Where can I find GoDaddy discounts for 2011?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Where can I find GoDaddy discounts for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: I went to this HostGator name selling GoDaddy site today called I could not believe their INSANE asking prices for the domains they offer for sale. Here is an example:. $3,000,000. $1,500,000. $650,000. $75,000. $6,000,000. $1,500,000. $1,500,000. $2,650,000. $15,000,000.

MicroCasino $1,000,000. $2,000,000. $1,500,000. $10,000,000. $20,000,000.

...and so it goes with these nuts. What do you think??..

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Your question was: Where can I find GoDaddy discounts for 2011?.

Thats a Deal!!!!!.

The beautiful part about market price, is the HostGator is only worth what someone will pay for it... Good luck to the seller.


Comment #1

True.. and this is not as bad as putting them on ebay for millions, which just makes me laugh. I feel sorry for those sellers....

Comment #2 seems like kind of a deal for just $1,500,000.....

Comment #3

Yeah pokerjackpot is highly brandable, maybe $150,00 in the long run...

Comment #4

No harm to put up high price. How much would you ask?..

Comment #5

I agree with the others, there's no harm in asking for a high price...

Comment #6

I also checked e21 dot com and I wonder if any of their HostGator ever sold for such an extravagant price? Does anyone know?..

Comment #7

Some very sweet names there, Looks like most of them are owned by Inter Wires Inc - Ireland.

Including ...... - $ 25,000,000.

The prices may look MAD to us but he sure as hell must be doing something right to get a hold of all them names.


Comment #8

Ahhhhhh, good old economics. Spade knows his stuff. Listen to his advice.


Comment #9

I feel there is harm putting up unrealistic high prices, put up unrealistic asking prices and you portrait yourself as a unrealistic seller..

And a unrealistic seller is waste of time to deal with..

Unrealistic high prices causes to attract less bids, potential interested buyers to interact with you.

Thus decreasing your chances to close a deal.


Comment #10

Yes, I agree there is harm in the sense that people will not respect your opinion and it could harm your reputation for being outrageous. Do you trust someone's opinion who consistently overvalues his/her products and services? They lose credibility and since they will never sell at that price they discourage market growth. To not be in the ballpark makes that person look like a fool and to be honest I don't think any serious business person will contact them. IMHO..

Comment #11

I'm with Damion on this: unrealistic prices drive away potential buyers...

Comment #12 $15,000,000.

- This HostGator is good, but the price is just too much in my opinion!..

Comment #13

Want to see a very expensive

Go to:

(btw a couple of months ago, they were asking half that price, so we all missed out on a bargain!!!)..

Comment #14

This reminds me of the first Apprentice where Sam vainly tried to sell someone a cup of lemonade for $1000(?)...

Comment #15

That is nothing compared to

Comment #16

Fascinating to see the many pages of 3 character names from Buydomains:

Comment #17

Eliminating Low-Ballers: Well, If you set a high price for a domain, you know that you have to go in with a decent offer to even be considered. This will encourage big companies to bid good sums of money which will result in a high sale.

Does that make sense?..

Comment #18

They have some pretty reasonably priced names too, many sell for less than $4,000 every week - They do have some nice names like for sale at just $3,800 Buy Now.

They have some crazzzzy ones too Have'nt we all !.


Comment #19


Mind you sold for $90k, but there was a reason for that. name for ethanol I think. even still..

Comment #20

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