Where can I get help for my GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Server?

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My first question is: Where can I get help for my GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Server?.

My next question is: I am wondering the value of domains wending with "60".

I think you can use "60" as round the clock.

What do you think?..

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Your question was: Where can I get help for my GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Server?.

Never even thought to use 60, has there been any sales of these? I do like 360 though.


Comment #1

And the winner is ....... (drum roll) 247 !!!!..

Comment #2

Agreed. "60" on it's own isn't as good as the above 3 IMO...

Comment #3

247 is good as prefix not on the end..

Comment #4

360 is better..

I will not register, etc...

Comment #5

60 is not a popular suffix and I don't know if it will ever be..

Comment #6 sold for $5000 this year , I have phonepad language..

Comment #7

I dont think the 60 works as a suffix at all, file it alongside the 'my' prefix as deal-breakers for me...

Comment #8

60 suffix isnt really nice...

But I think as a prefix it might have some value...

60 hot dogs.... 60 beautiful people..

Comment #9

I prefer 66,88and 251,maybe 88 will be better than 60..

Wish will help you Best wishes.


Comment #10

Not a fan of domains with numbers at the end.....unless it fits perfectly then I do not like it..

(With the exception of course with my online name as a HostGator [] )..

Comment #11

60 doesn't remind me of "round the clock" at all. Domains ending with 60 might be better suited for a news site... new articles every 60 minutes or so. But still, I concur with what has been posted already: Not much value there...

Comment #12

I like 360 better. Maybe I'm an idiot, but it took me a while to figure out what the '60' meant...

Comment #13

I think the best is 365.. followed by 247.

But 365 is just highly recognized and it's a great #, because no one is actually going to spell it out. so 365 is very acceptable...

Comment #14

Time related:.

247 over 365 (leap years bother me .... lol ....think of it every time I see a HostGator with 365).... 60 nowhere .... it's just not in any sort of common usage....

Breadth, width, coverage etc:.


Comment #15

Beleive it or not. I got an offer for my ASK60, com.

Now I started auction for this HostGator at sedo. Have a look at following link.

Comment #16

Why not ? .

Ask is a strong keyword.

Good luck with your auction.

Close related :.

I watched "Hulk" and I remember when Bruce tried to enter the computer at the university after the password the "Norton360" popped up for 1-2 seconds.

Nice ad for Norton but I don't think anyone will notice that so much to add few weight to 360 HostGator suffix..

Comment #17


But please lemme know wat s 247.. (lol..)..

Comment #18

Well done james2002, what made you register in the first place out of curiosity?..

Comment #19

I also got mortgage60,com , , and 2 or 3 more such domains...

Comment #20

Fair enough, I wish you the best with them, is a good looking HostGator name.

Although the site you have for money60 looks good in internet explorer, but looks a mess in firefox, kind of surprising since you are using divs.

Having a look it seems this is not sitting well with firefox:.

<html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml".




Needs to be replaced with this:.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">.

<html xmlns="">.

Your website will look a lot better in firefox if you make that change, however, you will still need to tweak it as it the site will still be a mess in firefox, just less then half the mess it was before is all. But as mentioned it already looks fine in internet explorer.

Regards Josh..

Comment #21

Thanks for your kind comment. I will change it soon...

Comment #22

Lifeat60, lifeafter60, 60mph, 0to60, etc. these would be good.. otherwise, I don't think 60 is a particularly good choice. BTW- some of these are available in some extensions...

Comment #23

No worries,.

Let me know how it goes, (if you want) this kind of problem solving I find facinating sometimes.

Also the javascript auto image swapping behavior used in the heading does not seem to be showing the title in firefox, but again perfectly in internet explorer..

Comment #24

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