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Got a question... Where can I buy Nutrisystem Smart ones meals? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... I've been walking abour 5km a day, going faster so that I'm always having to change clothes when I get home. (some days are 8 and 9km) My question is, with all the extra weight I'm carrying, can I still start the learning to run type programs?.

I downloaded the couch to 5k running plan podcasts, and it seems doable as long as I take my time and hold at each level until I can do it..

I weighed in today at 249. Is there a safe weight to start this? In part I am thinking about the wear and tear on joints. I have no other medical concerns, BP is 122/82, no Hx of asthma, or joint problems. I know that this is not a substitute for medical advice...I think I want to hear from, suggestions.... have any big people tried and succeeded?.

Thanks for your help.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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THEY DO IT ON BIGGEST LOSER- anything is possible. But yes- go slow and listen to body...

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You can do anything you put your mind to!..

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Absolutely! It will make you stronger and jump-start your weightloss. Just make sure you ease into it and don't do too much too quickly. Give your body time to recover and just enjoy it!..

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A 400 lb man just ran the L.A. Marathon, so I'd say you are OK. I have bad knees, so I bike ride..

Here is the article..


Comment #5

400-pound marathoner celebrates nine hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds of 'pure hell'.

Kelly Gneiting, a former national champion sumo wrestler, finishes the L.A. Marathon and may have set a Guinness record..

March 21, 2011.

|By Kurt Streeter, Los Angeles Times.

After slowly but steadily working his way through a 26.2-mile course drenched by driving rain, mammoth distance runner Kelly Gneiting finished Sunday's Los Angeles Marathon in nine hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds, probably establishing a Guinness world record for someone his size..

"I did it, but it was hell," Gneiting, 40, said, shortly after crossing the finish line in Santa Monica. "Pure hell.".

Featured in a Times profile last week.

, Gneiting is a former national champion sumo wrestler with a 60-inch waist who weighed in just before the race at 400 pounds..

Gneiting completed the marathon by jogging and walking and said there were several times when he feared he wouldn't finish, particularly when his rain-soaked feet developed terrible blisters..

"My feet were on fire," he said. "Twice, blisters popped and just about brought me to my knees.... But I kept going.".

Despite his slow pace, Gneiting accomplished his two main goals. He improved his time from the only other race he entered, the 2008 L.A. Marathon, which he completed in 11 hours, 48 minutes and 16 seconds..

He also appears to have set a Guinness world record for heaviest person to complete a marathon. Guinness representatives must review Gneiting's results before certifying the record...

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This is what I was thinking but they have doctors and trainers on staff behind the scenes. They are constantly monitored and even iced down after exercise!.

Personally I would check with my doctor. You are talking about a big change. Yes, it can definitely be done but I'd want it supervised too...

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Heather -.

My daughter has started a training program to participate in a triathlon this summer. She weighs about 220 right now, and is very determined. Like you, she was already walking a lot (at college), but is now doing the biking, running and swimming. Swimming has been her biggest challenge - swimming with good form. She's also picked up a heart rate monitor to ensure she's working in her aerobic range. She read a lot about how to do things safely and is making great progress toward her goal..

She is currently doing interval running - running a minute, walking a minute (or two!), running again, etc. for about 15 minutes. Then back to just walking the rest of her course..

One um...issue...she's had is finding the right undergarments to run comfortably. Though she isn't overly endowed, she had to get a very snug running bra to hold things in place while running. She is also more comfortable in running shorts (the tights) under her regular clothes for the same reason - holds her tummy, rear and thighs and prevents a lot of jostling..

For what it's worth - coming from a woman with bad knees who won't be running any time soon! - I say go for it, but do it the smart way!.

Good luck, Heather!..

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Oh yeah - I nearly forgot a really good point -.


It is your friend..

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This is what I was going to say. Be very, very careful and get checked out. And be aware that on Biggest Loser, in the beginning when they show them running, most are running for a few seconds at a time...

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Thanks for the tips, suggestions and encouragement. The tri-and-run sports just down the street sells that body glide stuff. I can see that being a necessity. I've been afraid to go through the doors, (my own self esteem-a big person like me walking into a store like that...etc. so that is a good reason to go there) I'm going to double up the sports bras to see if that gives enough support. Don't want to knock myself out with the girls flying willy-nilly.

I pissed off the receptionist at the Dr. office by missing an appointment booked 6 months ago that I did not know about, so I'm not going back to the Doctor for a while. I saw him last month when he did my physical and he was happy with the changes already. I will pay attention to my body and take it carefully..

Thanks again everyone. If anyone has more tips, let me know...

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Newnurse, I've actually coached larger women to run/walk a 5K. YOU CAN DO IT!! Start of by run/walking. Walk 5 minutes, run 1 minute, all for 30 minutes. The next week, walk 4 minutes, run 2 minutes. Repeat until you feel comfortable. You burn the roughly the same amount of calories per mile whether running or walking; you can just run farther than you can walk in the same amount of time..

Do not bother with double-binding the boobs. Invest in a good running bra. The running store should be able to help you, or you can find them online at the women's running clothes stores, like Athleta.



Best of luck. Your body can do anything you train it to do!..

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Go for it....I would definately check with your doctor first, but I did it with the couch to 5K program..

It starts you off really slow and lets you work on it with your own schedule and speed..


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Might want to look into having someone help you with shoes, made all the difference in the world for me to have a shoe that fit correctly for my foot type. I think someone in a running store can appreciate what you're trying to do and help you get to your goal...they do want repeat business..

And C25K has been great. Me and the wife just finished week 5. At the beginning there was no way I would be able to jog the 20mins, but I did it last night..

Edit: Good Luck!..

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Since you're doing the C25K, check out the C25K Support Group thread under Fitness and Exercise...

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Robin- you are absolutely right. I did not think of all the behind the scenes actions they take-thank you for correcting me!..

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Well, I went to the sports store, very helpful. Spent 40 minutes trying on sports bras, getting all hot and sweaty, dancing, hopping, lifting, tugging and heaving to get them on, to find that they have to order in my cup size. (40G).

I got the body glide stuff too. I already have a great pair of saucony's. Just waiting now on the bra, which is due to arrive sometime next week..

Thanks for the advice, and the.

Couch to 5km thread.

Is what inspired me. I'll continue to lurk there as well. Looks like I'll be starting this newest adventure next weekend. I'll continue walking for now until I have the right gear...

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Very exciting! bummer about having to wait for the bra though - as you get running and lose weight, you'll find you'll need to get a new one very soon I am sure...

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The right bra makes ALL the difference. I see women at races just flopping all over the place, and I want to scream at them. Especially the young ones, who won't be looking all nice and perky for long if they keep that up..

Good luck. And don't be discouraged if you can't walk five minutes and run a whole minute. A lot of people have to start with just 20 or 30 seconds of running. (One other tip: Run SLOWLY. You might look at "Run Your Butt Off," a book about running and weight loss. They advocate running at or even below your walking pace at first, till you build endurance.)..

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