Where can I find the Nutrisystem Points calculator online?

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Got a question... Where can I find the Nutrisystem Points calculator online? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... Good Morning My Lovely Family.

Its a Great Day to be Alive for sure .... Monday or not! I had a pretty good weekend what about you?.

Zumba class has a week vacation so I have to push myself this week to do it from home with the DVD's sooooooooooooooooooo ... I want to get in atleast 3 workouts so that is my challenge this week .....


We all can do it. So tell me what you want to challenge yourself to reach this week .... and we'll track it Monday - Sunday to get your challenge done!.

So Aerial - 3 workouts - 0 Completed.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Alie - balmy -3 huh?.

It's coooooolllllddddd!.

I did not call the trainer. I will. I will join the challenge for 2 times this week, my back and stomach muscles are still screaming, but I can do other stuff...

Comment #2

Get some icy hot. Or take a bath in epsom salt. Or get some of those warming pad thingys. I hope you start feeling normal soon..

Oh, and I said beautiful, not balmy. lol I told my sister I felt like I was in that movie The Day After Tomorrow when all of the wind stopped right before everything froze over. For a split second I was afraid..

Time for me to go. Good morning to all! Have a great day!..

Comment #3

Hey woman.

Happy monday and thanks for getting in on the challenge! I think Im gonna go for w/th/sat .... for my workouts doing it from home will be such a change LOL ... the dinner was fabulous for those that ate it.

Hubby however didnt get home till WAY mega late.

Oh well and the cake was so super moist it fell apart.

Gmorning and good for you ...! we will put you down for your challenge WOOT WOOT ....

Oh man Icy hot like to burn my skin rite off lol ... Im sucha woose!.

I have a small headache today hoping some morning coffee helps that I went to bed pretty early just exhausted! I hate having my sleep all jacked like that but oh well..

So our challenges are shaping up (no pun intended and looking like this).

Aerie - 3 workouts - 0 completed.

Alie - 3 workouts - 0 completed.

Kama - 2 workouts - 0 completed.

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu cannnnnnnnnnnnn dewwwwwwwwwwww eeeet!..

Comment #4

Hey kids... Happy Monday!.

No challenge for me this week, my back is all jacked up again!.

It's my fault, I threw BP (batting practice) to Tyson yesterday, about 200 pitches. Of course I tried to throw heat most of the time, forgetting that I'm 41 and had several back surgeries! Anyway, felt fine yesterday... woke up this morning and I can barely move; I'm all hunched over like Quassimoto..

On the bright side, his hitting has really improved!!!.

Dad came into town yesterday afternoon on his way to Atlanta, spent some time with his grandkids then we all went to Outback for dinner... was a good day!.

Alrighty then, I'm off in search of some Icy-Hot back pads and some pain medication! G'day mates!.

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..

Mikey out...

Comment #5

What we gonna do with you? sorry your back is hurting again.

I hope it gets to feeling better soon dont they have BP cages that do automatic pitches? hmmm you better slow it down mister! I'm gonna hafta pick up the zonie lynch mob to come wack ya down!..

Comment #6

Arent we a mess mikeys back, my head, kama's tummy ... lol. I gotta find some tylenol STAT!..

Comment #7

I got some stuff waaaayyyyyy better than Tylenol!.

(I'm in the spirit world...)..

Comment #8

LMAO Im sure you do.

You are so gonna get it mister! lol..

Comment #9

I thought it was cuz I didnt get my coffee fix till 8am but now Ive had 2 cups and apparently it wasnt the caffine I needed.

Yucky chili for lunch today looks like cream of brocoliNutrisystemsoup for me and a salad.

Yeah for having a drawer packed full o stuff .... and I had an excellent bowl of cream of wheat for breakfast warmed muh belly all up and got a naner for bout 10am.

Filled my water jug .... BRING ON THE DAY..

Comment #10

Nice... I got some leftovers from Outback for lunch. Mmmmmm... G'day mates!.

Feeling no pain here today! Already drank 2 bottles of H20!..

Comment #11

Morning zonies!.

Fantastic game last night! Woo hoo! ( ok, I'm flying a little on opiates).

I just had prep and am about to get more blood before this afternoons colonoscopy. The only thing getting me thru is that they PROMISE I get real food tonite! I sure hope that is true. My plans seem to change with every blood test..

All they know is I lose blood daily. My guess is ulcers based on family history..

So that's my day...

Comment #12

Good Morning everyone!! I have to admit.....I did absolutely horrible this weekend!!.

I'm going to blame it on my friends that love to party.

I ALWAYS seem to blow it on the weekends!!! Then hate myself on Monday! Well anyways.....Full speed ahead today!! I am going to challenge myself with 5 days of exercise this week. Since my broken foot is on the "mend" I don't push myself so need to exercise more often. Hope everyone has a great day!.


5 days exercise.

0 completed..

Comment #13

Best wishes to you! They may take your blood, but they'll never take your spirit!!!!.

(or as William Wallace said, "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!!!).

Get well soon!!!..

Comment #14

Nah, I just play and have fun!!! Any good drugs?..

Comment #15

Good Morning Zone Friends...its a blistery cold morning in the D...I cant wait for spring!!!.

How is everyone this morning? Im well...had a nice relaxing weekend before heading back into the office to a desk full of work...but I'm determined it's going to be a great week!.

Hope everyone else is off to a grand start!..

Comment #16

The opiate has helped the never ending headache. I still have it but it's bearable. The Tylenol I had for 2 days wasn't working. That's why I take Advil but no more Advil for me...

Comment #17

Good morning ZONE!.

Annie - I sure hope they get to the bottom of your 'leak' soon so you can eat!.

Feel better and get all fixed so you can blow that popsicle stand and go home!.

It's no wonder Mikey loves this thread; the women here are fabo and outnumber the men in large quantities!!!!!.

But you better take care of the back if you wanna do a woman good.

I'm in for 3 days of exercise too! Don't know when or how, but I'll get 'r done..

And of course Kama's trainer called how else is she gonna get paid!!!.

Saw a little bit of the shoe The Doctors this morning. They were talking about the benefits of orgasms and self-pleasuring.

Doctors orders!..

Comment #18

Ssssshhhhhhhh... don't tell anyone, I want to keep all these hotties for myself!.

Keep it a secret!!..

Comment #19

Hello Zoners. I am kinda bummed today but I am sure I will get over it soon...

Comment #20

Im working on the wah wah .. gonna try n push it down ... sons coming for lunch so that makes me happy.

Aww sweetness them ulcers are the worst I hope they find the cause and getchu all better! real food ... whatcha gonna have?.

Oooo good for you.

Have you tried a spin class or elipitical for your foot? those might be good till it's totally mended! I think alot of us struggle on the weekends I did a smidge of drinking myself RUM.

Shame on my but it was hubbys bday.

What you gonna do rite? lol we'll get you down on your workouts... nice goal.

Hey Tonya.

Hows your morning going. I have so much to do today as well goodness how did all these papers get on my desk.

I took work home for the weekend and blew it all off LOL ...could be why I got so much to do today.

Well now that IS good news heh .... g'morn dana! whatcha doin today?..

Comment #21

Mornin Aeri! It never ceases to amaze me how my desk is clean and my email inbox is empty on Friday before I leave...and then on Monday...everything is full again!!! It must be those mean ole work fairies!.

Hey...I want to get in on this challenge....put me down for 4 workouts this week!..

Comment #22

Sorry about the results yesterday, Rick. Does that mean you'll be rootin' for the Pack or will you be loyal to your conference?.

Study, study, study! Lots of schoolwork/homework - my fulltime job these days. I think Alie asked earlier what I was studying and I forgot to answer her; I' tryin' to go back to school to get a Bachelor's in Business (and sheeesh- at 48yrs old, that ain't necessarily easy). This semester I am taking 5 classes: Intermediate (Financial) Accounting, Business Information Systems, Legal Environment of Business, Financial Analysis & Markets, and Human Behavior in Organizations. It is giving me a headache!.

I thought fairies were supposed to be nice! Full inboxes doesn't sound nice!.

Great job on the 4 workoouts! I like ambitious goals!..

Comment #23

Hey aeri...has Linda Lou been by lately....Ive thought about her a couple of times this week......

Comment #24


Those fairies should get fired.

... and you got it! still doing zumba?.

Oh my that is alot of studying holy smokes but good for you!.

She was in last week some ... shes still computer-less..

Comment #25

T-minus 2 hours and 20 minutes until I go home (I'm not counting or anything!).


Comment #26

You getting out early ? .

That lunch gonna give me heartburn !.

I went ahead and had some chili ugh.

It was so spicy..

Comment #27

Yeah, leaving a little early today.... gonna go home and lay down..

My back is on fire; feels like someone took a baseball bat to it!..

Comment #28

Dana it basically means I don't care who wins. But I will be rooting like crazy for my numbers to come in on the Box Pools..

Comment #29

Donkey Avitars in BYOB for our favorite Donkey. Mine is for Our favorite Beer Drinking Donkey..

Comment #30

D - I paid for the training sessions in advance. My trainer got promoted, and was going to pass me off onto someone else until I had a fit. She promised to do the 10 sessions I ordered..

Sending Hugs to Rick!.

Ok back to work, grumble grumble...

Comment #31

Awww poor you !!! rest up ! muah ... mommies have magic kisses.

Work is such a dirty 4 letter word.

Who doesnt love a good ass? heh .....

Comment #32


: oooo good for you have you tried a spin class or elipitical for your foot? those might be good till it's totally mended! I think alot of us struggle on the weekends I did a smidge of drinking myself RUM shame on my but it was hubbys bday what you gonna do rite? lol we'll get you down on your workouts... nice goal.

Yeah...that's the two workouts I did last week. I have a home gym...So, I really have NO EXCUSE!! Need to get my butt moving!..

Comment #33

Ima go take muh boogie nose home and lay down ... see you fine peeps from there!..

Comment #34

Well....I just completed 3 miles on treadmill, crunches, push-ups & arm work. I am feelin fine. 1 day down 4 to go!.


Day one of exercise completed..

Comment #35

I'm back did you miss me?.

Let me tell you, Did I screw my schedule up. Tuesday night into Wed I have 36hours of work scheduled in a 40 hour period. I think I need a secretary to keep my schedule straight..

I will be back, probably after you all have gone to bed, but I will catch you up on my weekend...

Comment #36

Hey timmy good to see you ... I cant keep up with your schedule!..

Comment #37


Let me tell you what I learned in my medic refresher this weekend. Teenager, who want to have a high in school, are now soaking tampons in there favorite alcoholic product, and then shoving them up there butt, so that the alcholo gets absorbed into there blood stream. This way they can be drunk at school with out having alcohol on their breath. I understand they are also taken pain patches and placing them over the anus, so that pain meds get absobed into their blood streams. Who thought this crap up?.


Comment #38

That stinks! I have treadmill, bowflex treadclimber, spin bike, and elliptical! I just need to use them!! I am usually a very active person (as you can see by all the workout stuff I have!) I just need to get my groove back.....I think you guys here can really help!.


Comment #39

Holy smokes that is just so wrong wow wow wow ....thats as bad as the choking game too kids die from that.


Someday when my kids are gone n moved out the downstairs will be my workout room.

I have a generic bowflex that is my sons but he dont want anymore and I wont let him give it away lol and then I have an ab thingy you sit in it and it rocks back n forth n stuff and I want an elipitcal ... we will keep you motivated!.

Hows the donkey tonite..

Comment #40

Can you believe I got bored and went on treadmill for another 3 miles tonight! Think it was cause I wanted to watch another episode of True Blood though. Who cares though....I did 6 miles today!! Have a good night all!.


Comment #41

Was he appreciative though? Cause that's what matters..

The icy hot patches aren't so bad. Ask Mikey. lol.

Woot! on the challenges!.

HI Linda! Hows you this morning?.

Glad to hear he's getting better, but not at the expense of you getting worse..

Nice quote! Feel better!.

Hiya Annie! Did they let you eat last night? I sure hope so! If not, let us know and we'll sneak ya in something..

Now did you suggest this to them? Cause ya know, they don't always think of this stuff..

Don't look back, just look forward. Haha! Always blame the friends! Just not us lol.

Hey T! It will be a great week!.

Hello Dana! I think we are down to 3 men now. Apparently only the strongest survive..

Git R Done!.

Lmao @ Doctors orders.

Anything I can do to help?.

No you didn't answer. lol But wow! Good for you! That's awesome. How many semesters are you in/left?.

Glad she's sticking with you Kama! How's everything else?.

I'm with you on that!.

You go girl!.

Smh Timmy, Timmy, Timmy.... when will you learn? You are supposed to schedule yourself the MOST time off, not the least!.

No F*^#ing way! WTF is wrong with these kids???.

Elliptical, BBJ, Wii Fit, DVDs, weights, ball.... Uhuh... And I'm gonna get a treadmill soon..

Good for you girl! keep it up!..

Comment #42

Im not doing zumba right now...ive been running mostly. I decided to follow a half marathon training 3 weeks in....its 12 weeks total. After I finish that...I will incorporate zumba back in...cause I luv it! Are you still going to the classes?.

I hope Linda Lou pops back in soon....i miss her!!!!..

Comment #43

Hey Ya'all.

Ok what dufus ordered more ice and snow?.

Fess up now and you will not get detention..

Thank goodness I took son's car. Did our town plow? Of course not! School was delayed, why plow for the others that use the roads?.

Breathe, just breathe!.

Tim - WTH? Well kids, they will find a way to do anything and try not to get caught. I know, I was one once..

But, I never did anything that drastic!!!.

Ok peeps stay warm, and stay off the roads! I hear tomorrow brings a big storm, yup I'm bringing home my laptop..

Peace out!..

Comment #44

Holy smokes look at you go girl you want me to count that as 2 workouts down? and YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH another true blood fan?!?! omfg I cant wait for the next season! Im so way hooked on that show it's unreal lol.

Morning tonya.

Yeah it's time for some challenges course I pick a week that I'm home sick and feeling like I'm dieing! but I will struggle thru just NOT today and get them done I took today off to sit home and sleep all day I woke up this morning with so much pain in my head it even made my jaw hurt. unreal!.

Zumba is taking a week vacation and starts 8weeks again on jan 31 m/w/th 3x's a week and I havent missed a class one since starting. each new 8weeks she does new songs and new dances so it's been very fun nice job on the running training good for you.

Drive safe whatever you do! good thing bout here is they are SO good with keeping the roads clear! but soon as you leave this county ... forget it.

It wasnt me that ordered it I promise! I'm bout done w/winter..

Comment #45

So I'm home today I'll check in again when I wake back up! atty is going to call today at 10 to discuss settlement.

That is great news ......

Comment #46

Good Morning folks... sorry I'm tardy, had to stop by the liquor store for some tequilla and Walgreen's for some tampons. I'm sitting at my desk wasted, but my butt feels a little funny..

So, good news... back is mucho grande better today! Amazing what some rest, Icy-Hot and narcotics will do for you!.

Kama, sorry about the snow and ice... it must suck..

Alie, do you ever slow down woman? S-L-O-W... it's more fun that way!.

Tim, welcome back brother... good to have some more testosterone in here!.

Tonya, way to go on the 1/2 marathon! I once decided I was gonna run a 15K (9.3 miles), after mile 6 I came to my senses, wondered why I decided to do something so stupid and promply quit. It was a good decision..

Donkey, get better soon!!! We miss you!.

April, so we have another True Blood freak here, huh? Did I mention that I'm 1/2 viking and 1/2 vampire? It's true, you can ask Aeri!.

Aeri, I hope your settlement talks go well today! $$$ Cha-Ching!!! You home all day?.

Alrighty folks, I'm a little behind the 8-ball this morning... need to catch up here at work. I'll try to check back later. Have a terrific Tuesday people!.

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place..

Mikey out...

Comment #47

Morning Mikey...I dont know if I'm actually going to run the half marathon.

...I just know that running is good exercise and I enjoy it. Now that I have an actual plan to follow...I find that I will run more often. We will have to see if I actually run the marathon when Im done with the training...LOL..

Comment #48


:holy smokes look at you go girl you want me to count that as 2 workouts down? and YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH another true blood fan?!?! omfg I cant wait for the next season! Im so way hooked on that show it's unreal.

Good Morning....No, just count it as one. I'm going to do spinning today. me some True Blood!! I bought seasons one and two and watch them when I'm on the treadmill!! Luv it.


:April, so we have another True Blood freak here, huh? Did I mention that I'm 1/2 viking and 1/2 vampire? It's true, you can ask Aeri!.

Yes, another True Blood fan. you have fangs??..

Comment #49

Hi zonies!.

All my tests are done. Now I wait. I sure hope they find the source of the bleeding and can treat it without surgery..

All I know is that it wasn't anything easy like a stomach or intestinal ulcer. I've had burning pain near my tailbone so I keep wondering if it's related..

Comment #50

Just completed day two of exercise!.

Burned 458 calories spinning! Also did ab work, leg work and squats! Sometimes it's hard to start exercising, but after you are feel like a million bucks! Great stress reliever.


Day one of exercise completed: Treadmill 6 miles, abs, arms & push ups.

Day two of exercise completed: Spinning 10 miles, abs, legs & squats..

Comment #51

Lol at you stoppin at walgreens you freek! I just woke up from my very long nap my head still hurting nose still stuffed blah! that bout sums it up.

Well awesome job on your workouts ... does wiping your nose count as workouts cuz IF it does man ive burned some serious cals today ... sheesh my nose looks like rudolph .... we have a few TB fans in here always glad to meet another.

Goodness annie .. we are still praying for you gf and so glad you are able to check in w/us we need our donkey back!.

WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!..

Comment #52

Good Morning, yes this is my morning for 2 more weeks..

Donkey, sure hope they get to the bottom of your problems..

I got up this afternoon and rode my stationary bike for 20 min. I reserved rooms for this weekend, this time I paid a extra $10/night, to have a exercise room. I really wanted to work out last weekend, but shoot, the motel I was in was soooold it did not even offer a cold breakfest, but they did provide a FREE newspaper..

I will try to check back in later,.



Mike how did that tequila work out..

Comment #53

Good job timmy ... how many workouts you want to get in !!!..

Comment #54

Ok so I spent most the day on the couch sleeping coughing and sneezing good lawd. Doug brought me over box of kleenex cuz ive gone thru a whole roll of tp and my nose is screaming.

Well I didnt know they put vick in tissues.

Omfg set my lil nose on FIRE!!!!!!! lololol hoping the sudefed kicks in pretty soon adn I can least make the meeting tomorrow..

Comment #55

I want 3 to 4 a week. so lets say 4. I will not make it this week, but My schedule slows down a tad next week...

Comment #56

Lets see Dr Mom always says, Chicken noodle soup, stay away from the dairy, and lots of sleep..

Hope you feel better soon.


Comment #57

I had soup dr mom.

Thanks for caring ... and I'm sleeping all day ... and soon to go bck to bed again..

Comment #58

Another 3 miles on treadmill tonight.

That True Blood got me again.

Have a good night everyone!.


Comment #59

Wow wow girl ... you are rocking the workout! it's taking all the energy I have to just sit up rite and type today lol but hopefully Im on the mend and the worst of it is over my poor nose cant take much more! nice job!..

Comment #60

Aerial, all you have to do is quit blowing your nose.....ok I know not funny. I hate when you get to that point where you do not want to blow your nose, but you got to to be able to breath...

Comment #61

Thanks for the props!.

I hope you wake up a new person! I have been having a ton of allergies! One day it's warm and the next day it's cold here in California. My poor body doesn't know what to do.

Get lot's of rest!!.


Good night Tim..

Comment #62

Good Morning zonies!.

I'm work early to leave early to hopefully avoid the messiest commute tonight..

There is no traffic at 5:30. Ah but there was some ice. No problems here though..

April I too am a True Blood fan. Can't wait for the new season..

Stay warm my friends!..

Comment #63

Good morning everyone!.

I see most of you are doing pretty darn good with your workouts..


Annie, I sure hope they help you. I can't imaging the pain you are going through on top of the poking and prodding at you..

Wish I could help you feel better!.

No Mikey, I can't slow down. And I have even less of a chance of that happening now. I'm losing my health benefits because it was income based and of course, since I live in Taxachusetts we HAVE to have health insurance..

So now I have to pay more than I can afford to have some. Which is F'n ridiculous! But anyhow......

DH got fired Monday morning because his boss is ... you know, there's not even a word in the English language that describes him..

He was sick of DH getting injured on the job so that he had to pay workman's Comp or whatever BS so he decided that he would let his best mechanic of 15 years go instead. And No, 5 attorneys said he can't prove it in court even though it is more than coincidental that he got fired the day he came back from being released from doctors orders. uhuh. That's right. We can sue for spilling hot coffee on ourselves while driving, but we can't sue an employer for wrongful termination. Oh and the excuse the boss gave him was that he didn't like his attitude.

I don't like his attitude half the time but that doens't mean I'm going to fire him when he makes the man thousands upon thousands of dollars per week! It's because of DH that this man has a place in FL, VT, a big house here, takes multiple vacations a year, has a bunch of cars, etc. F that! This man is going down. I don't know how but it's on!.

On another note....

I have to get super pretty today because I am meeting our VP at work today. Oh... and tomorrow I'll post the pic I took while driving to work yesterday and getting stuck in a "3 mile delay" that was more like 15 miles and took me 2 hours to get to work..

Lol It brings back memories..

I miss you all and I'll chat with you soon! For those of you not well... I hope you feel better real soon. For those stuck in New England or the Great Lakes areas, I hope you stay warm and have save travels. For everyone else, have a great day!!!!!..

Comment #64

Morning All!.

Im really sleepy this mornin! Not sure why... I ran yesterday (workout #1 in the books) 4 miles. That was early though...about 4pm. Dinner was in the oven no slaving over that. Then I helped DS2 with his homework project for about 2 hours...then went to bed around 11 (which is my normal time). When I woke up this morning I was still sleepy..

And now I'm at work...still sleepy! Hope the day goes by fast!.

Alie...sorry that your DH got fired...thats sounds like a bunch of bulls*%t! I say go after him...if it's not documented that he has been warned about his "attitude" then how can he use that as a reason for termination. Dont you have to go thru the verbal warning, the write up, and then termination? Thats the way I was always taught it should go!.

Go get em Girlfriend!!!!..

Comment #65

WOW... sorry about Chris' job Alie, that really really really sucks..

You just let me know when that sorry SOB takes a trip to his Florida home; me and a couple of buddies will make sure that bas-tard comes home with a permanent limp and a few less teeth in his mouth..

Seriously... I got some shady friends!.

On a brighter note... happy Humpday. Since Roberto has left the building, I am appointing myself the new king of Humpday (that is unless someone wants the throne!).

Feeling like a million bucks today! had some severe weather yesterday; rain in buckets, wind, tornados, lightning..

I rode it out like a champ, I went to sleep at 7:30 last night!.

Today it has cleared and is beautiful outside, so I got rid of the snow avitar and moved onto something a bit warmer!.

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer..

Have a great day my friends, make it count! Mikey out...

Comment #66

Morning Mikey...Glad your back is feeling better today!!!.

Since I was out of the building for awhile.

I must have missed something....wheres robby?..

Comment #67

Ohhhhh, I see... Well, he put out a post last Monday that basically said he is done with the Zone. He had some issues with a few folks, he didn't get into it in detail, just said he was done here. Anyway, we'll miss him...

Comment #68

What's a guy gotta do to be a member of The Zone?.

Good morning everyone!..

Comment #69

You are a funny funny guy timmy pooh *smack*.

You deserve it you are rocking it and that is great. the weather has been like that here too warm cold warm cold it's got my head ready to explode! I ONLY get up today to come in for a meeting and wouldnt you freeking know they call at 10am and cancel cuz ONE is sick.

Typical lol so I am gonna try and play catch up from yesterday and GO HOME early.

Im SO ready for the new season! I just dunno if I like the direction it's moving in.

But we'll see ... I mean whoda thought Bill would turn out a bad dude.

Wow alie I am so sorry to hear bout Chris.

I hope you find there is something you can do and I agree w/tonya I thought they had to give you warnings it obviously looks suspicious to get that the day you come back from a WC situation.

Will put ya'll on the prayer list that you get it all worked out quickly and Chris finds something soon.

Oooo nice job on the workout I will update my tickery thingy.

And gmorning sure glad to have you back.

HOLY HECK would you look at what the cat drug in? hehe ......

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH girlssssssssssssss lookie what I found?.

Hey you.

Im glad you found us and welcome to the ZONE! *turns on the party spiny lights* <throws some streamers>.

I hope you come back lots Im sure the boys will be happy to have some more testosterone in here LMAO ... bless their hearts they put up with us !!!.

How you doing today?..

Comment #70

Aerial, you are amazing! You are very talented in this forum thing..

You are too kind as well. Thank you! I am doing well. It is finals time, so I am spending way too much time at my desk. lol And you?.

I am glad to see guys in here. I need some male friends as well!.

I don't want people to think I am the creepy guy who only adds women. hahaha Hit me up guys and gals. lol..

Comment #71

Im glad to be back aeri...i really missed you guys!..

Comment #72

Ooo so it's kinda like crunch time for you? need some help studying?.

We aim to please yanno.

Hoping you meet the rest of the crew real soon ... this is a fabulous bunch and we really try to encourage each other not only in weight loss but everyday life as well cuz we all know a couple bad days lead to some bad food choices leads to why we are all here in the first place ....

So feel free to introduce yourself and if you need anything dont hesitate ....

Awww *dances round your desk* you were missed as well ... <shoves the other desks outta your office so no one can move back in>..

Comment #73

W'sup Brad...I'm Mike, been hanging around here for about 2 years now. I'm 41 and live down in Florida. This is a fun bunch, really cool people! Good luck with law-school finals, that's gotta be tough. Anyway, nice to meet you...

Comment #74

Hey Mike! Great to meet you! I look forward to chatting with you more. Looks like you have great dedication and strength! Way to go! Thanks for welcoming me to the group!..

Comment #75

Awww see there, you are already becoming family.

Mikey is our superstar and has great knowledge of the program and has lost over 100 pounds on it..

Comment #76

FYI Annie's counts were down this am and she needed another transfusion..

Comment #77

Oh wow shes really making me worry ... god bless her ... boosts up the prayers!..

Comment #78

Good afternoon Zone.

Welcome Brad. Mikey is the New King of HumpDay!!!.

Aeri I hope you are feeling better.

Hello Tonya glad you are back.

Alie I am so sorry to hear about your trilas and tribulations. Hope it all works out soon!!..

Comment #79

Hey Rick, bye Rick... thanks for the update on Annie, keep us posted!..

Comment #80

Welcome to the family.....

Glad to be back Rick! Thx..

Comment #81

Im outta here guys...enjoy the rest of your day!..

Comment #82

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