Where can I find GoDaddy printable coupons?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Where can I find GoDaddy printable coupons?.

My next question is: Do you guys think .com's will become obselete and equal to value to .net's, .cc's etc. (i.e. will be equal monetarily to


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Your question was: Where can I find GoDaddy printable coupons?.

OMG, you don't know how much pain you have just brought upon yourself. Some mod please close the thread before Namepros attacks en masse!..

Comment #1

.com won't depreciate.....

Other TLDs (including .NET) will appreciate, rather..

Comment #2

I agree with daniel ... you should not smoke and have your credit card in hand while surfing the net ....... you should put the credit card on file ... it is more convinient .....

Comment #3

I truly believe so. According to my calculations .biz and/or .name will be the new craze...

Comment #4

When they discover a new dinosaur species, then you can register the .com for it. Then the .com will live again.

Yes, I bow down to you o .com, I will make sure you live on, I am not Conan, I am domainer...

Comment #5

If US economy goes like it goes last months ... then YES..

Comment #6

I think dot-com has a good shot of staying on the radar screen, assuming the Internet catches on Com Is King..

Comment #7

Depends how far in the future you look. Eventually there will be no need for TLD's or HostGator names for that matter. It will be the morse code of the 21st century. But in this generation? COM will always be king...

Comment #8

The answer is simple -> no it is a great advice..

Comment #9


Surely this was a prank?.

If James Cagney was serious then the answer is NEVER. Also, you got a lot of research to do. Namepros & DNF the best places..

Comment #10

.Com extinct?.

.Com is existent as long as human beings are existent.

One case is possible:.

.Com could be private collectibles, if there would come crazy new HostGator rules that every one must register his/her own country HostGator extension ONLY, and is not allowed to register other HostGator extensions, for the "international equality and property rejustification" of HostGator names. So, .Com would be dying out in usual activities...

Comment #11

Country code domains have a chance of becoming at least equal to .com in the future for their respective country.

Kids today don't have the recall that .com was first, they just see what's out there now, and in Canada for example they see .ca as much as .com I would bet, or very close.

But on a worldwide basis .com will always have the edge, though other top extensions will continue gaining in popularity IMO - .org .net .info and maybe even .mobi..

Comment #12

Who would have thought "" would become a business google would buy for billions?.

Domains are just going to get weirder...

Comment #13

On one hand, .com has always been the giant, and is continuing to grow.

On the other hand, more and more people are becoming Internet-conscious and are aware of other extensions.

I don't think, however, that .com is going anywhere anytime soon...

Comment #14

.com is Chuck Norris, John Wayne and Bruce Lee combined.

Now go beat that..

Comment #15

I think .com will always be king so long as the internet is still around. And the internet will stay while mankind still inhabits the Earth. So basically, the dawn of the next iceage / big asteroid impact / global warming catastrophe is all we have to worry about. Unless we all move to Mars in a few centuries time, then .mars could well become the new Daddy...

Comment #16

CcTLDs for the most part are a non-starter for numerous reasons - registrants in a particular ccTLD are ultimately at the mercy of the country / nation / territory to whom the ccTLD is assigned.

With that out of the way, .COM will remain dominent ... consider this, 800 prefix toll-free numbers, in North America, are still highly sought even now after 40+ years.

Yes, there is 888 and others like 877, 866, 855 (pending), but 800 is the prefix that most companies want because it's the prefix most people associate with toll-free numbers - likely the prefix they will try first when in doubt ... doesn't that sound familiar.


Comment #17

Side Note:.

Chuck Norris has counted to Infinity.... Twice!..

Comment #18

Oh no... I can see where this thread is going. Closedville...

Comment #19

Only if they resort to a dottv reg fee system..

Comment #20

You've hit the nail on the head. I can see .name being 10 times the price of .com in a few years..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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