Where can I get a Nutrisystem point slider?

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My 1st question is: Where can I get a Nutrisystem point slider? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. So - Im a new guy whose DW is on Nutrisystem and we don't have the cash to afford the two of us on NS, so Im cooking following the flex guidelines..

I just picked up weightlifting and capoeira again. Im at 255.2 this AM, aiming for 200 or so at goal..

This is my workout schedule and routine..


3x10 flat bench 135.

3x10 incline bench 95.

3x10 skullcrushers 30.

3x10 dumbbell pullovers 30.

3x10 dumbbell flys 20s.


Two sets to failure - Assisted overhand pullups.

3x10 Bent-over cambered row, wide grip -.

3x10 alternating dumbbell curl.

3x10 one arm dumbbell row.

3x10 alternating hammer curls.

3x10 bent-over cambered row, reg grip.


3x10 military press.

3-x10 dumbbell shrugs.

3x10 - side lateral raises.

3x10 - front lateral raises.


3x10 barbell squats.

3x10 one-leg standing calf raise.

3x10 barbell deadlift.

3x10 leg extensions.

3x10 dumbbell split squats.

At home M/W/F:.

3x10 crunches.

3x10 reverse crunches.

3x10 twisting crunches.

I also start capoeira next week on Monday/Wednesday.

Wish me luck - I'll post my updates...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Research now is showing that working out alone does not equate to weight loss. In the last 3-4 month, there have been no less than 3 research documents which is proving this point. Unless you reduce your caloric intake, you will not lose weight!.

The research states that you will start your workout and your body will be calling for more calories to sustain that amount of excercise. Unless you keep a strict caloric intake of about 1500 Calories, you will not see weight loss..

Just a warning!..

Comment #2

Here is my menu that follows NS..


Cereal- 120 calories worth of Wheaties bran flake type cereal.

Fat Free Milk- 3/4 cup for the cereal.

Banana sliced into my cereal.


1 can of Nutrisystem pasta that I buy at Big Lots.

If you cant find the Nutrisystem lunch, then find a granola bar that is 180 calories..

Turkey sandwich using:.

2 slices of wheat bread.

2 slices of 1 oz turkeyI buy the 10oz pack that has 10 slices..

1 slice of low fat Swiss cheese, I use Alpine Lace, but it is expensive..

Of a tomato sliced, or a whole Roma tomato which is small and cheap..


Add any other veggie you like to it. Lettuce etc..


1 apple.

1 low fat string cheese. Make sure it's the kind that is apx 2-3g of fat..


1 box of Nutrisystem dinner that I buy at Big Lots.

If you cant find that, use Lean Cuisine that is no more than 230 calories.

Stir-fry veggies. Any kind you can stomach. I use mushrooms. Saut them with 1tsp olive oil while your Nutrisystem dinner is in the microwave and then pour the Nutrisystem over the cooked veggies..

1 slice of wheat toast with 5 sprays of I Cant Believe it's not butter spray..

Salad- as much as you want. Use no more than 2 tbs of fat free salad dressing, which I don't like so I use 1 tbsp olive oil and 1/3 tbsp balsamic vinegar mixed with a few drops of mustatd as an emulsifier..


1 cookie no more than 140 calories. I use Pepperidge Farms.


Drink 8 glasses of water a day. 2 per meal works fine...

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Output must exceed input for weight loss to occur. I agree!.

Yes, I know that the body screams for more calories - sticking to plan is murder at the moment as I am so unbelievably hungry. I'm on my fifth bottle of water and at this point the water is just making me pee clear, not keeping the hunger at bay..

Thanks for reminding me that it's just my body trying to be lazy and not burn off this fat...

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Yeah - I use the Nike Boom! app to keep me on schedule. I normally take 35 minutes, five minutes warm up on elliptical and whatever extra time at the back end to cool down. Normally I end up about 125 cals worth of cardio..

DW wants to run warrior dash this fall - I think I may add Couch to 5K for the afternoon..

And yes. capoeira is that 'dance-fight' thing. Lots of fun and lots of hot girls to keep you motivated, although they are just as likely to break your nose as not!..

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So, today I started week two - and I lifted and went to capoeira! Two hours of music, kicks, movement, and fun..

I inputted all my food this evening, just a few second ago. between lifting and capoeira, I burned 1545 calories, but I took in 1507..

Net negative calories of 38 for the night!.

I think, instead of another helping of dinner, I'll just suck it up and drink water and eat a cheese stick!.

That's what I call a successful day!..

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