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My question is Where can I get Nutrisystem flex book online for free? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. As in food. He is sabatoging my weight loss.

We were at Costco today (during lunch) and he gets a chicken bake. Eats it in the car where I can smell it & where it's sitting 5 feet from me. I of course, grab it and take a few bites (ok like 10) because I was hungry. He eats bad in front of me and I hate it. Anyone else in this position? What do you do to avoid eating bad like them?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

If you were trying to quit smoking and someone was smoking next to you, you would have to deal with it. And you would have to deal with it for the rest of your life..

This is no different, not at all..

But, the real question is: WHY were you hungry? That was the problem, not the hubby's indulgence...

Comment #2

I think it is cruel and disrespectful. She has just started. You wish that your spouse and loved ones would be considerate enough to not tempt you like that early on. People who quit smoking have a hck of a time when someone else living with them or riding in a car is still smoking around them. YES- they have to have the willpower to still not smoke- and can try to figure out how to not be around them- but how sad that is- what does it say about that person and their feelings (or lack of) for you? Where is the support?.

I have a partner who has 24 years of sobriety- yet when I ever wanted a beer or drink- I would ask if it was OK. It is just being considerate. We then both know we have choices to make. I can still have one and she can decide whether to be around me or not, or I can decide not to have one. They have good days and bad days- there are many days they want a drink too but choose not to today. I know I cannot make her drink- but if you care about someone and they say they are having a hard time- why would I do that to her?.

It would be nice if you could sit down and discuss the support you need from your loved ones, for this journey. It is hard- but alot easier with support. Come up with a game plan- if it happens again ask him if he could eat it inside and you will have some coffee or something with him Take some bars with you you could munch on when it happens. Decide ahead of time what you would do if Take 2 cars if he is doing it all the time. Stuck in a car is awful. The smell is overwhelming being it smoking or pizza! Once you have lost a certain amount of weight and inches- your temptations will be less and your motivation will be stronger because of the sucess you have had..

Hang in there!..

Comment #3

We will agree to disagree about this one, MiniDonk. I don't think we have the right to expect everyone to give up their eating because of our eating style...

Comment #4

My fiance eats anything and everything in front of me. I don't ask him to stop, but I encourage him to share my veggies. I would love it if he would join me on the plan, but he has to want it..

I understand how hard the temptation may be, but I agree with Pam - why were you so hungry?.

One of the BIG reasons I am on this plan is that I was totally disoragnized about my eating. I would skip breakfast, wait until 3 in the afternoon to eat lunch and then want nothing short of a Big Mac. I think I can tolerate being around my guy while he eats all kinds of things because I am stuffed with a ton of veggies so I don't want what he is having..

Because you can't control him and he may not understand why what he is doing is harming your commitment, you are going to need to own this - if he whips out a chicken bake, you need a stash of carrots or celery to tide you over until you get home. I know - celery or chicken bake, right??? I try to think of it as celery or blowing my money, my time and my weight loss on a cheap, fatty thrill..

Try talking to him, and if he is not on board for you, good luck staying on track!..

Comment #5

It is totally disrespectful and inconsiderate. if he forgot to be considerate and ask you if he could eat it in front of you. you should have been able to give him a small reminder and he put it away or go somewhere else. if this is the beginning of your diet maybe he did just forget or he does not know what to do to help you so you need to explain it to him..

Don't expect everyone to remember all the time...

Comment #6

Never go to the grocery store hungry. NEVER. If you're going to the grocery store and there's some chance you'll feel hungry while you're there, either eat first or stick a bar in your purse...

Comment #7

Actually, that sabotaging behavior is the reason I joined NS... I have one particular person that is constantly sabotaging. Donuts magically appear... muffins, pizza... you name it. Or suddenly we should all go to a favorite restaurant for lame reasons like...

<rolling eyes> lol On theNutrisystemplan, my meals are laid out and I don't have to wonder how pizza fits in. Everyone else has pizza and I have my own. I plan the family menus to match up myNutrisystemmenu and I serve them the same veggies I am eating. Its up to them to choose to eat it or not. I have only had one night where I really wanted what they had.

Whew! I now pack a bottle of water and a bar in my purse. I totally feel for you. In my case the sabotaging has been on purpose. I've been onNutrisystema month now and it's been such a burden off off my shoulders...

Comment #8

NWdreamin, that's such a drag. Have you asked the person about it? It's possible that even though they're doing it on purpose, maybe it's sort of an -unconscious- kind of on purpose? If this is a person who supposedly likes/loves you, then they may be surprised when you gently say, "You know I'm trying to stick to my plan because I want to feel better about the way I look. When you bring home muffins, it makes it harder for me, and it sometimes feels as if you're doing it on purpose." And even if they're secretly (or even not-so-secretly) not your friend, if you get it out into the open, maybe they'll realize it's making -them- look bad and stop..

I think there's a feeling in some relationships that is based on "screw the rest of the world, we're fat together." When one member of the family/marriage/friendship takes steps away from that, it feels threatening to the other/s...

Comment #9

I think it's important to realize that many men (especially younger ones) have much higher metabolisms than women and can eat pretty much what they want. It is YOUR problem and only YOU can make the decision to eat what you shouldn't..

I spent all my time onNutrisystemliving with my cookie and ice cream-eating husband who also has a beer every evening, and I abstained from all that. Practicing self- control is a real skill, and I needed to learn that skill..

At first he looked sheepish and said he felt sorry for eating like that in front of me (which was thoughtful) and I appreciated that, but I immediately said no, that he shouldn't feel that way, it was my problem and I had to deal with it. I think that kind of attitude is more helpful to you in the long run than seeking help and "support" from others...

Comment #10

We don't know enough about him to know whethere he is inconsiderate, unaware or trying to sabotage you. Have you tried talking to him about it. Some men prefer their wives to be overweight because they feel insecure in their relationship. Some men just don't stop to think about it. Whatever the problem is, you can only change yourself so you need to plan how to deal with it. But I also believe that a healthy relationship consists of two people who are supportive or each other and communicate with each other.

It is great if you can be in this together but if you have to do it on your own, you will need to decide how you can do that. Good luck. We are here to give you support...

Comment #11

On the practical side, don't be hungry. Manage your food intake so that (for example) you won't ever go to Costco hungry again. Plan your day so that you have already had lunch when you go food shopping..

On a human side, sit hubby down and tell him how you feel. Tell him this eating plan is important to you and it hurts that he is being unsupportive and maybe even undermining. Tell him this is something that is long term and you want him to support you..

Do it on a day or at a time when you are not eating and it's quiet and you have a chance to talk. Don't do it in a reactionary way. Good luck to you!..

Comment #12

I was hungry because we were running errands & I didn't prepare myself to bring along a lunch (didn't think we would be out & about so long)..

And he is very considerate that's not the problem. He is gone 6 months out of the year and home 6 months. We just got married in Sept. He came home Friday after being gone since the day after Xmas. When he is gone, I do GREAT. When he is home, I fail because I want to go out to a nice meal with him or run errands, etc.

It was only the one time so next time I'll have more strength to leave it alone & pack my own..

Thanks for all your opinions/suggestions...

Comment #13

I know. I get that, but I'm suggesting you plan better. Seriously, it's possible. Many people make sure if they are away from home, they have aNutrisystemlunch bar with them..

Planning is part of the plan. Be in charge. Manage your day. You can do it!!!!..

Comment #14

You caved and now you know better so you will plan better. I just have to say your husband didn't sabatoge you; you sabatoged yourself. So, it sounds like you know what to do now and you just need to follow through. We are always going to be around people who don't eat like we do and control is what we have to haveI know for me, it is for the rest of my life so I have sadly said good bye to junk food. By the way, I used to love to eat stuff from Costcothey have great fast food and cheap. Now, I just get a diet coke from there before we start shopping and maybe eat a sample or two along the way if they have something appropriate.

I have never asked my husband to change the way he eats for mehe wouldn't ask me to do that for him. However, while he still does get fast food sometimes, I have noticed that he seldom gets french fries anymorehe knows my love affair with them and I think he has, either consciously or unconsciously, not wanted to subject me to that. Of course, that could be because of an incident early in myNutrisystemlifestyle change where he ordered something and didn't realize he was getting a HUGE order of fries with itI kind of fell apart over that but solved it by going shopping in the mall while he was eating in the food courtLOL. Anyway, just learn from this and move on. No one decides but YOU what you are going to put in your mouth!..

Comment #15

I get mad inside too when the people around me constantly eat the foods I used to love. I have a pretty active social life so part of that is going out and ending up at fast food restaurants, or visiting and having pizza or chinese food delivered soon after. As much as I really, really want to indulge along with them, I don't. Do I get upset that they continue to eat this way in front of me? Yes. Would it be right for me to tell them to stop? No! It's our choice to have a healthier lifestyle and not them...

Comment #16

My opinion was based on the fact that.

He ate it in the car with her.


There is no way to "escape". She can eat a bar with him there- but the smell in a small car would be hard for anyone to tolerate. Especially if it is something they really like. Outside of a small confined space- yes we cannot ask people to change for us..

She should maybe follow some ideas from all of us and communicate as well as prepare for surprises. And it sounds like she will..

Good feedback to help her...

Comment #17

I didn't need to ask... One day he accidently said it outloud and in hearing range. Whenever I mention improving something he has a very negative reaction. Of course, then it all made sense. The rest of my family is not quite as bad... they don't do it purposely.

I can take steps to deal with it and it hasn't been so hard. Rather than even discuss it, if donuts show up... I give one to the kids and feed my new bestest friend... Mr. Trash can...

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