Where can I find a list of the Nutrisystem point system?

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Quick question: Where can I find a list of the Nutrisystem point system? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: I.

F you were to learn you would be dead in six months.

(like they really know);.

Would you go back to the "old you"?.

Would you go back to "that" person?.

The eating?.

The low self esteem?.

The guilt?.

The clothes?.

The pains?.






I wouldn't. I was not happy with myself..

Besides I don't want to give my six best bud's a hernia to remember me by!.

(Just kidding, I'm getting toasted and tossed.).

Live in the light of the "new" you, enjoy...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

If I knew that I knew that I knew I'd die in six months I would probably go get that bucket of chicken...

Comment #2

6 Months??? Geez, at that, I am on the 'fast track' at my age (69). Yet, I am happy with what I am doing, even some think "why".. Well, I'm tired of not seeing my toes for one thing, and right now, even only been on for 3 week, I can see them.........without leaning over... But again, that Combo Pizza sure looks good at times. So, just to piss people off, I am staying on and hopefully when I reach my goal, I wont croak then and not be able to enjoy it...

Comment #3

If I had 6 months to live I would stockpile and eat nothing but "nutri weenies" and egg fritatas that way every moment would be like an eternity..

Comment #4

That is one way to do

Personally I'd try to find a way to get to Iraq or Afghanistan....nothing to make you really feel alive like knowing any minute a rocket could land on your head, or a firefight could find ya.....

Comment #5

Heck, if I only had 6 months left, I'd eat whatever I wanted to. After all, it wouldn't matter anymore...

Comment #6

I agree, it would be 6 months I wouldn't remember...would it matter?.

Then deposited directly to the dark side...hmm maybe I should rethink that..

Comment #7

6 months to live?.

I would be sinning like frickin crazy! Drinking, whoring, gambling, smoking weed all day just to experience it since i've never done it, eating everything that I feel like eating be it buffalo wings to stacked high meat pizza!!.

I could give a rat ass if my best friends get a hernia carrying my fatass, actually I want them to be wearing gas mask cause my ass stinks so bad from all of my partying during that 6 months!!..

Comment #8

Interesting.... we all want to "prove them wrong" about our weight loss capabilities; but we are not so strong about our lifespan maintenence abilities..

Just losing the weight has extended our "life"..

It's really not the quantity it's the quality..

"Every man dies, not every man really lives" [Braveheart]..

Don't we feel better without all that weight hanging on us?.

Sure we do..

Doctors are human and make bad judgements sometimes..

I'd get a few more opinions before believing that proclamation of six months....

Same as I check a few scales other than my own..

I'd rather die the person I am today, even if it was today...

Comment #9

If I only had 6 months? Hmmmmm...I'd probably indulge a little more heavy (pun intended) in all that life has to offer. Including food..

Part of my motivation to lose the weight was to live a longer happier life (which I am doing). However, if I knew for a fact I was taking the big dirt nap in 6 months, I'm eating a pizza or two. : )..

Comment #10

I'm with everyone who would indulge. I think I would go out to fine dining restaurants as often as possible. I think I would probably have to workout some to keep myself feeling good, and to make sure I could fit on all the amusement park rides I would want to go on...

Comment #11

I'd eat like a pig, stop working out and buy a huge bag of coke so I could stay awake the whole time...

Comment #12

Things you'd hear me say over and over for the next 6 months:.

Pass the steak, pass the ribs, pass the potatoes, can I have some more cheese on that, I'll have another beer....where's the dessert menu?..

Comment #13

I would indulge also. That's when the saying "Life is too Short" becomes real...

Comment #14

It's an interesting dialogue, Greg, but you didn't mention any conditions. Are those six months iron-clad? That is to say, in this scenario are we going to die no matter what actions (or inactions) we take? If the date is marked on the calendar like an inevitable rendezvous with fate and we knew it for a certainty, then yes, I think we'd almost all say "eff it" and go out in a blaze of monumental self-indulgent glory. And that doesn't necessarily relate specifically to food, just living 182 or so days of maximum return on the investment, right?.

Now if, on the other hand, that six-month deadline was a) not static and b) able to influenced by actions or choices we made, I think we'd all to man be doubling down on the healthy route..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

11/23: 168.0 (Goal -7).

278(Days NS)..

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