Where can I find a free diet program like Nutrisystem.?

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First off, Where can I find a free diet program like Nutrisystem.? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... And here we go into March 2011... the month of Shamrocks, beginning of Spring, Pices, the beginning of Spring, Aries, the beginning of Spring the Ides of March, and the beginning of Spring - wow and lots of Fluffy birthdays..and did I mention the beginning of Spring.....

So now is the time to put a SPRING in our step and MARCH to the right tune - what do you think... Winter is skiding to a as we begin a new season, we should be positive about our lives and our health... March is usually a windy month so let's allow it to blow out the dust bunnies in our heads and blow away the dust on our bodies and find that healthy path once more. Some Fluffs have a head start as they've already begun walking that path and that's fantastic so we should follow their examples.... Spring is a wonderful time to begin to walk outside (if you are able).... Walking is one of the best forms of exercise there is and you don't need anything special to do it - just move those feet.

2011 has had a rough beginning for several of our Fluffs with illness, accidents, and so on.... Fingers & toes are crossed that we are over the hump and good health and good times are ahead for all....

Remember - no matter what we have a safe haven here with the Fluffs - we can come here for help, comfort, cheers, advice, or to vent ....whatever is needed - no judgements - no dramas - just support, care, concern, help, friendship, and a hug.... We strive to keep it that way because each of us needs a place like this to come to - to take a break or get a breather and to say hello to our Fluffy friends - the miles we live from each other means nothing...

Tell me do you want to stay where you are or continue the road you're on - gaining and gaining - the lack of energy, the aching in knees and backs, the general yucky overall feeling, tight clothes, that stuffed to the gills feeling -.

No I didn't think so - so choose to be healthy and take charge. You can do it - you are so worth it..... so - just do it..... After all you are very important and need to take care of you..... and life is good and should be enjoyed....

DRINK your water MOVE your body THINK before you eat.

Keep it positive - you can - Smile - it won't hurt - Choose each morning how you'd live your day... CHOOSE HEALTH......

Tomorrow is a brand new day - do something good for YOU with it.....

All are invited and welcome to join us. Come on it and chat a while... We have a new thread the first day of each month and continue to chat away all month.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Becky - Awesome beginning to another Chapter in our year!! One day at a time - indeed!!!.

Glad you got some things done today. I had a good night at work - really busy and may try to get on early tomorrow as I did not get my breaks tonight or a few of the things I really should have gotten done - we were BUSY!!! I have the scheduling done but need to put it in an excel spreadsheet - I went over my thoughts of it and the gal was quite pleased..

Norah - Glad Tom is doing well - He WILL Get there - Believe me - small steps there too!! CONGRATS on your loss!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!..

Comment #2

Good words/thoughts, Becky, but you should have also mentioned it is the beginning of Spring....

Comment #3

Hi everyone!.

So happy spring is almost here now. No more deppressing rainy whether..

I luv gardening and can concentrate on my plants now (as well as Nutrisystem.

)-I want to get out and excercise more so now!.


Anyway, glad to join this group if ok?.

Iam a restarter on Nutrisystem and in 2008 lost 29 pounds, then gained - now that Iam back have lost 12 pounds. So on my way again.

Slimaway2 (Lori)..

Comment #4

By the way Becky luv the black cat (as it reminds me of mine)..

Comment #5

And a beautiful good morning - March 1st and the sun is shining here.....

Thank you for the kind comments on the March start - wasn't quite sure of it when I posted - it just didn't flow as well as usual..

LOL - Gee Camille - I'm so sorry I forgot to mention Spring at all.... Fantastic on your ticker - way to go.... Have a beautious day....

Norah - glad to hear you and Tom are doing good and feeling good - it has been a rough road for you guys this year - fingers crossed and prayers said that it will reverse now.....

Harley - oh good - you got that other schedule done... and another busy night at work - glad all went well... don't work too hard today....

Welcome Lori - we're glad you've joined us on the Fluffs... and you're a cat person as well - I have 6 that I call the gaggle.... gotta love them...You and Joanne (another Fluff) will get along great as she does lots of yard work as well... as does Norah - with plants and flowers... Restarting is good cause you haven't given up and wanna be healthy.. Good for you....

Do hope all are well this day and hope to hear from each of you before this lovely day is over.....

Comment #6

Got to get moving shortly - have quite a few errands to run this AM and then will be taking DM to a Dr's appt up the river this afternoon so may not be back till much later...

Enjoy the day and as always Keep it Positive and Smile.

DRINK your water MOVE your body THINK before you eat....

Soft eyes - if you stumble or make an unwise choice - forgive yourself and begin again......

Comment #7

Morning Fluffs!!.

Lori - Welcome to the Fluffs!! We are a fun bunch of gals - Hope you come back often so we get to know you!!.

Becky - Your start to March was wonderful as usual!! Hope you and DM have a nice afternoon Up the River..

I had an intense workout again - I found out there are few of the exercises I can not do - Mountain climbers was a bit too much intensity on my repaired ankle. So 2 of those was enough. I think the trainer felt bad that it hurt me but this is a learning experience for me as well as the trainers. I am going to fix some breakfast now..

Edgar is being a very bad boy - chasing the little old lady Josey - she has taken him down a few times as well!!..

Comment #8

Uh-oh, Becky, the alleged "good" one is on her way UP THE RIVER...

Comment #9

Camille - "the alleged 'good one'." LOL!!!!.

She is a good one though really!!!.

What 'cha up to today Camille??..

Comment #10

Good Morning Fluffs -.

Becky - Great start as usual. I got the feeling that your theme was about Spring?.

Norah - Glad Tom is doing great with his healing. You are right need to hurry back into the usual routines. He just needs to take the time to get better..

Camille - Thanks and you are doing great also. You need time lapse photography to see my weight loss. However, I am happy as long as I sloooooooowly lose..

Sorry you son had to go back to work to soon..

Harley - Now that the kitty bench is done. What is your next project. BTW....when you Wii Balance Board went kaphooey how did it act. Last night I had trouble with mine. The message about not jumping on it kept popping up every 4 or 5 steps and all I was doing was walking..

Lori - Welcome. Hope you come join us often..

Well Fluffs.....time to get to work. I hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #11

I actually had this definition in mind when I was quoting Becky (aka the good one) saying she was going "up the river".

Up the river:.

Go to prison. Originates from the fact that convicts from New York City would be sent up the Hudson River to Ossining State Prison ("Sing Sing")...

Comment #12

Happy March Fluffs! Just 2 weeks until Daylight Savings Time! Just 3 weeks until the official start of spring! Becky will be happy about that! Nice start for our March thread, Becky. It is POURING down rain here. We got record rain yesterday. I heard 1.44 inches yesterday by the time I was watching the news at 6:00 last night, and it seems like it has still been pouring ever since. Yuck. Tired of the rain..

Ethan finally got his application in for the engineering internships. Now his robotics coach has still not gotten in his recommendation in, which also has to be in today. ARG! I get so stressed out when I feel so responsible for things that are out of my control. After all the work Ethan finally did I sure hope his coach holds up his end..

I have a busy day at work scheduled and my class tonight, so who knows when I'll check in next. I hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #13

Good afternoon Fluffettes. Wonderful start Becky ! Thanks. I needed those words after my naughty weekend. So, we begin again..

Congrats Camille on your ticker !! Lol about mentioning Spring..

Welcome Lori. Glad you have joined us..

I had to restart this morning. Was awful the past 3 days. So far so good today..

Wishing you all a wonderful day and don't forget to smile ! You look so pretty when you do that !.

Hugs, Teresa..

Comment #14

Rofl !! Laughed so much I had tears in my eyes. Thanks !..

Comment #15

Hey girls,.

Just a quick hello before I head into my last night shift.. will try do my roll call thing tomorrow....

Welcome Lori... this is good group and a lot of us have fur babies... I have one cat, Sugar... you will fit right in with us!.

Good start to March Becky... I love all the attachments you put in... between you and Joanne... golly... I am so computer stupid when it comes to that... you would never know that I have four computer screens going at the same time on my desk at work and can run all the stuff on them at once...


Well girls... going to get ready, then sit down have a bite to eat, pack my lunch...yippee last night shift for this week.... and no snow, ice or rain to go in with tonight... was nasty weather here last night... treacherous roads and nasty drive to work with the traffic!.

There were lots of accidents and flooding... I am soooo looking forward to the spring....

Have a great day... sun is shining here! Makes me very happy... almost gardening weather in the next two months!!.



Comment #16

Hello from the frozen tundra of eastern Montana. Made it through my week at conference last week pretty well. I didn't lose any weight, but the important thing is I didn't gain any either! Got my BBB yesterday and got busy organizing my stuff. I also got a variety pack of Miracle Noodles and had some with dinner yesterday. Not bad. Added an interesting texture..

Hope everyone has a good day. And yes, YAY for spring!!!!!..

Comment #17

Happy March 1 st everyone. Thankyou for the nice welcome. This good weather lefted my spirits more- into doing what I should of done along time ago. I finnialy made a dental apt. I have soo much anxiety against dentist - cause when younger had a lot of work done and painn............ So happy I finnially can concentrate on my grandson and daughter-in-law coming soon from Portland!! Cant wait!!.

Plus, now to concentrate on replanting my garden.

Just luv this nice weather!!!.

Everyone have a nice, slimming day!!.



Comment #18

Cat - it kept telling me to step on - step on and I was on it but it would not change - call the 800 number - they fix them really fast or get you a new board. Mine was $55 which included shipping both ways - and I got a new board. Good luck!!..

Comment #19

Happy March Fluffs!.

Wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful month. Bring on springtime!.


Comment #20

Evening Fluffs - So good to see so many here today.... and where are Joanne and Norah and Chris today???? Or was Norah here earlier? no that was last night I think - ok just tired....

ANNIE - Yeah Annie was here.... How are you feeling Fluffy friend?.

LOL Camille - yes I go 'up the river' a lot - especially if I want to go to the mall - it's 30 miles up the river.... Thank you so much for pointing out the jail Hope you're well today and YES I am the good one as I've said before just ask my DM.

Harley - hey oh good a good good workout for you today... Hope work's going well this evening - ummm tell Edgar to stop picking on Josie and that he'd best watch out for her left hook....

Cath - hello - see I knew you weren't slow - you caught the spring concept very quickly... How are you? Jake and Jasmine and isn't there a 3rd one doing ok? I haven't used my Wii lately but it was acting strange - the power to the board would turn off at a given point in the middle of an exercise...

Andrea - enjoy your class tonight - I know you are relieved that Ethan finished that app - finger's crossed that coach will get his act together and do the letter quickly. Hope today wasn't too stressful....

Hi Mechelle - good to see you back with us Good for you for not gaining during your time away - hope the conference was helpful..

Hey Teresa - how's William? Good for you 'begin again' - you only fail when you don't start over... Good job my friend... Thinking it could have been a stressful weekend with William getting hurt... Hang in there.....

Heather - almost done for a few days - good for you... also good that there's no bad roads today... FYI I used Glitter Graphics for my stuff mostly - once you go there and find what you want - you copy the bb code and then post it here... Hope tonight's a bit easier... OH MY 3 computer screens at work along with emergency situations and stress -.

Lori - oh a visit with your grand coming up - what fun.... where are you located - state? Sounds like you are really into the gardening. I pretty much gave up all yard work last summer when I was told I'm allergic to trees, grass, pollen etc... Pollen already rearing it's ugly head this year - I was out a lot today and had to use my inhaler when I came in this evening and just had an allergy shot this AM....ah well... oh now we do agree on the dentist stuff - don't care to go there... Hope it's a good evening for you..

Little background for you so you can get to know us - I live in northeastern KY on the Ohio River (hence up the river for destinations) I live in a small rural town - one 4 way stop and one red light... Came back here 4 1/2 yrs ago to help my elderly parents when my husband died.... was in Houston for 25 years prior to that. I have 6 cats I love .... they allow me to live with them and I'm an avid reader and do crafts and beading etc..

OK - well it's been a long day but a fairly good one - DM bought my bday gift early - I wanted a new lamp for my living room - and found a gorgeous one today.... then took DM to her Dr's appt. She gets to have the fun of a colonoscopy later in the month... first though we have another test next week - the Dr. thinks she heard something in the cartoid artery in DM's neck so doing the doppler test next wk.... a bit worrisome but we'll wait for the results to get excited - at least I will - she's having a bit of an issue with it and has talked with some friends about it this evening...

Just tired tired tonight - oh did I mention I got a new.........wait for it.........suspense building....... PURSE today - plaid in spring colors... woohoo....

Oh yeah - I did have a small victory today - no for me it was a BIGGIE - I got some news that was rather distressing and I did NOT run to chocolate - no I didn't.... course was in my car talking to myself like a maniac but nope no chocolate and had an encounter with someone from the past later that I'd really rather not have seen (short synopsis - she caused some very painful times for my family - end of explanation)....


Avon has some lovely jewelry for spring and summer right now and some good sales happening - just letting you know and my estore is always open......

END OF COMMERCIAL and back to regular programming.....

Comment #21

WoW was I chatty tonight - sorry about that..

Many thanks for the kind words about the March thread beginning.....

Comment #22

Happy March Fluffs!.

Thanks for a great start to a new month Becky!.

I take it she's ready for spring..

And, welcome to our new fluff Lori!.

I'm happily spending much more time outside, getting in some good long walks, and even just working in the yard. I've been eating OK, but really appreciate the increase in activity that comes with the warmer temps. Although, most of the outdoor work involves either killing stuff - red ants, borer bees, beetles, weeds, mold,...or cutting stuff - hedges, grass, borders, trees,...or just cleaning stuff! This is the time of year when I realize - there is a lot of stuff!.

Spring is a great time to shake up some old routines and try something new. I'll be looking for some new trails to hike, trying a few new techniques in my creative pursuits & changing up my meal plan to keep things fresh & keep moving forward. At least, that's what I'm intending to do!.

Hoping everyone has a great month ahead!..

Comment #23

Hello Fluffs,.

Just stopping by while kaden is in his crib making some cute murmurings,,, my dogs have been doing alot of barking for no apparent reason... It ws a beautiful day today sunny and I was able to be outside in short sleves in the sun today... I spent the morning cleaning, then got kaden around noon and have been busy ever since....

Welcome to Lori... keep coming and let us know what's going on in your life....

Becky such a wonderful start to march... here's to new beginnings....

Yeah to Norah for losing 25 pounds and also to our other losers here... or even if you're not a loser, you're not a gainer.......

Hope evryone has a peaceful evening... Hugs to all. Susan..

Comment #24

Susan 55 - Just a quick wave - HI!! I am going to get a healthy snack as my tummy is growling !! Good for you on having Kaden again!! What a good Grandma you are!! I was always amazed when Brownie barked - usually meant she sensed something was going on. She was very protective of me!!.

Hope you have a wonderful Day!!..

Comment #25

Hmmmmm that was last night huh? I was here a couple of times today but I guess I forgot to say something. Went and got my allergy shot today and then to Walmart for a few things. Stopped off at my brothers work place and harassed him for a few minutes,lol. Then came home and did a little housework and some exercise..

Becky, prayers going up for your DM for a good report and test. Sorry you ran into an unfavorable situation but great that you did not revert to chocolate...

Comment #26

Goodnight Fluffs,.

Kaden woke up for his usual midnight diaper change and bottle... poor guy has a stuffy nose and seems a bit miserable... he is back to sleep... My DD has a new camera and is taking a class so she was snapping away today when we were outside with Kaden....

I sent a funny clip to Marie our Froggie friend and she is busy with her DMIL and her lawn, but says hello....

Tomorrow I head to S.F and then Thursday Sal and I will drive to San Diego and then onward to Borrego Springs....

Spring is almost here... I cut some daffodils and paper whites the other day... and the buds on my lilac bush are getting big.... time to get my mower out... we are supposed to have more rain....

Thanks again Becky for the start.... let's keep on drinking our water and making those wise choices... hard to do sometimes but so much better for us... hugs, Susan..

Comment #27

I like it when you're chatty. I'm not right now, but will come back when I can be...

Comment #28

Drats - LOST a nearly complete post!.

Susan 55- Enjoy the trip with Sal. Safe travels to you both! I LOVE San Diego..

Norah - I would say you are feeling better - harassing your Brother! Glad you are doing better!.

Joanne - Love your Squirrel graphic. We are still cold enough up here that we are not having to kill any pests yet. I am sure you remember this weather!.

Becky - Sorry you had some uncomfortable times - but you handled it well!.

Horray for NOT running to chocolate!! The purse sounds pretty - Glad you finally bought a new one - I know how thread bare your other ones are!!.

I hope Joanie reads this - she will be rolling her eyes!!.

Do you have the updated Birthday list ? I think we may be missing some Flufflies birthdays!!.

Annie - Good to see you again!!.

Lori - Welcome to the Fluffies !! We are scattered all over the country and some of us work full time jobs while others are fortunate to be retired! Pop in when you have time - ask questions if you have any and someone will answer!.

Heather - I am laughing at how you talk about being computer stupid - I feel the same way. I have 2 monitors in my office and like you run all sorts of stuff from my office. Your weather is certainly ugly!! Hope your days off are good for you!.

Teresa - SO good to see you - how is Williams hand? Take care!.

Andrea - Yea Ethan got the application finished. Now you have to nag the teacher - that is not cool!! How is your day going so far?.

Mechelle - good for you on holding not gaining while at the conference! That is a victory I would say!.

Camille - Becky going to Singsing - Up the river ! She and I went up the river, down the river and thru the hollers when we had the F2F - LOL!!.

I need to get busy-it is a cold but very sunny day here. DH is on the road today for meetings at headquarters in IL. He will be back late tonight!.

Enjoy the day Fluffies!!!..

Comment #29

Morning, flying by on my way to work. I don't want to hear about shirt sleeve weather. Mentioning that is just plain cruel..

Do you newbies know about the 50 clicks program?.

Bye, bye, I'm gone...*poof*!..

Comment #30

Fluffs Birthdays.



19 Joanie.


3 Leslie.

18 Becky.

21 Susan55.

27 Joanne.

28 Chris.



22 Jackie.

27 Camille.



19 Donna.

27 SusanM.


5 Harley.

25 Fluffy Anniversary.

27 Norah.

29 Cath.


7 Andrea.

27 Marie.


2 Teresa.


17 Sheryl.


This is what I have Harley - course there's a lot more but they are the missing Fluffs.... So I need to add our new Fluffs to the list...

Comment #31

Mine is September 1st... this year I am going to be 45!!!.

I will be back later for my regular post!.


Comment #32

Good Morning - running a bit late this AM as the morning began with phone calls.... all is well here and the sun is shining once again..

Love the graphic as usual Joanne... you are busy busy - I wouldn't be able to breathe if I'd done all you been doing... Enjoy it and then come work on my yard please....

No short sleeves here Camille - but no coats either at the moment....

Oh Harley - thanks for the sympathy on the purse issue - it's really a sad situation you know (for the newbies - I'm known for an over abundance of purses and a 12 step program has been recommended) You're right about Joanie - I think she was the one pushing the 12 step program. Did you go to the gym this AM...... glad the weather is better since Jim's traveling today....

Thanks Andrea - no issue you know - come back when you feel chatty... hugs.........

Susan - hello - yeah Kaden time for you - oh good - do we get to see Marieke's pics? Fun fun - ROAD TRIP with Sal - have fun - can I go?.

I'll try to be very quiet........

Like a little baby kitty.

Norah - you are feeling better - love it harassing your DB... you go girl... Anything fun at Wallyworld? Thanks for the prayers - I'm a bit concerned about this one but not going to worry worry till we get test results - just praying....

Need to get dressed and moving - kind of tired today - wonder if my inhaller causes wierd dreams - hmmmm - no comments please from those who know me well... anywho - need to run a couple of errands while the sun still shines....

KEEP IT POSITIVE............... you know the drill DRINK MOVE THINK SMILE.


Comment #33

Got it Heather - thanks.... you are now on 'the list'.... good morning.....

Comment #34

Good morning all. It's a gorgeous day here in AZ. With the temp getting up to 78. I already have roses and hibiscus blooming. We are on our way out the door to see the Chiropractor and then Tom has hand therapy. BBL..

Comment #35

Good Morning Fluffs -.

Harley - Yes.....I think I will call them. However, I will try changing the batteries first. Even though this acts like a sensor problem, maybe that is causing it..

Becky - Your board turning off does sound like you might need new batteries. I did catch on to the Spring thing. You don't have to beat me over the head more than twice..

Susan55 - You do know that you will be driving right by Chrissy and me on your way to San Diego? Maybe on your next trip down we can all get together..

Speaking of Chrissy?????? Where is she?..

Comment #36

Let us know how the doppler goes, your DM still sounds pretty spry for her age and that is a plus..

I bought a purse yesterday too, at Ross. Tuesdays are 10% discount days if you are over 55. It's an Everyday Lesportsac in Peacock which is nice and light for travel. Come to think of it, I might have bought one exactly the very last time you did too....

Yay! for not running to the chocolate! You done good!..

Comment #37

Camille - no short sleeves around here!! Except for me at the GYM!!.

WORK - that is an evil 4 letter word!!.

Becky - thanks for the list! I would not be at all surprised that the inhaler meeds can cause weird dreams. I stayed home and worked out here - I have enough weights, resistance bands, medicine ball and large exercise ball that I can work out here. I had to finish laundry and not driving to the gym saves me nearly 40 minutes..

Heather - Thanks for adding your day to the list!! have any fun things planned for your days off?.

Norah - 78 huh?? That is too bad! We may hit half that ! LOL!! I talked to someone in Miami last night and he laughed when I asked him how warm it was there. Enjoy the sun!!.

Cat - I had a 4 pack battery pack that I used on my Wii board - the guy told me it is not approved by Wii and advised NOT using it. So now I just use rechargeable batteries. The battery pack was sold at Best Buy and was next to the Wii boards. I don't think that had anything to do with my board dying but who knows!.

Off to shower and then WORK!!!..

Comment #38

Happy Hump Day Fluffs!.

The neighbor's Bradford Pears are all heavy with white blooms, but my Japanese Cherry is just now showing signs of waking up from the winter as is our still brownish lawn. The loropetalum hedges and azaleas will be covered with nice magenta pink blooms right about the same time as the cherry tree blooms - so looking forward to a very pretty time of the year! Right after that we'll be covered with yellow pine tree pollen for several weeks - definitely not so pretty!.

I've been watching a black kitty in the backyard stalking the squirrels & chipmunks - but there's also a red tailed hawk sitting in the tall forest canopy looking our way, so not sure who will be getting fed!.

Speaking of being fed - I'm still full from breakfast and it's noon here! I had an Apple Strudel Bar & coffee then later made an Eggbeater Omelet with veggies & some fresh salsa. Needed a fruit to finish breakfast and opted to try the Trop50 orange juice I bought yesterday - I thought it would be really watered down, but it was good and just 50 cals for an 8oz. serving..

I'm about to head outdoors. DH is constructing a "potting table", but it will also be a heavy duty outdoor worktable. It's just 2'X3' but will sit on 4"x4" legs. I'm going to put some outdoor rated polyurethane on what will be the table top. It's the only part not made from treated lumber, so it needs a little something to protect it. It's just 67F but sunny today - so want to get some stuff done before the rains hit us again at the end of this week..

Hope all the fluffs have a great day!..

Comment #39

When I got my board at Xmas I just put in some regular batteries. Although the battery level screen shows it totally charged I don't think that is true since I have used it so much. That is why I am thinking / hoping that it is the batteries...

Comment #40

Hi all!.

You know, I really could have done without all the cheerful reports of double digit temps. We only got to 5 yesterday and will be lucky to get to 15 today. I have been lawnmower shopping though. We don't have one and have about an acre to mow when things green up (still have tons of snow on the ground so can't see any grass at all)..

My willow sapplings in the garage are beginning to sprout, as are my hydrangeas, so it's getting to be spring in my garage at least. Myra picked up a little greenhouse at Runnings yesterday, so we can begin to sprout our veggies for the garden soon. Looking forward to home grown veggies. Have a big variety of tomatos, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and something else that I can't remember..

Bought a digital scale to use as I wasn't trusting my old one to be accurate. It's only off by about 5 lbs so not too bad. Unfortunately it was 5 lbs light so I actually weigh more than I thought.

Oh well, I will just subtract 5 lbs for now so things stay correct...

Comment #41

Afternoon all.

How's everyone doing today - in the 40s and 50s around here - just a bit chilly but coat not really needed...Just walked my yard and I have daffodils and tulips coming up plus some other 'unknowns' - I seldom remember what I planted... I have 2 tiny crocuses in bloom - purple and white - notice my lilac bush and my forsythia has little green buds on them and saw new green leaves on my butterfly bush.... Figured as the weather improves if I go out for a limited amount of time like 15 min. each day and work - I'll get things cleaned up without having major breathing and coughing - Norah - do you have issues with that or is the warm weather you live in helpful - I know you also take allergy shots.... Course Carter and Bailey wanted to go with me to walk the yard and were highly disappointed when I went alone....

They're loving the sunlight coming in the back door to the laundry room....

Anyhow - I've been working on cleaning out my pantry, fridge, and freezer of items that are not healthy or borderline unhealthy - went to Krogers and bought nothing but healthy food - not even having any withdrawal from the house still being a no chocolate candy zone...has been for 2 mos now....

Oh shoot Mechelle - I just sold my mower - you could have come up here and bought it - not too terribly far to travel for a mower. lol I've never.

Grown my own veggies except for some green onions last year. My DH was raised on a farm and by the time we got married - if you couldn't buy it at the local supermarket - you weren't having it... he was done with that stuff....

I will get to buy locally grown fresh produce up the highway where the farmers set up shop this summer plus friends have gardens and I reap the rewards from some of those... sorry to hear the new scale had unpleasing results - I do like the digital ones though, don't you?.

I understand saving the 40 min Harley - I think that's one reason I dislike going to Curves now days - don't want to get up, shower, and drive to work out when I have so many items right here in the house.... now if I'd just get back to using them....

Oh oh Joanne - it may be catching - you may have to join the 12 step program with me.... your new purse sounds great... I love that graphic - some of the folks around me having the weeping cherry trees (I think that's what they're called) and they are beautiful when they bloom - I wanted one till I found out they're $100 ea... my Tulip tree will be budding and blooming very soon now and it's lovely.... Hope that hawk didn't bother that kitty....

Cath - howdy - I tried the new batteries thing - wondering if I messed up some wires - I was originally storing it sitting up on it's side till I read that's a no no... how's work today?.

Looks like I lost one of my roses from the winter... Norah - what color are yours? My azaleas are just sitting there right Enjoy your warm day...

Yeh where is Chrissy?..

Comment #42

I'm here.


.... sick since Sunday. And.


Your PD email found me so thanks for always tending to your fluffy-flock. I think I caught something from being around the 2 little grandies last week, or at least from being at their preschool 2 days. We all know how those little ones carry germs and I remember how when I was doing my Peds rotation in the nursing program, we were forewarned we'll probably be catching things and getting sick along the way..


, is your immunity all built up from being around little ones regularly? I swear I have a crappy immune system. Saw my Ortho Surgeon and labs look good..

The ESR and CRP are still high but he thinks it's from the recent surgery, rather than the infection. To be on the safe side and with my history he put me on antibiotics in case this recent illness is an infection vs viral....symptoms do indicate an infection so smart move on his it doesn't end up traveling to my knee again..

Doc wants to see me again in 6 wks to retest all my blood work and if things look pretty normal, then I'll be going back to work. So, that's my story..


, have a great trip.... when you get close to Crown Valley Pkwy in Mission Viejo, assuming you're on the 5 South, look to your left and you'll see the hospital I work at. You can't miss it. Cath and I will be waving to you..


, prayers for your DM..



, I also don't feel chatty but wanted to check in for our Madame Fluff....sorry for those I didn't mention by name...

Comment #43

Mine is a Yoshino Cherry - maybe $25 at the garden center if you get them small. They get to be 40' tall and wide. It is probably close to 20' both ways now and we planted it maybe 6 years ago. The tree looks like a cloud of pink cotton candy when it's in bloom..

Do you think maybe we shouldn't tell about the purses anymore.... hawk... or kitty right now...

Comment #44

Be warned Fluffs - we hunt folks down when they're missing too long especially when they been ill and health issues for a while.... Glad you got my email Chris and let know what's going on.... oh yes those little ones are germy little beings aren't they.... Sorry you caught some of the germs... Glad the latest tests are positive and that the DR is being preventative.... only 6 more wks of freedom for you lady...


That's a beautiful tree Joanne... I've always wanted to see DC in cherry blossom time. We have a set of old dishes in the family (DF's side). My grandfather bought them for my Grandmother for an anniversary - they're cherry blossoms in the pattern and they're raised up on the dishes - just lovely... In DM's china hutch at the moment and I get to decide who will inherit them among my brother's boys... Ya know maybe we'd better just PM about the purses till everyone gets over their jealousy of us.....

Comment #45

Thanks for thinking of me Becky. I would have loved to come visit n pick up the mower. Oh well. Maybe next time..

Oh yeah, for the b-day list... my birthday is All Saints Day - AKA Nov 1 for those who don't know... thus the All Halloweds Eve or Halloween.

I turn 21 for the 27th time this year...

Comment #46

Hi Becky. My allergies are milder in the spring and summer, The flowers I have don't have air-born pollen but bee and bird born. Cleaning up the beds didn't bother me too much this year, must be the shots. I know they have made the asthma more manageable. The colors of my roses are 1) white with red edges, 2) yellow x 2 3) lavender x 2, 4) white, 5) dark red. 6) pink.

Quite spectacular when all are in bloom..

Chrissy I hope that you get to feeling better soon..

Mechelle so sorry I mentioned the 78 today and oh yeah the fact that we had the top down on Sally all day (hee hee hee).

Andrea I am sorry you are not chatty. You are missed when your not here..

Peg, I meant to tell you I like the kitty shelf and the kitties looked very comfortable..

Ok that's all I can remember.Sorry if I missed you It was not intentional...

Comment #47

So rude of us! However you do get to gloat about the summery breezes in June while I hide indoors from the 95% humidity and 100F temps!.

So very convenient & easy to remember. There was one year I was 29 for 2 years, but other than that, I'm still plodding steadily towards decomposition!..

Comment #48

Hope you're better real soon! Back on antibiotics, but for sure better safe than sorry! No worries about not being chatty - we all have those times...

Comment #49

We don't have a bench as DM gave me a cedar chest DF had given her some years ago and the gaggle seems to love it... I had the bedroom windows put in low so they could watch outside and lay in the sun there.... I think that was a success....

Oh yeah that's Baby Brat - Carter on the front left licking Bailey Blue - then the ones laying from the front back are Joshua, Kobi, and Piper... Only Spencer was missing....

Comment #50

Hello Girls,.

Well it was very sunny and warm earlier today... temps got to about 36 degrees (above average for this time of year here).

... but the wind made it much cooler... hard time of the year to get and keep warm that is for sure... oh well spring is just around the corner!.

Nothing really planned for my days off... had a jammie day today, tomorrow doing errands and the like, then going in for an shift exchange with a girl who has a funeral to attend on Friday.... then she will owe me a shift down the road (which is always good to have in the bank, as we cant always get time off if not already booked as planned vacation leave)... other than that just reading and relaxing... maybe go to see my DHs stepmom on Saturday for a cup of tea and conversation... she will be 92 on her birthday in May and is smart as a whip...


Hey Annie... was good to see you pop in!.


I hear you about the record rain amounts... but glad for the sun for a couple of days and besides it took a lot of our snow away, nice to see a few blades of grass coming through the white blanket!.


My dear, you did a fabulous job on starting the month of March! With flare and fun!.

I also want to you to know... I love your personality and chatty is good in a person... less stress in the end if you can talk it out... so talk away... thank you for putting me on your birthday list... I do hope your DM is okay, praying everything will turn out good...

Love the photo of your gaggle... my DH would call them a bunch of fur lumps! haha.


I want to say... way to go on the ticker... holy... good work! WOW....

No short sleeves on this coast yet, unless you want to freeze your arm pits.... haha! What is the 50 clicks program I havent heard of that yet? I hope you had a good day at work..


Hope you find out what is wrong with your WII board... would be nice if it was just the batteries... although it sorta sounds technical so I am not the one to ask about that... hahaha.


We missed you... hope you are doing and feeling better soon... I will pray that you do....


Good that you do get gym time for yourself with all the work you are doing... but be careful you dont hurt yourself... I see no reason for mountain climbing unless you were born a mountain goat! Haha....

Shame on Edgar, Josie needs to find her claws and give him a swipe that would end that... oh my, kids do get into tiffs sometimes... Also, I did have to re-type my posts a couple of times when I started doing the roll call thing! Now I flip between the thread and Word (copy and paste my post)..


Love the warmer weather as well... getting outside to do anything is much better than being indoors! I never look forward to the pollen time of year either, but I love the things that come with that.... all the blooms and blossoms! Enjoy your warm temps!.


Welcome again to the group... hope you drop in often... lots of fun on this thread!.


Glad you got back home alright and that you enjoyed the conference. Sounds like you have your start on spring with your blooms and sprouts coming along... It always amazes me that they grow now even in a greenhouse when it is so cold outside. Have to say it is a little warmer here today but that doesnt last too long this time of the year. I have to say you have a lot of grass to mow... wow, but I am sure that it is beautiful in the summer there...


Glad to hear both you and Tom are doing well... a hand injury takes a while to heal but sounds like the therapy is really working which is wonderful. 78 degrees would be lovely and I love roses... so looking forward to tending to mine when this snow is all gone..


Taking care of Kaden again... you are definitely a good Grandmother.. sounds like you are also having great weather... enjoy it! I also love lilacs but we dont get them until almost the end of April, love the smell in the air... praying you have a safe journey on the road... enjoy!.


Restart is good... better than forgetting it all and throwing in the towel... good for you making that decision... remember life happens and we just have to adjust!.

Well doing a quick load of laundry, wash up the supper dishes and then relax in front of the tv tonight... DH is working night shift! I am so very grateful for my life and thank God that I also found this thread. You all dont know what you mean to me... it is great to be a part of a group of people who treat you so kind and with such caring... have a great evening everyone!.



Comment #51

Ah Mechelle - we have those issues with the Fluffs all the time - if it isn't the CA Fluffs complaining how cold it is at 50 - it's the AL & AZ & FL Fluffs bagging about their temps.... we just deal with it cause we like 'em.... OK I'll let you know sooner if I ever have another mower for sale....

Oh Norah you're flowers sound so beautiful - rich with color... I have a beautiful big orange hibicus on my front porch in TX - gave it to a neighbor when I left... It was such a brilliant color and so delicate looking... Fun time in Sally topless again , huh.... OK - so we have different types of allergies - oh goodness - took me a minute but I got it - when you wrote about cleaning out the beds - I was trying to figure out if you were allergic to sheets and blankets and oh my goodness - the mind is definite going.....

Hi Heather and thank you so much - how sweet you are.... a good day for jammie day isn't it.... I love those days.... Good that you can store up a trade in shifts for later.... and have some time to visit your DH's stepmother - sounds like she's fun to spend time with. Enjoy your evening of being lazy and watching tv - me too...

And had a major coughing fit after - just a bit off (Don't say it anyone) so will stay put and whine tonight.....

Comment #52

Oops,lol, guess should have said flower beds. My bad,lol.


Comment #53

Tom was reading about his particular kind of injury last night and found that it will take 4 months at the minimum and 2 years at the max for his arm to be back to normal. I told him boy when you do it, you do it good huh? Poor guy. It is driving him nuts that there are lots of things he wants to get done around here and he can't do any of it.It's hard to keep an active man down that's for sure...

Comment #54

No problem Norah - think my mind just wasn't clicking at

Some of you may remember the big fire in our town just after Christmas that destroyed an old historic bldg here that I posted about. They determined it was arson and found out the mgr (it was housing a farm & feed store) had been stealing items from the store and set the fire to burn all the records because of that... He was indicted yesterday after a couple of month of police work... Unfortunately we all knew him - he helped us some with the Quilt Festival and his mother is an old family friend who attends worship with my DM... My heart breaks for her - have known her many years... Again the question we all ask regularly - why would someone do something like that... Another sad factor is that he was hospitalized just after the fire for trying to commit suicide and his Mom told DM that he was still fighting Desert Storm and had had issues like that for quite a while.....

Comment #55

Woohoo! It's 5:00 my time and I'm ready to head home from work! I had a pretty good day, with not too many clients and not too few. I intend to finish up my dancer painting tonight if I can. I nearly finished it in class last night but I just have not been able to get the face right on my male dancer. I'll post if if I finish it enough that it's at least presentable. I feel much less stressed knowing that Ethan's application for the internship is completehis coach got his recommendation in under the wire. Ethan's with his dad this evening, so I don't have to be pushing him to do anything for the time being.

BeckyI love the photos of your gaggle. What a cozy scene. I'm sorry to hear about the results of the arson investigation. Isn't it terrible that people can feel so desperate as to do something like that?.

Norah and JoanneIt's great to hear about your beautiful flowers in bloom. It won't be long until they're in bloom for all of us. And even Mechelle has new spring growth to report..

I love the spring flowersI just don't like that spring means so much yard work. I don't have enough time to do everything I need to as it is. Nevertheless, spring is my favorite season. I love it that the days are getting longer, and that in just a couple of weeks we be having it be light later into the evening..

HeatherI like your days off. They mean we get great roll calls!.

ChrisAh, bummer! It's frustrating for you, I'm sure, to be having more illness. It's good your doc is being cautious and giving you antibiotics. I hope you feel better soon..

LoriWelcome to the group. So your daughter is in Portland, right? I think it was your DD. Anyway, that's where I live. Are you in the Northwest too?.

HarleyYou've sure continued to be motivated with your exercise, in and out of the gym. I wish I could sustain a little of that..

CathI hope your Wii starts working. It is annoying to get up the gumption to actually exercise and then have the system not cooperate..

I just can't remember what else I read to respond to, so that will just have to do. Hi to everyone I missed too!..

Comment #56

That's great Andrea - time all to yourself to fill as you choose and that paperwork all completed and turned in for Ethan's internship - yahoo..... Thanks - it always makes me feel cozy and smile when I walk into a room and see the gaggle like that.... Enjoy your painting time... can't wait to see this one.....

Comment #57

Waving Hello... rain all day... drove to S.F with DD and her dog "Digger". We'll be heading South in the a.m. I'll be waving to our Southern Belles, maybe a quick stop could be arranged on our way back on the 12th....

Becky- so sorry it was arson, and horrible it's someone you know. Love seeing your kitties! Love your posts too when you're chatty..

Chris- hope you feel better soon and keep killing those bugs....

Norah- congrats on your 25# loss and hope Tom recovers quickly. Kiss Sally for me. hehehe..

Going to post as this is Sal's pesky, delete me computer. Hugs, smile and drink your water! Susan.


Comment #58

Hi Susan - thank you glad you and DD made it to SF safely.... Safe travels south - are you gonna be able to post every so often while you're traveling? Hugs..

Comment #59

Here's the latest painting. I never could get the man's face right so I covered it with a beard..

Now I'm trying to figure out what my next painting will be. I like that process too. It's a good evening for me..

Good night Fluffs!..

Comment #60

Lovely Andrea - hey a beard works - why not... So glad you've had a good night and good luck with deciding on the next painting subject.. Night - rest well..

Time for me and the gaggle (hopefully it won't turn into play time and racing time) to go to bed.... Peaceful night Fluffs.....

Comment #61

Becky - I remember that feed store - too bad that the mgr is going through such hard times. Gentle thoughts going out for his Mom and family - tough time ahead for all of them. Love the pics of the gaggle - is Spencer too good to spend time with the Kids??.

Norah - Oh sorry Tom read that slow recovery is the norm - that can be a downer for sure. Hoping with his determination he can prove them wrong - I was well ahead on my recovery due to my determination..

Andrea - YEA - no nagging for awhile!! LOL!! I LOVE going to the gym - I know not all do! It's okay - just find something you like and then DO IT!! You painting is nice - did you paint it from a picture? That skirt is certainly flowing..

Susan 55 - Enjoy the trip to SF and the time with your DD. Love the dog's name !!.

Heather - Your Comment :" I am so very grateful for my life and thank God that I also found this thread. You all dont know what you mean to me... it is great to be a part of a group of people who treat you so kind and with such caring... have a great evening everyone!" I am GLAD you found us as well!! Hope your hubby has a nice night at work - glad you are off and can relax..

I am going to check out some TV and RELAX!!!..

Comment #62

The 50 Clicks program gives you $10 off your auto-delivery order for every 50 "clicks". On the bar above, under "Tips & Recipes" is "The Daily Dose". There you will find the place to click. You can click once each day & after 50, you will get an email with a code to enter on your order that will give you the $10 off your next order..

The Daily Dose is a good read, too. You can also get there from the first page you get after you sign in, just scroll down a bit & you will see it...

Comment #63

Morning Fluffies !!.

Just dropping in as I am getting ready to get to the gym. It is frosty but Sunny!!.

Hope all have a wonderful morning..

Comment #64

Good Morning - how are you?.

Life is good!!! The sun is shining brightly, the gaggle is napping, and it's Thursday!!! Enjoy it.....

I see our resident gym rat has skittered off to workout again this AM... Glow Harley Glow.... Spencer usually just ends up picking a fight btw....

Where's everyone? It's 10AM EST - aren't you up yet? Yeh Yeh excuses excuses - some have too be at work and some are sleeping cause they're in a different time zone...... fine.....(rolling my eyes).

Well haven't decided what I'll do today - going to drop by to see DM for a bit and other than that I'll make it up as I go lol....

So let's embrace this day - take a deep breath and think about how great it feels - you're alive and moving and can be happy if you choose to be this day.... I vote for happy - come on smile - you can laugh out loud if you want - people will just wonder what joke you aren't sharing... Do something for you today - even one small thing will be terrific....

Question of the day: we haven't done this for a while.

When you have stress and difficulties surrounding you or when you can't sleep cause you just can't stop that stream of info flowing through your mind - do you have a happy place you go to in your mind that helps you relax and breathe easier?.

I DO I DO.... course you probably knew I already had an answer..

I go to a meadow with trees and grass and a stream flowing nearby. It's totally safe from anything and anyone.. There are flowers and you can smell honeysuckle and lilac - butterflies are floating around - birds chirping in the trees - in the distance you can hear a lawn mower and smell new mown grass (no allergies allowed) you have a quilt you spread out and watch kittens playing in the sunshine with a light breeze blowing over you... It's peaceful, beautiful, calm, and serene.... mmmmmmmmmmmm can you feel it?.

OK tell me about yours - if you don't have one - find one.....

Gotta zip bbl.


Comment #65

Good Morning Becky - Love you rolling your eyes!! LOL!!! Yes Life is GOOD!.

Love your Happy Place!! Sounds very relaxing to me! I don't really have a place I go to in my mind - I tend to go through a ritual of telling myself to relax. I know weird but I started doing that after the accident - happy places were not abundant in my life then, not even imaginary ones..

Really intense workout - my abs were still talking to me from the intensity of Tuesday so once I get rid of the tummy fat - these abs will be FINE!!! The assistant manager looked at me on my way out and told me I was not sweating - I looked at him with all seriousness - wiped my brow showing him the moisture and said I don't sweat I Glisten!! He just laughed and said that was funny. I have ordered a new swimsuit for my Florida trip - a tankini and it is cute!!.

Okay off to shower and do errands!..

Comment #66

Becky, you brighten my spirit. Thank you for your happy mood and suggestion to find a happy place. I tell my clients similar things but I don't necessarily practice what I preach. Today I'm annoyed from the daily struggle of trying to get my sleepy slow boy to school on time. I feel harried before the day even starts, and mad at myself for being crabby at Ethan, who just isn't wired for starting a school day at 7:30 am. G-OT-OH-A-P-P-YP-L-A-C-E.

Maybe I'll borrow yours; it sounds lovely...

Comment #67

Good morning! Another gorgeous day here in the valley of the sun. We are trying to think of something to do this weekend. Camping is out as there would be too many things Tom does that I can't when we are camping. We thought of maybe a drive up to Laughlin and spending a night up there and play a little at the casino's, although we are not gamblers. We're not sure yet as to what we are going to doTom is definitely feeling antsy and wanting to get away for a little while. I have a bunch of books I am taking to a book store today to sell.

Tom is outside working on the trailer with his left hand. Glad I am not out there, he's prolly cussing up a storm,lol..

Andrea, love the painting!!!..

Comment #68

Hello Everyone,.

Okay... it is my days off... no fair making me think hard Becky.

Haha... my happy place... mmm... I have many... but when I don't sleep well I usually get up and have a cup of tea... sit quietly in my living room with the blanket around me and just zone out...

Then I pray... sounds simple but I find great peace of mind in prayer.... then I listen for His response... can't just be a one sided conversation you know!.

Often after about 20-30 mins I can easily go back to bed and sleep for hours....

With my job and the everyday stress of life... prayer has become a really important part of my life....

Becky you thought you were chatty... well... I am going to share a side of me with you all that only my husband at this point knows about... and you will see why my final statement in yesterday's post means so much to me... so bare with me and the details but I feel you all need to know how much you have touched my heart....

I have spent my entire life as the fat girl... the usual picked on one in school but always the friend to everyone... my friends were often the misfits if you will... and I put my efforts in being perfect (now know that doesn't really exist in this lifetime)... got great grades and was good at whatever I seemed to take on... I grew up in a strict home...

In Psychology with a minor in Sociology and a second minor in English (I loved Victorian prose and poetry so took extra credits to get the second minor)... then I went on to get a Business Education Diploma (which I did with honors). Moved to Calgary Alberta... met my ex husband... tried having a child (not in God's plan for me)...

Got divorced but still remain friends...

I started work at my current job in 1997 and met my current husband on the job (he was a police officer for 25 yrs and is now retired from that job)... he is 13 yrs older than me and has two daughters and four grandkids (so really I am a step-mom now!.

) He left the job in 2000 and moved to Ontario... I was devastated and went into that same tailspin as when my dad died but this time I went the opposite and stopped eating (sigh... I was a mess!!!).

I wrote him every week and he wrote back about once a month (typical male) haha....

Then he wrote a note in a card he sent to me at my lowest depression, that he loved me and wanted to come see me... so I invited him to do so... he proposed and the rest is history... he moved back home in 2001 and we got married in May 2003! Best thing I ever did!.

Okay... so from the time I was 15 or so, until now... I have weighed anywhere from 330+ to 160 pounds... (I have never really told anyone my highest weight, as I had no scales that could accurately weigh me!) Three years ago both my DH and I joined weight watchers... I lost 78.7 pounds and then gave up on myself... hit the wall and was tired of going in each week to explain my depression and slow weight gain at that time! Then I just gave up...

Sigh! Oh my....

Then just before Christmas 2010 I had several nights that I could not sleep even if I wanted to... was depressed... cried all the time... and I looked back to just that, where is my HAPPY PLACE? I spent several nights with tea and in prayer... fighting with God and myself to place me in a position of importance... God was telling me to get my act together...

So I read and read and read articles on the best plans, etc... after years of dieting I knew about nutrition, exercise, protein, carbs, fiber, you name it... I had already tried every diet pill on the market and every diet known to man (well maybe not all... haha)....

I then read up on NS... did a lot of research on the food, their contents, the price, etc... I fought with the price issue as I am cheap on myself... and then figured I could spend the money now and get healthy or spend the money later in life on medication for diabetes, heart problems, etc....

The day I was going to order I chickened out... and had one of those nights... I got up and prayed a lot that night... my biggest thing this time was I wasn't going to tell anyone except my DH but I did know I would need support and not just from him... I prayed I would be able to do this on my own with God's help....

I went on the next day and placed my order on the Canada site... there is no community pages on there... so I looked into the US side... came upon these discussion groups (I had seen them before when I did the 6 week body makeover as they have a similar site)... I really accidentally came on this thread... I read your posts and your talk between each other...

People who were in the same boat, rowing to the same shore and feeling the same as me? was that really possible?... so again another sleepless night.... prayer and then I came back... the one thing that struck me the most was you were praying for one another's problems and heart aches....

So you see God lead me to you girls and you keep me going every day... although some of you are in warmer climates and all the way across on the other side of this continent you still care about one another....

If nothing else.. I thank you for reading and listening to me talk on everyday and my posts come from the heart... I do pray for each of you regularly and hope that you are doing good....

Smiling is the best of all medicine... and besides it keeps people guessing as to what you are really thinking!!.

Have a great day....



P.S. Camille thank you for the 50 clicks thing... just added my first click today.....

Comment #69

Heather - Thanks for sharing yourself with us!! I do not have a sister and truly feel these gals are my sisters. We are all in it together it seems - we share, support one another, laugh and probably cry together though Miles apart. I truly feel blessed as well. I have had 2 F2F meetings and those were great! Poor Becky put up with me for days and nights but we had fun!.

Hope you have a Great Day!!..

Comment #70

Wow HeatherThank you for baring your soul with us, and for being part of our group. You are touching people here just as we may have touched you. In addition to those of us who are getting to know you and already feel your support, someone somewhere is lurking, reading your post, and feeling exactly as you did and now knowing that there are people like her to support her in this journey. I really appreciate this thread for the depth to that support. It is not just about food, it is about who we are and the stresses that make us eat, or the things that make us feel badly about ourselves. It is really a wonderful thing, and you put it especially eloquently...

Comment #71

Heather, Thank you so much for sharing with us. I feel the same way. We all have so much in common and that is that we eat for no reason at all or for stress or boredom, whatever. But what we have found here (I totally believe God has brought us together) is a phenomenal bond with a great group of women. I have had a few F2F meetings and have been so blessed with the knowing. You are also a blessing here and we appreciate you!!.

My happy place is very much the same as Heather's I pray and listen to His replies. That has brought more peace than anything in my life...

Comment #72

Afternoon Fluffs.

I've been out and about - couple of errands and went to see DM and helped her hang the new living room curtains we bought the other day... so back home and quiet now... Gaggle's had supper so should be nap time shortly....

Pretty outside but a touch cool - low 50s... no major news from me I'm afraid - ummmm let's see - found Carter hanging upside down in a trash can - Piper knocked over a dining room chair - I think that's all for the moment....

Heather, our new dear Fluff - thank you for trusting us with this information..

It took me a while but I no longer find it strange that I am such close friends with ladies I've never met F2F and then there's Harley - lol no Harley's great and it was wonderful when she visited me in the fall and we got to know each other evlen better.(remind me to tell you some funny stories of our meeting).. to come here and be safe and be able to vent and share and find understanding and support and care is just the greatest - has kept me going many days when things were dark... I startedNutrisystemin Jan. 2007 and began to meet folks here and have now been friends with some of the Fluffs for several years... Some went through the first anniversary of my darling DH's death with me in 2007 and it helped so much to know other's cared that didn't know me well and had never met him and they were willing to listen to my rambling stories about him anytime and boy did I do a lot of talking about him then... We all have the bond of wanting to take better care of ourselves and being victims of head hunger for numerous reasons...I'm so glad you found us and came back the second time and decided to 'stick'...

Many hugs......

Comment #73

Happy March!.

I just flew in from Atlanta where I was to be the celebrant for Barbara's service the founder of the site ForMomsOnly where I'm very active now. She had asked me in January if I would do it and she died on February 24th and the service was last Monday. It's been a whirlwind yet I was so honored to be asked and there were eleven moms from places as far as California to Canada and everything in-between. The family was touched to see so many of us able to attend. It has been an emotional time indeed and I'm not sure if I had mentioned that she fought breast cancer for ten years. Ugh...

Her son, Evan, was waiting for her I know as well as all of our kids and she left with so many messages for each of them. It's been a heartfelt time for sure..

I was hired back at my training hospital so will be helping out when chaplains are on vacation, ill or they need more help because of high patient volume. It's an answer to my prayers and I'm just thrilled. It came to me and I didn't even have to go searching for it. Isn't that just how those kinds of things happen?!.

Life is moving along with everyone growing older including me. How does that happen?! lol.

Can't wait to uncover the fifth wheel and head to the red rock desert next month and have some fun trips planned..

My sister and I will also head east to be with our dad for his 91st birthday the end of June..

Sending my best to each of you and Becky, everything is fine my friend. I've just had things hopping lately trying to get ready for the service and not knowing when I'd be called upon to leave. I'm exhaling now..

Waving hello to all and best wishes for a wonderful March and the advent of spring. Just love it..

I hear my little man telling me his nap is over..

Gentle care to all!..

Comment #74

Woohoo new swiimsuit for Harley!!!!! Glad you had a really good workout this morning....You're gonna have to explain to that gym asst mgr about 'glowing'.....glad you like my happy place... you're more than welcome to use it....

Ahh Andrea - you made me smile and feel a warm fuzzy - thank you so much..Aren't we usually the last to listen to our own advice? I'm so not a morning person so I can emphatize with Ethan (is that the right word?) not sure what would help him although I might try bargaining about some of the robotics stuff to get him in gear in the AM and stop stressing you so much.. would it help to explain to him how it starts your mornings going through this day after day - maybe appeal to him on the 'poor Mom' basis..

Oh cool Norah - ROAD TRIP..... I'd love to do one of those but then I'd have to buy more of that high priced gas out there.... oh oh - may need to wash Tom's mouth out when he comes in.... isn't it wonderful to know how many of our friends turn to prayer so often... A necessity in my life as well.....

Comment #75

AH Miss Joanie - there you are....

Very sorry for the loss of your friend but very happy you were able and had the privilege of being the celebrant for her service... Good that you and other friends were able to travel there to celebrate her life as you all have that one heartbreaking connection.....

And back to work for you but good that it's not full time as those grands need their (I forget your name on this one) Nana or Mimi time...

Almost time for you and DH to head out to your beloved red rock area and commune with nature... certainly can't let work interfere with that... Don't even want to talk about the getting older part - huh uh nope no noway....

Thanks - good to know... Take care and come back when time permits and continue to heal my friend as I do in my own way.....

Comment #76

Leslie - hope it's a good one.. in case you get some time to drop by.....

Comment #77

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE!!! Hope you have had a wonderful day!..

Comment #78

Becky - UMMMMM - what is this..

Then there's Harley - lol no Harley's great and it was wonderful when she visited me in the fall and we got to know each other evlen better.(remind me to tell you some funny stories of our meeting)...

What are you telling people?? LOL!!!..

Comment #79

Yes, Happy Birthday Leslie. Hope you have a good one! Be sure to put a candle on your dessert cake tonight..

Comment #80

Hope it's a wonderful day with many more to come - enjoy!..

Comment #81

Oh Hi Harley - I was just thinking about the story of the hitchhiker named "Lloyd"......

Harley thought that was very cute and quaint that the guy hitchhiking had a sign telling his name so someone would pick him up... snickering here - I calmly explained in between loud laughs that "No his name wasn't Lloyd - he wanted to go to Lloyd which was 10 min down the road".......

Comment #82

Heather, thanks for sharing your life with us. You are a delightful person to chat with and you fit in perfectly with all of the other lovely women here! We may all come from different geographic areas and different backgrounds, but we do hold many things in common besides our struggles with our weight. I've been active on theNutrisystemboards for almost 2 years and have been on this thread for over a year - truly, this group of ladies are just the best - extremely nice, and very understanding. There is a lot of great support for each other. And, oh yes, I'm glad we found you as well!..

Comment #83

Hi Mechelle - how's everything in the frozen tundra tonight? Are you working or is it time off?.

Hi Joanne - ya been busy today?..

Comment #84

Hey Joanie! Waving back - have a great time in the desert!..

Comment #85

Just got back from Huntsville area - almost 4 hours of round-trip driving to run our gear into the only dive shop in Alabama that services our brand of equipment..

Getting a little computer time in to catch up on emails & the bb!..

Comment #86

Message from Marie.

I am just ridiculously busy.... We moved MIL and it took 3 good weeks of.

> our time, before and after her moving, then I made her curtains and she.

> also needed help with many other things..

> Then this week I began to resod the lawn by myself with plugs....I am.

> spending all my days doing that and in the evenings I am just falling on.

> my chair half dead after a very necessary bath. All our lawn was dead so.

> it is a huge job. The weeds are coming back faster that I can.

> manage...these little things grow so fast, but it looks like a miracle.

> to have sod growing fast..LIFE IS UNFAIR lol.


> I am reading the posts when I have a minute so I am not totaly lost.

> about what is going on with my Fluffies friends..


> Say Hello to all and the FROG will be back eventually!!!!.


> Busy Fraugie..

Comment #87

Joanne - oh yes getting ready for your spring diving trip.... warm breezes and ocean waves and beautiful sand coming up.....

Comment #88

Andrea, the beard worked out great!.

Oh and my teens were difficult to get up in the mornings as well - they say they really are wired differently! But now they are early birds getting up before the sun and getting to their jobs on their own - who would have thought!..

Comment #89

Becky - oh yes - Lloyd - that was funny!!! Thanks for the giggle.

78 minutes but who is counting? ME!!..

Comment #90

It can't come soon enough! Besides diving, I miss my BFF & can't wait to chat in real life! The ocean, as you might guess, is my favorite relaxing place. Underwater, floating in zero gravity, a guest in a different world. The only sound - the bubbles escaping from my regulator as I breathe out!.

When I'm stressed, I go outside and find a bit of nature. Even in the night. I'll just sit under the stars where I know I'm just a tiny speck on this world - and the true size of my worries usually proves smaller than even I am...

Comment #91

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