Where can I find an online Nutrisystem point counter? ...other than

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Got a quick question: Where can I find an online Nutrisystem point counter? ...other than Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: This is my first week on Nutrisystem and so far I am getting amazing results. The reason I didn't join earlier is because I ressearched it on the web and found countless websites trashing the food, the cost, the support, and the results. I'm only 5 days in and I've found all of this false. However, God forbid you go on those websites and post something positive. You then are accused of being an employee of Nutrisystem and ridiculed. That's really unfortunate for people out there that need help, but listen to disgruntled customers that obviously did not follow the plan...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Maybe I'm weird, but I haven't eaten anything so far that I thought rated disgust. It's not 5 star, but come on people it's a diet. I just ate pizza last night for dinner, stepped on the scale this morning and lost a pound. I love it!!..

Comment #2

Day 3 for me and so far everything I have had has been great! I know what you mean Megara about the trash talking. I was afraid at first to orderNutrisystembecause of all of the things I was reading about when it came to taste, etc. I am going to have to dig deeper into some nonNutrisystemmeals as I like to cook and I would like to eat what my family eats once in a while!.

BTW, I love your name. One of my favorite Disney movies has Megara in it! Yes, I am a Disney freak..

Comment #3

There was a marketing study many years ago that said that if a person had a negative experience with a company they told an average of 25 other people; if a person had a positive experience with a company, they told an average of (get this) ONE other person. No wonder that negatively rules, huh?.

Defend NutriSystem to the naysayers who generally either 1) work for another company themselves or 2) didn't have the guts/balls/whatever to stick with it and lose their weight? Don't even bother..

Stick to it, enjoy the journey and show off your healthy, fit, THIN body to them..

Yep, that would get them good.....

Comment #4

Lol, I'm a Disney freak too. My mom was obsessed with Greek Mythology and actually named me after Hercules wife. However, Disney mispronounces my name in the movie. It's actually pronounced Meh-Gare-Ah. I'll let it slide, not too many people get to share their name with a Disney Princess...

Comment #5

Oh, don't get me wrong. While losing 105 pounds and now that I've been maintaining for over 3 1/2 years, I, too, tell everyone about NutriSystem. But, I never go out to spamming websites and defend or talk about it (why bother?) and if a person in "real life" starts to say anything negative, I just nod my head, kindly, and say "Even though NutriSystem worked extremely well for me, and I love it, it really isn't for everyone. BUT, I truly believe that there IS a plan for everyone, you just have to find the one that fits you."..

Comment #6


This was a refreshing post!.

I think people tend to forget that it isn't likely they loved all the food their Mom or Dad made for them while growing up. Hopefully they didn't conclude all the food sucked..

Same goes for restaurant foods..

Some of theNutrisystemfood I would like whether I had been on a diet or not. Some did the job so I could eat it without doctoring it up. Some needed help for me to eat it and a few I didn't like, mainly because it had things in it that I don't like..

I was willing to eat the food whether it was my favorite or not, I didn't want it to be all about the food, I got myself fat on the foods I really liked and I knew I had to put myself not the food first..

Thanks for the great posting...

Comment #7

I love it!! That is a very good answer. Way to go on the losing and maintaining. That is fantastic...

Comment #8

Wow Kelly!! At first I was trying to figure out why you had your picture next to your mother's. You look amazing!! What an inspiration you are. Way to go!!..

Comment #9

Lmao thank you, you are the second person to say that to me..

I was 5 years younger in that picture..

It has been very rewarding getting healthier and that was what I wanted. Everything else is non fat icing on a low calorie cake.. or something like that..

I agree with Pam, there is a diet program out there or everyone. I just liked this one, it was easy and it worked for me...

Comment #10

NS is no for everyone. The food is really pretty good for what it is package food. There are many items that I really do like and would eat regardless of being on NS. No matter what product, more people will complain about it than praise it..

Over Christmas I was at a party and there was a woman there that I went to HS with. She is, sadly, obese. She told me that she triedNutrisystemonce, but couldn't stand the food because it was so horrible...

Comment #11

So far so good. Starting day 3. Food has been good, and I'm shocked that I have not been hungry!! Kind of nervous to be out and about today and get hungry and not have the ability to make a good choice. I have a protein bar with me and some fruit and case of an emergency...

Comment #12

Good for you or thinking ahead and congratulations for making the choice to lose weight...

Comment #13

The thing that amazes me about the food criticisms is that the NutriSystem food is such an incredibly tiny part of what we eat, how can it even be a gnat on the wall of this program? Amazing!..

Comment #14


I had a brownie once that I didn't like, it was dry, tasteless.... I didn't decide to quit eating brownies... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad example...

Comment #15

Hi everyone!.

NS is not a diet cuz diets don't work.Nutrisystemworks because it's a LIFESTYLE change. I learned that when I went on the program April 1, '08. Met goal weight Feb. 26, 2009. I learned to eat the right foods at the right time, drink plenty of water and exercise. On NS, if you get off track, it's easy to get back on...

Comment #16

This is my first week as well and I haven't had anything I didn't like either. I have read a lot of reviews that have discussed how terrible the food is too, but so far I am loving everything. Not only does the food taste great, but it is filling as well. Kudos toNutrisystemfor giving us a huge variety of food choices that helps make this difficult process of losing weight and getting healthy that much easier!..

Comment #17

You know what they say....looking good is the best revenge..

I had someone at work tell me I looked pale the other day. Gee, imagine that. Looking pale in the middle of winter in Ohio..

(btw, this just happens to be someone who tried the plan and found the food disgusting.

) I just smiled and said...hmmm, it must be because I'm not always flushed with the "exertion" of walking across the room..

I'm with Pam. You will rarely change someone's mind once it's made up. I will sing the praises ofNutrisystemto anyone who wants to hear. Anyone who has already decided it's a "bad" program? Their loss. Not mine...

Comment #18

Lol, I'm in a wedding this summer, and a buch of people I haven't seen in 10 years will be there. I want to look even better than I did in high school. I'm hoping to make jaws drop..

I just moved to Ohio from Arizona and I'm freezing!!!.

Samm13 I totally agree. The fact that they give us so many choices makes this so much easier...

Comment #19

You bet your tiny lil butt you'll make jaws drop!!.

LOL Don't feel bad. I've lived in Ohio all my life and I'm freezing!!!!.

What part of Ohio? I'm up north...near Cedar Point..

Lol so very true!.

I've said it before, but it's worth look AMAZING!! And definitely much younger!..

Comment #20


You bet your tiny lil butt you'll make jaws drop!!.

LOL Don't feel bad. I've lived in Ohio all my life and I'm freezing!!!!.

What part of Ohio? I'm up north...near Cedar Point..

Omg, me too. We just moved to Fremont...

Comment #21

Megara, thanks for the post. It is nice to read one full of positives for a change. Where were you in Arizona? We winter in Arizona and are in Amado which is about 25 miles south of Tucsonloving it!.

By the way, I love your name also!..

Comment #22

I've been onNutrisystemfor about 6 weeks now. Besides reading the posts, I see all the tickers and before/after pics. Good to see that that if you stick with it, you can meet your goal! :-)..

Comment #23


Cool! We're about 20 minutes east of Sandusky. May I ask how on earth one gets here from AZ? We always tease that NOBODY moves to Ohio. You're either born here...or you never even visit! lol ('sok, I like keeping how amazing it is a secret..

...well, between May and October. The rest of the year? Not so much! lol)..

Comment #24

Thanks for sticking with, & sticking up for NS. No, it's not for everyone. I've NSed since '07 & am perfectly happy with the fact that it's easy, & it works!..

Comment #25

Mimi- My husband is a Marine and is on a recruiting tour right now so we are based in Fremont. Ohio is a pretty state, but I grew up in the south so it is a new experience. I'm looking forward to Summer..

Rvdeb- We were stationed in Yuma. Arizona winters were wonderful, I'm really missing them right now. The 114 degree summers however, not so much..

Thanks all for the name compliments. My mom will be so pleased...

Comment #26

Super post! I have thought the same thing! I read too many negative comments, so I didn't order, tried another diet didn't work for me, SO GLAD I ordered Nutrisystem! I am just finishing up my first 4 weeks. I am losing steadily, and I LOVE the diet and nearly all theNutrisystemfoods! We should all fight fire with fire and blast it all over the internet how much we love this plan! I have another15-20 pounds to lose, and after that, I plan to continue to buy the food to help me maintain!..

Comment #27

AMEN! It tastes good enough, but the main thing is the results are amazing.


Comment #28

I felt the same way when I first started. After I had placed my first order I made the stupid mistake of going to one of those web sites that were trashingNutrisystemand scaring me because of all the posts aboutNutrisystemcausing serious gall bladder issues and how the food taste so bad. Almost cancelled my order!.

Glad I didn't because I love the food and figure it was probably Jenny Craig or WW people making those claims,lol..

I figured if those claims aboutNutrisystemcausing major health issues were true, the FDA would probably have done something about it and they haven't so these claims are probably bull...

Comment #29


Im back for a minute hey I grew up with Italians so when they said I could eat anything with tomatoes in it everyday I was in plus my husband can't eat tomatoes so it helps me out a lot!.

I went through the entire website forNutrisystemeven their links to American Diabeties Assoc. etc and their research plus I went to others and Im still doingNutrisystemI try one of everything so far and just reordered the stuff I really liked I think it is fantastic that you even continued to tryNutrisystemwhen you found a lot of negative websites you go girl!.

Like they say you have to stay with the plan When my Dr said to me will your not going to be onNutrisystemfor the rest of your life I looked at him like you know this because: this is also why I like it I HATE doing dishes and I don't have dishes or pan etc to do I love to cook but HATE doing the dishes I also have a dishwasher Love loading but not unloading weird don't you think just go with what you know especially if it's working for you..

Comment #30

I actually find theNutrisystemfoods far more tasty than the Lean Cuisine and WW entrees which I have eaten in previous diets and was pleasantly surprised thatNutrisystemdid taste so good after reading negative posts about the food. Yes if you compareNutrisystemfoods to all the fattening fast foods out there, they may not be as tasty but who wants to keep getting fatter. Does theNutrisystemsystem burger taste as food as a big mac, no but it tastes good enough to get me skinnier and it's better than eating lettuce 24/7,lol...

Comment #31

Very often when someone who has been onNutrisystemfor 3 days and thinks it should taste like either Burger King or mom's home cooking posts that the food tastes like dog s***, those of us who have been very successful and really like the program and the food will try gently to counter such statements, with explanations of of how to make the plan work for the poster. We are invariably accused of being intolerant (orNutrisystemtools) by other newbies who are not willing to make the plan work for them either. And this thread is EXACTLY we keep trying to counteract those threads that trash the program - we know that each time someone trashes the program, they are likely to scare off people who could be successful on the plan...

Comment #32

I too was a victim of not ordering earlier because of bad reviews I came across on the net. To think that I would've been an additional 2 months closer to my goal if I had just ordered! Also, I didn't quite understand how the food was provided and calling the number and finding out it was all shelf-stable turned me off. Soon after I gained an additional 10 lbs and that was it. I was going to try it regardless if I liked the food or not... And, almost a month later I've been more than happy with all the food I've had so far (even the split pea soup which I was holding off on). This program is truly amazing as it not only taught me about proper portion control, but also the importance of having an eating schedule and....

I've gone to fast food restaurants and clubs with friends since starting the program and each time I was able to hold my ground and decline the food or the alcohol!..

Comment #33

Aiekon ~ I waited over 8 months to try the food since so many had stated I would not like anything. But thank goodness my brothers told me that the plan came with a return policy so I decided I jump in with both feet!! And 6 months later...............I'm 54 pounds lighter and LOVING the food!!!.

Another reason to just not listen to negative people............seems they just want more company but they don't have me..............after 6 months I'm ready for the next 6 months and hopefully another 54 pounds gone!!!.

Magara and the other newbies ~ glad you selected Nutrisystem as well!!! Not only does the food taste good but I've not been hungry! Just remember if you didn't normally eat something beforeNutrisystembecause you didn't like it then you most like will not like theNutrisystemone (ie: I totally hate granola bars and yep, I even hated theNutrisystemgranola bars!).

Be sure to take before pictures, your measurements and save at least one of your favorite clothings..........I like to put on the pants that I wore in July as they no longer will stay up!!.

Wishing you all a fantastic journey to your new healthier thinner life!!!.


Comment #34

Yes, save some piece of clothing that you wear a lot now...and compare it to something you will be wearing a lot of when you hit goal:..

Comment #35

Hi Everyone,.

I was so glad to see this is a positive post instead of one saying how awful this and that is. I am glad for ideas on how to prepare things a little different, give things a different taste. We all know everybody will not have the same tastes. I so agree with what PamSB said, theNutrisystemfood is really only a small part of the total food that we eat. It's a shame people are so quick to say things are bad (the posts that say, I opened the package and threw it out You did what??)..

I think this is a great program and would recommend to anyone who wanted a plan to lose weight. I am scared to death of finally making goal and having to go it on my own and face the possibility of gaining the weight back so, I will be one who keeps ordering the food periodically to keep on track..

Ok, I'm heading to the kitchen to see what I want for breakfast!.

Hope everybody has a great day!.


Comment #36

It is so very irritating that people are so discouraged by it. There is a girl I work with that tried it and she said "Ugh...I just couldn't stand the dehydrated foods that you put water in before you ate them, they tasted so nasty...." I was like... "hummm, interesting I think some of them are pretty good.".

She then proceeded to tell me she liked the ham and beans, but that she actually had just thrown out all of the other foods because she didn't know what to do with it (she had only eaten 4 days worth)!!!!.

I mean REALLY?!?!?!? I would have gladly taken it, Thank.You.Very.Much.... ugh..

I knew there was a reason she bugs me to no end...

Comment #37

A couple years ago my brother had seen how well I did onNutrisystemthat he ordered it for his daughter. Don't think she's on it now. Think it's hard for her as she's a teacher (special ed) and drives 2 hours to the school. With NS, if you get off track, it's easy to get back on. I learned that it's a LIFESTYLE change and it's very important to drink water..

Wish all the newbies success on NS. It WORKS!..

Comment #38

Ive been having a hard time at work, the skinny people smirk at my food and the overweight people make the comments about cost and taste etc. I tell people so I hold myself accountable. I am in it to win it this timeI and no turning back..

Yesterday one of my coworkers commented on the expense. I had to remind her of our long work days and how I was at the fast food places eating 3 meals a day at a cost of probably $20 a day and the type of food I was consuming..

Lets not kid ourselves that sometimes it's a bit more expensive to eat healthy but in my case, two fast food meals, a dinner out at a restaurant and alcohol,I'm easily spending less now and I feel so much better! When they see me change they will be belivers...

Comment #39

<laughs> Thats happened to me many times...HERE on these threads!.

I would go out on a limb here and say that very often these same people would trash JC, WW, Medifast and the 12 others they have "tried.".

The truth is that on ALL of the programs out there you WILL lose weight if you follow them...and some of them actually teach you how to adapt to "life after" their products. All you have to do is follow them...thats where the disconnect comes in for most, then of course they cant blame themselves so they whine about some aspect of the plan like cost, taste, measuring, convenience...etc..

The problem is that as that jump from plan to plan they take their biggest obstacle along with them...THEIR MINDSET! They are right about one thing...there is a problem alright, and they need only to look in a mirror to pinpoint it..

Good post Meg! The plan works and you get something very important with this particular plan that you dont get with the others.....US..

Stick to these boards, lurk if you must, post when you can....but never stray to far away..

The absolute best way to ensure long term success for yourself is to continue to help others get there..

Welcome to the plan and the boards Meg!..

Comment #40

It was so wonderful to log on this morning and read all of these great post. I love the feeling on this site. It's very comforting and supportive. It sounds like everyone is doing a great job. I know a couple of you reported having issues with co-workers. I've had the same issue with a few friends who I thought would be very supportive.

It doesn't hurt that it's day 5 and I'm down 5lbs! Hope everyone is having a great day!..

Comment #41

You touch on a good point coach.

I did another program and had an excellent result. However that was that when it was done. Along the way I did not have a mindset / skill makeover so I have slowly gained back..

I find this community very positive. The tools available such as logging meals and exercise are a SERIOUS positive feedback loop. I see the calories, I see the benefit of exercise ( reflected in calorie deficit). I appreciate the motivational daily dose and wish the mindset makeover was every week for everyone..

I have hit a clunker or two in the food, but mostly because the food does not reflect my idea of healthful food. And that is me. I just edited my second order to sample a wider variety of styles and choices. Truth to tell, when I cook for myself I hit clunkers too. And I have, more than once, paid very good money at a restaurant for some seriously bad choices...

Comment #42

I'm glad to see this too. I appreciate other people's opinions, but some of them are just way too vicious and silly to be based on theNutrisystemexperience. I have no problems with the food, other than one item. And I have found the support staff to be incredibly helpful. The other thing that's a pain here are the "know it alls" who attack you every time you eat something they don't think you should. I block those people and don't know whyNutrisystemkeeps certain people around, due to their repeated abusive posts.

Minor bumps in the road, and an overall really positive experience...

Comment #43



Comment #44

Plus where else can you see awesome artist's at work I love the butterfly..

Comment #45

I loved this thread. I think we should do more of this. Positivity is flowing!! When I started in September I was skeptical. A lot of people just was totally against the idea. I tried some foods and didn't like them as well as I should. I almost gave up and I am so glad that I didn't!!! I began to acquiring a taste for them.

I play with recipes and now it is almost a game and is fun. I also work with coworkers that talk about the expense. Some are on diet pills but they don't tell me the expense. some are on other plans. I just say I hope everybody's works.

NS WORKS!!!!! I just crossed the 31 pounds lost line and it feels so good. I can do things that I could not do in years!!!Nutrisystemis an amazing program and I am so glad that I did not give up!! Thanks everyone for all your help for 5 months. I am going to my son's wedding in May with a new lease on life!!!!..

Comment #46

I don't know why my ticker is not moving. Do I have to change it every time?.


Comment #47

Yes, you go up and edit it in community. It doesn't go off the weigh in log unfortunately...

Comment #48

Great advice/feedback everyone! People have noticed that I eat MORE at lunch now than I did before - it will be interesting soon when they wonder how I can eat so much and lose weight! I don't hide the plan, but I'm a firm believer in seeing is believing!.

BTW - I do agree that most plans will work if you follow them - I did a low carb diet and lost a lot of weight and maintaned for a good while, but then I just got tired of the limitations (I also got married and my husband thinks that Tombstone pizzas and hotdogs are food groups).Nutrisystemis something that I know I can stick with and it has taught me how to add in all those veggies that I really didn't get in before..

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #49

That is because yours was made especially for you and is counting a very important milestone, Coach...LOL..

Comment #50

Good morning everyone!.

On local news there was a report on the consumers section in which they compared Jenny Craig meals and Nutrisystem. Jenny Craig was better, however not by much...

Comment #51

I saw that a few days ago. It only used the shelf stable foods. Also, for the tiny bit of difference in taste vs. the huge difference in cost...well, guess why I'm on NS, not JC? lol Besides, I tried a couple of JC items when my sister was doing that program...I wasn't impressed and my sister didn't even last the first month..

I figure we can't even all agree on whichNutrisystemitems we like and which taste like "barf".

How the heck can the determine between two entire programs?..

Comment #52

I agree! Somehow it's even more telling than the side by sides of her IN those tops! Amazing, indeed!..

Comment #53

I tried to resist but resistance was futal..

I got on Jenny Craig before I started NS. Got off her real quick because I broke 2 of her ribs..

Ok, Yeah, I used it before. It is old. Tough, I think it is funny and I will use it again...

Comment #54

LOL You may have used it before, but I hadn't seen it before. Thanks for the laugh!..

Comment #55

Mimi - I agree. It's very difficult to determine. All programs aren't going to work for everyone. I just knowNutrisystemworked for me. I learned alot...

Comment #56

I told people the same thing, that it is much cheaper than the restaurant meals and fast food I was eating before, more effective than the Lean Cuisines I had when I did eat at home (because I learned how to add veggies, fruit and protein) and not only that, it's.


Cheaper than high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2 and the medications, side effects, doctors office visits, and increased insurance premiums that go along with them!..

Comment #57

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