Where can I find,, online, some nutritional tips, or Dukan Diets, for free?

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First question I have is Where can I find,, online, some nutritional tips, or Dukan Diets, for free? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I need to find some new and different ways to spruce up my salds. If you recommend any dressings, please add where to get them.. I havve had some people recomend things that were good, but I can't find them i.e. walmart etc...

Help! I'm getting so tired of the regular salads.

Elaine from GA..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

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I'm interested too as I'm getting aweful tired of lettuce and fresh spinach is spoiling fast in my fridge!.


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I use a hand chopper and chop cucumber, onions, carrots, cabbage, radishes and make all kinds of wonderful and tasty combos. When you chop them up the night before and let the flavors marry together you can achieve some great salads. I add fat free cheese or Turkey pepperoni sometimes for a heartier salads. I dress it with just a little vinegar. Adding different flavored vinegars can also give you different tastes. Rice Vinegar with cucumbers and onions has an Asian flair while the same cukes and onions with red wine vinegar is Mediterranean..

The different texture of the finely chopped veggies makes all the difference int the world..

Another one to try is finely diced broccoli, cauliflower and onion mixed with FF Ranch Dressing...

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I have onion, a few crasins and a little of ff cheddar cheese, and this ranch vinegarette spray that is 2 cal/spray and I love it everyday!..

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Hi Amanda,.

I just saw your Smoke Free banner while checking out this thread and wanted to say congrats! It's been almost 2 years for was hard but worth it (except for the weight I gained which is why I'm here.


Good luck!..

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Ohh Thank you Hamms.

It has been going pretty well too! Congrats to you!! I can't wait til I can say the same..

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I am getting ready to try and quit AGAIN! I am using Chantix and determined this time. I am just waiting until my daughter gets home from NY. Congrats to you both!..

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Like you, I find that salads get tedious very quickly. I've only been on Dukan Diet since March 1, but I've already had to develop some salad tricks to keep me going. Here's what I've tried so far:.

I make my salads up when I open the bag of salad mix lettuce. I add all the salad ingredients I like (celery, cukes, green onions, raw zucchini, etc.) and store it in a Debbie Meyer Green Bag. Then I can just grab it without any prep work. Then, for dinner, when I need vegetable servings anyway, I can add tomato, carrot, etc. as a change up. Frankly I know myself well enough to know that if the salad isn't "ready to eat" then I will find an excuse to skip it..

For some meals, I don't have a "mixed" salad; I'll have cucumber, celery, and zucchini sticks for dipping in fat free Kraft Ranch dressing. It's a nice alternative..

My best idea so far is dumping the Dukan Diet entree into the salad mix that I already have. This works especially well for those dinner entrees that seem to have extra sauce/gravy, which then works as a replacement for dressing. Last night, for instance, I put my Oriental Steak with Green Peppers and Noodles over salad. It made such a large satisfying amount that I really enjoyed the whole experience, although I might add a bit of low sodium soy sauce to this one next time. My absolute favorite Dukan Diet entree/salad mixture so far as been the Black Beans and Rice lunch entree over salad with a touch of salsa (free food) added. I liked that one so much that I increased the number of BB&R lunches on my next order..

I realize that none of these tricks are exactly earth shakingly original, but as they're helping me to eat the recommended amount of salad, I thought I'd share them..

Diane in Montana..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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