Where can I get a free copy of the Nutrisystem points system?

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First of all Where can I get a free copy of the Nutrisystem points system? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... This is the home of the Autumn Willows where we exercise Paisley's Rule..








Our purpose is to motivate, share ideas and experiences and give each other a kick in the pants when necessary..

PM me for the spreadsheet link...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Sounds very good Marie..

Good thing we have Ruth around. We would still be stuck in January if she wasn't so tiny and in charge!.

How'd you like how we all rescued you from that stinkin mirror Ruth? Have you gone back and told it to smoke a rope?.


Comment #2

Marie - that potato salad looks simply divine! Oh, except I am not included peas of any kind in my potato salad, just sayin'.ha! Here in Nebraska we use my mom's best friend's mom's potato salad and it is so good so I never make it, I buy hers...

Comment #3

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, do tell the story fair, to short and tall..

We need to know the truth you see,.

I for one, want to be all I can BE..

I need to stay on my purpose here..

And let this be a banner year. "Because my friends think they have busted me, the mind is so tricky don't you agree ?LOL.

That is what I have to say about the mirror thing...LOL It will trick me everytime..

Need to get rid of these heavy bulky winter clothes and lighten it up some, that makes a big difference.Ya think?.

Marie, thanks for the post, potato salad looks yummy and I like the surprise idea, works for me. will try it..

My Mom was a potato salad queen, but I never paid attention to what was in it..

She hardly ever used recipes. Just a dash of this and a pinch of that, I can hear her now LOL.

Hugs to MOMs.....

Comment #4

I will reaffirm that Ruth is tiny. She is very petite and beautiful. Isn't it funny how we still see ourselves as overweight despite losing all that weight? RUTH - YOUR ARE TINY!.

Carol - That is so cool that your DD borrows your clothes. Not many moms can say that..

Sabina - I posted an update on Doug on FB. He had a rough night, but he is hanging in there. He has led rock climbing and ice climbing expeditions all over the world. I know he is probably already grieving the loss of his future in climbing.....

Had the MRI this morning. Spent the time in the tube praying through my prayer list. You are all on that list! Ross looked at the CD of the MRI and he couldn't find anything obvious. (no bursa, drat!) His specialty is not hips though and he is sure that the ortho doc will see far more than he could. Ross spotted a couple "suspicious" spots, but doesn't know if they are a problem or not. The fact that nothing was obvious is good it seems to me.

I have an appointment for Feb. 14 to see the ortho doc to find out the results of the MRI and I am scheduled for the injection the next day. I can always cancel the injection if the doc says I don't need it. I wanted to have it done while I'm in So. Calif. instead of having to drive back down there for it..

Marie - Oh yum! Your recipe looks delicious and very different. I'm going to try it for sure. Does it really need the capers? I really don't like them! I'll put them in if necessary though..

Here's the recipe Marie:.

Spinach Dip.

1 c. low fat mayo.

1 c. fat free sour cream.

1 envelope Knorr vegetable soup.

Large dash of worcestershire sauce.

1 can water chestnuts - chopped up fine.

1-2 bags frozen chopped spinach, defrosted and drained..

2 -Sour dough rounds.

Mix 1st 6 ingrediants together and let sit overnight. I put a lot of spinach in the dip. I use about 1 1/2 bags. Worcestershire is to taste also..

Cut out the center of the round and cut the bread into squares. Cut up the 2nd bread round into squares also. Place all bread squares aound bread bowl for dipping. Keep spoon in bread bowl...

Comment #5

Happy February..

I like this month. We are more than halfway through winter now. My family of origin had the majority of birthdays and anniversarys this month..

I am back on line now and hope to catch up with the happenings of all my dear friends...

Comment #6

Hi Brenda Joy, sounds like you have a month of Love and Parties ahead..

Enjoy each event and good to see you again..

How is the knee coming along?..

Comment #7

Happy February All!.

Well, once again weather is an issue here. Due for a lovely ice storm overnight. Will be sleeping in for sure in the morning..

My oldest DS is 27 tomorrow, Ground Hog Day. I will not get to see him if the weather is what they are predicting. Can't believe all of that time has flown by..

Marie, the potato salad looks great. I'll have to try it..

Hi Ruth, Sabina, Brenda Joy and all other Willows..

Getting ready for my cruise. Can't wait now. Had to borrow some capri's from my sister as nothing fits anymore. Have to change my ticker again, thanks to boxing with Dino I am sure. I just love that and he really makes it fun! Evidently it burns a ton of calories. That's good because I am laying low with the treadmill, trying to rest this heel spur that's been giving me grief..

Will check in tomorrow morning. Pray we still have power..

Good night to all...

Comment #8

Hello there Willowy women. Just got home from my Women's Club installation of officers dinner. Very fun night..

Can't wait to see your ticker tomorrow Deb. Congrats!.

Hi Brenda Joy. Hope you can post more often now..

Praying that everyone is safe through your ice storms and snow. Good night all...

Comment #9

Believe it or not, Ray got up at 4 to help plow the local convenience store! What I a difference in this man. We've had ice falling since at least midnight and there is about an inch of it on the ground. It would have been so much better had the storm started with snow and then ice. Hoping it starts to snow hard before I need to leave for work or I won't be able to make it..

Great to see you are back online BrendaJoy. I like summer, end of story..

Deb you have really maxed those weight loss numbers since meeting Dino. When do you let us see a picture of the real you? Come on, no more holding out...

Comment #10

Were you installed as well Lynda? Is the club social or civic or both? Back in the day I was in Beta Sigma Phi however lost interest after years and years of the same faces and events...

Comment #11

Sabina- I am Omega Phi Alpha but haven't been active since college. Omega is for service only..

Ruth- The knee has been a problem. I twisted it at work again. I haven't gone L+I again though because I didn't like being limited in my chose of MD's. I am thankful that the doctor I was unhappy with has left own. I have an apointment to see a doctor of my choice next week. I am depending on my weight loss to help with the pain.

My sister has the same genetics as me. She has had two knee replacements and both have failed due to the same problems that I have with surgery..

Did I ever share that except for the tumor, Lorrie's surrounding tissue and lymph nodes were negative?.

I hope that all are staying warm. I saw picture of the storms, but here on the left coast we are cold but dry...

Comment #12

BrendaJoy - Great news on your sister. Have they already removed the tumor? I can't remember. The Beta Sigma Phi I was in is not related to education but a social/civic club for women. You are invited, pay dues, have silly little rituals and stuff like that. It got real boring as the ladies were older for one, liked their husbands (I didn't like the one I had then) and they only did service work for one town, of which I was not a resident...

Comment #13

By the way, global warming does play a part in this wild and woolly weather. It seems that a combination of El Nina, global warming (earth heating up is putting more moisture in the air) and oscillating something or other in the ocean is the culprit..

My bit of so you asked for the day!..

Comment #14

Hi Ladies:.

Brenda Joy, glad to hear good news about your sister. Sorry the knee is acting up. Mine is a lot better which I'm very happy about. Hope it stays that way..

Sabina, it's a thrill to hear Ray is feeling well enough to go out to plow. How much snow/ice did you get?.

I'm here on my second day at home from work. It's damn nasty out there and quite slippery. I will miss my ds's birthday, but spoke to folks at his house and they will celebrate with a favorite dinner for him and birthday cake for all. He lives in a house with 10 people, so he will love that..

Changed my ticker again. I'm working hard to lose 10 lbs by the time I leave on vacation. I borrowed some pants from my sister to get through the cruise..

Hope all are well. Will touch base later...

Comment #15

Hey Deb, so the snow storm gave you an extra day to get ready for your trip..

Just give yourself a pedi and do some things you normally want to do and can't seem.

To find the time. Use the snow day for YOU...Enjoy your free time..

Sorry you have to deal with the heal spur, boo boo....

Yippee for the ticker moving too and the clothes not fitting. New clothes for the cruise?.

Yea for Marathon Ray, out there doing life and feeling good about it..

Living it like were all supposed to. Love it Ray.

Hugging you even though you are blushing.


I am in total agreement with Sabina, I vote for Summer also. Like to wear shorts and have my top down.

And the deck fixed and flowers blooming and a diet coke in hand. That is how I like to Roar.

Brenda Joy, so sorry you are having the knee problem ongoing. Wow, what a set back when a knee gets in trouble..

We are dry and windy and cold here today. Very cold, but the sun is trying to peek out..

Stay in and be safe..

Thanks for the positive update on Lorrie. She can beat this thing....

I am hopeful and praying..

Deb, 15 lbs is very doable, the VICTORY LINE is in sight, Yippee....

Sorry about Son's party, hope they make it good for him...

Comment #16

Hello All,.

Just a quick check in. Just got back from a 5 day cruise to Freeport and Nassau..

Had a fantastic time. First cruise, but it will definitely not be the last. I've already checked Carnival's website for future cruises. Ready to go again..

I ate like Swinetta, which I had planned on doing. So now it is back on the wagon..

Deb-just saw your post about your cruise. Where are you going? and can I come along too ???!!!!! Have a great time..

I'm so far behind on posts but will try and catch up later..

Love to all.

Bahama Mamma Marcene..

Comment #17

Marcene: You are so funny with your names. I'm glad you had a great cruise experience. I'm a cruiser myself. I haven't been to Nassau. Did you spend a lot of time docked there? And what did you see? We'll be off to the Panama Canal by way of Aruba, Costa Rica, Bahamas and somewhere else I forgot. Just was packing earlier this afternoon..

Ruth, I did buy a few new items, not a lot 'cause I'm still losing. It's been a slow, long road with the weight, but I'm sooooo determined now. And Dino, he's made such a difference. He pushes me now, and I feel so much stronger and not as achy in every joint in my body like I used to. You crack me up to, with your post about wearing your shorts with your top down. Really Ruth? What top were you talking about??? LOL.

Isn't great how Ray is recovering? It gives us all so much hope, so wonderful..

Planning to get to work tomorrow. Needed the days off however. Not enough hours in the day..

Hope everyone is having a safe Wednesday!..

Comment #18

Good catch Deb. We are all over you this week aren't we Ruth. You must have the most amazing body if you are going around with your top down!!!!!!!..

Comment #19

Deb - I love to look at your ticker. Only 15 lbs. to go to is sooooo within reach. So proud of you!.

Glad you are staying home and staying safe..

Sabina - Yay for Ray feeling good enough to go plow. That's our Willow Man!.

Our women's club is a bit of both. We put on the only social events in our little Village. We also take care of needs within the community and the schools and provide scholarships to students. We have dedicated the profits from the next two fundraising dinner events to Doug to help with his medical expenses and we're sending his son some money to help with his expenses. It is a good group of women with huge hearts. We just bought a $200 prescription heart medicine for another resident.

We give to the school sports teams, the elementary school community garden, the public library, etc. Love this group..

Oh, we could be in the middle of the next ice age and it will still be called "global warming"! LOL The important thing is that we all need to take care of the planet we live on..

Brenda Joy - So good to see you back and posting again. The weight loss will help your knee tremendously. Too bad it doesn't cure our knees though, isn't it? That is good news on Lorie. Thanks for sharing that..

Oh my Ruth - Deb and Sabina caught you on that one. Too funny! LOL.

Marcene is back! Yay! You are making me want to go on a cruise! I'm not a cruise type person, so that is saying a lot...

Comment #20

Oh Deb, I meant the top on my car. You are making me laugh. guess I should.

Read these things before I hit the post button. LOL.

You are going to have so much fun, I love to cruise too. I did the Hawaii cruse.

A few years ago, what a great treat for us..

Bahama Mama, did you win big money, or did you not play the slots? Just wondering....

You girls need to keep me in line, I guess. Can't get away with anything on here..

You all know me to well. I like it that way. more fun..

I do have some good stories about that, but not here and not now LOLLOLLOLOLOL.....

Comment #21

Ruthie- No I did not play the slots. No casino for me...

Comment #22

Oh Ruth please do not change at all, we love you exactly the way you are. Your top being down made today a great day rather than just a good one!.

Marcene - You are such a comedian! Welcome home, did Jack enjoy *wink* the cruise as much as you did? I can't wait to see your pictures..

Lynda - What a special organization and how especially kind to share with Doug and his family to ease some of the financial pain. The last thing they need to concern themselves with right now is money. Small communities are so much more people oriented than cities, although I suppose big city neighborhoods mirror a small town when someone is in need..

Chicago really got hammered, hope Kim and Cezar are safe...

Comment #23

Ruth, the top on your car, yeah, right! LOL Topless with the hot pink shorts from last summer. Remember? LOL BTW, how is Jerry's foot?.

And, what type of convertible do you have? We love convertibles here, don't have one, but used to in the 70"s. DH talks about getting another every once in a while..

Sabina, how much ice and snow did you get? Didn't get to DS in Monticello tonight. Spoke to the house director and they are having a special dinner for him with birthday cake for all. Don't like it when I can't see him on his special day..

HI Marcene. Glad to see your here. We miss you when you don't check in..

Hi Lynda, I'm going to try on my own to get some pics on my page. Since you know how I am tech wise, please be on call if I need you. Thanks..

Hi Hanna and Marie. Hope you are well tonight..

Will try to check in later...

Comment #24

Sabina, that is the same thing my girls are always saying to me. Don't change MOM,.

You give us a good laugh. Well, glad I am still good for that anyway..

My Dad and me used to laugh a lot and enjoy good jokes and comedians together. Now if I can.

Do that, so be it, it is ALL good..

Deb, I do remember those shorts and I plan to wear them again..

I learned to drive in a 57 chevy convertible, and we have had several since then..

I don't know, it just suits me, I love to tie a scarf around my neck and put on some.

Long earrings and let them all fly in the breeze. Makes me feel young I guess..

I may not get one for myself, since Jerry and I have one now, but they are fun, you should go.

Drive one and put the top down and get the sense it gives. Treat in life..

It's good to talk so much in one day with you Deb, usually you only check in at night. Love it..

Comment #25

Good night Willows, see you on Thursday, hugs to all of you.

Its February, ya know?.

Why more reason to love each of you more...

Comment #26

I'm at work but wanted to catch up on my friends..

Love to see you Marcene. Welcome home..

Sabina- Lorrie had the lumpectomy at least a weak ago. Her surgery was a day surgery- no way as complicated as Ray's surgery. My doctor got on my case. I had to have my mammeo- I was behind. My test was negative. Both my mom and my sister had their CA caught early. The types are different so I do not have to have expensive gene testing and the doctor's are no longer recommending that I have a mastectomy "in case"...

Comment #27

Good Morning All,.

I don't think I'm in the Bahamas anymore !!!!! It's cold here. Gonna put on the gas logs and sit in front of them with a sunburn !!! I think I'll put on some Caribbean music and see if I can train the cat to come wait on me..

I took the plunge and got on the scale and low and behold I didn't gain a thing!!.

Just think what the scale would have said if I hadn't eaten like Hogatha. Could have lost some maybe. I did a lot of walking so that must have been it..

I did have a little bit of sea sickness but I found if I ate something that helped..

So I was eating often, but not large quantities at one time. Huh, isn't that whatNutrisystemis !!!!! Well anyway I am happy this morning. I ate breakfast on the ship yesterday morning and then hadNutrisystemfor dinner. And now it's on that wagon and back to business..

Got to finish up laundry and go grocery shopping today..

Hope everyone has a great day..

Love you all..

Bahama Mama Marcene..

Comment #28

Hey Marcene, that is good news about the "NO Gain", the walking and the.

Pineapple, I have heard the grapefruit and the pineapple both have the fat.

Flush properties, maybe that worked for you. Good job, get up here on the.

Wagon now and lets keep movin along and dropping weight and getting the new.

Clothes we all "deserve" LOL..Do it Marcene, you looked so good in TN. and.

I know you didn't agree, but we all saw it and you can do it. right?.

Hugging you along today....

Hi Brenda Joy, so happy to hear your daughter is doing so well..

Guess they got it in time for her..

That is what they are hopeful for with my sweet Sister in law also, she has had the.

Milk gland removed and the lump, now the middle of this month she will come here to Ga. ad.

Have a couple lymph nodes removed and then start the radiation. They think this will work best.

For her. We are praying for that, she is in good spirits now and I hope to keep her there..

Jerry and her are very close and he is coaching her along. We love her so much and we feel like we.

Owe her all we can do and give. She is a gem...

Comment #29

BrendaJoy - Although I know you would have gone the extra step to prevent the ugly c if necessary, I bet you are sending up prayers of thanks that you didn't need to go there. I think things are sounding very positive for Lorrie..

Ruth - Jerry's sister's diagnosis sounds very hopeful too. If they are able to treat with radiation alone, it sounds as if the c has stayed in one spot..

It is a beautiful sunny day in my neck of the woods but way too cold to be outside darn it...

Comment #30

Marcene - You know it was the 50 calorie burns, right?! wink, wink.......

Good news Brenda Joy. So glad you got checked..

Hopeful on your SIL too Ruth..

Don't have time to chat today. I'll try to stay caught up though...

Comment #31

It is sleeting and rainy here in Ga right now. No sunshine and only in.

The 30's today. I can't stop shivering for some reason..

Going to hit the treadmill in a little bit and see if I can get my blood.

To move around and warm me up. LOL.

Yes,Sabina, we are very hopeful for Sheila's situation. Looks good so far...

Comment #32

Just got home from the gym. Ross finally joined too. We went to the spin class - he takes the whole class. I spin for 15 minutes and then do my workout. My knees can't take the spin class..

It is so fun going to the gym together. He likes the classes and I like to just work out. Sounds backwards doesn't it? LOL So where is everyone today???..

Comment #33

Good morning. Just a quick stop by before I head to bed..

Ruth- I am curious what you think of theNutrisystemchanges. It looks like the D and Silver programs are the programs most affected. I am confused by the changes that have been made to the Silver program...

Comment #34

Good morning everyone. Where are you?.

Our friends are arriving for Superbowl today. We have gotten together for Superbowl weekend for 30 years + now. I'm so excited to see them and catch up with them..

Got a couple contracts going at work so I've gotta run but I'll check back later to see if anyone is around here...

Comment #35

I'm here just in a rut with books at the office. At least it is relatively quiet and up until an hour ago, things with the books were going fairly well..

Ray has an appointment for the PET scan on February 15th and an appointment to see Dr. Peters and to have the connection dilated on February 24th. Suzy seemed to agree that the coughing Ray is experiencing is nothing other than his throat being tight at the connection and possibly a bit of acid reflux. She said, and I was greatly relieved to hear, that she doubted it was a tumor in the lungs. Poor Ray though also is experiencing dumping, which is common after this surgery. It seems to occur almost immediately after eating and occurs when undigested food empties into the small intestine..

Ray surprised me and joined me for lunch today. It was such a treat even though he was a bit on the grumpy side. He told me he is going back to work! I'll be manless again once in a while and one thing that is on my list to do is take a nice long soak in the whirlpool tub!!!..

Comment #36

Hi Brenda Joy, there has been a lot of discussion about the food changes,.

However, I have a box coming the middle of Feb, so I won't know about the new.

Foods till I try them..

Someone asks why we couldn't have the P'Butter bar for lunch anymore, but could have.

The coconut bar for dessert. The moderator said, they were not GI index low enough for the.

Diabetics. So I just have to believe what they say, they are the ones who make the food, and go.

With it. There are still plenty of good choices and hopfully the new stuff will be better..

How are you doing today? Always glad to see you..

If you call and ask about the Silver plan changes, they are real nice or just ask on the thread.The.

Moderator is answering everyones questions now..

Yea for Lynda, friends coming in town and Party time about to begin....

Junk food everywhere in the stores, big business this weekend. Wow.....

Comment #37

Sabina, I am so happy you popped in here just as I was typing also..

I am in agreement with Suzy, that is what Jerry has said all along about.

The coughing and such..

And, I am glad they can work him in this month and get it going. That should give.

Him great relief..

See cupid sent Ray to have lunch with you, what a great guy he is, I love those kind of.

Surprises. Happy February to you and do enjoy that spa bath, you deserve it..

Ray is ready for life and soon you two will be planning your honeymoon get a way..

I think that is awesome...

Comment #38

Hi everyone! Nothing much happening here in western Nebraska! We were in the freezer for three days straight. The highs for two days were below zero, but today it's a balmy 36 out. DD had to go to the clinic and catch up on her shots that I keep forgetting to get for her. She wasn't thrilled, but oh well...

Comment #39

Sabina, someone e-mailed me asking for a Buddy Bucks code, how do I give that to them and where do I get it from? Do you know?.

Hi Hana, so good to see you today, glad all is well and quiet in NE..

Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl? Just wondering.....

Comment #40

Brrrrrr......Hana, that is COLD! Glad you made it through to the warm 36 degree weather..

Sabina - Very glad to hear Ray has the appointment. What a treat that he showed up for lunch!.

Ruth - I love the coconut bar with my 6 almonds (fat) - just like having an Almond Joy bar..

Brenda Joy - Did it warm up yet where you are?..

Comment #41

Lynda, I ordered some of the coconut bars for my new BBB that comes in 2 weeks..

Lynda, when you mix the dip ingredients, do you use a ele mixer or just mix it all up in a bowl. I am to that point and wondering.?.

Thanks for your help here!..

Comment #42

Ruth - Click on "community" at the top of this page then scroll down to the bottom and look for a link to sending buddy bucks on the bottom right hand corner...

Comment #43

Ruth - Just mix it by hand. No need for a mixer...

Comment #44

Yay - I love mail!.

Ruth - I am rooting for the Packers this weekend...

Comment #45

I read that if you have a single serving of each of the foods served at a Super Bowl Party, you can consume up to 6,000 calories. Now even though that sounds like a good time, it isn't a good idea for us Willows!..

Comment #46

There is something I just don't get about NS. The label for my shipment was created but UPS has yet to receive the package, wouldn't you think if you requested a shipping date of 2/4 they could get it to UPS on that day?.

Hana and Lynda, that would be like scheduling a closing for 2/4 only to start the paperwork - jeepers!..

Comment #47

Let me tell you what I did. My DD needed a new jacket. She really wants a Spyder which is very expensive so I go online and find an outlet that has what she wants. Without checking where it is or anything, I order the jacket, pay for it, only to discover it's in China, they are celebrating the Chinese New Year and I don't know if I am ever going to receive the jacket. Everything on this site is shut down for the moment. Maybe forever, I don't know.

Not so much. Does anyone know when the Chinese New Year gets done? I just think I have been scammed...

Comment #48

All I know about the Chinese New Year is that it is the year of the Rabbit. I sure hope you weren't taken...

Comment #49

Hana - Hope you weren't scammed. Scary..

Sabina - 6000 calories? Oh my... I will be careful tomorrow..

Ruth - By the way, you aren't supposed to cook the frozen chopped spinach before putting it in the dip! Forgot to tell you that. Sorry!.

Wearing my #12 Rodgers jersey at the office today! Go Packers! I am so excited for the game tomorrow. Our friends arrived last night and we have been talking non-stop catching up with each other. Been doing superbowl together since our kids were all babies. I don't think we've ever missed a year..

Gotta run. I'm at work and pretty busy but I had to check in here and say hi...

Comment #50

Hana, we used to use China as a Vendor for our products and Jerry.

Reminded me they shut down for 10 days for their Holiday. LOL you are.

Way to funny in that one. CHINA??.

Oh No Lynda, I did put it in the pot of boiling water and cook for 2 min. then.

I drained it and set it in the fridge overnight, got it out this morning and it looked.

Good so I finished it off, I sure hope it is ok, I didn't know if it was good to go.

Out of the package or not. Oh no, heres hoping..

I have been to get a haricut, kroger and then cooking and fixing stuff for tomorrow the rest.

Of this crazy day. Tonight is a Birthday bash for a guy on Jerry's running team that is.

Turning 60 It is a surprise, hope I can not say anything when he picks us up tonight.XXX..

Comment #51

Ruth - I don't think it will too much of a problem that you cooked it first. It will probably just be a bit more mushy. Make a note on the recipe card though to NOT cook it for next time. Just defrost and drain well. I'm sure it will be fine!..

Comment #52

Lynda, those were the instructions on the spinach package as it gave a dip.

Recipe also. Very close to the one you used, yours is more healthy, of course.

And thanks again, the fact that I drained it and spread it on a paper towel and soaked up the extra moisture is probably going to save me this time,.

Next time I will not cook it, thanks again, enjoy the game with your friends..

Tonight one of the guys in Jerry's running club is turning 60 so we are having a surprise Birthday party out to eat for him. He is picking us up and I sure hope I don't blow it. Zip the lip, mums the word LOL.

This is a party weekend, so much all at once, wowy.....

Comment #53

I also hope I was not scammed, but usually I use my head before I purchase something. I'm just praying that if I got scammed, someone who really needs the money gets it, or they send me my jacket!.

I have boneless skinless chicken breasts in my crockpot with FF cream cheese, dry ranch dressing, 98% ff cream of chicken soup and on the bottom are small red potatoes. Oh, and mushrooms. Hope it's good. You must remember, I don't cook a lot, but I have been trying to do more NS/WW recipes once a week and I think it has really helped me. My kids are loving it..

My DD is up for Demolay Sweetheart. I have no idea what that is. Demolay is an organization for boys that spins off from the Masons, I think and if so, our Church really frowns on that. Secret oaths or something like that. Not too worried about it, she has no clue what it is, someone told her she was up for it and she shrugged and doesn't care..

Ruth - I have made that spinach dip many times and it is very good. I am not having a party tomorrow, DH and his best friend will be here, and they are getting sub sandwiches from our Little Angels Pre-Schoolers. That's all they want. If they get beer, they will each drink one and leave the other four in the fridge for six months. Ha!..

Comment #54

I am not into the game. Sorry friends..

My sister has asked for your support. Her pathology report came back with tumors in more areas than originally thought. Her oncologist says that since she did not have a mastectomy she will need chemotherapy and radiation. She will have a port placed and then start chemo on 2/14. If she cannot tolerate the chemo then she will need to have a mastectomy. Lorrie can talk to me only about 15 minutes and the her speech gets very slurred and difficult to understand.

It seems that her fibromyalgia has been stimulated by the surgery..

Walt sent me a beautiful bouquet for my birthday...

Comment #55

Hi Willows!.

Well today is my ds Michaels 15th birthday and after having picked him up from a sleepover at a schoolfriends house last night, he is now at his girlfriends house and she has stomach pains and may need to go to the er.I made a cake but I'm putting dinner on hold until I know whether or not he'll be here for it. I got him his favorite meat "filet mignon" which is wrapped in bacon. It can wait for tomorrow because I want him to enjoyit. I will eat it but it's not a favorite of mine. I like pork better..

Hana, Even though it's the new year for them, I can't see hoe they can shut down their businesses for so much time. Can you check out the company through the better Business Bureau?.

Lynda your dip recipe sound mm mm good! We're not having a party but I will try it soon. Have to get frozen spinach..

Well it's raining here and that will add weight to the snow on the roof. That worries me and I hope it can hold the weight and we don't spring any leaks..

Comment #56

Oh Brenda Joy, you must so worried about your sweet sis, I will continue to pray for her healing and recovery from that dreaded word "C", as we call it here..

GOD is a miracle worker and HE knows everything about this situation..

Lets give it all to HIM and see where it goes from here? OK?.

Hugs to you and lorrie..

Comment #57

Sorry to bud in here, only have a minute..

Hana, did you pay for the jacket with a credit card? If so and you do not receive the jacket, contact your bank when you see the billing on your statement and they will be able to help you get your money back..

Brenda Joy, praying for sweet Lorrie!..

Comment #58

Praying that Lorrie can handle chemo. It is so rough on the body. You must want to be at her side BrendaJoy..

We missed your birthday?.

Happy Birthday!!! What did Walt put in the bouquet?.

Marie the rains are coming down up here too. Nasty stuff on top of the snow and ice...

Comment #59

Good call Carol, you are such a smart one!..

Comment #60

Unfortunately, I paid for it with cash. I have been trying not to use my credit card when I have cash, so I used my debit card and it's far too late, but you know, while I'm upset at being stupid, I know it will work out. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they can help at all..

My DD is all worried because her boyfriend left for home over an hour ago and he's not here yet. He goes to college about an hour from here, but it's now snowing. I told her it's okay, we have lots of people who stop on the road between here and there and she will hear from him soon..

Marie - I hope your DS's girlfriend finds out what the problem is and soon. Supper sounds really really good! Don't you wish they would not have girlfriends and boyfriends at such a young age?..

Comment #61

Brenda Joy - Please let your sweet sister know she has our prayer support. So sorry for the bad news for her. When was your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA JOY!!!!.

Marie - Let us know how his girlfriend can't leave us hanging here..

Same with you Hana.....let us know he arrives safely!.

Marie - Here's the best I can do on the macaroni salad recipe. Since I don't use a recipe, I wrote it down as I made it tonight. Amounts of seasoning are up to you......

1 package macaroni - cooked and drained.

5 hard boiled eggs, chopped.

4 celery stocks chopped.

4 green onions chopped.

1/2 jar sweet midget pickles finely chopped.

1 can sliced black olives.



Zesty Italian salad dressing.



Seaon Salt.

Salad Supreme seasoning.

Mix it all together and let sit in refrigerator for several hours or overnight...

Comment #62

55 minutes to Super Bowl Sunday! I can't wait to see what Budweiser has in the way of commercials this year...

Comment #63

I am putting my food together that I offered to take to our party..

I am bringing the spinach dip and bread and pita chips to dip and BBQ.

Baked Beans, and the famous Cranberry freeze. Will tote a few Diet Cokes for myself also..

They always have plenty in the fridge, but, they are cans, and I don't enjoy coke out of cans. so I will bring my own..

They live in the Country Club setting and their house is a total castle. I can not find the bathroom every time I go and drinking as much coke as I do, that is often. I am going to look at something on the wall or close by to try and find my way around that darn place. LOL.

Go Steelers...I don't care what you say. May the best team win as always.....

Comment #64

You are right about the best team winning Ruth. Whichever team wins, will be the best one today..

I'm cooking brats and onions in beer to stick in the warming oven and then will do turn to kielbasa apps next, if the pastry sheets ever frost that is...

Comment #65

Brats and onions smell so good cooking. I know what your place smells like.Yum.

Enjoy your loves and the game, sounds like a good day to stay inside anyway..

Glad you have the Bowl to watch...

Comment #66

It is a good day to stay in. I did maneuver the driveway and ice as I needed dog food for Ace. Ace has been a Searles for a year now, can you believe it?..

Comment #67

Wow, time flyes by and I know he has had a great life for that 1yr..

I hope you get to enjoy him for many years ahead. Keep him strong and healthy, our oldest was 18 when she left us. Never ready to let them go..

Ya know?..

Comment #68

I thank you all for your prayer support for Lorrie..

You have not missed my birthday, it is 2/7..

Sabina- The bouquet is springlike. It has carnations and daffodils. It also has flowers that I do not know but is predominantly pink and lavendar. It fits the purple theme for February but I love the Spring-like effect that the spring flowers show...

Comment #69

There is just something so special about getting flowers. So tomorrow is the big day huh? Doing anything special?.

Ruth - This silly dog has brought me so much joy. He's like one of my kids now...

Comment #70

Hi Ladies:.

Sitting in front of half time, trying hard to figure what it's all about A lot of yelling to begin with and now I think Usher is in there..

Happy, happy early Birthday Brenda Joy, and best wishes for many many more. So sorry to hear news of your sister. It's a tough road but she can do it. Many have before her..

Hi Ruth, Sabina, Marie, Hana and all others. Hope you are all liking the Superbowl..

Visited with my big boy today and celebrated his birthday while the sun actually was out! He was so happy. Still has egg on forehead from fall with seizure more than a week ago. I hate seeing that. But otherwise he was a happy camper as usual. Bought the house a big red velvet cake combo Superbowl and Birthday all in one. They loved it..

News not good with BIL. Tumor has grown since surgery 1/7. Bad, very bad. He sounds great though, still has positive attitude. First treatment had no side effect, so we'll see..

Going back to packing for trip and watching the game. Will try to check in later..

Go Pack Go!..

Comment #71

Hi Deb, so sorry about your BIL, will continue to put my positive attitude and much prayers with his and see what happens. GOD is still in control of all..

Glad your sons birthday was a big success and he was happy, that is all that matters on that front..

Packing for your trip, so am I, will leave on Wed for Houston, be gone til Sat..

Hope you have a great time and can relax and enjoy it all. Hugs to you sweetie..

Good game , good job Packers, May the best team win, and they did..

Congrats to all of them and all of you who were cheering for them..

Comment #72

Brenda Joy, Happy Happy Birthday to you on Monday the 7th..

Enjoy the entire day and let the Birthday confetti and baloons fly high..

This is your special day , celebrate you, A big birthday HUG coming your way after midnight, it is 11:30 here, so in 1/2 hr, you should feel a big hug from me..

Comment #73

Deb - Glad you got to go and visit with your big boy and celebrate his birthday finally. Sorry to hear such bad news on your BIL. Will continue praying for him..

Hooray for the Packers! Hooray for MVP Rodgers! Very happy household here!!..

Comment #74

Happy Birthday Brenda Joy,.

I don't know how to do the fancy graphics, but I'm wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope it's a great day...

Comment #75

BrendaJoy -.

Happy Birthday to a lady who deserves the very best for all she does for those in need of comfort and special care..

God Bless you..

Love, Sabina..

Comment #76

Happy Blessed Birthday to our very own.

BRENDA JOY, This is the day you came to bring your family so much JOY..

Enjoy your special day you are a very special Lady.

HUG bigtime today..

Comment #77

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA JOY! Praying you have a special, blessed day today...

Comment #78

You all have me in tears. Thank you. Sabina- How did you know that purple is my favorite color?.

HUGS back to all of you!!..

Comment #79

Deb - The red velvet cake sounds really wonderful! Praying for your dear BIL...

Comment #80

BrendaJoy - You mentioned the color lavender fitting the theme for this month for one thing and I figured your hubby probably knew what colors you preferred when he sent you flowers. Are you having a nice birthday?.

Deb - I will pray for that tumor to chicken out and start responding to treatment. Red velvet cake is yummy. I bet everyone at the farm loves you for bringing them the cake..

Hey Hana, Lynda, Ruth and Marie - how's it going?..

Comment #81

Hi Willows!.

Happy Birthday to you Brenda! Hope your year ahead brings good things to you!.

Congrats to the Packers! Lynda I know you did the happy dance! And while I'm talking about dance, that's what I like the Black Eyed Peas for. Good exercise music!.

Well the drama about Michael's girlfriend turned out to be nothing. Maybe just a virus or grip, or maybe in her HEAD!.

Teenage drama ain't good for this mama! I don't have the patience for this stuff. I am an older mom and all of my friends have grown children and many are grandparents by now!.

Lynda thanks for posting the recipes.

I can't wait to try them...

Comment #82

Hi Marie. Glad your DS's girlfriend's problem was just drama. Better than the real thing, I think?!.

Hi Sabina - I'm back at work today. Trying to get my escrow file all caught up. We're going to try to go visit Doug either tomorrow or Wednesday and that is an all day trip (3 hours to Reno)..

I ate WAY too much at our Superbowl party too. I need to do the happy dance all day long to burn all those calories off! LOL.

Hi Hana!..

Comment #83

I bet you are looking forward to visiting Doug Lynda. Do let him know we are also praying for him..

Marie - This too shall pass. Must be the little Miss needed attention...

Comment #84

Brenda Joy - I hope you had a blessed blessed birthday today. I also love the color purple. My daddy used to dye all of his horse tack purple and he wore purple western shirts. I bet purple looks great on you with your coloring too!.

Hi everyone! Marie, don't worry about being an older mom. I didn't have Whitney until I was 35 and I thank God all the time that I wasn't 25 because I had to learn to be less selfish. It does wear us out, but you are raising your son with good values and he will be a great man when he grows up. The age between 13-21 is really hard, but it really does get better..

I tried to exercise tonight and could only go for 15 minutes. We are once again in the deep freeze and it's snowing and really blowing. My rancher nephew is calving and calves seem to like to come when it's nasty out. They had their second set of twins yesterday and are trying to save the last one, he is very small and needs help. The first set is thriving, their mama has enough milk for both of them. Glad I am in town!.

Love to you all!..

Comment #85

Hi ladies:.

Thanks for the prayers for my bil. I'm really concerned and my head feels like it is going to split in half. Just plain panic has set in..

Marie, we laugh at work about our kids and how no one ever told us that babies come as a package deal. Overrated we say!!! But we love them, even when it seems all they want to do is put us 6 feet under!.

Hi Sabina, tried to send you a pm..

Hi Ruth, how are you feeling?.

Glad for Lynda that the Packers won. I was good, careful what I ate, and I did ok. Concerned now about the cruise and all that goes with it..

Hi Hana, were you rooting for a team in the Superbowl? Can't remember..

Turning in early tonight..

Sleep tight all Willows...

Comment #86

Deb I got your PM and returned one to you..

We are also going to pray that your panic turns into peace by knowing God has your BIL covered..

We got heavy snow during the overnight hours. It's the kind that pulls the overhead wire and tree branches to the ground. Sippery stuff for sure. I'm not looking forward to venturing out for work this morning...

Comment #87

Oh Hana, your Nephew is doing such a good character building thing,.

Being around those animals will teach you a lot. I can remember seeing a.

Baby calf born on my Grand parents farm in Pa when I was little, It sure.

Made a big impression on me and you can always see those pictures in your mind..

So many people never have any experiences like that I think it's cool..

Deb, I am sad to hear you are in panic mode, that is not a good place to be..

Roll your cares over onto the LORD, HE says HIS Yoke is easy and HIS burden is light..

We have the right as believers to do that and 1 Peter 5:7 says,.

To cast our cares onto HIM, and HE will take them, because HE cares for us and loves us that much..

Does your BIL know the LORD? I am praying for that too..

Hi Sabina, the heavy snow fell on your town huh? That is the kind that is so nice to see, but on the other.

Hand can really hinder the people if the wires fall and the power goes out. Does that happen in your area?.

You guys seem so sturdy and able to handle so much white stuff, that would totally cripple this area...

Comment #88

Good Morning Willows!.

Sabina be careful walking and driving in this cold. Lots of black ice I think in the early morning hours..

I'm expecting an insurance inspector to come to the house around 11:00 today (unless he forgets) to see if we're worthy of having them insure us. Yeah right... Since Katrina they don't want to insure homes like ours in this area which are attached wood frame homes. They try to use every excuse like we're too close to the water. Clue in people... we're on the highest hill in Brooklyn! Oh they get me crazy!!.

More good news. My son could not print his school essay to the printer for some reason and won't go to school because the teacher doesn't want to hear excuses! Huh! At least he's afraid of someone on this earth and I'm getting pleasure from just thinking of it. I know, I must be crazy too! It's the little things. He had all weekend and yesterday the school was closed for some kind of "staff day" and he had to go to the movies..

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!.

I don't want to bore you with his antics so I'll change the subject so my blood pressure can come back down!.

Nice bright sunny day here and alot of the snow melted with the warmer temps but there's still alot around..

Tomorrow have another appt. with my trainer. I can't wait!.

Well I'm off to get another cuppa java. BBL..

Comment #89

Hi Marie, so happy to see your smiling face, I just love the picture of you on your Avatar..

Another cup of java sounds like a good plan and I am totally excited that you are anxious to meet with your trainer tomorrow, that is something nice to look forward to. And, you will feel so good when you finish..

Blow off all that stuff about your Michael, these kids just are clueless and are trying to push all the envelopes they can. He will figure it out and when he does, he will come back around and be your best friend. That is how it seems to have worked for many of us. You are not alone in that one...

Comment #90

It seems like I continually have weird things going on to talk about and today is no exception. Ray finished plowing the convenience store around 7 and was home plowing our driveways. He plows where the St. Bernard lives as the dog is old and has trouble walking in deep snow with his bad hips. Apparently or obviously, Ray cut the chain that keeps the big boy on our property while plowing. A few minutes after Ray left the back side of the house to plow the lower driveway I see Beethoven on the bank in front of the kitchen dragging his back legs through the deep snow trying to make his way to where Ray was plowing.

Ray had to cut a trench through the snow, which is up to his knees, so that Beethoven could drag himself back up to the house. Poor thing doesn't know he isn't the young pup anymore..

Then I get to work and the boss, who seems to be in a relatively good mood, tells me Sandy is probably out looking for another job because she is so unhappy here. He knows how miserable she is and that she will probably quit. Jeez..

THEN - I get a letter from an assistant to the NYS Attorney General in response to a letter I wrote to her. In it she tells me she understands I have been going through a difficult time with my husband's severe illness and that she lost her 5 year old daughter after a year's struggle with brain cancer in 1998. Can I tell ya this got to me!.

Deb - Ruth is so right. Any time I start to panic about Ray's illness, I end it immediately by telling the enemy to get away from me and by asking God to hold on to me a little tighter and to take my fears away. He has done it faithfully so far...

Comment #91

Hi Marie sweetie. Kids are a PITA, then they grow up and become people again...

Comment #92

This picture (hopefully you can view it) was taken by the neighbor at 8 this morning. It's the bottom part of the road we live on. I went in the opposite direction on the unplowed road...

Comment #93

Oh Poor Beethoven, he must have been scared when he knew he couldn't.

Get himself going. Poor buddy. and the look on his face, I can just see it..

Duh to your Boss, is all I can say....

Thanks for the back up to Deb,.

Sabina you are the best and we are totally on the same page and I love you on it with me..

Wow, that is a lot of snow at one time, it looks beautiful, but I know it can be dangerous,.

Just ask Beethoven, he has a story today.LOL..

Comment #94

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