Where can I get a copy of Nutrisystem freedom plan?

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First of all Where can I get a copy of Nutrisystem freedom plan? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Banishing the Pounds for Summer!.

Welcome to our second challenge of the year! We are not a new challenge; a search showed that this challenge dates back to 2009. We have a history of support in assisting people meet their goals, and we are always encouraging people to join us at any time. Why not join us? You are welcome to join at any point in the challenge. This a challenge in which you can choose your own goalweight loss, fitness routine, etc..

We are calling this Onward and Downward challenge Banishing the Pounds for Summer. The official starting date of this challenge is March 21, and will end on May 30, Memorial Daythe kickoff to Summer..

This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread. I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!! We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Spring has sprung or should. Spring signals renewal, rebirth and it is that renewal and rebirth that we commit ourselves to be able to greet Summer in better health, with fewer pounds or even the choice of being able to maintain when Memorial Day arrives to be the unofficial kickoff to Summer..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great challenge and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next ten weeks! It isnt that long until Summer. Those weeks will pass quickly!! Where do you want to be on Memorial Day?.

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and May 30, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members..

A new thread will be posted each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

What do you plan to achieve during this challenge?A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through during the upcoming weeks. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know each other and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to." In addition, members who are comfortable doing so are welcomed to share their food for the day as well as any positive things that have occurred during the day..

As we enter this week of the challenge, the question of the week is:.

What is your favorite Nutrisystem entre? Why?.

For me, it is a tie between the Veggie Lasagna and the Italian flatbread pizza. The Veggie lasagna, compared to the meat lasagna, just tastes better to me. I just remember trying both and then settling on the veggie lasagna. I love pizza but I dont like a thick crust; therefore, the flat bread pizza is a winner for me...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Well I have been on the plan I believe just under two months. I have lost 15.9pounds. It has deffinitely been a struggle for me. I am so glad I found this challenge and support group when I started. I am not sure I would have actually stuck it out this last week or ordered my third month without the support from everyone on this thread. My goal for this challenge is to get under 200 pounds.

This will I think put me at the next size smaller in clothes (which will be perfect for summer) Its been about two years since I was below two hundred..

I am not sure what my favoriteNutrisystemfood is. I have liked most of them. I deffinitely think the frozen meals are better than the ready to eat ones but I have heard those have higher fat. I love the frozen spinach and cheese shells / ravoli not sure which it is. And I love the chicken patty in the ready to eat..

Well for me last week was a tough week. I am trying to readjust my attitude and start this week more positive. The extra hour it took me to get to work deffinitely put a hamper on my morning. But I just found out that the corporate auditors wont be here until noon today so I have all morning to plaster a smile on my face and get a can do attitude..

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! and you aren't getting the down pour we are getting here in Laurel MD..

Comment #2

Good Morning!!.

What do I hope to achieve by Memorial Day? Well, I of course plan on reaching goal and being under goal by then, as well as "keeping it going". I've lost quite a good amount since I started on 1/5, and while I am thrilled with that, the thought of maintenance is what scares me. I need to keep motivated so I don't slack off..

My favorite entree is definitely the frozen ravioli. I absolutely love the sauce, and eat it with a spoon to get every last bit..

About me - I am 42 years old, a single mother of 3 sons. My oldest will be 16 in May, and is going through those nasty teenage years. He makes me crazy. I have an almost 9 year old with classic autism, and an 11 year old with aspergers..

I work as an advocate for families of kids with mental health and developmental disabilities. I was working full-time, but recently cut down to part time as I am back in school working on my degree in Child Development...

Comment #3

I'm here! I'm here!.

Just finished updating my ticker for the last challenge. My goal was 20 pounds gone and I finished at 22 1/2. Pretty good job if I do say so myself!.

Went to make a ticker for this challenge and discovered something I think is new - a black cat pointer! (At least I think it's a cat - if anyone sees something differently don't tell me!).

My goal for Memorial Day is to get down to 165 pounds. Right now that's 13 pounds away but after I live through my birthday week it may be more like 15 or 16! I so very seldom get out to see my friends that I'm not going to stress over it (Just being real here)..

I need to start exercising but decided not to make it part of my official goal this time. I am still working on the mindset and playing with a routine..

Who am I? I'm 61 years old (today). Originally a junior high math teacher from central PA, DH and I quit our jobs in 1980 and moved to Baltimore. I got a job as an actuarial trainee, eventually went to law school at night, and have been practicing employee benefits law ever since - at 2 "Big Six" accounting firms, a full service law firm, and for the last 14 years at a "boutique" law firm..

Since February of last year I've been working at home. DH is a lab manager. He worked for the same firm over 30 years until they replaced him with someone younger. Took him about 2 years to find a job with far less pay and benefits but we're grateful to have it..

In January 1992 I founded a non profit organization not so creatively named Cat Rescue of Maryland, Inc. We do trap/neuter/release with feral cat colonies. My labor of love..

DH and I currently have 10 wonderful felines (photos on my page if anyone is interested)..

I've lost this weight SO many times. I'm trying to do it more sensibly this time, trying to put together a way of eating that I can live with forever. I don't really cook so am experimenting with a combination of ns foods and convenience foods from the grocery store along with plenty of fresh produce. I also have the challenge that this is the first time trying to lose weight with DH and I eating dinner together every day (he ate 3 meals a day at the hospital for the first 30 years of our marriage). I will likely make some food missteps along the way but since I'm now trying to view this as the way I'll eat forever I'm hoping to view those missteps as just something to learn from..

I'm a pretty fast typist, and a huge talker, so I do tend to run on because I can do it so easily LOL!.

My favorite ns food? Just one? That's tough. And it changes from time to time. Right now I'd say probably the chocolate cake. I cut it in thirds and squirt with FF Redi Whip..

Close runner up would be the Nourish version of Chicken n Dumplins, which came from Big Lots (not here, because I don't have one, but purchased on ebay)...

Comment #4

Heh, we're all here right now in real time!..

Comment #5

So much for best laid plans. Just as I was getting ready to spend time with Leslie, they called me to work ASAP. Sorry, Leslie!..

Comment #6

Eh, Leslie will get over it, Jean! Have a good day at work. I'm not even going to turn on my work computer today..

I have 2 days every year that I keep sancrosanct and away from work - my birthday and Christmas!..

Comment #7

Good Morning Everyone!.

My goal for the last challenge was to get to 136 pounds and to complete 80 hours or exercise. I didn't make the weight goal, but I exceeded the hours of exercise. I'm disappointed about the weight goal because I really thought I could do it, but my trip to Hawaii and having guests for a few days afterward made me miss that one. So that means I have to try harder this time, and not let myself get derailed, no matter what happens!.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who worked for a managed behavioral healthcare company for many years before retiring about 5 years ago. Though I'm only 57 I retired because the company I worked for had changed into something I was no longer happy to be associated with. Now I keep busy with travel, reading, baking, exercising, and spending time with friends. Not a bad life, at all! My husband is still employed, but he does contract work so is able to take time off to travel fairly frequently..

My favoriteNutrisystemfood would definitely be the Italian Flatbread Pizza, which I dress up with turkey pepperoni, onions and bell peppers. I haven't tried any of the frozen foods, but I've been tempted by them..

My goals for this challenge will be to complete 80 hours of exercise, and to get below 130 at long last. It's beyond time for me to get there...

Comment #8

My present to myself today is no work, no chores, and a new Eve Dallas book. It's not actually the most recent but the one before that. I have a few authors whose books I sort of save up like you save up the favorite part of your meal...

Comment #9

I'm looking at everybody's tickers. I don't think it's my imagination. They take up more room than they used to don't they?..

Comment #10

What kind of books are Eve Dallas books. I am always looking for a new author..

Comment #11

Well, hello ladies!!! It's been quite a while since I was on the challenge board so I thought it high time to get back over here and start fresh again. Can't remember my goal was for the last challenge but sure I didn't get there..

I've done so well and then kinda hit a patch where after 14 months of doingNutrisystemI sort of relaxed and spent Dec, Jan & Feb in a slow loss/maintenence thing. Not of my own choice but rather just not realizing how much a handful here and there can really add up on the scale and how much I had relaxed the add-ons and the exercise! I did lose 10 pounds during the 3 months...and one thing positive came from going through fear of maintenence any more!.

NOW I am back and ready to finally get the last 20 pounds OFF and hit GOAL! I finally said GOODBYE to the 150's and I'm loving being in the 140's!.

I started over with what I like to call BASICNutrisystem101 about a week ago to break the plateau and I dropped 1.4 pounds last not bad at all..

I've missed everyone and I'm glad to meet some new faces too. I won't be able to hit the board every day but I'll certainly check in a few times a week. JEAN you did a great job with the opener!.

I'm gonna break this into 2 post so it doesn't take en entire page!..

Comment #12 name is Judy. Married 28.5 years, no kids...don't work and love hitting the gym now. I exercise at minimum an hour each day, hard, 6 days a week. I mostly take ZUMBA classes...oh and guess what guys?? I am taking my ZUMBA certification class on May 28th to become an instructor! woohoo!.

I startedNutrisystemon Sept 20, 2009 and I reach my original goal of 160 on Nov. 7th, 2010. It was so easy I've moved the goal down twice since then, and I'm going for 130!.

I'm 4.2 pounds away from hitting 100 pounds lost!.

And 19.4 from hitting my goal!.

In the next 10 weeks of the challenge I hope to lose 8 pounds and continue my workout schedule of 6 days a week 60-90 minutes a day. Also keep my 2300 calorie burn goal for each day.. favorite entree is hard. I have 3...Flatbread Pizza, Meat Lasagna and the Grilled Chicken breast made into a shredded BBQ chicken sandwich..

Glad to be back with the group and looking forward to hitting goal in the next few months!..

Comment #13

CJ and MaryAnn the Eve Dallas books are by Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb. I love them, too that's one of the few books I'll buy as soon as a new one comes out. So far I've read every one of them, and I noticed yesterday that a new one is out, so I'll be downloading that to my Nook ASAP. These books are futuristic, set in in NYC, and the title character is a police detective. I'm not generally a fan of Sci-Fi, and to me these aren't really of that genre, but the futuristic quality is really interesting.

Can you tell I'm a fan?..

Comment #14

Hello Ladies- This is my first post and first time on NS... I'm waiting for my food to arrive, does it matter if I start a few days after all of you?..

Comment #15

Welcome! You can begin now by reading and posting. Go to the Tips and Recipe tab at the top and look at the list of recommended groceries. You can go grocery shopping while waiting for the food to arrive. By doing so, you won't have to delay beginning the program because the food will be on hand when theNutrisystemfood arrives. Begin drinking all that water now. Don't forget to take your measurements; the scale is just on way to measure progress..

Chime on in anytime. Just give a brief into on yourself, as much as you are willing to share. You have a beautiful smile!..

Comment #16

Yes, join us...Maryanne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,,Judy, you rock...I love to read too, girls. today I went to the Saratoga Library (owe 1$) and got a romance novel, and a Feng Shui book for Dummies. I don't know why I bother, my house is, full of things I can't resist picking up( hanging toy pink monkey ) lots of my needlpoints, hanging beads I make, earring hanging on every lampshade in the house. Insense and candles and sticks stuck in glass oil in baskets.....oui...but I am not a hoarder, it's all new, I am basically a thrower outer, and my husband is the hoarder...hahaha, best Nutrisystem food is the extra meals I could eat along with the allowed meals, but don't.... I love them all goal is to hit the 140's LOVE YOU ALL..

Comment #17

Jean, you have done wonderful on NS. I remember you now, from a while ago, we both keep hanging in there...!..

Comment #18

Welcome! I am only two months into the program. This is a great group of people..

Comment #19

CJ, we are glad you found us. You have had a struggle at times, but the goal is worth it. Focus upon what you have achieved in the past two months. You have lost the often stated expected average weight loss on NS. Weight lost slowly is healthy and it is weight that will most likely stay off. Here is wishing you a successful challenge.

You have done so well with your weight loss. Maintenance will be a challenge but you have learned the skills necessary to take off the weight. You will not forget these when it comes to maintaining..

I definitely agree! You did a fabulous job with beating your challenge goal! You have every right to be proud of this accomplishment. Keep up the great work!.

Happy Birthday! I would sing it to you, but I don't want to ruin your wonderful day!.

Vacations have a way sometimes of causing us not to meet our weight loss goals. On the other hand, you did meet your exercise goal. Not meeting your weight goal isn't a negative if it serves as extra motivation to lose the weight for this challenge. Oh by the way, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor also. I decided not to renew my license when I retired..

Mine definitely takes up too much room. The exericise tickers definitely take up too much room as does the special event ticker. Something has to give!.

Judy, I'm so glad that you have returned. You have done a fabulous job with almost 100 pounds lost. Congrats upon breaking through the plateau. I knew you could do it; sometimes it is hard to be patient. You have so much to offer, and we look forward to updating us on how BasicNutrisystem101 is doing for you now!..

Comment #20

Hanging in there is the way to go! I just happen to be one of those slow losers. I can lose, then stall, then lose, then stall. Sometimes it is frustrating to read of those people who supposedly lose several pounds while cheating but then I remind myself I dont' know them and the whole story. I do know myself and I know what is true for me. Progress is progress; some of us take longer. That's fine; we'll likely keep the weight off.

I don't have the finances for face lifts, boob lifts, tummy tucks.....or major body lift...

Comment #21

Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll check out the tab now..

So let's see, intro to self..... I'm a mom to twin boys born in 2008. I gained about 20 lbs trying to conceive, then 53 while pregnant... Needless to say I haven't seen my ideal weight in a long time. I'm hoping to shed a few pounds before summer and kick start a new life style...

Comment #22

Thanks Jean. I do appreciate your faith in me. I did lose in 2008 and got down to 122 ... but gained it all back and was at 162 in 11/2010. That is why I am so worried. I don't know why I lost track then, but I did..

My mindset is much better this time. Last time I was still having my wine nearly every night. This time, no ... and I'm not missing it. I think as well I really need to stick around here. Seeing so many that have made goal and stay to help others is a big motivator for me, and I want to be that woman too...

Comment #23


Hope you had a fantastic day and enjoyed it very much...

Comment #24

I have no idea how to reply to the previous thread but I wanted to let you ladies know I read it and thank you for your support. It mean the world to me..

Yea, it was really nice relaxing for 3 days at Disney with my cousins and my little ones. Just love them to pieces..

Of course I was calling my mom every hour on the hour on the 1st day just to make sure she was ok. The next day she told me to stop calling so much and to relax and enjoy the time. My cousin (her niece) told me to relax with the calling because she was doing just great. So I had to let go sorta and relax. I still called 3 tops 4 times a day..

Can't help it..

My favoriteNutrisystemhas to be the Mushroom Risotto. Mmmm Good!!!.

Congrats to everyone who continues to lose weight. YAY!!!..

Comment #25

You worry about your mother and you feel very responsible for her. You needed the break from caring for her but at the same time, you were afraid something would happen while you were gone. You are a loving, caring daughter. Take some time out of each day for yourself...

Comment #26

Hi everyone, I'm back! Lost only 7 of the 10 pounds from my goal from the last challenge, but I think all the exercise I've been doing has slowed the scale but moved along the inches. And that's ok with me! I definitely met my exercise goal. (OWI today and I dropped 2 of the 3 mystery pounds I'd gained, so that's good at least)..

It's late and I've got a really early morning, so I'll be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone's posts and introduce myself...

Comment #27

Happy Birthday, Maryann!.

We agree! So glad to see you back!.

It does not matter a bit - we are just so happy to have you whenever you can come!..

Comment #28

Intro: I am the secretary for my church, an author, and presently engaged in a major remodel of my house from top to bottom (literally). At the end, we will have a duplex so we can rent out the upstairs and live downstairs - that is my retirement plan. Right now we (family) are working on the upstairs kitchen..

I startedNutrisystemseveral years ago, lost 30 lbs fairly easily, and then made the mistake of relaxing as I got ready to lose the rest. Put 20 back on. This time I got down to 160 and stalled out. Have been going up and down for the last 2 challenges. My goal was to get back down to 160, but did not make it, so that will again be my goal this challenge..

As for my favoriteNutrisystementree, probably any lasagne - I love them both. If it is lunch, I really like the Trail Mix Bar...

Comment #29


Sounds like a great plan. Planning ahead for retirement is important..


Focus upon the pounds you lost as well as the great exercise! Progress is progress!.

I just got called to work, so I don't have time to say much right now other than "Make this a good day; make wise choices!"..

Comment #30

I am not sure what is with traffic the last two days but it has been a nightmare..

I feel like my food is off. It says it just shipped but I am out of breakfast items. I think maybe I stick more stickly with breakfast so I run out of those first. Today I had to improvise. We had bagels at work so I had half a bagel with some low-fat cream cheese. The cream cheese counts as my protein and I was hoping to find some orange juice for the fruit..

The one good thing so far today is it looks like it is going to be really nice outside. Spring might finally be here! ! ! !..

Comment #31

CJ the Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal is a good substitute if you run out ofNutrisystembreakfast items; also the Kashi Go Lean cereals aren't bad as a substitute. I'm the same way about using up myNutrisystembreakfast items before I run out of anything else. I always seem to have lots of dinner and snack items left over when I'm running out of breakfast and lunch items...

Comment #32

Can I play too??? I have lost 73lbs over the past two years, part of it with NS. I have returned for some portion control help. I am training for a triathlon right now and have a real problem with eating too much of the good thing, soNutrisystemwill help me with that. By Memorial Day, I would like to be down to a size 12! Thats two (closer to 1.5.

) sizes in 2 months. I would like for this size loss to include at least 15lbs lost..

183.6lbs this morning, so I want to hit 168lbs by Memorial Day, and rock a size 12!.

My experience with the newNutrisystemmeals is limited to the past two days but the Salisbury Steak and Mac is fantastic. Its a throwback to grade school lunches, but better!! Looking forward to sharing success with you all!!!..

Comment #33

Welcome! I can't imagine training for a triathlon - how cool!..

Comment #34


The recommended substitutes for breakfast because of the high protein are Quaker Weight Control oatmeal, the Kashi Go Lean cereal with 13g of protein in it, or the Vitalicious muffins..


, you can definitely "play" with us! Welcome!Nutrisystemwill definitely help with the portion control. Triathaon? Wow!!!..

Comment #35

I think tuesdays are hard days for me to stay on plan. Or at least it seems like it the last few weeks. I have got to come up with something to help me make it thru this tuesdays on track. It deffinitely has to do with work and co-workers and I am not sure what I could change..

A bit off track on lunch today too..

Comment #36

Deffinitely think something is off because I just got my frozen food today. I usually get that a week after I get my regular UPS shipment. I checked and they said my regular delivery has not even gone out yet. What the H-E-C-K..

Comment #37


I don't get the frozen food as I'm doing the Costco 35 day plan. I have never had a shpping problem as UPS delivers it about two days afterNutrisystemhas the box ready for them to pick up..

If I were doing the frozen/shelf stable food combo, I would like for both of them to arrive at the same time. In most cases, that frozen food is delivered by Swann's on whatever schedule they have for your area. You can tellNutrisystemwhen to ship the shelf stable food..

When you get your food, go through it and check to make sure all items are enclosed..

I just got home from one of those 12 hour work days. According to my pedometer, I put in 11769 steps today at work. I'm almost tempted not to do a session with Leslie tonight. I do have to fix dinner so the Italian flatbread pizza souinds good tonight...and then an hour later throw a bag of frozen steamer veggies in the microwave. I space my food out...

Comment #38

Oh...i am deciding whether or not to do Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk. I joined her Walkclub online this past Friday, and today is supposed to be a 3 mile walk. ugh. if you can do it Jean, I guess I will put in the dvd. but when I do a big number on the pedometer, like you did today, I would not do anymore! might cramp up tomorrow....Hi to everybody, stomach in, head up, and jiggle what you've

Comment #39

I'm jiggling what I got by exercising my right to sit in the chair and relax to The Biggest Loser. I decided not to walk with Leslie. The only negative to the steps today that part of it was not aerobic. How is the Walkclub? I looked at it but haven't joined. What advantage is there to it if you already have DVDs?..

Comment #40

WELCOME, WELCOME! So happy you are joining us. The more the merrier, and the more support for each of us!..

Comment #41

Good Morning! Jean has inspired me to try and do some exercise in the morning since she seems to always get those walking DVD's in. today is my third morning in which I actually woke up early. I have not actually done any working out on these mornings. But it is nice to be more alert when it's time to leave for work. Hopefully I will find a workout video I enjoy and can start that. Maybe I will get a walking one.

As I said I think tuesdays are turning out to be a hard day for me (who would have known) I am feeling positive about today. I got my second and third compliment on my weight loss yesterday (YIPPIE) Now I was in my workout clothes but one person said I can you are trimming down. And another person said you know in those clothes you can see you have actually lost weight. Talk about putting a huge smile on my face. I am not down to my next size in clothes so my work clothes have started to hang a bit loosely.

Work has been slow for me so I am sure I will be on all day but If I am not. I hope everyone has a fantastic Wed!..

Comment #42


Those comments were made when you really needed that little boost. Go to WalMart, etc. and get a basic Leslie DVD for around $10.It won't have weights but it will get you into a walking program...

Comment #43

Congrats CJ on getting some compliments for your losses! It feels really good when others notice, doesn't it? You mentioned that Tuesdays seem to be really hard what is it that makes that day so difficult, and is there anything you can do to prepare for it to make it better?.

I'm happy today because my OWI showed a loss this morning! Not a big one, but at this point I'm just really happy to see the scale going down instead of up. I didn't record my weight last Wednesday because I'd been off plan so much for the past week, so I'm not sure exactly how much I lost last week, but for the first time in a long time I'm below 137 pounds! On a 5'2" frame, that's still a little more than I want to weight, but I'm getting closer to where I want to be. I plan to get to 125, then try to maintain between 125 and 130 as my upper limit...

Comment #44


Congrats upon your loss! I'm sure that this challenge will see you meeting your goal! Keep up the good work!.

I just finished 30 minutes with Leslsie. For breakfast, I had anNutrisystemmuffin and delayed the rest to mid-morning to have a veggie sausage and sugar free applesauce..

One of my favorite peeves is that when the weight loss is slow or there is a stall, people will always say "take your measurements," with the implication that for most, there will be inches lost. This is my fantastic "inches lost" since May 2 when I restarted NS:.

May 2:.

Chest-42, Arms- 14, waist- 39, thigh,-26, hips-48.

May 29:.

Chest-42, Arms- 14, waist- 37, thigh- 25, hips- 46.5.

July 25:.

Chest-42, Arms-14, waist-37, thigh-25, hips-46.5.

Aug 29:.

Chest-42, Arms-14, waist-37, thigh-24, hips-46.


Chest-42; Arms-13-1/2 ; waist-36-1/2; thigh-24; hips-46.

Jan. 1:.

Chest: 42; Arms-13-1/2; waist-36; thigh-23-1/2; hips-46.

Mar. 1:.

Chest: 42; Arms-13-1/2; waist-36; thigh-23-1/2; hips-46.

Mar. 23:.

Chest: 42; Arms-13; waist-36; thigh 23-1/2; hips-46..

Comment #45

Pam - Congrats on the loss..

I am not sure what makes tuesdays so hard. I really think it's because on Monday you are busy and everyone leaves me alone about food. By tuesday my office mate is already asking me by 9am to order lunch with her. I am usually not as busy so I don't have things to keep my mind off the yummy food that has been brought in or what I could be eating out of the vending machine. Or that is what I came up with yesterday..

Today! Is freezing. I am low on foods as I mentioned yesterday. I ordered a cup of chilli with the girls. I am not sure if I should eat that instead of myNutrisystembar? I also have a salad as a veggie and carrot sticks for later...

Comment #46

Jean Now that you're walking again and using weights, I'll bet you see those measurements change. It's frustrating when the changes come so slowly, but over time they do happen. You've lost 8 1/2 inches since last May, so that's not bad! If you can keep up the walking and using weights, I suspect the next time you take measurements you'll see at least another 2 inches gone...

Comment #47

CJ it's tough when you're running out of food to come up with meals that are appealing. I always seem to find that what I have left are the things I like the least, which is why they're still on the shelf! You may not be able to do this until your next BBB arrives, but how about planning to have your favorite lunch or dinner entree for lunch on Tuesdays? That way when your office mates begin asking you to order in with them or go out, you have something that you really like already waiting for you in your desk drawer (or whereever you keep your lunch). And I wouldn't be afraid to tell my co-workers that since you are working hard to get healthier, for now you prefer not to order food or go out to eat except perhaps for a very special occasion. I'm sure they wouldn't deliberately sabotage your efforts, but maybe they need to know that you are serious about losing weight and that they can help you achieve your goals by not tempting you...

Comment #48

I think I will try saving my favorite meal for tuesday. That is a Fantastic Idea. My biggest problem wtih gaining weight has been will power. I deffinitely lack it. My co-worker doesn't bring her lunch ever. Not once in the 8 months I have been here.

My last ten pounds which only took 3 months to gain was from when I began my job here and started ordering lunch with her. She says she is supportive but everyday it comes down to her asking me to order something over and over all morning long until lunch time. (by which time I tend to give in).

At least since I have started this program I have began tyring to only get salads or an order of veggies but you can't help but slip and get pizza or a cheese burger every once in awhile..

Comment #49

Boy you guys were busy yesterday! Posting up a storm. I got all caught up in work and then had to race out of here to get Mehdi to the vet and then get to my birthday dinner with a friend..

HI! to everyone new..

Congrats! to everyone who met their goal for the last challenge..

Good try! to everyone who didn't make it but was in there fighting..

We're all going to have a VERY successful 10 weeks, I just know it...

Comment #50

I know - isn't that annoying? But I think people just think they need to say something encouraging and that's what they come up with...

Comment #51

Did anyone see Kirstie Alley Monday night. For a large size person she didn't do bad at all. I actually spent a few moments watching her instead of Maks. (But just a few - I could watch Maks for hours)...

Comment #52

I have never done measurements. I have heard that too - about making sure you do measurements because weight doesn't always show the full picutre. When it comest o measurements my pants are what I use. Do I fit in them, can I wear the next size smaller...

Comment #53

The box arrived!! Yeah, now onto ordering the rest of my groceries..

Do many of you take measurements? How often do you weigh yourself?..

Comment #54

I weigh myself every week. Some people weigh themselves more often but only have one official Weigh In (OWI) once a week..

Have you done any preliminary grocery shopping? Deffinitely take a look thru the book book they give you so you can see what things you can...

Comment #55

I weigh every day and that works for me. Some people find it better to weigh once a week. I think you have to figure out what works best for you..

As for the measurements I didn't take them in the beginning, but now I wish I had. I think I had been on the program for a couple of months before I took measurements, so I had already lost some by then. I know it may sound like a bit of a copout when people tell you to check the measurements, but for me it is motivating to realize that my body is shrinking even when the scale isn't dropping. Also, when people are exercising and building muscle the scale may temporarily stall, but since muscle is more compact than fat, the inches may be less. So that is why sometimes the scale may not show a drop, but you may still lose inches. Since I started measuring, I've lost a combined 14 inches from my bust, waist, and hips, and I've gone from a size 14 to an 8. I've only lost 24 pounds, but the difference in inches and size is just as motivating for me as the pounds lost...

Comment #56

Welcome! I don't do measurements (just can't be bothered). I am a once a week weigher. I changed to Monday some years back for a challenge and swore I'd never change again. I couldn't deal with daily fluctuations. I know me!..

Comment #57

I'm almost out of salad dressing packets. My order better get here soon! I simply can't be trusted with an entire bottle of salad dressing..

Edited to add the tracking number says it should be here tomorrow so I should be okay! YEAH!..

Comment #58


, if you are going to eat Chili, the usual size when ordering out is usally high caloried. Eating it plus the lunch bar will be too many calories for lunch. It is one or the other and if you can't say "no" to the co-worker, then have the chili. I live on a lunch bar when I go to work and pack a snack of fruit and protein for the morning and also the afternoon. The veggies wait until I come home and then I'm 'veggie'd' out all in one meal. I only have 30 minutes for lunch, which includes time to go to the bathroom, etc; therefore, I use a meal bar for lunch..

Those Pure Protein bars from Walmart, etc. are good meal substitutes if you are running out of lunches. They have 20 grams of protein and fill you up....more than chili. The chili will not have the protein you need...

Comment #59

90 minutes of exercise total today; three 30 minute sessions with Leslie and the weights. Chatted with the friend who is going with me on the trip. She lives in a different area and I will be picking her up, so we needed to fine tune arrangements...

Comment #60

90 min exercising is great. oh, and maryanne, I wish I knew you liked to watch Max, about 6 months ago I gave a dancing with the starts exercise tape with Max in it to a 27yr old who wanted to exercise. I bought it at Walmarts, and Jean, I am going to look for pure protein bars at walmarts. and to the eating at lunch with the girls, I always give my stock answer, "if I eat anymore I will puke" it may gross out people but they always shut up about sucking down food with Just tell her you had a HUGE breakfast (lie, but so what) and you can't eat anything or you will .......haha...And the inch thing, I didn't take any at first, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the body re-shaping without liposuction. Ann, I think I would just shiver myself thin in Alaska... love you all Eileen..

Comment #61

Oh..and the benefits of the walking club...well, i'm freezing my husband and my membership over the summer at the YMCA, and it kind of gives me a support group with the walking. I called a friend to get a walk group on Sat mornings at the Saratoga Park near here but she has MS so bad idea, with the heat. Also, if I didn't get the AARP membership rate with the Leslie Sansone club, wouldn't have joined. I got a calander with the miles to do every day and that gives me some goals Seeing your post helped me get out of my stupor and I did the walk the other night. I guess it's Group Therapy for my fat bod and not my fat head. lol..

Comment #62

I work alone in my office, so can do what I want about lunch. I have a very small refrigerator there, so I pile it high (on top) with the lunch cups that I do NOT microwave. I have a coffee maker I make hot water in (do not drink coffee) and pour that into a cup for lunch. Thursday and Fridays I leave work about 1pm, so those days I grab a lunch bar - my favorite is Trail Mix Bar. I make 5 salads for the week in those little pint containers with a screw on cap. I have one between 11am and noon, then lunch about an hour later.

If I want a muffin that needs a microwave, I eat that at home, but have a supply of breakfast bars for when I forget to eat breakfast (which happens often as I am rushing out the door). My favorite is the Harvest Nut Bar..

At one time I had a friend who I went to lunch with once a week (she moved away).

But she wanted to lose weight too, so we always chose a restaurant that had salads and things on plan. Maybe you need better friends? If by chance we went to a restaurant (we liked to try out new ones) that turned out to have only bad choices, I had aNutrisystembar in my purse and if they had a side salad I might get that without dressing. If I ever do get dressing, I order it on the side and play a game with myself to see how little I can stand to put on the salad and still enjoy it!..

Comment #63

Good morning, everyone! It is Thursday and a 12 hour work day awaits. Spring break is next week, and I will also be working tomorrow...the last day before the break. I don't know who is more eagerthe students or me. Whatever, tomorrow will be a challenge!.

I loved today's Daily Dose and am including for emphasis a quote from it:.

I thought the mentioning of Memorial Day might help put this challenge into more of a focus and what is possible. I'm still up two pounds this week; it has to be fluid retention but it is still two pounds up. I spend much of my time getting rid of gains that occur...and for most, I can never find the reason...

Comment #64

Oh it's only Thursday. I was hoping I would wake up this morning and it would be Friday. I am so ready for the weekend. I don't have big plans or anything I really just want to give my house a good scrubbing. I keep putting it off at night saying I will just do a big house cleaning this weekend..

I have gotten up early every morning this week but have not gotten out of bed to workout. Maybe next week will be my week! I have worked out twice. My feet were hurting a little yesterday so I decided to hold off on working out. I hope to make it to the gym tonight. I really would like to find a class I really enjoy. I think that would help me get my butt to the gym more often..

Well work awaits me - Have a wonderful Thursday..

Comment #65

I am surprised Chili wouldnt have the protein I need since it is a meat dish..

Comment #66

How about packing your snacks and lunch every day and just saying "sorry, I brought my food, I've decided I need to cut back so I can save up for _____ (insert cool goal here)".

Before I started working at home I packed a cooler every day. It sat next to my desk and I ate all my food out of it. Kept salad dressing packets in my desk drawers. If someone wanted to order out, I'd just point at the cooler..

But in the long run it sort of boils down to "just say no"...

Comment #67

What red blooded woman wouldn't like to watch Maks? LOL! I haven't heard if his Bachelor stint is over. If it is, I wonder if he proposed. I'll have to do some googling...

Comment #68

I know where there's another house in dire need of scrubbing if you need exercise! Just kidding!.

I'm decluttering. I like doing that because it lasts a little while. HATE cleaning because in a house with a husband and 10 cats it doesn't last 5 minutes...

Comment #69

Yep, my laser focus is now on Memorial Day which is sort of cool because overall I think it's sort of a lame excuse for a holiday. LOL!..

Comment #70

I am BAD at saying "NO" in general. Then you add in asking me about yummy delicious food and well I have even more trouble saying No. I do have a cooler and I deffinitely think it helps when I have all my food!..

Comment #71

Learning to say "no" is sort of an art. Like anything else it takes practice. Congratulate yourself when you do. Just learn from the instances when you don't...

Comment #72

I got an email that my order should be here tomorrow. So hopefully my salad dressing packets will be here in the nick of time (I think I am down to the last 3 or 4 and I always order a TON so I guess it's been awhile)...

Comment #73

I know why Memorial Day was started, but it evolved into an event where many remember those who have died. It used to be a big event where all the family would gather at the cemetaries, decorate the graves and then have a big picnic later. Now that nearly everyone has died, I do token decorations and return home...

Comment #74

When I was in high school, I played in the band. We did FOUR Memorial Day programs every year at 4 cemeteries in the 4 small towns that sent children to the same high school. In the sun, in the heat, in full uniform. Four recitations by children of the Gettysburg Address. Four speeches by local "dignitaries" (we're talking towns with like 500 total people). Four invocations by local preachers.

Really really awful day...

Comment #75

Maryanne, I think I saw where the woman that used to be on Cheers, was dancing with him..I thought Max was a little swishy... Kirsty Allie...i like to follow her saga of weight loss. she is such a pretty girl, but she's got some issues...but she's out there...trying to heal...oh me, oh my, it's 7pm, and time to cut of my food intake, this is the worst time for me...i'm going to heat up a cup of cinnammon apple tea, and put on leslie sansones dvd for 2 miles....ugh.....

Comment #76

I also was in high school band and had to wear full uniform in horrible temps at times...but never for Memorial Day. I can't imagine that! The big thing...other than the cemetary scheduling high school graduation that weekend to make travel more easy. We don't have any type of ceremonies now. 4th of July? Quiet as can be! We used to have fireworks when I was young..

We have temps in the upper 20s now. So much for Spring. I did get my exercise out of the way but limited it to 60 minutes as I'm tired from work today...

Comment #77

Oh, I have to do a lot of self-talking when it come to exercise. I wasn't feeling well last night so I skipped her yesterday evening. I did a lot of walking at work and when I got home after 6:30pm and fixed dinner, I skipped her and went to bed. As a result, I was up bright and early at 4am....but I'm debating if I should do a session this morning before going to work..

I'm thinking about this issue of "Just Say No." If it were that easy, we wouldn't have people on drugs. If it were that easy, then we wouldn't have people reaching for the wrong types of foods. There is something in them that satisfies people. A celery stick doesn't provide the "emotional" comfort that ice cream does. Food is a dangerous drug; the right kind of food is good for you but the wrong types can harm us..

We can't say "no" to food; we have to eat to survive. Making choices is not only a rational, intellectual decision, it is an emotional decision...and some foods meet an emotional need better than others based upon our experiences. It is very difficult to change years of thinking. They say it takes three weeks to form a new habit. If that is true, I wasn't part of the study. A habit means that you do something without having to really think about it..

I've been doing this exercise thing for over a monthincreasing it in hopes it would pay off. I still have to talk myself into doing it. I still have to talk myself into right choices...and sometimes I fail. The important thing is to see progress..

Decisions: it is 5:03am; do I do a half hour of Leslie or do I watch a gold show on QVC or the news and drink my coffee? I know I have the time but I'm not into exercising at 5am...

Comment #78

Kirstie is pretty big right now but she actually did a halfway decent job with the cha cha. The gal has some rhythm!..

Comment #79

No fireworks? We still have them here. Sometimes I can actually see them out of my bedroom window...

Comment #80

Jean - I am not sure if you ended up doing any exercise this morning or not. I was determined I was going to wake up and actually go to the gym this morning. I even slept in my workout clothes so I could just hop out of bed. (It didn't happen) I was absolutely exhausted and actually slept in. (OOPS) But I do have my things packed for the gym tonight. I went last night and did the bike and walked and my feet are killing me today.

I have never heard that a new habit take three weeks to form. I can see that as being true and also totally false. I have actually stopped drinking soda and I will have to say that took me a few weeks to get use to. But just like you I am not sure I will ever not dread working out. Even once I get to the gym it can be a battle to just pack up and leave (and I only do about 30 min).

So I am super happy today! I am wearing jeans I have not worn in a long time. The only bad part was they were my fat jeans that I no longer fit in because I had gotten even bigger. But I have to say I deffinitely met last challenge because my goal was to fit in my clothes better! The last two months have honestly been ruff but little things like this just put a big smile on my face..

Comment #81

CJ congrats on fitting into those jeans! Pretty soon, they'll be loose on you, and you'll be looking for the next smaller size. And congrats on getting to the gym last night, too. I always hated the bikes they were my last resort at the gym if every other pieceof equipment was occupied. I didn't mind the recumbent bikes as much, but I can't do more than 15 minutes on any of them without my butt going numb. I know you're limited by your issues with your feet, so I feel for you. It's hard enough to exercise when you don't really like it, but it's especially hard when you have limited options for what you're able to do..

I haven't had a good week for exercise too many things interfering with my exercise time. Next week isn't looking much better, either. I'll try to fit it in when I can, I guess...

Comment #82

Heh, one step at a time, way to go!!!!!..

Comment #83

The cardiologist was very pleased with Mehdi today. So he got a good report from the regular vet and a good report from the cardilogist. Good news all around!..

Comment #84


Congrats upon getting into that smaller pair of jeans! I think it is motivating to see the numbers on the scale go down, but what must be more motivating is getting into a smaller size. Congrats upon meeting your challenge goal..


Great news on the reports from both the vet and the cardiologist. No doubt part of the good news is a result of your care..


I loved the recumbant bike when I had to use it for part of my knee therapy. I wouldn't mind having one but a good one isn't something I want to invest money in when I might tire of it. You'll get back into the exercise routine..

I wasn't feeling well today, so I decided not to overdo myself with exercise today... or in my walking at work. I normally have been using my planning period whenever possible to walk. Today, I rested and relaxed. It seems odd being home this early in the evening, since the evening program doesn't operate on Friday evening...

Comment #85

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