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I got a quick question: Where can I get a GoDaddy coupon card?.

I also got another question: .

On average, how many emails in total do you hammer out during a 24 hour period?..

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Your question was: Where can I get a GoDaddy coupon card?.

Unfortunately Outlook keeps crashing, so my clients were only able to get 43 out today. Still, the personalization is awesome!..

Comment #1

I am up to 1 million a day. Went to 2 then my IP's started to act up...

Comment #2

150k/day (several days a week) - 1mil (abt a couple of days/wk). GI and Big ISPs on several separate batches...

Comment #3

There's no 10 billion option for the poll .....

Comment #4

So this question is pretty stupid and the answer it just "depends" but maybe some of you mailers can give me a bit of an answer or just tell me to GTFO..

I'm a PPC guy but I'm finally starting to "list build" instead of linking to an offer from a LP collecting a name and email and getting them to opt in. Currently using Aweber to do this..

Now what I'm trying to guesstimate here is how much this list is going to be worth to me over the next few months. Right now I have a positive ROI on my click cost to how well it converts on the first email that gets auto sent which is the offer but it's not as good as just linking to the offer was. So what metrics do you guys use to try to estimate what a double opt in that you paid to generate yourself (not bought a list) will be worth over the life of mailing it?..

Comment #5

Hard to say without knowing the volume coming in.

In general, you need a LOT of names to make lots of money, I'm talking millions of names. Keep doing what you're doing though, it's good to get into the practice of mailing and learning the ropes. Nothing wrong with starting off small, figure out your metrics, spend more on clicks, maybe find a reputable co-reg company, live happily ever after...

Comment #6

10MM++++ But we are really trying to send alot less and make quality sends. I want less output and higher delivery.

(If anyone has that formula btw PM it, thanks ;p)..

Comment #7

The number just impress me, there is no wonder that some people just keep asking for mre space in G-mail or so...

Comment #8

250k to 1 million but I want to get down to less than 100K of pure openers/clickers..

Comment #9

Openers and clickers are difft obviously. Your openers list should be huge compared to your clickers. In other words, I wouldnt mix the two together. I would keep openers separate, clickers separate...

Comment #10

I send 2 mil a month.... but I only send to about 300k list.. so.. 6-7 times a month they receive a mail from me...

Comment #11

120MM per day on bulk. Inbox is maybe around 400K, based of complaints, only complaints come from inbox really, so it's a guess...

Comment #12

On a bad day, few hundred thousand.

On a good day, 200mil +..

Comment #13

I know this is an old post..

But if you're still doing this make sure to turn off the double opt-in feature in Aweber. Your wasting money seeing as on average 30% of people won't confirm their conscription with you..

You should, if you want to build a list and at least break even on the front end, do something like:.

Opt-in page>offer>.

The first follow up e-mail, once they've opted in, will also have the offer in it..

So you have two chances to get some sales...

Comment #14

Wow, my list is pathetic compared to some of yours. I'm a sad panda =(..

Comment #15

I mail about 25,000 per day. I mailed much more in the past and will slowly reach that quota again...

Comment #16

15 to 20 a day, maybe up to 25 on Friday when I'm trying to hammer out plans with drinking buddies for the night...

Comment #17

Btw 25k-100k, my list once per week and other services some every day some once per week...

Comment #18

I've never actually counted, but it seems like a lot of hours in the day : ).


Comment #19

Hey round, mind sharing how many you send daily? Just curious because based on your posts it seems like you do mostly GI which is rare...

Comment #20

And I wonder if everybody have opt-ins? Even for 10MM++ ? =)..

Comment #21

Prolly about 40k (shit day) to 200k (great day)..

Comment #22

Currently I'm between 1 - 2 million... 500k on weekends.....

Comment #23

I'd say it fluctuates a lot....sometimes 50 to 2k sometimes 2k to 200k It depends on the day.....

Comment #24

But how many of them manage to escape from spam filters?..

Comment #25

Its a web tool, called mailpro. I've been using it for a few months now, no real complaints. Very easy to use...

Comment #26

I do consistently 20mm per day on MailPro, but that also has to do with the size, and quality of my list, as well as the sending ips being used. As I'm sure you all know, there is alot of variables that impact email delivery...

Comment #27

5mm on a bad day and 20mm on a good day... depending on how hm is behaving.

Question for anyone hitting big numbers: how many times do you resend to the same record in one day?.

I usually draw the line at 6, but sometimes go 8...

Comment #28

Never really done that (any sort of e-mail marketing), but very interested for sure....

Have read that opt-in rate somewhat like 25%, open rate like 10%, and CTR like 2-3%, honestly I thought it much much higher, all that numbers, so probably that's why people sending millions and obviously getresponce and aweber can't handle this I assume.

Also just now realised that it would be good just to break even on first few e-mails of sequence cause of this numbers above, repeated e-mails it's where there is. Will keep do this on smal scale for now...

Comment #29

I am new to it so I am doing 1k-2k per day only..

Comment #30

6/8??!? As in if I were on your list, I'd get 6/8 emails from you in one day?? Plus all the other multitude of spam I'd probably get?.

I'm not a mailer, but tbh, I'd be much more likely to read 1/1 junk emails than 1/20 junk emails...

Comment #31

I think he was referring to send retry attempts.....

Comment #32

To all you masters of mayhem and email debochary...I am looking for the so called guru who can put me in the right email situation. I have deeeeep pockets, and I am looking for the big brain out there that can put in the direction of a qulified Nexus system. I also need a complete run down of how to have the greatest success with it, and how to modify it to it's highest potential. If you are a person that can help with my request, I will compensate you generously...reply to my post with the best way to reach out to you...

Comment #33

This is an extremely valid point. I used to send up to 100mm/day with a few hundred grand delivered successfully. I found that the resources and aggravation it takes to do that isn't worth the small return IMO, so I started focusing on response filtering and triggered responders, data hygiene, split-testing, and lab-controlled variable tests.

...lo and-behold, in a very short time my delivery rate increased 3-fold, my ROI went up 30%, my stress level went down 80%, my data processing time went down 40-50%, and my resources used were down 60%. Add all that up...and it's obvious that quality mailing trumps volume any day of the week...

Comment #34

How much email you send these days is like roads and speed limits.. We send the maximum allowed by an ISP per IP per minute, how ever that works out to based on the available IP pool. If you are sending any more than this equation, your IPs and lists will turn to shiznit in no time..

BTW.. anyone have a /16 I can borrow for a couple days?.


Comment #35

OH! Before I answer the poll I just wanted to confirm that you meant to a single email address right? Not total number of emails but how many emails you send per day to a single recipient? Correct?..

Comment #36

Would love to see that poll - hate buying licenses to find out for myself when plenty of you already know...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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