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Quick question: Where can I buy Nutrisystem food products? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I wanted to set up a goal for myself..

Overall I want to loose 26 lbs by June 24th..

I'm at 276lbs now and that will put me at 250 lbs by then..

So my mini goal is to lose 6 lbs by March 30th along with increasing my weight training exercise..

That should be fun and achievable!.

Here is what I look like starting this goal,.

Close to when I started at 340lbs...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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LOL, I don't recall getting much advice from you, if you did I must have missed the post as I don't check in very often and sometime skim over what I've posted..

Oh and I'm 28 yrs old for the record..

Oh I've already bumped my Cardio from 25-30 mins to 45-50 mins and setting the resistance on the Eliptical higher. At the end of the workout I'm sucking wind like it's going out of style! I've also added different weight workout style to increase my Muscle Mass and Endurance. Right now I'm set at 320 lbs on the leg press for 3 sets of 10s. I've also do the normal squat but instead of the stop halfway I go all the way to my ankles so I only do 150 lbs of 3 sets of 10s. a couple of added chest exercises are bench press, military press, shoulder lift, back lift, and any free weight position that works muscles I don't normally work in my other routine. Oh and today I do abs so I'm going to give some bicycling, crunch, stiff arm crunch, and a couple that I can't think offhand...

Comment #2

I meant to say any ill advice, but forgot to put that in there..

I tend to read your post and get some ideas on what to do and how to adjust what I'm doing. Of course I'm making the choice based on my knowledge, with my doctor telling me to keep up the good work, and what I feel like is what I need to do to improve...

Comment #3

That's called ATG or (Ass To Ground). The only way to do squats IMO..

Make sure you wear flat shoes and push from the heals and keep your weight under the bar..

Good luck and keep up the great work...consistency is the key...

Comment #4

That easy if you stick to the plan. The ultimate problem is if you hit a wall in that time period!..

Comment #5

Bama fan I take it from the before picture? You weren't near Toomers Corner recently were you? Hmmm..

As for the plan I like it. Thats totally achievable in my opinion. Set your mark and crush it...

Comment #6

Yes sir I'm a Bama fan first, Texas Tech fan second..

I was raised and born in Texas but I always liked Alabama since my family is from there and my Dad is a Bama Fan. Went there for my first year of college and then I finish my degree at Texas Tech University since it was cheaper..

On and No I wasn't near Toomers Corner. I've been in PA since Christmas so it wasn't me!!!!! Although I have to admit it's cool that Auburn won since it makes Alabama the second state to have two back to back BCS championships. But Alabama is still number 0ne!!!.

Oh and just a quick note for everyone, I've been off Nutrisystem since December and I've lost 22 lbs since I've been off. I just took what I learned and apply it to my lifestyle! Matter of fact I just got done cooking up a mess of brown rice to store in the fridge so I don't have to cook it tomorrow and when ever I want some brown rice for carb. and I got salmon thawing out for dinner tomorrow night. I still follow the plan for the basic structure of the food plan, but I tweaked it for my lifestyle and have seen good results so far...

Comment #7

His avatar is almost the same as someone else. I'll figure it out...

Comment #8

You mean someone else is leaning against a fireplace that's standing from when the confederate army built it at Lake Fort Phantom!?!??!.

LOL, it could possibly be John though, his avatar is blurry and has him stand against a rail I think?..

Comment #9

Cajohn had a similar avatar but not now. I see that.....

Comment #10

Yep. You're right Bob. I mixed the two of them up...

Comment #11

I've lost 2 lbs since the start date according to my weigh in a few days ago..

With no change in diet but did change my workout routine, I gained weight on the first week. I don't know if the added weight lifting or what caused it but it's a slow progress with the weight lost right now..

I willl see where I'm at tomorrow but wanted to give a update on my progress...

Comment #12

I'm sitting at 272 lbs so 2 more lbs to lose before March 30 to meet my goal..

That's 2 lbs in 10 days...

Comment #13

I hit the mini goal, I'm at 269.6 today..

On toward the next goal!..

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