Where can I get GoDaddy discount codes for 2011?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Where can I get GoDaddy discount codes for 2011?.

My next question is: Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing great.

Assuming you have $10,000 to invest, would you rather invest in several money making revenue HostGator names, or invest in 1 super generic HostGator ?

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Your question was: Where can I get GoDaddy discount codes for 2011?.

Personally I would rather invest it into several revenue domains. It's almost like looking at stocks if you think about it..Would you rather invest into safe stocks that may make you some money or cost you some money, or invest into a small company where you could become rich or lose it all..I guess I wouldn't feel comfortable gambling that much money on a generic name myself..

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Agreed. I'd put it in at least 3-4 names which should still be very high quality names. The upper echelon names aren't the best revenue versus cost wise anyway for the most part.

Edit: This is making the assumption that $10,000 is a meaningful amount of money for you under your current financial circumstances...

Comment #2

I would split $10k into owning 3 or more domains with some consistent revenue record, of course it depends on availability and luck..

Comment #3

With that amount of money, I would buy 3 revenue names. DOn't put all your eggs in one basket, and with that amount of money, you will likely get some nice, solid revenue names...

Comment #4

Agreed with everyone.

However on the other side, Buying revenue domains will have to wait for 24 months to get the money back.

And buying an average, and resell it to end users will get huge money back in return fast. You might even get 100k, like

So I am really at the crossroads now..

Comment #5

Considering I am in the same boat.... I have been shopping and it's just hard spending $10-20K. I look for "Fair" deals, but every HostGator that I look at people want $50K, or the high end for the market for the domain.

It's hard to find a for under $1K and also, it's not like you see's selling each week for $4-5K (Besides at Snap).

I have seen a couple's sell at GoDaddy for $4700-$4900 but letter quality is not strong at all, but they are probally good buys at that price.

Something that I have been doing is buying in the $500-$1000 range and picking up some nice ones at certain auction houses, but if I see another in the $4K range, I will buy..

Comment #6

I had about $8k. Put it into 500 names.

Parking income is not worth talking about, but I sold 12 and recovered my investment. This is in six months.

This is after turning down offers on three domains for almost $2k!.

Of the rest - some I'm going to dump at regfee+ and some I'm going to renew for a few years and wait it out.

But now that I've gotten my investment back, I think it makes more sense to by 3 kickass domains - one's that provide revenue and have potential for resale profit. Probably or (cvcv, etc). Also brings down renewal costs, like a typical noob, I didn't take that into account while buying aforesaid 500 domains..

Comment #7

Agreed with mwzd.

I would first of all increase my portfolio to about 300-500 names. This increases the chances of getting offers much more..

After I've recouped my investment on those, I'll buy a good or 3-4 good LLLL.coms, or even 3-4 decent names..

Comment #8

I would acquire aftermarket HostGator names in the $50-200 range. I find that tends to be a sweetspot, and most domains that are expiring and in that range, tend to have solid resale value (1-5k) to the right user. They also tend to put out a few dollars in parking revenue each month, easily paying for renewals.


Comment #9

Wow Spade, you take classes?.

Just doing the math on that for $10k makes me drool...

Which service do you recommend, snap or tdnam or.....

Comment #10

Its ironic that you ask that. No, I dont. But pretty soon I'll be giving them. =).

However, I hate to recommend TDNAM, because thats my stomping ground - but I believe there are some solid deals to be had in that market place, it's not as brutal as Snap or Pool.


Comment #11

Mmm, I think we come from different cultural backgrounds, hence the confusion.

I think we both are saying the exact same thing... just differently.

Edit : explanation : where I come from a teacher 'takes' classes, students 'attend' them and 'hope' the learn, lol.

Ah, DBC? HostGator Buyers Club? I wonder where Steve got that idea from.....

Comment #12

We are sworn to say Nothing.

But it will be GREAT!..

Comment #13

I even PMed Steve about the DBC thing...he wouldn't say a word!.

But now I know.....

Comment #14

My bet:.

Domain business classes?.


Domain buying class?..

Comment #15

This strategy will require good HostGator spotting skills. Something like George Soros (Forex Trading Guru), Warren Buffet (Stock Trading Guru)... If one does not spot good domains using your strategy one will land into losses. Thus, one has to gain as much knowledge as possible about domains, weigh the possible acquisition with as many HostGator tools as possible, analyse other information about it and only then buy it in the aftermarket.

Is DBC (my guess: HostGator Buyers Community) going to help me become at least a moderate HostGator Trading Guru.

Whatever DBC is, I feel that with Steve, Justin and Jamie on board it will be worth being a part of it..

Comment #16

Agreed with dolphin.

It takes a keen eye to spot good names. Some names that might sound like gems are actually worthless and vice versa.

For example, I've come to realize that many dropping LLLL.coms with Q and Y and R were former Chinese websites with a ton of backlinks and still get good can sell them pretty quickly for a tidy sum (I'm not backordering ALL of you guys can have a bite..)..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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