Where can I get some good Nutrisystem recipes?

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My first question is Where can I get some good Nutrisystem recipes? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. G'morning My Loving Family .....

How was your weekend? Mine course was busy and fun and I feel like I need about 7 more hours of sleep! Got my Zumba clothes packed for the morning well all but my shoe which are somewhere round here..

Got another short-ish week this week ..taking off early Wednesday to go see John Edwards.

That has me way excited! Gonna do a lil shopping while in Wichita before the show and go out to dinner. Gonna be fun..

What is your goal for this week? Can we all name 1 thing we want to achieve? I really someday wanna get my freeking water all in lol ... but this week Im shooting no soda (even tho I only drink diet) no soda. That is my goal this week! wish me luck..

Whats yours?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Good Morning!.

Running on way too little sleep.

We picked up the puppy and she did very well during the 45 minute ride home. She is slowly adjusting to her new home. I'm sure she will have us trained in no time at all! I have pictures but I am not sure how to get them here..

Alie - that work out room looks fab!.

Annie - I have bruises from the testing, I look like I've been in a fight.

My goal this week? Get more sleep!..

Comment #2

Good Morning all!!!.

My goal this week in NO MIGRAINES!!!.

Had a decent weigh in this week -3.0 lbs! not gonna complain! Ran a ton of mileage this weekend as well..

Hope you all have a great day!.

Kama, your pup is so cute!! some one posted a pic last week!..

Comment #3

Buenos das hombres & seoras, cmo sea yendo?.

(lots of Mexicans and Latinos here in Florida... helps to know a little Spanish).

My weekend was awesome... really, it was!.

Well, up until the alarm clock went off @ 5:30am, not a big fan of the whole "spring forward" dealio..

So, Saturday I went to the beach and rode my new bike 20 miles... yes twenty 2-0!!!.

I was so nice, sunny and no clouds about 75-77 degrees! God I love Florida sometimes!.

Oh and yes, the tan is coming in nicely! Saturday night I had my buddy Dewayne & his wife Jaime over for dinner, chef Mikey made blackened fish tacos & margaritas! Ahhh yessssss.....

Sunday took Aley-mon (Alex) to a movie, Battle:LA... It was alright, all action not much plot, but he liked it. I feel like I need to do stuff alone with him sometimes cause I'm always doing baseball and sports stuff with Beaner..

Anyway, let Alex drive us yesterday to the movies in my truck. Now keep in mind he'll be 16 in 2-1/2 months and he's been practicing with his mom in her Pathfinder. Well, I have a Titan 4x4 Crew Cab that sits up a bit... and he's not used to driving it. I had my life flash before my eyes several times....

!!! Never again... sorry Alex, stick to the Pathfinder, I'm not ready to die just yet..

So, happy Monday all!!! My goal for the week... no booze! Hah, gotcha... just kidding!.

Seriously, my goal is to keep up the biking... at least a few miles 3x's this week... I can do it! Also happy to report, back is feeling mucho better (keep your fingers crossed!).

Oh and I have a new favorite song, "I'm Awesome"...

Comment #4

Im always so tired on the Monday when I work the weekend. BLAH.

Im going to assume that you are talking about coffee?.

? I loved the scones too specially cutting them in half and making french toast outta them! Im enjoying cup 2 of coffee! NO NO NO soda this week! and Im sticking to it!.

Lol I like your goal LOTS! I wish I had a room that I could dedicate to a workout area too! hope they get you some results on your tests SOON! let us know.

Oh goodness migraines are NOT fun ... DH suffers from cluster migraines as well ... but hasn't had one in YEARS but when they do reappear it's a daily battle for months some times. I wouldnt wish that on anyone... I hope you have a migraine free week too!.

Good job on the loss.

I shoulda weighed this morning.

I will tomorrow and then at the end of the week ....

Spring break here AND pay week WOOT WOOT!..

Comment #5

OooOOooo love me some bilingual action.

HAHAHAH ... g'morning sounds like a devine weekend indeed!.

20 miles is awesome and I'm sure it's pretty low impact for your back so maybe you found your "nitch" to replace the running a bit! Im happy bout that. 20 miles however I would need a stretcher and a new butt!.

Less I had one'a them big ole granny seats which look HOT I might add on mountain cruisers.

Lol at no death wish! I get a wee bit nervous driving w/mine too and they have both had licenses for over year now ... my new fav song is Jar of Hearts! I got it bad for that song ..... and the chick is mega hot that sings it!..

Comment #6

Christina Perri, yes she is a hottie... reminds me a little bit of Avrile Lavigne. (but, she doesn't hold a candle to you my dear!)..

Comment #7

I rocked that song out for the first time at work saturday ... man I was so excited! I couldnt even believe we had it !!!!!!!! good times !..

Comment #8

Good Morning Zoners.

I am feeling exhausted on a Monday morning. Had a terrible night sleep. woke up at about 4am and never went back to sleep. Tossed and turned and definately annoyed My Bride. Apparently I kept her awake too. :>(..

Comment #9

Too bad Rick... I sincerely hope your day gets better!..

Comment #10

Thanks Mikey. I am dreaming of Florida or the Caribbean and warm weather..

I am jellis of your beach time..

Comment #11

Dang and here I thought you would of slept really good last nite .. did ya bride kick ya outta bed?..

Comment #12

You would think I would have slept like a baby!!!!..

Comment #13

You should try relaxation type things before bed my dear..

Comment #14

Some yoga or stretching or something lol maybe just more wine!!!!..

Comment #15

Or... just getcha some action, that always helps me sleep!..

Comment #16

I really thought I was relaxed.

Or a little of all 3 perhaps.

I really need to find a willing participant..

Comment #17

Lol ... that knocked me out last nite jus saying course after it kept me up late ....

Could be why Im yawning so much today..

Comment #18

Happy beginning to the week everyone!.

May it bring less tossing, turning and headaches. I have been crazy sick for the last 4 days, missed a few days work but lost six pounds so woohoo?.

The old bike was a lost cause due to the break so I upgraded to a Steel Framed Novara. Steel doesn't care about a little sub zero weather (wussy aluminum, man up!)..

Got my studded tires and other goodies moved to the new bike and I'm looking forward to putting some miles on it. It's warming up nicely here (almost to 30 this week lol) so hopefully the snow takes it's leave soon!.

Well done on the 20 miles Mike! Still a bit cold for me to pedal about leisurely just yet but I can't wait! My goal is to put at least 30 miles on mine through this week. Good luck with the goals everyone and Stay Classy!.

Oh yeah! I had a couple stowaways in my last BBB! My new little Red and purple bears!! Odd that such dumb little things can carry so much meaning but I was so happy to see them! Now I'm a grown ass man with stuffed animals on his entertainment center, not sure if that is a good thing but I'm rolling with it...

Comment #19

Awesome... good job on the bears. I ended up with all 10 of those guys; still have them too. Weird..

Glad you are feeling better! Almost 30, huh? Well gonna be sunny and 80 here all week; I hate cold, obviously it works for you! However, I would love to visit Alaska... would be awesome, it looks amazingly beautiful..

Have a good week too my friend!..

Comment #20

I thought the same thing of them lil bears too ... good to hear from you thanks for checkign in ... yeah on the 6 pounds~! except owie that you were so sick .. glad you are feeling better!.

Uhm yeah..

Comment #21

So tell me about John Edwards. Do you actually get time with him where he tells you things or is it just in general?..

Comment #22

Man O' Man... what a gorgeous day out today!!!.

Took a little ride at lunch today; just rode around with the windows down the sunroof open and talked to my sweetie on the phone. What a nice lunch...

Comment #23

Gosh how I wish I could get a one on one reading with him ... it's like $995 for that.

If I had money to blow like that Id do it .. not it's in general the whole bottom section of the theater is sold out .. so we're up in the balcony.

And I dont know what to expect.

But it would be nice if someone I loved came thru!.

Awww stop rubbing it in.

Least the sun is out today thats a PLUS .. it poured and sleeted last nite hard just out of the BLUE .....

Comment #24


I can do a good John Edwards impression.....

Ah Rick, uhmm... let's see... I'm seeing a beverage in your near future... perhaps this evening... this drink is Italian in nature... uhmm, I'm seeing a grape...

Hold on she's speaking to me now! She's angry, very angry right now... she hasn't had enough sleep... very tied. She's sending vibes... I can feel it...

Ahhh, uhm like a church hymn... it's amazing.... that's it, yes it's louder now... Amazing Grace - her name is Grace!! I am the smartest man alive!!!!.

Thank you very much, John Edward has left the building..

Mikey out!..

Comment #25

LMAO You could be right about this entire thing..

Thanks John. The check is in the mail!!!!!!..

Comment #26

There has been home made Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting here all day and I have walked past it a least a half dozen times. But it is getting more difficult. I hope they finish it soon!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #27

WOW... that's willpower Rick; that stuff is heavenly! Good for you!.

However; should you have a piece, just count it as a vegetable serving... carrots, right?!?..

Comment #28

OH you 2 are super funny btw.

Use the force.

Omg you need spanked .. infact LOL I need just line you bad boys up today and rotate!..

Comment #29

Headed out.

... see you tonite ... after zumba..

Comment #30

Night All.

I made it thru the day without having any Carrot Cake.

I deserve a reward, not a spanking. Well may that is my reward..

Comment #31

I too am gone.... later my homey's!.

Mikey out...

Comment #32

I can walk you thru it if you want..

Lol... I should make that my goal #2.

WTG Lisa!.

How is everything else going?.


Just use your invisible brake pedal and steering wheel!.

You're such a great dad making sure to spend equal time with all of them..

Great job on the 20 miles!.

Right!? They do look awesome on mountain bikes.

Great song!.

Try any/all of Aeri's suggestions tonight..


Yay for the new bike.

Lol @ wimpy aluminum.

Love them little bears! Wish I could get my second one though..

They accidentally sent me two red ones. But good for you displaying them with pride!.

Maybe your MIL will stop by. lol.



Comment #33


I missed you all again!.

Well, after dropping a car full of stuff off at Salvation Army, running to the bank and getting home later than I wanted.

I took a quick 25 uphill, brisk walk on the treadmill. Not as long as I would have liked but DH is stuck in NH again so Chewie was getting bored and restless..

Anyhow, after doing a couple more quick things oin here... I'll be off for short while to enjoy some tube and then maybe I'll be back on later...

Comment #34

Nice job.

Have a good night.

Lol quit encouraging them boys to tease me about john edwards.

And Im sure I would look HOT on a mountain bike wif a banana seat or something lol.

And if you have cursed me where MIL comes thru I'm flying out there to whoop you too!.

I had quite the day too .. busy busy trying to get back into the swing cant imagine how 1 day puts you SO far behind.

Zumba was great tonite really put my ALL into it .. it's the last week and then a WEEK OFF.

Then next 8 weeks starts again!.

Get some rest wouldja? and quit keeping gracie up..

Comment #35

Hope you are getting some rest!.

I missed you too?! wtf.

Lol, he doesn't. I took him out for a little run in the yard and then he cuddled up and watched a movie with me..

And for that reason, I hope she does!.

Seriously though, I hope you have fun..

No kidding! BUT I have more and more floor space in the pool hall..

So I can't wait to get it done and then.... I'm celebrating!.


Whatchu gonna do with no Zumba for a week?.

I'm off for the night. Think I'll go watch some Dogtown before falling asleep. No work for me tomorrow *dances in my chair* So I'll be hangin around the house..

Good Night!..

Comment #36

Allo-Allo mates! What's shaking this fine and glorious Tuesday morning? Everybody feeling fresh and fantastic? Uhm... hello? I must be the only one awake..

Well, happy Tuesday folks... I hope everybody had a great evening last night, I certainly did. Let me tell you, I started a new "side job" last night..

I am the official play-by-play, player announcer and 'voice' of the Atlanic Coast Stingrays Varsity baseball team..

The coach had asked the players the other day if anyones parent would be interested doing it, because the girl 'managers' that were supossed to be doing it were up in the press box f**king off and not paying attention..

Of course, Beaner said my Dad can do it... he's got lots of experience, he's been in commercials and done voice over work..

Needless to say, I had lots of fun with it and after the game I had several parents come up to me and thank me for announcing, they said I sounded very good. They don't know what they're in for, I'm just getting warmed up, last night I kept it all professional. We have another game tonight and I'm gonna start to have a little fun with it!!!.

So... happy Tuesday my friends, let's get this party started... game on!..

Comment #37

Great job staying strong! Now what was your reward?.

That would be nice..

Hey Mikey! I'm sure you are awesome at the announcing! It sure sounds like fun!.

I've been up since 4:30.

That's pretty usual at my house. Our little girl Gaiden slept in the puppy pen in downstairs with us last night, she cried maybe 5 minutes, realized we were not going to pick her up, and she went right to sleep. So did we! Gosh it was good to sleep after Sunday with not much sleep! Sunday she stayed in DS room and he kept picking her up no wonder no one got any sleep. Last night made it through the night with no puddles! Yeah!!!.

She is such a little love, and likes to snuggle me. We all went to work, DS will go home half day. She is in the kitchen in the puppy pen with all of her toys. Poor thing,.

Ok I gotta get to work... Have a Good Day!..

Comment #38

Good Mornin to ya all.....

Last night Elliott the WonderDog and I went out for a "short" 5 miler! This morning headed to Concord (45 min drive) to go to the gym for 430am.... HAD AN AWESOME work out! Ran a good pace for 10 miles and walkd 3 miles....then strength training....Gonna be a sore one tomorrow.... D The pain is work the results right?? :P.


Comment #39

Hey girly girl ... a day off.

That better mean LOTS of sleep and relaxing for you!!!!!! Ima spank you if you are up before 10 lol ... I dont know WTF Ima do w/out zumba for a week.

I spose do it at home if I can motivate myself ... they are having a zumbathon fund raiser $10 for 4 hours on a Saturday of Zumba ... for R4L ... Im all over it I cant wait! What a great idea too plus they are gonna sell things there so ... it'll be fun.

How fun does that sound? you got a great voice to be an announcer! lookie you go!.

Must be nice to have so much energy in the mornings like you do lol ... I have a raging headache I had to take 2 xanax last nite to control my heart (bad bad day) yesterday ... Im on overload in muh lil brain and need like a FULL day to just sleep and do nothing but uh sleep then get up n pee and sleep some more lol ... that is my plans for this weekend atleast if I can make it thru that far!.

Aww dont feel bad bout the pen ... we have turbo box trained and he does stay in it locked up when we are gone only cuz mr. mr. doesnt seem to get the concept of NOT chewing when hes bored lol but we keep him out at night time and he does just fine! it's only when we aint home hes a lil sneaky fart! anyways ... enjoy your puppy ... puppy breath is the best ...

Nice job on the w/o gf ... I like that "sore" feeling the next day makes you feel like you really did a great workout .. maybe Im just sick like that lol have a great day !..

Comment #40

WTF isn't my text quote working? OR my smilies??? Well I WAS having a nice relaxing morning. Anyhow..... Mikey, I am sure you will have a blast and everyone will enjoy the games more. Just keep it clean. lol Lisa, what are you doing driving 45 minutes to go to a gym? That's dedication! lol Nice job on the workout. *smiles* Kama I am so glad to hear everyone got some sleep.

Thank goodness ours will be on a Saturday. I should say mine. DH will be upstairs snoring, I'm sure. Aeri we keep Chewie in at night too and when we leave. And he's good with it now.

We're hoping he teaches Leia all of the good behaviors. Just like a big brother. Did I tell you all that he asked to have a first b-day party? lmao Now that's funny. I did sleep until 10. I'm about to go make cup #2 of coffee and then a couple things before heading out to run some errands.

Just a PO drop off, gas fill up, car wash, and I am going to have tea with my dad while hooking his DVD player back up and adding more phone numbers into his cell. For now though, Chewie rang the bell so I'll take care of the first task which would be cleaning up the winter's worth of crap. smh Doesn't that stuff disintegrate or sumthin?..

Comment #41


I work in Concord. My gym didn't open til 5am...this one is open 24-7 sooooooo I decided I like working out in the mornings better, so I would just head to concord earlier, then I can work out a little longer, and then only be 5 mins from work, and then MY WORKOUTS ARE DONE FOR THE DAY!!!..

Comment #42

LMAO you finally broke your smiley priveledges HAHAHAH.

Giggling up a storm! have fun w/dad ...and good for you for sleeping in! I think Im gonn ask if I can go home and work from there after a long nap b4 I literally fall down today.

Morning linda.

Good thinking! I cant get up that early however so myu workouts are definately evenings!..

Comment #43

Hey Zonies!.

Ironically I have Dr Oz on and John Edward is on...

Comment #44

Today Sucks 100 times as bad as Friday did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #45

Morning/Afternoon Linda!.

I guess that makes sense then..

Good thinking. Maybe come spring I'll wake up a little earlier and do my walking then and then other WOs in the afternoon, evenings..

OMG... my quotes didn't work, no smilies... and did you notice no paragraph breaks???!!!.

That is NOT how I typed it. lol I just needed to close down, install updates and reboot. I'm all better now..

It felt good to sleep in..


You wanna hide under my desk?..

Comment #46

I just spent over an hour filling a wheelbarrow full of crap. Literally..

Amazing how that sh*t piles up over the winter..

Second cup of coffee... yum!.

After that, a nice 20 min walk (need to build up the time so my knees don't go into shock) and then shower. Should be close to 2:30 by then. Hopefully I'll be home before 5. I still have a list of things that I want to accomplish. But then I'm all yours..

Until Glee comes on, of course...

Comment #47

I KNEW IT!!! I have ESPN, or something like that!!!..

Comment #48

BUT...... Mr Ricquita Banana, you are alive and you have quite the sex a-peel!!!!!.

Hope your day gets better my friend! Sending good wishes your way...

Comment #49

HEH hes sucha hottie.

Awww breathe in breathe out move on!.

LMAO it was the smiley gods punishing you HAHAHAH for making me delete 100000 smileys before I can post hahahahah.

I have lots to accomplish too but it consists of a pillow and horizontal stuff.


You are a funny funny guy mr. mikey..

Comment #50

Ok .. Im headed home for a nap.

See ya'll tonight xoxoxo .....

Comment #51

Take care of yourself! Live hard, play hard... rest up...

Comment #52

Thanks for all the good vibes but it didn't get any effen better.

GN y'all..

Comment #53

Heh thanks I'll do that.

Get a bigger vibe.

Jus sayin..

Comment #54

Rick, you should've hid under my desk..

Mikey, lol you're too funny..

Annie, you.


Have ESPN?.

I don't..

AEri, lmao @ smiley gods. It probably was them.

Obviously I didn't get home before 5.

But... I'm home now. DH should be home in a couple hours. I've only accomplished 1 thing on my written list, 6 on the one in my head..

I'm going to finish dinner and try to get a couple more done..

Oh, and I did about 25 minutes on the tm in weight loss mode earlier...

Comment #55

Yeahhhh for your new TM .. you liking it? I gotta make up 1 day of working out for missing class tomrorow ...

Maybe I'll workout this weekend ... I took a nap and wouldnt you freeking know it I'm not tired now.

I hate that.


Nite babe rest well..

Comment #56

Good Morning Sleepyheads! Oh wait that's me!.

Puppy decided 2:30 was wake up time! After a short trip outside and back into her pen, she howled and carried on for quite a while. I'm beyond tired, what are all of these keyboard imprints on my forehead?.

Snooze you later!.

Rick - hope your day today is 1,000,000 times better today buddy!..

Comment #57

Hey... turn that frown upsidedown.......

It isn't the SIZE of the VIBE...its How ya use it!!!.

I hope your Wednesday is BETTER!!!!..

Comment #58

GOOD MORNING!! Elliott the Wonderdog decided that 2AM was a good time to get up this morning as well...but he sleeps with me! So getting him back to bed wasn't bad, it was the alarm going off at 3:45 that sucked!!! AHHHH the joys of having puppies!!.

Snowing AGAIN in New Hampshire.... drove 45 mins to the gym this morning in a freakin is just annoying snow right now, but it was coming down pretty good this morning! OH WELL Joys of New


Comment #59

I do like it..

I love it!.

Have fun tonight! Take lots of pictures. Just make sure to keep the flash low so no one sees..

Let us know all about it... I want to hear of anyone shows up to say hi to you!.

Lol @ keyboard imprints.

Poor Kama! It'll be okay. She'll get used to everything and then you won't be able to get her to move! lol Maybe you can take a nap during work and say you are meditating..


Your puppy too? You guys are NOT giving me a good sign..

I was hoping everyone's puppy would be calm and sleepy at bedtime and wait till we got up before they were waking up so that it would be a sign that Leia would be great!.

Maybe you can take some meditation time too..

Sucks bout the snow. Can you push it up north? Cause I don't want anymore..

As you can all see, I woke up late. I had to give myself time to guzzle a cup of coffee before leaving for work or else all functionality would be non-existent. So.... off I go. Have a great day everyone! Aeri, have fun tonight! Kama, Lisa... get some sleep.

Everyone else.... enjoy!..

Comment #60

Lol at imprints ... wow Im glad that turbo aint a puppy no more but then again I dont member him doing that stuff ... Im sure shes got a lil separation anxiety from her brother n sisters ... I have some xanax if youd like LOL ....

LMAO !!!!!!! you tell him lol.

Oh goodness lotta puppies in the Zone.

Sheesh !!! ew and snow ... that is dedication to drive like that to go workout! very impressed!.

Im pretty amped for tonight! plus gonna go shopping for a new workout outfit since somehow my other has a hole in da butt.

And I need a new pair of sunglasses bad my kids stole my pink ones.

Sheesh ... and here I thought buying "pink" would slow them down but uh .. NO!..

Comment #61

Ok so Im all charged up to get to NOON so I can get outta here YEAH!!!! gonna swing by my house and throw on some jeans before heading to Wishytah and I think we are eating at the Outback? anyone ate there before? maybe I google what they have ....

Got a meeting at 9 hopefully that dont put me behind.

Gotta get work done so off I go.

To work..

Comment #62

Morning Zone. Here is my ala' Mikey positve thought for today:.

Today will be a positive day. I am positive today can not suck as much as yesterday!!!!.

Thanks for all the concerns for my Short Vibe. remember, it may not be the largest Vibe but it is the cutest!!!!.

Princess have a great time tonight. tell us all about it...

Comment #63

Have fun!.

There were some amazing moments on dr. Oz. He sure does seem to have a connection with the spirits...

Comment #64

YAY for your CUTE vibe!!!.

My puppy doesn't NORMALLY get up in the middle of the nite any more...but I think he drank too much water!! LOL he actually isn't a puppy anymore...he is 13 months old and had his MAN SURGERY on his birthday!!!.

I drive to concord 45 miles...cuz I work in Concord, it's just easier to work out early, then shower at the gym and come to work still pumped from the work out!!!!..

Comment #65

Heheheh at cute.

I will be sure to tell ya'll about it.

Even if no one I know comes thru Im sure just being there will be moving!.

LMAO at his "man surgery" hahahahah thats funny!.

Ok gang Im off ... wish me luck! see you tomorrow or maybe i'll sneak on late tonite when I get in ... we'll see what time it is when I get home..

Comment #66

Ok gang Im off ... wish me luck! see you tomorrow or maybe i'll sneak on late tonite when I get in ... we'll see what time it is when I get home.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #67

What'd you do to them??.


Its pretty popular here but I wasn't impressed when I went... quite a few years back. Texas Roadhouse on the other hand is yummy!!!.

Lol So... did it work?.

Lol @ man surgery. Chewie was taken care of at 4 months. Lei will be taken care of when I get the money... before 6 though I think is when the vet said it's best..

I think it's great you are getting up to workout early. It's supposed to give you lots of energy for your day too..

Have tons of fun gf!.


Comment #68

So here's Leia getting ready for her big trip here..

She's getting so big! Apparently 18.2 pounds big!..

Comment #69

Sweet!! Leia and Gaiden can be twins, they both weigh the same now..

Tired tired yes that's me.

I did make it through the day, with lots of headache and yawns. A couple of "you don't feel well?" Bah I car pooled and did not get to come home and nap..

Have a good night my Zone friends!..

Comment #70

It always works!!!!! Oh you were talking about my PMA?.

I thought you were talking about my Vibe..

Comment #71

We'll have to schedule a playdate..

Well I hope you get some sleep.

Lol It's.


About your Vibe..

Comment #72

BTW, I talked to Tim today. He says everyone is welcome to go down there, he'll put you up if you just help him rake..

He's doing good, enjoying the time, enjoy some baseball games. And he says hello to everyone!..

Comment #73

Leia is on her way!!.

Oh man! Saturday is gonna be fun!.

Did a 40 minute weight loss training on the tm before dinner. Felt good! Now if only my body would look good just as quickly..

That's 3 wo's so far this week..

But for now, I'm going to bed so that I don't sleep through my alarm again..

Good night my friends!..

Comment #74

If you can start the day without caffeine,.

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,.

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,.

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,.

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,.

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,.

If you can conquer tension without medical help,.

If you can relax without alcohol,.

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,.

...Then You Are Probably ..........

The Family Dog!..

Comment #75


Love You Sweet Friend O' Mine.

I'm super excited for you and your new addition on Saturday!.

You are rocking the TM girlie - good for you!.

So I pestered the dog after dinner and did not let her sleep. We went to bed around 9:30, she woke us up at 2, DH let her out and then she came back in not in her pen and did just fine. I got back to sleep very quick, DH did not.

We decided on a contractor for the foundation work, they should start in a week or 2, we also may use them for a new driveway. $$$ouch$$$.

Being a homeowner at times like this is not optimal. Ah, what can you do? Try to keep up with the crisises that erupt and keep your sense of humor. No indoor water feature for us, no we are getting a pretty new foundation drainage system. Go Us!.

I have an interview this morning so I needed extra "get pretty" time. Someone else had to walk the doggie this am. Tomorrow I have more, this is for 2 spots within the Company. Wish me luck! I'm not terribly excited for these,but I figure the more I network and get "out there" the better my chances someday will be...

Comment #76

Lol Thanks Alex! How's it going there?.

Well at least YOU got some sleep..

Lol Poor DH..

That's good... did I send you a note asking what was going on with that? Because I know I was thinking about it..

And I know what ya mean about the driveway and all the repairs. Weird... this winter did a LOT of damage..

I think it was because of so much snow at once..

Oh please, I'm sure it only took you a couple minutes MAX. Have you been wearing a different piece if jewelry everyday?.

Good thinking! definitely get your networking on...

Comment #77

I'm headed out. I am draining myself. I'm just so tired..

But the bills need to get paid. So off I go..

Have a great day!..

Comment #78

Top o' the mornin to ya lads and lassies....

Missed you folks yesterday; I was down in Orlando catching a spring training game, Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals. Man oh man, what an awesome day it was; hot and sunny, about 90 degrees.

Got a chance to meet Brett Myers after the game; he's the starting pithcher for the Astros (used to play for the Phillies), he lives here in Jacksonville and one of my buddy's here at work is good friends with him. So, Beaner loved that... getting to hang out with a major league pitcher after the game! It was way cool..

Happy St. Patricks Day my friends, make your own luck and make it good!.

Remember, a best friend is like a 4-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have!..

Comment #79

Good Morning EVERYONE!!!! Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you that are Irish... well, I guess we are all Irish today!.

What an awesome day!! The sun is shining, it is going to be in the 50s today...wooohooooo!! I can go OUTSIDE RUNNING tonight!! I am breaking in a new pair of Saucony's today. So far they are OK. I wouldn't try really doing any serious running in them or even trying a 5K in them at this point!.

So Rick, how is the VIBE?? Did you feed it some bananna?? I heard Mango is good for VIBE.....

For anyone thinking of a new addition like say, the perfect Dog, go for it!!! Best thing EVER!! They are wonderful little people in fur coats. All they ask for in return is your bed, your couch, your sweatshirt, your checkbook (Elliott ATE my husbands checkbook last night!!) and they want your get my point. Dogs give so much more in return.... you have to own one to understand... Alie, you will soon know!!! Congrats on your new baby!! He is a good specimen!!.



Comment #80

Lol yeah I wasnt totally impressed but I can mark it off the bucket list... I had some grilled mahi w/artichoke hearts and peppers and terribly undercooked green beans ... and tx roadhouse is next on the list actually lol ....

Awww how cute is that?.

LMAO ....

I hope you get your house woes under control and things go well with your interview ... have a great day today.

Heya moosey ! thanks for stopping in.

Im tired this am too (go figure) but it was worth everyyyyyy second I lost sleep lol .... course until the lady at work told me I spent the nite w/the devil then it kinda ruined my morning LOL.

Nice quote.

Yanno Im irish .... *puckers up* ....

Sounds like your day was pretty awesome and Im glad beaner had a good time.

Omg he ate your check book?.

... oh and hey nice pic btw.

Morning Linda..

Comment #81

From Ariel : omg he ate your check book? ... oh and hey nice pic btw.

YES...Elliott the WonderDog ATE the check book!! NOT MINE... My husbands..he has these cute pink checks with the Breast Cancer ribbon on them and it was alllllll over the house!!! LOL looked like pink confetti! heeheee....oh well...he didn't get the register, so that is ok!!.

AND... thanks for the compliment...the second jacket is about 2 months I guess right after I started NS.....I want a 3 way pic, but haven't figured it out yet!! LOL..

Comment #82

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pink confetti ! heh .....

Ive come home before where the pooches have tore up rolls n rolls of TP and it looked like it snowed INSIDE the house ....

I came home once to my black lab to have eaten an entire BAG of dum-dum suckers and all that was left was wrappers and sticks .. that were stuck to my carpet everywhere.

Ahhhhhhh yes puppies are great..

Comment #83

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