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I got a quick question: Where can I get a GoDaddy promo code?.

I also got another question: Hi.

I registered some names (hand regged) a few days back and I have some particular end-users in mind but I am a bit confused about contacting them because if they check the whois creation date they will know that the domains are pretty new and I believe will probably give low-ball offers.

I would like some of your opinions? have you noticed any corelation between creation dates and prices (ignoring very old domains offcourse).

Also, have you ever lost a sale just because the HostGator was new?.

Any comments or opinions are welcome.

UPDATE: Just noticed that one of them, has a habbit of transferring the domains to some obscure registrar (he owns 2-3 domains according to me and all are at that same registrar.. one of those was a t godaddy recently but was transfered).. so will the 60day transfer clause have any effect on the offers of such people because he will not be able to transfer out my HostGator for atleast 60 days?..

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Your question was: Where can I get a GoDaddy promo code?.

Thanks for your opinion.. more opinions are much needed. I want to get a general opinion of the Pros..

Comment #1

You can always claim that you bought the name recently at an auction, and hence the new creation dates. Doing that also increases the value of your names, since now the end user thinks you paid a lot for the names and hence he must pay a lot too...

Comment #2

See if the HostGator has been registered in the past by checking DomainTools, Google, and if still nothing, checking (wayback machine) ...

If it was registered in the past, mention that along with the date it was first ever registered - in essence, especially if the time gap between it dropping and you getting it is relatively small, making that the original creation date.


Comment #3

I don't think it matters much to actual End users - Many sales made are with newly registered domains IMO ... It's mainly other Domainers that worry about the Creation Dates. Huh ? The creation date is whatever date the HostGator was registered on - whether you just bought it or not .... and I doubt it would increase anyones offer to you by saying that...

Comment #4

I very much doubt many end users are interested in a creation date. The only advantage I can think of off hand is that it is easier to get an older HostGator to be indexed by search engines (many end users however have no knowledge of SEM). The end user may be interested in the expiry date for obvious reasons but if they want the HostGator that badly they are going to worry about having to pay $8 to renew it soon.

1 thing with what you are doing that may be a problem. Ensure that the domains you are registering and offering to the end user do not infringe on any trademark. That is when a creation date would become of interest (especially as you are trying to sell it to them). It would be rather stupid to register and approaching Hoover asking is they want to buy it. If the creation date is recent and you are offering it to them then they can be 99.9% sure that you were aware of the trademark when you registered the HostGator name. This of course would strengthen their case in a UDRP...

Comment #5

I have had people turn down domains that they liked, after they found that I had just registered the domains. They have written things like "I can't pay you [reasonable price] for it if you just reg'd it.".

I will never understand these people!..

Comment #6

Peter - a factor that might influence an end user to see an old-registered HostGator more favourably is that since the HostGator was registered that way back it must have some value , since it was chosen (regged) while many other very good domains were available to reg ... of course this requires a certain understanding of the HostGator market (and HostGator market history) from the side of the buyer ...

Randomo - I guess if you bought a $1 scratch-card 5 minutes ago and it wins a $1,000 prize , they would buy it off you for your cost ($1) ... lol..

Comment #7

But the fact that a HostGator is x amount of years old does not mean it was a good name. If you could register any 1 HostGator name in the world would you register According to Verisign that was the first registered HostGator name.

If a HostGator name is good the end user will not care if it is 10 years old. And if a HostGator name is crap they will not be swayed to buy it because it is that old. The only people as already stated by someone else who would register it is a domainer who is being a bit sentimental (the only other person off hand is someone who may be looking for a HostGator and have SEM in mind but then it only needs to be a couple of years old). Off course not but buyers do not like to think they are getting ripped off. And being offered a HostGator name for an over inflated price (compared to the original registration price) a matter of hours or days after it was originally regged may give some buyers a feeling that they are being taken for a mug. Of course not everyone thinks like this so for some end users that will not be a problem as long as they get the name they want...

Comment #8

I did not say that an older HostGator is necessarily a better HostGator ... I just said that a HostGator regged (or first-regged) a couple of years back might make a rather-educated-about-domains buyer think that it is more valuable ...

This is also reflected in the recent 3-year-old rule of the DomainTools auction ... (with which I basically don't agree but can understand it's reasoning).

Also , I was not referring to the "ancient" domains of 1995 , which were mostly a company name and not , for exampe , a keyword , a (new) made-up word , a keywordkeyword , etc ...

I understand your point about buyers sometimes feeling that a new reg is overpriced or that they are being duped ... but the fact is that since each HostGator is unique and one-of-a-kind ... "when" it was bought is basically irrelevant since ... the price for a buyer to acquire a HostGator that is currently owned by someone is determined by whether a seller wants to sell it or not at that specific price (and of course whether the buyer wants to buy it at that specific price) ... it is understandable why they see-it/feel like that but it is also a misconception from their part ... the value is not determined by it's cost (see scratch-card , or a painting)..

Comment #9

I notice domains dropping all the time on TDNAM, some with significant age (9 years)... Most of them are complete crap.

We're there far better domains available to register then? Sure.. Did that matter to the person who registered it? Nope..

Comment #10

Lol ... I am sure even back then many people were regging a lot of "bad" names ...

But think about this ... while in 1995-99 think of the variety of available names if you suddenly had thought ... "hey , why don't I reg 10-20 dictionary words (solid ones , eg. nouns)".

Today they would worth at least a couple hundred thousand bucks each..

Comment #11

Using an analogy such as your scratch card 1 is completely wrong. A scratch card's value (after it has been scratched) is 100% determined by the prize iot has won. Try buying a scratch card and selling it for $10,000 without it being scratched I highly doubt you will get anywhere. The value of a HostGator name is more to do with the opinion of the buyer and the seller (and their bargaining power).

If you can buy a HostGator name for $6.95 and sell it for $10,000 a couple of days later let me know and I will happily go into business with you. Hell I will even pay 100% of the registration.

And why is it a misconception to think that you may be taken advantage of if someone say offered you a HostGator for $500 the day after they regged it for $7. The person has obviously gone out and bought the HostGator name with the sole intention of making a quick buck. To the end user that is not the best situation to be in...

Comment #12

My opinion, end users don't really care what the registration dates are. What's more important is "what are the benefits (financial and non-financial benefits) to the enduser for owning this name"...

Comment #13

Do you recommend lying in all your business dealings or just in the HostGator business? Just curious..

Comment #14

I think Godian summed it up quite nicely.. No need to lie or stretch the truth (which may actually lose you a sale if the guy actually finds out you're deceiving him), just be upfront and honest with him about why this name is worth whatever you're asking, add in some marketing flare about why the name fits his business perfectly and how a business could be built around this name,.....

Comment #15

Peter - the scratch card example was mentioned as an example of ...

A. an item that it's actual value rose greatly in a very limited amount of time ...

The card costs $1 ... if a person tried to buy it off me (before I scratched it) I could have sold it for $1 ... after I scratched it's value went to $1000 ... if a person tried to buy it from me (after I sratched it) I could sell it for $1000 ...

Similarly with domains ... before I reg a name , a HostGator registration worths ~$7 ... if a person asked me reg a name for him it would cost him $7 ... after I reg a gem , it can be sold for a rather larger amount of money (to the right buyer).

I would definitely not sell the HostGator at the price I regged it just because he would say "come on , you only paid $7" ... as I would definitely not sell a (scratched) scratchcard winning $1000 to someone for $1 just because he would be like "c'mon , you just bought it for a buck ...".

B. an item that that the cost to acquire it does not represent it's actual value or it's resale value after it's actual value has been somehow recognized ... scratching for the scratchcard , recognizing it's special characteristics (brandability , marketability , uniqueness , rarity , etc) for the HostGator ... similar to this are the prices of many paintings ... I am sure that the price of these paintings is kind of higher than the price of a canvas and some paint ...

It is a misconception of theirs (or a negotiation trick) because they , in a similar manner , would not sell that $1000 scratchcard for $1 to a person , just because they bought it for 1 buck 5 minutes ago , a day ago or a month ago ... I understand why they might feel overcharged but they should consider that each HostGator is one-of-a-kind and that they can't find that exact HostGator unless they pay the specific price ... also they should consider to that by selling it to them I am forfeiting a similar-to-my-asking-price amount of money (and not just their $7 (or very low) offering price) , if I was to sell it to another buyer.

I understand what you mean by all this , but this is commerce ... (and in certain cases they might just be using it as a negotiation "weapon" so that you lower your price ... they were not born yesterday you know , they have seen certain HostGator sales prices )..

Comment #16

No it doesn't. is an example. DomainBell bought it as a fresh reg on ebay for less than $4. It sold to an enduser for 5k...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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