Where can I find a good tutorial on how to use Verisign SSL certificates?

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My first question is Where can I find a good tutorial on how to use Verisign SSL certificates? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hi Thanks for reviewing.....

I am setting up a UK store. All seems to be progressing but having problems with diplaying prices inc tax..

At the product edit screen I enter price without tax and it calculates it correctly including tax..

No matter what I select as the display option it only displays product without tax. When customer checks out no tax is added to the sale either..

Cannot see a solution. Can you help..

I actually want to display exc tax and have it added at checkout..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Verisign as they probably could answer your Verisign question..

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Not sure I fully understand..

Set to flase in my store config..

But the whole countries, clases, tax zones confuse me..

I have countries 'united kingdon' then GB and GBR.

Then zones set to 'United Kingdom' Zone Code 'GB' and Zones name 'United Kingdon'.

In Tax Znoes I have just one - GB - description United Kingdon.

Tax Classes just 1 - Taxable goods.

Tax rates - Just 1 - Zone GB - Tax class 'taxable goods' - tax rate 17.5%.

All looks ok.... but still doesn't show the price with tax at the checkout..

Any other ideas, or have I completely mis-understood.



PS customer account registered as 'United Kingdom'.

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: 21 July 2006, 16:15..

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When you go to Tax Zones in your osc Admin you should see a list of folders. So as I understand you have 1 for UK. Then click details on the right. In there you will see the actual zones assigned. If it's empty obviously no tax-zone is really defined. You need to specify the countries/states there...

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Yes.. I have a folder called GB... and it's set to 'united kingdon'.

I can see that the tax rates bring together tax lasses and tax zones... it seems ok. At product level it recognises the tax rate and calculates the correct with tax price. Just doesn't check out and add tax, or if set to true, dosnt show price with tax..

Sorry I cant see whats wrong. I'm not a html or php programmer but got a good grasp of the settings...

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Does it also show "All Zones" under the zone column?..

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I believe you're looking at the wrong place. If you want to cover with one entry the entire uk you should see one zone which will say under Country "UK" and the adjacent column will say "All Zones" Did you click the details button I mentioned earlier? You should look under your Tax-Zones...

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I have the same problem. I should add two different tax classes (depending on the product type, 17% and 22%) and we sell products only in Finland. In Tax zones I have one folder (Suomi = Finland) and in details it says Finland and all zones. No matter if I set display prices with tax true or false, the prices are without tax. What more can I do?..

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Anyone? I would like to open the store soon...

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Prices are now okey in my store but they are displayed without tax in admin area? Why..

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I am having this same problem. If anyone has found a solution. Taxes refuse to apply to store items..

Under 'tax zones', have created 'Washington State' ->then 'details', inserted 'United States' 'Washington' from dropdown menu..

Under 'tax classes' created a new tax class and entitled 'Washington'.

Under 'tax rates' created new tax rate; titled 'Washington', zone 'washington', tax rate '8.8', and set priority to '0'.

In store configuration 'display prices with tax' is set to true..

If anyone notices anything wrong with how I've gone about setting this up please please let me know I've been fighting with this all day..

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Well, the silly little thing that I'd forgotten to do was in playing around with tax classes and tax rates and etc, at some point changed the name of the tax class to use for my state and didn't change the tax class I'd applied to all of the store items when I'd entered them into the database to go along with. Hence no sales tax is applied to anything because the items are all looking for a tax class that doesn't exist. If anyone else is having such tax related problems this is a good thing not to do....

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There is another thing you have to check - in the products definition there is a tax class field..

Drill down to the product within the catalog and see a drop down list of tax classes..

Select the tax class you configured earlier and sweated over and hey presto! it will connect.

The product to the tax class..

This worked for us!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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