Where can I get a Nutrisystem start up guide without paying to sign up?

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Got a question... Where can I get a Nutrisystem start up guide without paying to sign up? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... This is my fourth week. I am having the hardest time during the weekends. I have no problem staying 100% during the week.

I never feel hungry and it feels like I am eating all day long. But I tend to slip on the weekends. It seems like there is always something "special" going on every weekend, visit parents (mother prepares always abundant dinner), a birthday party, super bowl party or valentines day dinner..

I do my best to keep my calories to minimum. I save calories from earlier meals. I eat a salad. I get grilled instead of fried. I watch my portions. I keep alcohol to minimum.

My weight loss stalls for couple of days. I start to drop weight again on Wednesday..

It is also difficult to be home over the weekends. There are plenty of different foods/smells around. Wife and the kids "keep eating".

Even the simplest spaghetti and meatballs smells too good. I think my trigger is the smell. During the week I don't smell anything because I am at work most of the day..

I apologize for posting about two issues at the same time (special events and staying home over the weekends). But life is combination of issues. The only common denominator for me is the timing of my struggle..

How do you keep 100% over the weekends?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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The weekends should be easy. you have time to prepare the Nutrisystem foods in a fun and creative way. Read the cookbook portion of the website on the morning and figure out what you are making...

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I'm only 5 weeks in but I have tried to stay busy on weekends. Chores around the house-painting, etc, has helped a lot. So far so good...

Comment #3

What helped me the most was to realize early in that there's.


A special event coming up. Someone's birthday, someone's wedding, someone throwing a cookout. Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. You can't escape it. Doesn't matter what time of the year you start..


Is always around the corner..

So I decided up-front, 95% or more of these "Special Occasions" could not be allowed to touch my foodplan, in any way. A select few I did allow myself a one-meal exception, but even then it was eyes open and knowing I was marching into the lion's den. Thanksgiving dinner itself I had some turkey, some stuffing, some gravy, some mashed, and a super-thin slice of pie (1/4 inch at the crust, tapering in from that). But I did not go vertical on the plate. I also loaded up HEAVY on the veggies and salad at the same meal. And the entire rest of the day, before and after, was on-plan..

But 4th of July, 100% on plan. Labor day weekend, 100% on plan. My own birthday, 100% on plan. New Years Eve, 100% on plan. Superbowl Sunday 100% on plan. Company golf tournmanent? 100% on plan.

Did I look over and see people eating buffalo wings and want them? Yes. Did I hear the siren song of "Cmon just one won't hurt"? Yes. But I wanted my blubber gone WAY more than I wanted a plate of wings..

We humans are terribly good at incorporating food into all our celebrations, and at finding excuses to have more celebrations. And we're really good at using food as a reward. We use it to train dogs to sit nicely, and we use it to train our kids..

There's nothing inherently wrong with enjoying food... but it's sometimes necessary to reset your relationship with food, and remember that you're in charge, and that you can enjoy an orange just as well as a plate of nachos. Will you enjoy it.

As much.

? No, not at first. Maybe never. But it can still be enjoyed, and it will be more satisfying over the long haul, when you know you're doing good, and don't have to kick your own ass about it...

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I don't think I have reached that euphoria yet...

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This is right on the money. I couldn't have said it better myself...not even if I tried really hard. Nicely done...

Comment #6

Kennny - you just have to come to the conclusion that all those cravings and foods are what got you here in the first place. I have the same weekend issues but I have not slipped up once in my six weeks because I've spent the last 43 years slipping up....and it landed me here on NS..

This program is fantastic because you are eating every few hours and, in my opinion, the food is GOOD..

I may have an unfair advantage because my wife is on Nutrisystem with me but I have three little ones who certainly are not..

It's about making a life choice to quit what you've done for years and start new habits!!.

Good luck!.


Comment #7

CoffeeBuzz is dead on. There is always some reason to eat. I try to let ever meal/snack be a conscious decision, way before time to eat-"Is this really what I want to do? I have spent the last 6 days denying myself food. I worked really hard! Are thing wings/beers/donuts worth ruining a week's work?".

Another mind game that works for me is to look at whatever it is I want to eat and in my head say "I am so much better than you. I can look at you all day and not be tempted. My amazing willpower cannot be overcome!" Silly, yes, but it reminds me how silly it is to let food control me in the first place...

Comment #8

Yet another perspective I did not think of..

I will keep that in my arsenal of "good justifications" to stick with the program during challenging times..

I think these board are really helpful because someone already figured out how to look at things differently...

Comment #9

All Good information here so far..

Another thing is to click on "My Program", then click on the "Mindset Makeover"..

Start from the beginning and go through all the weeks. The information there is right up your alley, for the issues at hand..

Especially in week 2, "Internal Hunger vs External Hunger". Lots of great info to help you with the types of triggers your experiencing..

Reading these tips and applying them...has helped me a ton..

Good Luck OP...

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I wish I had a tip or suggestion to pass along but unfortunately I'm the opposite..

Weekends are easy for me. In fact I'm so busy during the weekend that I usually have to catch up what I didn't eat during the day at dinner..

During the week though I find it difficult to stay on target. People bring in donuts to work, they have candy sitting out on the desk, then I usually get board about 3pm and want to eat something...

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I spread out my food during the weekdays. I also tend to move some of the foods around. I usually eat about every 2 hrs..

Here is my usual food schedule..

Morning: Nutrisystem breakfast item and Coffee. (I am not a big breakfast guy.) Save Fruit, dairy/protein and carb for later..

Mid Morning: Apple (or another fruit) Save dairy/protein for lunch..

Lunch1: Big salad with fat free cheese, saved from breakfast, and some protein, saved from snack (grilled chicken/turkey pepperoni/very low fat cold cuts, hard boiled egg whites).

Lunch2: Nutrisystem Lunch.

Snack: Have the saved carb with some coffee. Usually a multi grain roll..

Just before heading home: Eat the Nutrisystem snack..

Dinner1 with family: Big salad again. I take my time eating this while talking to kids and wife. I will barely finish my salad as they finish their entire meal. Save the carb and the fat.

Dinner2: Nutrisystem Dinner item..

Dessert1: Nutrisystem Dessert item.

Dessert2: Carb and the fat from the dinner. Usually a 100 calorie roll with some I Cant Believe Its not butter stuff. I usually feel hungry later in the night..

With this general schedule I never feel hungry. It feels like I am eating all day long...

Comment #12

2 answers from my perspective....

Keep your perspective (lol)! Is food "eating everything that tastes good" or is food "nutritious fuel for health"?.

The real, honest self answer is the right one, here. If you think about smells and tastes (only), then self control gets a lot harder..

My 2 cents on that one..

Secondly, another poster shared an important secret! Set yourself up for success. Prepare ahead of time. Choose well and on-plan..

Tonight I'll take my wife to a great italian restaurant for Valentine's daythey have heavenly bread! I'll eat handsfuls of raw carrots, grape tomatoes, and even a LF cheese stick before leaving the house..

My wife (who is skinny) can have the bread.

Heck, maybe I'll even have one bite!.

Then I'll eat a salad, have a glass of wine with her, and then order the fish with steamed veggies and make sure I eat 1/2 of it (at most) and take the rest home..

The point is, I'll be full BEFORE I GET THERE..

You can do this. You won't need to do it forever. But when first starting the program these sorts of tips can keep you closer to the plan..

Just my opinion, but you want to keep the "high fiber, high protein, low fat" engine burning! The plan sets you up for that..

Eating lots of starchs and fats can derail that engine and slow progress..

You want fresh fruit and veggies for most of your carbskeeps the engine running!.


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First of all, great job have the right approach..

All the issues and questions that have come up in this thread are covered in the.

"Mindset Makeover".


Does anybody read that anymore??.

That was (and still is) a very important tool in my weight loss/maintenance..

I know I strayed a bit on maintenance in the past...but those tools are still there to use..

If any body is struggling, do yourself a favor and go through all the weeks in the "Mindset Makeover" I cannot stress that enough...

Comment #14

The weeks become available as you progress through the program..

I can only see the first five weeks. Fifth week just become enabled. I cannot get into the rest of the weeks...

Comment #15

That's good...then you should have just finished the Week 4 "Curbing Cravings...Dealing with thoughts and images that cause food cravings".

Jotting down some of the things you mentioned in here and putting them in the Worksheet provided, can help you with your overall success..

It's not going to be easy...but nothing worth while is...

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Damn right and well said. You just have to decide what you want to do and be strong enough to push through temptations. You just have to get to the point where you tell yourself that you are not going to keep shoveling food into your mouth that you no longer are going to be a ginormous fat-ass; that you are in control of your own actions including what you eat and drink regardless of the day of the week...

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