thanks! I'm so pleased. Have gotten results much better than I expected...

Comment #6

Way to go Purple R!!! I've been on the plan the same amount of time as you & have only lost 6lbs so far. Please tell me your secret!!! I'm not cheating either like a lot of people I see on the boards..

Anyway, congrats on your 1st bear!!! I'll be looking forward to my first one too!!!..

Comment #7

Mine sits in my pantry on the shelf in front of my kids' snacks...

Comment #8

Mine line up on my dresser all in a row from 10 Pounder all the way up to Goal Bear!.

My cats occasionally bump one or two onto the floor but I fix that as soon as I see them there...

Comment #9

Congratulations on your first bear..

I love my bears and I am proud of them..

I think for me they helped me stay on track, something about getting that bear made me happy..

When I really want to focus on my weight. I keep them in the living room. That is the room where I can do a lot of damage, I am a sweet freak, so it is easy to nibble away on stuff while watching the tube. I also keep a bowl of fruit in the living room, if I am going to snack, it is with something healthy...

Comment #10

When I was working I proudly displayed mine on a cabinet behind my desk and loved it when someone asked what they were! Now, I am retired and home and I have them on a shelf right across from my recliner so I can see them always!..

Comment #11

Congrats Purple R on getting the 1st of yourNutrisystembears!!.

A PROUD Accomplishment to be sure!! Mine are proudly displayed in front of my treadmill so I can see them EVERY morning while I'm exercising..

I do occasionally take a pic with them ON my treadmill (you can check them out on My Page.


Comment #12

My 4 little bears (10, 20, 30 and Goal) are all nestled in their own little "cubbie" in a small bookcase in my dining room! I put them there to "watch" me at the dining room table and to monitor my trips to the kitchen (the DR is between the LR and kitchen and has to be passed-through to get to the others).

I even talk to them and say things like, "I'm eating what I'm supposed to. See?!" - "Look, I just have water!", "I'm getting food for the kitties, not me!" etc..

{Nobody said I was sane!.


Comment #13

Thanks to each of you for your responses (can't wait to see what others do, too!.

) and thanks for the congratulations. I'm so pleased with my progress so far and working hard to stay on program and motivated. I know my first bear with help with that!.

KayeSerah, you're so inspiring!!.

Poker_Queen, no secret! I'm just very fortunate that my body is responding really well to this program. I'm trying to fit in exercise (difficult due to severe arthritis in my knee and spine, but I'm doing what I can!) and drinking at least 96 oz of water (32 of it is Crystal Light) every day. I'm sure my pace will slow down this weekit better or it'll get unhealthy! But, I'll be thankful for every single pound that goes away..

Roorat, my kids already make fun of me for talking to myself, so talking to my nutribear will fit very nicely within my reality..

MrsC, thanks for the pics! The bears are bigger than I thought they'd be. Love that you have a couple on your treadmill!.


Comment #14

Reminds me of someone who said she put hers in her purse to go grocery shopping and would peak in on him whenever she contemplated buying the foods that she shouldn't..

My Goal bear is on the bookcase at eye level next to where I like to snack. The other 9 bears are in a clear bin in my closet reminding me of the work it took to get where I'm at & also how nice it is to wear smaller clothing. Perhaps in May I'll buy myself a Maintenance Bear when I hit my one year anniversary of keeping the weight off or hey - something a bit more expensive!.


Comment #15

Congrats on your first bear! Can't wait to get my first one. They are a nice reminder to all of ours effort and rewards to getting healthy. Again, congrats!..

Comment #16

Dang! I should have recieved 2 bears by now and nada, not one! I know it's only a bear but I feel cheated,lol....if and when I do get them I will put them on my fridge as a reminder...

Comment #17

My 10 thru 50 bears are sleeping in a drawer - along with Goal bear. On my dresser sits my proudest 60 bear! I often talk with him - rub his nose a bit - saying hey buddy we did it! He means so much more to me than Goal since goal is just a random figure we pick. He will be my last & you know how moms are with their last baby.....

Comment #18

I think someone said they had to switch to the USA plan to get them. I still had to call Customer Service to get every one - except for 2 - of my bears..


Comment #19

Aha!!! So, I am not the only one who talks to them!.

Mine are more like sentries on guard watching me, but I like your relationship, too...

Comment #20

[quote=pyrosea;5174015]I think someone said they had to switch to the USA plan to get them. I still had to call Customer Service to get every one - except for 2 - of my bears..


I am on the US plan. Will call cs if they don't come with my next order...

Comment #21

Congratulations upon your achievements and the bear that represents them...more bears to come. Mine are on a bookshelf. Sometimes, I get the urge to declutter and debate what to do with the bears...

Comment #22

My black lab, Schooner, had an immediate love for the red one (see the photo on My Page). She carries him all over the house. My yellow lab, Sota, grabbed the purple one when I opened the box. That is all I will share. The "Goalie" will be on my countertop in my closet...

Comment #23

Mine are displayed in my living room. I want all who visit to know why I am healthier...

Comment #24

My bear just arrived and it is sitting on my computer desk. This way I see a reminder of my work every day. Two more pounds and I can get my 20 pound bear..


Comment #25

They never sent me my 20 lb bear :[ it went 10 lb bear to 30 lb bear. they sit by my pantry so I'm forced to see them if I ever want to get a snack. It keeps me on track! nooo snacking ;]..

Comment #26

If you call NS, they will make sure you get Mr. 20...

Comment #27

I gave away my #10 bear to my DD...its been her softball uniform number for many years now..

I did the same with one of my #20 (I got 2 of these for some reason), #30 and #40 to other players with that jersey number on my team as they went off for college..

I kept the other #20 and the #50 as reminders...

Comment #28

Thank you all for sharing! It was fun to read what you do with your bears and the pride shone through. Congratulations to all of you for so many accomplishments!.

I tracked my order today and it's scheduled to arrive on Monday, so will have my first bear soon..

Thanks for all the congratulations, too!!..

Comment #29

When my dog isn't cuddling with them (see my avatar) they sit next to my TV so they can encourage me while I do my TaeBo exercise DVDs. They really help me to fight through some of my tougher workouts. I should up date my picture I have 5 here now and one should be on his way...

Comment #30

Purple- Congratulations on your very 1st bear! I dare you to try not nuzzling her lil nose when you first see her! I am the same age as you, and could not contain myself when I opened the BBB she came in. Have fun! I wish you 5 more (per your goal ticker;.


And Goal bear).

Anyone who is missing any bears, call customer service tonight... they will put them right in the mail to you. They're fantastic..

And BTW I have my 4 (so far) sitting on top of the TV, staring back at me as if to say "get up and move, lazy bones, we want more playmates"..

Comment #31

Way to go Purple on your First Bear! Mine are on a shelf in my bedroom. I need to take them down and talk to them as others are doing! I did pack all three bears up recently during my last vacation and prominently placed them on a ledge where everyone could see and admire. Very nice conversation pieces. I was with some people who had not seen the 30 pound loss. Oh, in fact, when I went, the 30 pound bear (Commitment, or maybe Community, I believe is his name) hadn't yet arrived, even though I had lost 30 pounds. So, I just brought a temporary honorary bear.

He's now missing an eye. Funny how she goes straight for the eye!.

40 pound goal bear is just creeping around the corner!..

Comment #32

I love all the interesting places you all keep your bears! I keep mine on my bookshelf in front of my dining area that way I am reminded while I am eating not to go overboard and stay focused. I also take my bear with me when I travel and keep it my suitcase or purse... keeps me motivated and makes me soo very happy! I LOVE MY BEAR!..

Comment #33

I knitted my bears tiny scarves for winter.

Because they sit next to my Maine Black Bear university mascot, who came with a scarf, and I think they were jealous. So now they all have scarves for winter. They're all the same size and are pretty cute together... they're in the bedroom but I should take them back out into the dining area so they can keep a stern watch over my eating habits like they did when I was still on NS!..

Comment #34

I love the bears, mine sit on my treadmill coaching me on towards success...

Comment #35

These are the first bears my wife and I earned on Nutrisystem (we now have a total of 7 between us). They're holding hands: so cute!!..

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