Where can I buy a Nutrisystem starter kit?

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Got a question... Where can I buy a Nutrisystem starter kit? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: This is the home of the Autumn Willows where we exercise Paisley's Rule..








Our purpose is to motivate, share ideas and experiences and give each other a kick in the pants when necessary..

PM me for the spreadsheet link..

Willows' Football Season Picks.

Marie - Jets.

Deb & Sabina - Giants.

Stef - Steelers.


Kate - Cowboys.

Lynda & Hana - Packers.

Jeanne & Lori - Vikings.

Kim - Bears.

Linna - Cardinals.

(then Vikings).

Patty - Chiefs.

Diana - Browns.

Joyce - Colts.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Marie are you sure they aren't? I get a bit nutso with the way people drive here too. One pet peeves I have is that when someone merges on the highway THEY are the ones that are suppose to yield to traffic not visa versa. Grumble, grumble, grumble. And I see they were able to clear Time Square in plenty of time for the big celebration. Have they cleared the other streets yet?.

2011 is here - yipeeeeeeeeee. So far this year brings a brandie new Governor for New York. So.


Sad to see our lame excuse for a leader gone and praying our new guy can do the job. Today's temps are suppose to be close to 50, news that our television service will go up 4% in February, and a heart that is so full of hope and promise for the future that it just might burst!..

Comment #2

Happy New Year Marcene. You for sure are not alone in what you call the swine fest. You are so funny but how well you described what I've been doing since the end of October..

I am going to begin anew on Monday for that is the day my crazy life may actually return to normal. I am planning to work a full 8 hour day and get a handle on my over-eating...

Comment #3


You have been through so much last year and I hope and pray that this year will be so much better for you..

We will get this extra stuff offwe did it before, we can do it again..

I also have other names that I go by when Swine Fest is here. They are Cellulita, Hogatha and Swinetta...

Comment #4

Marcene - I love the names for Swine Fest! Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to promises of things to come!.

Sabina - Are you sure you ready for a full 8 hour day at work? Since we only had a 4 day week last week and a 3.5 day week the week before, I can hardly stand thinking about a whole 5 days in a row! Plus, on Thursday morning when I went to work, my computer had crashed and the computer tech is not available until Monday. That was basically a waste of my time. I'm hoping the tech can take care of me right away Monday morning. I am using a different computer, but it's like going to a foreign country and takes me twice as long to get anything done..

Blessings to everyone - I will be back later to check in and see what everyone is doing!..

Comment #5

Love the names Marcene - we should use them on each other this coming year when we fest with the swine!.

Hana - I would much rather never go back to the office, however it pays bills and provides the health insurance. The boss has paid me full time and Ray is doing well enough now that I would simply be taking advantage of the boss' generosity if I were to continue to only work part time. Ray will call if he needs me to come home. This is a new year with the yucky stuff stuck in 2010 - time to get normal and it is really hard to keep my desk clear part-time. This is my busiest time of the year. Oh and it is also the beginning of my last year of full time employment with the law practice...

Comment #6

Good morning everyone and happy, healthy 2011!.

Everyone is leaving today so my house will be empty tonight and I can put it back together. I'll miss everyone, but I'll enjoy being alone with Ross again too..

Yay Marcene! I'm glad to see you get on the wagon with us too..

I'll try to check back in later after everyone leaves...

Comment #7

Happy New Year of 2011 once again to all of you.

Marcene, you get back in your seat with us because the wagon is about to.

Start rolling again towards that goal line. We can all do this thing and you.

Are not alone. We have all made some slippery moves that we are not proud of, but,.

We know what to do to get back on tract and we are ROARING strong, Jump On Now!.

Glad you are feeling good and ready for a New Thing, all of us are..

You are still my sweet laugh for the day so far. I love you girl, stay with us now....

Sabina, I love the full heart, mine is too, I have lots of HOPE and anticipation for the.

Months ahead. I am very happy today, even though our skies are so dark and the rains are pouring.

Down. Good day to stay in a fix a nice dinner for everyone and untrim the tree..

That is my plan for today, So I will have 12 for dinner and tomorrow it all changes..

I have my lovies and my Jerry and that is a very good start for me. Hope is high here..

Yes, Monday for me also Sabina, as I still have the full house and can not doNutrisystemwhile I am.

Cooking for 12. I will eat sensible and make a good start though..

And Sabina, September will be here again before you know it. And you may get the break you want from.

That desk. who knows, time will tell that one...

Comment #8

Ruth it is so much better to have a happy full heart than a sad one. I am working hard at pumping it to the hilt with happiness...

Comment #9

Oh you ladies are funny! Marcene Swinefest indeed!.

I love the way we will roar into this new year with renewed commitment!.

Unfortunately I had gained back most of my weight so I'm on the willow wagon again! I just have to get past dinner today when I will be having champagne, but my food will be measured and prepared in a healthy way..

I've chosen to forego dessert. Enough is enough. I ate a whole 2lb tin of mostly chocolate coated cookies all by myself. Believe me, it too restraint to make it last the week! This disease is horrible!.

I keep saying I will join the gym and haven't yet. This week I will and get a trainer there too. I need someone other than my family to get me going. I will get all the support I need from dh and ds and of course.


Comment #10

Happy Happy 2011 everyone!!!!.

You ladies are a hoot today, a good sign for things to come! Love the swine talk, the new names and the positive attitudes..

Marcene and Hana, great to see you here today..

Sabina, I know how you feel about work. You know how much I love mine. Who invented work anyway? In my next life I'm coming back as my ods, have people take care of my every need, never worry about anything, never have to think about bills, time, food, just have everyone do everything for me. Except for the times he's sick, who has it better? LOL.

Marie, Marie, Marie. Get yourself a Dino! I'm working out and doing things I never even knew existed. After a month I'm not embarrassed anymore either. I just sweat away, like everyone else. Even the skinny girls sweat and look like crap most of the time, not their bodies, just the droopy wet hair and sweated off makeup. I can't even believe I belong to the gym.

Ruth, omg, 12 people still? You are a saint. Have fun and enjoy!.

Hey Lynda, did it stop snowing out there on the left coast yet?.

Will check in later. Hope you are all having a fun day...

Comment #11

Deb - No way. It is snowing AGAIN! We are expecting a foot of snow by Monday. Not too bad. We are about to take our company to their cars so we will be driving again during this storm. Don't like that part..

Yay for Marie! You are on the wagon with us. We Willows are going to ALL get to goal this year!..

Comment #12

I say YES Marie, you have my full support and love to do whatever you.

Need to do to make it happen..

I would love to see you lose all the weight you want to and be feeling so good.

About yourself mentally and physically. That will be my Prayer for you dear friend..

Yes Sabina, when it comes to the heart, FULL, is always better than sad and empty or hurting..

I am going to make a big effort to keep mine FULL for many months ahead..

Iam also very pleased to hear you talking this talk. You are on the right track, keep it up.

I just feel there are so many good and healthy changes ahead for all of us and I am excited to hear all.

The good reports that will be coming forth..

Deb, you are making me laugh about your Son, I have some of them around here too. Where do kids learn that life.

Style. Sometimes I blame the Moms of the SIL's, what do you think?.

Make him do some things, one day his wife will thank you.

Like your positive attitude also, sounds like we are all off to a real fresh and positive start. Hope we maintain it.

For a long time to come. That will be the fuel for the wagon to keep up going..

Be safe Lynda..

Comment #13

Happy New Year to all. So good to see all your shining faces..

I work the next 3 nights. I will be thinking about you all even if I can't get here...

Comment #14

Hi Brenda Joy, and Happy New Year to you!.

Hope you are doing good and looking forward to a New Year with lots of.

New Beginnings. Hope is the key to open many doors for all of us..

Feel my hug..

Comment #15

My new year unfortunately is going to start off with a nasty sniff rather than a bang. A rotten cold virus apparently (stated with major sarcasm) has made me it's home. My nose, throat, eyes and ears are all sore but the topper is that it comes with a backache, which I thought was a pulled muscle. I thought I had it licked 2 days ago but oh no, it's a sneaky little character and stole his way back in while I was sleeping last night and now has decided to settle in and stay away..

I did manage, even though it took all day, to finish decorating the bedroom today. I'll try to post pictures before the weekend is over...

Comment #16

Hi Brenda Joy - Happy New Year!.

Sabina - I did remember that this is the beginning of your last full time year. I'm trying to talk a former co-worker of mine to move back to Alliance so I can go back to part time. I always got full time benefits with my part time job, but then I had to move to full time. For many years I had Thursday and Friday afternoons off and I loved it. Prior to that I was supposed to be 20 hours per week, but it always seemed like I was filling in for someone else so that didn't really ever happen. The only place I am totally self-motivated is at work so I guess I had better stay there..

Marie - I don't even want to confess what I ate over Christmas week. Can you say too many Russian/Mexican wedding cake cookies and fudge? When I say too many, I mean literally more than 12! I have had a headache every single day from too much sugar. I hate this! Jumping on the wagon with everyone else and moving on. My niece is getting married in July in the Black Hills and she is the first in our family to get married so I would like to look good, I guess it will be something to look forward to!.

Ruth - Cooking for 12! No thanks, although I did make a large batch of spaghetti and some sausage chowder for the kids, nothing too difficult. My DD has been out in the country sledding with friends. It's very cold, maybe 7 degrees out. We had a nice blizzard yesterday and the kids couldn't wait to get outside after it was over. Me, not so much. My DS has been out of town all week working (and playing) so I am not sure when he is coming home..

Everyone stay warm!..

Comment #17

Sabina, would love to see those pics and hoping you can do something to shake it off..

Soak in a hot tub of epsom salt for the muscle ache and sounds kinda like a sinus thing that.

I had before Christmas, thought I had lock jaw or something, my glands below the ears hurt so badly..

I saw my Chiropractor twice and he got me alot of relief..

Just a thought! Sorry something is trying to take hold, really need to shake that off and not pass it to Ray..

Will say prayers for that one..

Hi Hana, the wedding will be a very good incentive for you to stay on track now. Good one..

My cooking today was not so difficult either, we did the spaghetti too and that was simple enough.

And all the kids loved it..

Sort of tired of chicken at my house and all the goodies make me sick to look at them. Will be glad when I can toss.

A few things. I know I could not have resisted the fudge, or the cookies..

Not saying what all I ate, just trying to not eat anymore and hoping to drop a pound or two real soon..

I just got off the ecliptor. Dr Whitaker says if a Diabetic will walk or do something for 10 min after each meal, it.

Would be a big help. that is one of the things I am trying different this month. Will see how it works, need to keep my.

Sugar numbers down for sure. Anxious to see if that will help me..

When I was sick before Christmas, it was not what I was eating, but, the body trying to fight the germs and help the immune system..

So many things effect it, besides sugar in foods. Ya know?..

Comment #18

We've got some great minds thinking alike today. Guess what I made a big pot of? Yes, spaghetti and meatballs. Just had to laugh at that..

The regular staff at dad's nursing home is finally back after vacations and various days off and guess what they're reported? Remember that resident who took over our first family council meeting I told you about? She's gone all over the place telling all that she will do her best to make sure our council will fail. Some nut case for sure. My DS is so upset but I take these things in stride. I'll just ask her to be respectful of us as a group and if she forces her way in will cancel the meeting. May have it in my house. Takes all kinds I guess.

Oh, and the new CEO has been fired. Too nice, I guess. Lasted 6 weeks and was gone. Just had to update you all and will appreciate any input from all Willows. Never a dull moment...

Comment #19

See Deb, look at that major change that has already taken place this year..

Things will get better as they shuffle the people around and keep the folks in place and happy. You will figure out what is best for the folks in the home and act accordingly, I am sure..

Things just need to calm down and everyone get in their right place and take care of the folks, that is what is foremost, stick to your guns Deb, as it worked for you before. You are a winner and your sweet Dad deserves the very best of care and conditions...

Comment #20

I put the bedroom photos and a couple of Ray and furkids on Facebook..


Here is one, which will probably come out really big..

Comment #21

Good morning, Willows! Please save room for me on the Willow Wagon as I, too, will be climbing on board tomorrow. The first 8 days will be touchy, as I also board a plane for Chicago tomorrow with my DIL (Laura) to see if we can help my mom get a bit more organized on what is in the house. 50 years of "stuff' that needs to be categorized. What to keep, donate, sell, throw, treasure. I am so glad that Laura is going with me so she can keep Mom occupied and I can hopefully accomplish things..

I have missed you has been hectic here and yes, we still have the 9 puppies and Mama. After bringing them in occasionally (for colder nights) I finally had to let that go. They have a 5x15 kennel that is fully enclosed (except for the gate) with a tarp. A space heater and dog house with comforter are there for their protection and comfort. The mess they make in the kitchen overnight takes an hour to clean up every morning..

Sending Happy New Year (((HUGS))) to each of you. I am grateful for your love & support and will be here to love and support each of you...

Comment #22

Kate - We've missed you too but understand you have your hands full of pups and kits. When you get to your mom's, get boxes and label them keep, donate, sell, throw, treasure, etc. to help speed the process. It helps to get everything categorized first...

Comment #23

Sabina - Thanks! As for the boxing up, I only wish we were that far along! My plan is to make a journal of what is there...I am about to google inventory sheets...or something like see If I can at least KNOW more about what is in the house, what is valuable, the history, etc. Many, many items in that house have always been there...thus taken for granted. I want to know more BEFORE Mom is gone, or I will never know the history and value (monetary or family) of them...

Comment #24

Sabina, I absolutely love your new room. Looks very classy and cozy..

Jerry said, you did a good job too.

Hope you are feeling much better today and on the mends..

Really love your new avatar tooThanks for posting..

Heather and her kids drove out about an hour ago and suddenly my house has.

Taken on a very quiet scene..

All my holiday stuff is put away and now we are cleaning and changing some stuff around..

I love it when we move furniture and even my computer station is getting moved to a new room, by.

A window..

I am bone tired, but have so much to do, that I will move slowly through it and get her done..

I got out some unused NSD Journals and will start tracking my daily intake once again. So far, so good..

I am totally back on plan. No more cheats or junk for me. Got to feel good inside and out. It messes with my.

Quilt too much, when I do the "wrong thing", gotta do the "right thing" and go to bed at night, quilt free.....

Andy had a good message that we watched on line this morning. I highly recommend to any of you who need to hear something.

Really powerful and meaningfull..

Title was "Do for just ONE, what you wish you could do for Everyone"..

It makes me want to find a need and go after it, full steam ahead. Listen to it if you can. You will be amazed how it makes you feel..

Kate, so good to see you love, just jump back on and we are about to roll first thing in the morning..

Weigh in and get in your seat. There is one for each of us and "together" we can do this thing....

A new day, a new attitude, and we know the rest..

Others on here have had to do what you are doing with your Moms stuff, maybe they will chime in some good advice for you..

Big job, but, must be done and glad you have help, it can be very emotional.Hugs to you love....

Feel my support and love to all of you here on Jan 2,2011..

I love each of you, more than I can express. Thanks for being my friend and support..

You can lean on me and I will lean on you, and we will get through whatever we face..

GOD is on our side and will help us along. HIS promise to us...

Comment #25

Hi Willows!.

Sabina the paint job is wonderful and I love your decorations! Isn't it just great to have a fresh coat of paint! It really makes a big difference. Now, if we can just get that nasty virus dead soon! Hope you feel better shortly, but don't push yourself too much. Have some tea and soup too..

Kate I hope all goes well with your trip to your mom's. It can be so much work and emotionally draining too! Try to keep the stress level down..

We have to work our way back on plan. I don't know about you but I gained back almost all my weight! I don't think I'll get the surgery because you have to be diligent and have willpower or you can gain back with it too..

I am going to the gym though and getting a trainer. I've said it before and this time I have to listen to myself! That's one of my new be a better listener! LOL..

DEb it does sound like a bad situation there! You have to be a strong person when dealing with people! I think you have a good attitude about it and it will serve you well. Hysteria never helps a situation...

Comment #26

Kate, I totally agree with you, there is so much I wish I could ask my MOM, as.

Only she would know..

My window has closed and I will never have many answers..

Things I would love to be able to share with my Grand Children..

Ask her all you can and get the answer you want and need NOW!..

Comment #27

Chin up Marie, we can do this, just stick to your resolutions and together we can pull it off..

Don't look back love, the past is the past and we are only looking forward..

Forgive yourself and hang on for the new ride towards the new you...

Comment #28

The Willow wagon is roaring! We can all do this! I'm excited to see all of us be healthy this year..

Snowing like crazy here (what's new?). 6" yesterday and working on another foot today. I could use some sunshine..

Sabina - I LOVE the bedroom. It looks very classy...

Comment #29

Thanks for the kudos on the room. I love it and the way it feels..

I am sicker than a dog. It bites but I did get my daily chores done and moved a broken large tree branch out of the driveway. I'm roaring however and back on plan!..

Comment #30

Lynda, I have full sunshine today and temps in the 50's, would that work for you?.

Maybe this is the first stop on the Willow Tour. LOL.

And I agree with you, we can all do this and we "WILL"..

Because we have the WILL and the KNOWHOW, Together we are a strong force and can pull through....

Leave the unwanted behind and move towards the VICTORY, that is where I am headed, Join hands with me and lets cross together...

Comment #31

I am excited about a new beginning -Nutrisystemwise. Does anyone know what the ads mean when they say the New Nutrisystem?..

Comment #32

Sabina, they claim they have new chefs and have changed some of the food and those before and after pictures they asked us for, are the new look on TV..

But, I believe the food is the biggie..

They E-Mailed me that the NSD plan had changed and alot of stuff went away and they claim to have changed the recipes on many items..

I guess when we go to place our next order, we will see the new menu..

I will call them and talk to them before I place my next order, just to be clear.....

Comment #33

I also see where they are offering new people to get the select plan for the same price as the regular plan. Tempting to sign up for it as the price is frozen for a year. My next order doesn't arrive until February so I will need to use more restraint than I've had in a while..

This cold is rotten, I hope I don't spread it to any of you. I disinfected some countertops and light switches this afternoon as a precaution. I sure don't want Ray to get it but he could already be doomed - pooey. I feel worse than I did yesterday for sure as a low grade fever has joined in the fun..

I got some of the ideas for the bedroom and bathroom from catalogs - The Country House being one of them..

Today for the first time in a while, I am eating because I'm suppose to and in the correct portion size. Journaling too. It's easy when you aren't quite up to snuff and it is too much effort to chew..

Watching the Giants game and the Colts game. Very torn between Green Bay and the Giants I'm afraid. Giants are my team but they have not played as well as a playoff team should IMHO. We shall see what shakes out...

Comment #34

Yuck for your cold Sabina..

Our local weatherman is predicting a different type of cold. He says in 8-10 days there will be a brutally cold arctic air mass moving into the midwest. Hope you are all ready!.

Ruth - My house is very quiet now too. I'm just so grateful everyone got home safely though..

IT WON'T STOP SNOWING!!!! Where'd the sun go? I think the sun is a figment of my imagination!..

Comment #35

Sabina - I absolutely love your bedroom. Love the bed cover and are those heart tie-backs on your curtains? I love everything heart! I would never want to leave the room. Wait, I never want to leave my room and it's not nearly as sophisticated as yours..

Hi Kate - so good to see you climbing back on the wagon with us..

Ruth - you are so disciplined with your exercising and eating properly. I wish I could clone you to teach all my diabetic friends who don't take care of themselves..

Marie - Just keep marching ahead one foot at a time and don't look back. That's what I have to tell myself. I have been overweight since I was 19 and I'm now 52. I have lost good amounts here and there, never made it to any goal, gained it all back plus, and I'm the same weight I was when I gave birth the first time 21 years ago. It's very frustrating, but we can do it. I know we can.

Deb - It seems like there is such a high turnover in the nursing home industry. It must be a very stressful job. You just keep doing what you are doing and that lady can just go stuff beans in hear ears and then you can sing her the song - "my mama said not to put beans in my ears". I think she already has them in there...

Comment #36

Lynda, you can keep the cold blast, I like the sunshine today..

It is in the 30's here tonight and we may get more snow, who knows..

It is only Jan. and anything is likely to happen, must be prepared for it all..

I am also happy that my Heather and her kiddies got home safely. We had a good time and.

Good times always have to come to a close, this was our day for that..

Hana, I am not as good as you think, I blew it over the holiday too. However, I do know the.

After math of not doing the right thing and it does not do a body good , nor does it feel good..

Not to mention the quilt. That is why I got so made at myself for letting down my guard..

I will always help whoever I can, with any issue..

That is my quest and that is what thrills meJust to know I helped someone along the way of life..

Home from my meeting and still very tired, going to turn in shortly...

Comment #37

Hana, the beans in the ears, I like it. Similar to smoke the rope I take it. What a pain you know where, but, never fear, it takes all kinds. I don't take kindly to bullies, even though I am pretty even tempered. I'm not anticipating a big deal but if the need arrives, I'll have the meetings in my house. I live within 4 minutes of the home..

Yay Marie. Dino up, my dear!!! We can burn and be sore together. What I find kind of helpful is reading up on this trading muscle for fat thing. Knew squat about it before, but working hard towards it now. I am reading "The Body Fat Solution" by Tom Venuto and am finding it quite informative and encouraging..

Sabina, another Giant season over. Males in my house are resigned to it. I actually like the Packers and am glad they won today. But oh, the pain. Both DH and YDS spent the morning in the city at CBS with the NFL Today show. They met Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharp.

This was a auction item we bid on at a alzheimer's fundraiser we went to in the city about a month ago. All in all they both had fun. And I love your bedroom. You did a great job with the decor. Really lovely, enjoy!.

Lynda, omg, how much snow do you usually get? I don't know how you survive!.

Hi Ruth. Strange feeling, getting back to normal, isn't it. Don't worry, before we know it we'll be getting ready for Easter, then Memorial Day. the rest of the summer holidays, and then, wha la, it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas time again. We'll get to do a repeat! Great, just great. LOL.

I'm up and struggling with the same 2-3 pounds, drat. Determined to shed them, hopefully sooner than later..

I hope everyone has a good beginning to the week and a good nights sleep tonight. Rest well, friends..

Love ya...

Comment #38

Deb, you are so right, it will soon be here again..

I am hoping 2011 rolls along a little slower, 2010 was a very fast year and I would like them to move slower so I don't get older so fast..

Ya know what I mean?.

2-3 lbs, you can lose that if you stay the course, I am here for you..

Comment #39

I am back on track and being 100% accountable. I have a new ticker to show my progress and admit my gain..

I didn't go to the office. Still sick - groan...

Comment #40

Hello Willows!.

Today is my first day back on plan and I AM journaling! Yes we will do this together and I appreciate your words of support!.

I didn't get to the gym this morning as I had planned. There was no where to park and I can't walk there yet. This place is closer that the local Y but still too far for me..

Maybe I'll take car service. The weatherman is talking more snxx for the weekend. Yuck!.

Lynda as soon as the sun comes out, go stand in it to get some Vitamin D!.

Hana, like you I've been heavy most of my life and there's no reason we can't change it. It's not written in stone. We can and will do it. I have to stay determined and I know EXERCISE IS KEY!.

I was thinking about this past year and how fast it flew by for me. I think for people like Sabina and Ray it might have dragged with all the pain and hardship they've had, but when I think about how long I might have left on this earth, well I'm only 10 years if I make it 69! Do you see where I'm going with this?.

I don't want to be the eeyore here but I do want to spend the rest of what I have left experiencing some of the things that I've never been able to do. Be fearless... where do I find this strength? I'm crying now, big baby that I am. Great job Marie.... now I'm calling the freaking car service to register at the gym..

BBL {{{HUGS}}}..

Comment #41

Oh Marie, I am feeling your pain and tears and I cry with you..

You are such an angel and I want you to be able to live life to its.

Fullness and do all the things you want to do also..

I don't know if you are a Praying girl, but you can get a ton of strength by turning.

To GOD and crying out to HIM in this time of your life. Run to HIS arms and talk to HIM and.

HE will guide you along. Open your heart to HIM and get connected, HE is waiting for you.

I think about the time like you do. I am sure I don't have 30-40 more years here and I want to live.

The quality life, not just barly making it and depending on everyone else. I hear you loud and clear..

I am hugging you big time right now..

Where are the ones we used to see on here..

I awoke this morning thinking about..

Brenda, Joyce, Gigi, Kim, Carole,Linna, and probably some more I have forgotten..

Even had a thought for Irene....

Prayed a prayer that they are taking care of themselves and doing some good things to be healthy and happy..

I miss girls when they just drop away, hope they are all, OK..

Robin, how are you today sweetie? Am thinking of you big time also..

Hugging tight!..

Comment #42

Jerry and I are swirling through our house with "Murphy Oil Soap" and floor cleaner as my best friend. White vinegar is also being used here..

We will get it done. and I am trying hard to pace myself,.

That is why I came over to the computer, to take a break from it all..

The sun is shining here and even though it is still dead Winter, I am having a good attitude..

Did not change my ticker as I am up by 2lbs and that would put me back to goal. So I will leave it and just weight as usual. The journal is being recorded and I am 100%, no matter what..

I love to see the wagon full and rolling along as we all committed..

I am feeling good about this ride and expecting results for me and all of you..

I love you more this year than I did last year, Funny I know, I just love you and wanted to remind you ALL of that..

Keep moving along with us and things will work in the right direction..

Glad you stayed home Sabina, a little R&R and warm soup will get you beyond.

It. Easy to stay on plan when you have no desire for food, you will probably drop a couple easy ones this week. Sorry you are sick. Take it easy, Ray is probably glad you are still at the house. Give him a hug from me. and Pat ACE for me too...

Comment #43

Hey everyone!.

I'm baaaaaack from the gym where I joined and have an appt. tomorrow with a trainer! His name is Alex and boy does he have big muscles!.

I took the car service and I can see it will be difficult to park even without the snow condition, sooooo I will, at first, use car service and as I get more used to exercise, I will just walk home since it's all downhill!.

I feel so much better that I even attempted to go and now lets see how it goes..

Ruth thank you for your words and your so sweet and kind. I'm usually not a religious gal but maybe He can help me out..

Every Willow is a blessing to me and I treasure our friendship. I miss everyone who is not posting anymore too. each person has something different to bring to the chat..

Sabina sounds like the flu! It's going around and now that the kids are back to school it should really spread fast.I wish I could give you some of my turkey soup. What kind of soup do you eat? Homemade, Campbells?..

Comment #44

Yippee for Marie, she went to the club and is on the wagon again. Yippee and Yeah,.

I am so excited for your new track, I wish I lived closer and I would certainly go with you.

My sweet friend..

It is not about religion, just a relationship with GOD, religion is not part of the mix..

Religion can get you confused and messed up, it is between two, "YOU and HIm".....

Comment #45

I'am totally done cleaning for today, tomorrow is another day and all the smears and smudges will wait..

I got the main stuff done, the potties, and sinks and floors. That was a mountain of a job for me and now I will go walk on my treadmill for a couple miles and call it quits for this first Monday in 2011,.

I am feeling good about my stance today and the way I managed through the day. Sugar numbers are good and I am on top again..


Hoping I can stay there. I think I can, I think I can, yes I will..

Comment #46

Marie - I'm crying and cheering for you here too girl! I'm so proud of you getting to the gym and getting back on track. You have a lot of life left and wouldn't it be fun to be healthy for the rest of it?! I think about that too. I'm turning 55 (used to be senior citizen age!) and I don't want to end up at 70 or 80 with a stroke or worse and have my kids changing my diapers! NOT going there. confession. Since my October trip through Thanksgiving, my anniversary, and Christmas I have put back on 8 lbs. I'm 100%Nutrisystemtoday and will be until it is OFF of me..

Good to see so many Willows who are determined to get healthy this year. We will do it together..

How bout them Jets Marie? And how bout my Packers!!!!..

Comment #47

Ruth I'm happy to hear your attitude is so good! It usually is though. You are a very upbeat kind of person. Something I aspire to! Do you still do the Wii Walk it out? Once I get more active I might try it again..

For Christmas, my son Michael gave me a dvd called "Dance II". I will be dancing to that as well as my Zumba dvd's that I bought..

It's very hard to get people to do things (like the gym) with you. I can't wait around, I had to do something. Maybe I will make some new friends there! I did not see one person my size there though. (really big).

Well, they can all sit on their spinners and watch the fat girl transform herself! I'm going to call another friend and ask again if she would like to join with me. It's within walking distance for her although longer than my walk. I can't wait for the first time I walk there and back!.

I know it must seem strange to you ladies, but when you get to be my size, the body just wants to know just what the heck your trying to do!!!.

I wish all of us did live closer together but this is the next best thing. All this support..

Ruth I do have to say yes I believe in God and am spiritual in my own way. I do not now, or as a young person, believed in organized religion. I believe in some of the good things all of them have to say, but I feel more wars have been fought throughout history in it's name. God is Good..

If you must fight, fight. but not in His Name..

I hope no one is offended by my views. I live a good honest life, don't want to hurt anyone and I think He is happy with that..

Now my house smells delicious! I've had short ribs in the crock pot and Carmine and Michael can have noodles with them. I'll just have broccoli and salad..

My that was wordy! I think I should probably have a journal on my computer since I spend alot of time on this thing...

Comment #48

Lynda congrats on the Packers! Thank you for your words of support too Lynda. The holidays have done a job on us. It's soooo hard to get past them unscathed.

You are a strong woman Lynda. You have a very active lifestyle that I would love to have someday. Those extra pounds I think will be gone very soon..

Yes my Jets are doing so well this year it's almost like a dream. My hearts been broken many times...

Comment #49

Marie, I am not doing the WII walk it out. After I finished the island I.

Got bored with it. I wanted there to be another island or more to it. Can't do.

The same thing time and time again. I may try it sometime, just not now..

I will have hope with you for the day you can make that walk to the gym. It can happen..

Keep that goal in front of you..

I agree with you Marie, it is more a Faith walk for me than Religion. I don't want any part of.

Religion. that is what the Old Testament bad folks were full of. It's more just a Heart, Faith thing.

For me, that is how I have relationship with the Lord..

I understand your view point and it is a good one..

You can be a wordy here as you like, this is a very good place to vent and learn and share and just, be real..

It is a good safe place for all of us. I am happy to be here and glad you are here too.....

Comment #50

Lynda, when will you see Ross again?.

Seems like it is always "good bye", maybe this is your year for you two to finally.

Live life together full time. Huh?..

Comment #51

Marie my turn to send you a hug. It doesn't matter how much you weigh or what your views are - I love YOU and consider myself so fortunate to have you as a friend. I'm so pleased that you went to the gym today and joined. You've done for yourself what no one could do for you. Talk to your big muscle guy about how many calories you should be consuming. It is probably more than whatNutrisystemwould allow.

There is one more thing you should do for yourself and that is see a doctor to make sure you are physically healthy enough to start an exercise program. Please..

I think it is just a cold virus and because I'm a bit run down it has me by the short hairs. The Jets making the playoffs is very exciting..

Lynda - Happy for the Packers too. I hope they drive the Eagles right off the field. Look like you are like me and need to make full disclosure on the weight gain for accountability. We'll get back where we belong!.

Ruth - Ray is much happier with me here. I was so exhausted this morning I invited Ace onto the bed with us so that I could catch a couple more hours of sleep. He is such a cuddly fella. I just knew you and Jerry would be full swing cleaning your house today - LOL...

Comment #52

Marie, I'm soooooo proud of you. You are absolutely right, you can't wait on people who are not where we are yet. And don't worry about the chubby (fat) part, believe me, stick with it and you'll see you have company there. I've seen some folks bigger than me, and that's pretty big. As for meeting people, I guarantee you will, I did. Nice folks too.

Yes, they have big biceps. Easier to pick you up off the floor with!!!!LOL You will not believe what you will be doing in a month. And remember, advil is a good thing to have handy. I want every detail when you finish your first session!.

Kudos to you! I might even root for the Jets in your honor!!! Notice I said "might"..

Ruth, where in the world do you get your energy? You and Sabina make me look wimpish..

Sabina, sorry you are feeling crumby. Hope you get better quickly. Seems everyone has a bug of some kind now. Too much togetherness during the holidays..

I too miss everyone. Hope they are doing ok..

Hi Lynda, will it be summer before you are all dug out there?.

Hope you are all having a peaceful night..

Hope to check in later...

Comment #53

Ruth, I had such a strong feeling to call you today. I came across your number in my phone this afternoon and just wanted to call. I thought I just better get back on here and say hello..

I have missed you all so much. I don't have any idea where the time has gone, but after my daughter's wedding in October it was December already. I just couldn't keep up with everything and sadly, getting on the boards was something I couldn't seem to fit in. I was hardly reading personal emails or getting on Facebook either. Work was busy and I was still just getting caught up around my house with things..

I, too, have let myself not be as disciplined about my food and workouts. I hated being in that slump and on New Years Eve I had a belly ache from eating so miuch junk. I told myself on the way home in the car...remember feeling this crappy and don't do it again!!!!.

I sure hope you all had a great Christmas and can't wait to reconnect with you all. I hope the best health to all in 2011!.


Comment #54

Brenda terrific to see you! The holidays got to all of us but it looks like, as Ruth would say, we are roaring loud once again. When does the baby arrive?.

Deb - Poo on the Giants. They likely wouldn't have managed well in the playoffs so I'm actually looking forward to not seeing them blow another game this year. I hope your DS and DH are recovering - ha ha ha...

Comment #55

Marie, congrats on the joining the gym. I love going to the gym. I have a gym at work, which means I am working out with people that I also work with, but I got over the inhibitions a long time ago. If they don't like the way I look in spandex...then they don't have to look!!! :-).

Lynda, I can't believe you are getting all that snow. I picture you sitting on the boat on a lake in Tennessee sporting a beautiful bathing suit! Remember how hot it was! In looking back on Tennessee memories are right at the top!.

Still trying to catch up a little on the reading..

Sabina, how is Ray doing? I love the pics of your bedroom. The curtain rods are really neat and I like your lamps. Beautiful!..

Comment #56

My first grandbaby is due April 1. My daughter has never in her life had a gut so her sister and I, who have gut experience, are laughing at her when she whines about not be able to tie her shoes like she used to. She isn't finding out what it it will be a surprise. Can't wait...

Comment #57

Hi Brenda!!!So good to see you here!! Yes this can be time consuming but we can pop in and out as our lives permit. I do facebook too and it can be addictive! I try to keep it to a minimum! Don't worry, those pounds will come off very soon. Just grab onto us when you can and we'll pull you along with us!.

A new grandbaby! Now that's something special to celebrate and get back on track for. I'm sure you'll want to keep up with the little one! I know you can do it cuz I saw photos of you on that zip line thingy and your good at it!.

As it turns out, I won't have a session until Friday at 9:30 now. It was so quick there today I hadn't thought it through and I have a delivery coming that I can't cancel. I could have made it for later in the day, but it wouldn't have been with the trainer I had just met. As long as I get there on Fri. I will keep you posted and Sabina will get the stick if I don't get the arse moving! (I call it a shilleleigh).

Deb your right about the biceps! He will probably have to help me up off the floor once or twice!.

Anybody watching the Biggest Loser tonight? I'm missing the bachelor!..

Comment #58

Oh Sabina, I would invite that Ace fellow on my bed also. He is so darn.

Cute, and looks so serious, love that guy..

Jerry and I were very happy today doing our thing. When everyone leaves, it is a.

Big let down, so to get busy and be in all the areas that they were and picking up the.

Doll house and all the little stuff, was a treat for us. We like it when we find something in.

A place it should not be and we try and guess, what they were playing at the time..

It helps us get over the blues of everyone gone again. Make sense?.

Glad you hugged marie too, she is such a great Willow and I love her so much..

Hear that Marie, we LOVE YOU bunches....

Deb, where do you get it that I am a bundle of energy. I can't even clean my whole house in one day..

Wimpy for sure..

I went to small group last evening and forgot to take an allergy pill and their cats got me started..

My eye acted up all day long and I suffered with the eye and the nose thing, that slowed me down and I did.

Not feel high energy. I did manage 2 1/2 Mile on my treadmill. But as for the energy, I am very tired and slept.

Til 9:00 this morning. Just did not want to get out of the cozy warm covers and I was reflecting back on all the.

Girls I have met since starting NSD on Sept l 2009. A lot of them have fallen off, but a lot of good ones still.

Remain and I am enjoying all of you. Stay with it ...please.....

Comment #59

Hi sweet Brenda, I am so excited to see you and want you to know "your seat".

On our wagon is ready for you, jump in and set your goal and we are Roaring along..

We have all made some slips and admitted it to one another and off we go to NEW HOPE and.

NEW BEGINNIGS, why not. We deserve it and we are going for it. Nothing can stop us now..

Congrts on the 1st grand baby, you will make a wonderful Grandma, I just know it..

It is so much fun. you won't even believe it. Excited for you totally....

This has really turned into a very good day. so many great things happening right here on our.

Special place. Wow, I am so excited for all of us, just like one more great thing might happen yet today.!.

Wonder what it might be and who will report it?!LOL..

Comment #60

New Hope, New Year, New Beginnings for us....

Do you know that I can't pass a Willow tree without thinking of our wonderful group!.

Hey, you all, I am in a play in March. Anyone want to come to Pennsylvania to see it? It is a comedy and my first rehearsal is tomorrow night. I have the script and now I need to memorize my lines. I used to memorize my lines without too much trouble in the old days...hope I still can do it..

Well, I need to pay some bills and then get to bed....

Bye for now...

Comment #61

Yay! Brenda is back! So happy to see you back where you belong with us Willows..

Ruth - Ross is here. He has been home for 3 weeks..

We may see spring some time around May if we're lucky! LOL Today turned out to be a beautiful day in the mid-20's and the sun was out most of the day. There are even little bits of blacktop showing on the roads! I may get to take the chains off my car tomorrow..

Turning off the computer now. Talk with everyone tomorrow. I'm so excited for all of us on our 100% determination!..

Comment #62

Marie - Way to bite the bullet and join the gym! That is great! I made my first 100% day today in a long time and I walked. Not for very long, but tomorrow I will try for a few minutes longer!.

Ruth - I wish you and Jerry had been at my house cleaning. My DD did the potties, but that's it. Fortunately for me, I cleaned the kitchen really well on Sunday and vacuumed and DH vacuumed everywhere else for me because DS brought a friend home! I didn't even have to cook because I already had stuff in the fridge, yay!.

Sabina - work is always waiting for us. Glad you stayed home to get better. You need to rest and get better! My DD is playing basketball in a town about an hour and a half from here tomorrow, and I have a ride but it is so hard to get away from work and she has another game on Friday that's not as far away so I think I might just go to that one. I don't make it to every single game, never have..

Guess it's time for me to say goodnight, I can't quit yawning. Must have been that long one mile walk I took. In September I was walking 5 miles per day with ease. Why I ever stopped doing that, I have no clue but it's time to start again..

Good night my sweet sweet Willows!..

Comment #63

Well I've showered and am eating yogurt with low fat granola for breakfast as I sign on here. I do not feel well enough for work but need to be there. I've missed so much time and am drowning in paperwork. I suspect however that I have bronchitis by now so I'm not sure how long I will actually last behind my desk. I sure hope I am wrong..

Brenda - I saw on Facebook that you were in a play. What part do you have? Is it a leading role? Email the details regarding date, time and place. You never know where I might show up..

It's nice how some of the hubbys chip in with the housework. Ray does none of the housework but that was our deal when I moved here. He is very neat fortunately and I never need to pick up after him..

Lynda we got a dusting of snow last night. Do you ever get just a dusting? It is beautiful there for sure however. I really enjoyed the clip on Mammouth you shared on FB...

Comment #64

Hana, if you are like me, all and any help is greatly appreciated.LOL.

Just so they do it good and not mess or smear the germs around.Ya know?.

You can say the same thing for the walk, some is better than none and each day.

You will get better and it will start to pay off..

Keep it up..

Sabina, first day back is tough weather you are on top of it or not. Do what you can.

And I know you will know if it is time to walk out and take it home. Use good judgement,.

No setbacks. Whatever it is, don't let it go deeper and put you down..

Your Boss will just have to understand and he won't want what you girls have either..

Jerry has not always helped in the house, just since we got older. I don't know why he does it all..

I have never asked him to do anything. He does not think a man should sit and be waited on by his girl..

He says we share all the happenings, dirt or clean. There is no "her jobs and his jobs", in his mind..

We all have the head smarts to mess it up and clean it up..

He is good and I never stop him from doing. He may not do it all to my liking, and sometimes I just go behind.

Him and not say anything. Never good to crush the spirit of a giver or helper. Ya know?.

Trying to find a good music channel on the TV today, nothing seems to suit..

Keep flipping around and they are playing duds...

Comment #65

Ross is not one to help with housework either Sabina. He does so much hard work around the house that I would never ask him either. Unfortunately, he is not neat though (but as you know from previoius postings, I am not a neatnick either). He will occassionally jump in and do the dishes, but I always end up re-washing the pots and pans when he isn't looking! LOL.

Hana - Great job on the exercise. Gotta start somewhere..

I am planning on getting back to the gym. Just trying to figure out when right now. I'll be pretty much starting over.....

Sabina - yes, we get dustings of snow - not often - but we do..

It was only 5 degrees at 8:00 this morning, but it WASN'T snowing! Yipee! The sun is out today..

Marie - How's it going? Have you tried doing walking laps around your home? Every time I'm on the phone I walk in circles around the room to keep moving. That would be a good way to slowly work up walking strength. I do the same thing at my office when I'm on my cell phone. One lap around my small office building is 50 paces. I walk the loop around it repeatedly while talking. I'm so proud of you for joining the gym! It will be hard work, but soooooooo worth it...

Comment #66

Hi Lynda, so good to see you today and sounds like you and me are on the same page again, as far as doing pots and pans behind Ross...LOL.

I say this not to bragg, believe me, my eye was hurting like crazy, however, I just did 2 3/4 mile on my Eclipitor, a record for me. I never did that much at once because I got to tired, this is a good report not a bragg. Just to help encourage all of you..

My white jeans came today and I got them zipped, they are smokin hot and Jerry loves them. I may post a pic one day of them "on me". Not trying to intimadate anyone here. Just loving you and wanting to best for all of you..

I am committed and into it , full swing..

Can't wait to weigh on Friday..

Comment #67

Marie, that was very good advice that Lynda gave to you , and you probably already are doing that, but , keep it up and day by day you will get stronger and be able to go further..

That is a good incentive goal to get you out there and being able to do the walk you spoke of yesterday. It is a great start in the right direction..

I am holding your hand and we are walking, feel it and know how much you are loved and cared for. Good friends do that for each other..

Comment #68

Hello everyone! It's long lost Lori! I have been MIA for several months now. Travelling like crazy. Keeping up with some of you on FB but not even in shape. So here we go. I'm just jumping in. I've missed you ladies!.

I decided to order a box ofNutrisystemand see what happens. I have not had the kidney stone issues I had previous to surgery in June and am curious to see if it will truly cause more stones. If it does cause stones, then DH will eat the rest of my NS. I miss the ease of the program and the not having to decide what to eat..

We have been travelling like crazy since mid-Oct. In fact still in SoCal until tomorow. But started watching what I eat Jan. 2 and walking. Hope this finds you all doing well. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to..

I read some today Hi Brenda, Hana, Marie, BrendaJoy, Sabina, Lynda and Ruthie! TTYL...

Comment #69

Lori - Welcome back! We've missed you. I can tell you in a few simple words what we've been up to - eating! LOL It really looks like most of us are in the same boat so we have decided to waddle over to the wagon and climb back on board. So good to see your smiling avatar once again and great news about the stones..

I survived and actually enjoyed my first full day back in the office - it was normal. I've lost close to 100% of my voice from talking to clients so Ray should be able to enjoy a fairly peaceful evening. I'm trying a cup of hot tea to see if that helps..

Lynda - I think I enjoy organization because of my job and that makes me a bit of a neatnick (cute word, I like it) and also I think because I grew up in a very messy and at times, embarrassing looking home. (My Mom was many things to us but she was no housekeeper.) There were times that the laundry piles were taller than I was and I couldn't stand using the bathroom after my two dirty little brothers. EWWWWWW.

I am especially more attentive to organization now with Ray out of commission (not for much longer me thinks.

) because things around this place get out of control very quickly. I shovel the snow if there is an inch on the ground, I pick up stuff that needs to be put elsewhere when I see it is out of place. There are times I wash dishes as I prepare the meal. I never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Ray doesn't seem to be up to making the new big bed yet so I even straightened that out when I got home from work today despite knowing we would be back in it in just a few hours. However fear not, I am not completely Monk-like, this is a lived in house and my guests are always made to feel as if it is their home..

Ruth you are going to find this interesting. Lately I've been considering giving a larger gift to Northpointe. One higher than my weekly offering. I had pondered on it until I came up with an amount that would represent a sacrifice without breaking our shrinking bank. Today I received a letter in the mail signed by Kenny announcing Northpointe's goal for the annual gift. I didn't even know they did that yet God already had planted a seed in my heart to give a gift.

They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. I think He simply knocks on the door and patiently waits for you to let Him in..

I said an extra prayer for you today my friend and one for Ms. Marie as well..

What did your trainer do to you today Marie? Hugs because I'm so proud of your effort!!!!..

Comment #70

HI Ladies:.

So glad the gangs all here, almost. Great to see you here Lori and Brenda..

Marie, told Dino about you. He's excited for you too!!!! He's such a nice guy and so encouraging. I can't wait for you to start!.

Please all, pray for my BIL. Surgery is tomorrow. Don't know a time yet. Very worried..

Feel pretty drained tonight so will try to turn in at a reasonable time and try to sleep. Wasn't too successful with that last night...

Comment #71

Thank you for your Prayer Sabina, that is a true friend that would think of.

Another during the day and talk to the LORD about their issues. I consider you "my.

True friend" and this is just more proof..

I totally agree that GOD knocks on the door of our hearts, HE does that when HE wants us to.

Accept HIM and believe, then HE will continue to KNOCK to get our attention and use US as messangers.

In the earth. HE knows exactly when and how to do HIS work and if we are unavailable or resistand, HE will.

Use and Bless another.., The work will get done, by us or another. I want to hear..

"Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant", don't you? I have a strong feeling, you agree with this one..

Thanks for sharing your beautiful faith walk with me, I love and appreciate all those kinds of things, you know.

That though..

I absolutely love it when HE gives me an assignment, and I always say "YES"....

I am a neatnick, I shared a bedroom with 3 sisters when I was a girl and we each had a small area that was ours..

So , I learned the importance of keeping everything in it's place and taking care of my stuff..

My Mom was very clean and neat also, and I am a lot like her. Chip off that ole block, ya know?!.

Marie said she wouldn't be back to the gym til Friday. I am praying for her several times a day....

Thanks for being such a good, kind, special friend....

Deb, will surly pray for your sweet BIL. Thanks for reminding me..

Rest well, and keep us posted as you can...

Comment #72

Been on the computer trying to get some much needed answers from.

Humana Insurance. What a trip I have been on, and still don't know one thing.

More. Tomorrow I will be out of Insulin and I need HELP....

Hopefully they will e-mail me my response sooooonnn...

Getting older and being at all their mercies, NO FUN. Hassel after Hassel...

Comment #73

Ruth you shouldn't have to go through this just because you are ABLE to retire. I guess they want us all on welfare and medicaid so we can be kept in line like sheep..

You need not thank me. I am your friend..

I though Marie started today at the gym. Thanks for clearing that up. I just saw on the news that the sanitation department in NYC could be investigated by the feds. There are strong rumors that they didn't get the snow removed on purpose and that it was some sort of protest. People died for heaven sakes - if this is true there should be arrests made!.

Deb - I will be praying for good news on your BIL and the entire family while they await the news. Hugs...

Comment #74

Just checking in for a quick minute. Had four days in a row of 100% keeping on plan. I can't say that I have done that in a long time. I need to keep it up though..

Sabina, I have a pretty good size part in the play, but it isn't the lead part. The lead woman is onstage for the entire show and has a ton of lines. I am glad I didn't get that part. The show is four scenes, and I am onstage for the entire first scene and almost all of the last scene. It's fun..

It is really great to be back among you all. Hope everyone had a great day..

Watching Biggest Loser...oh my, it makes me want to cry..


Comment #75

Good Night my loves, going to shut down for now, my nose is dripping and I have a headache. Need to shut eyes and get some rest..

Love and hugs to all of us as we "roll along" once again..

So glad we are all so connected and understand each other so well..

That is a gift in itself. I love each of you and proud and happy to call you.

My friends..

Comment #76

Hi everyone! You are probably all in bed by now, but thought I would check in. Sabina - loved reading about wanting to give more to Church. It really is true that if we ask God what he wants us to do, he will show us. My DS does so well with tithing and when I asked him what got him started, he said I told him he needed to set aside 10% for God out of everything he made when he started working on a farm at age 14. I had forgotten. It really made me so happy that he actually listened and then he had others reinforcing it.

I know God will speak to her as well..

Lori - I am so glad you finally showed up! Did you have a good Christmas? What are you doing in California?.

Ruth - I pray you get your answer with your insulin and right now!.

Okay, I am not a neat person. I have piles everywhere in my bedroom. I only clean it about once a week. I do make my bed every day, but that's where it stops. I am not bothered if there are dirty dishes in my sink at night. I hate having cluttered countertops.

I have someone who comes about every three weeks and cleans for me which is good because I have to pick everything up before she arrives. She is wonderful and does deep cleaning for me..

I have to go to bed now, talk to you all tomorrow!..

Comment #77

Hana - I think I may be the strange one and the rest of you are quite normal. I am ashamed to say that my weekly offering isn't even close to 10% of my income. I do give extra to what is called the Wishing Well fund when I a few extra dollars in my pocket. The special offering I plan to give is 5 times my weekly offering. Maybe someday I will be in a position to do something very special for the church..

Brenda - I am right behind you with 3 days in a row. What is the name of the play? I've always thought it would be cool to have a part in a play but my inability to remain calm in front of a crowd, even a small one, has kept me in the audience..

I still have my unfriend the cold with me. Didn't sleep well until I took an Advil PM around 12:30 and I feel as if I could use a few more hours this morning. That isn't going to happen..

There are lots of payroll changes to make, payroll reports to file and bookwork to do at the office so hopefully I won't need to talk as much today as yesterday. I have a little voice this morning..

Hope you are feeling better this morning Ruth..

Have a great day. Later...

Comment #78

Hana, you made me smile when you were describing your piles of stuff..

That would drive me crazy in a minute. Everything has a place and it must be.

In it. I run all over my house all the time putting things in their place. If I.

Counted my steps, they would really add up to something. Part of my workout plan LOL..

I hope your DD does get the giving concept. Jerry was head of finance at our last church and.

You would be totally amazed at all the "adults" who give a dollar a year, and come and sit every.

Week and take from the church and never think they need to give. I never have understood that one as.

My DAd was head treasurer of the church when I was a little girl and I was told about the giving thing.

And the 100 fold return as a child. Plus GOD gave me the gift of giving, so it is a no brainer for me..

But,you would be amazed if I told you some stories about that..

Who knows what they are thinking...You cannot jip GOD and get away with it..

Hope you have a super great Wednesday.

Hello Willows. this is our third day on 100%, how are we doing?.

I am working the plan and am down 1lb. Smooth move may have had something to do with it LOL.

One more thing about getting older is your bowels don't work so well. So I have three words for you.

When you get there. "Smooth Move Tea", it works and is very gentle on you..

It it an herbal tea and taste good and easy to do at bedtime. It will give a gentle cleanse...

Comment #79

Good morning everyone. Day 3 of 100% here. I have come to realize that I had gotten back into the snacking habit in a very bad way. I'm going through major snacking withdrawels!.

Deb - I will be praying for your BIL's surgery. Thanks for the reminder..

Good to see you back here Lori! You were missed..

Off to work now. BBL..

Comment #80

Hi Lori!! Welcome! We miss you here alot! As you can see alot of us fell off plan recently and have renewed our efforts for the new year. Hang on to us for support if you need to..

Wow I watched the Biggest Loser last night too and I always cry for them. But, they are the lucky ones who get picked for the show they want to be on. There are many out there who wish they could have a shot but not me LOL. That is just a little too intense for me!.

I had investigated "Fitness Ridge" (where the Biggest Losers train) but it is very expensive. I'd also have to fly.... yikes! I'll just use the money I would have spent there and use it for more personal trainer time at the gym..

Ruth you keep on keeping on and you don't let ailments get you down! You weren't feeling well and STILL managed to do all that on the treadmill! whooooo hooooo for you!.

This is my 3rd 100 % day! I did start cutting down last week, but was not at first 100%. Had to get some things in the house..

I think Jillian coined this frame "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Piles of stuff... well those are usually created by my son. He wants to be a Marine someday (I hope not), and if he is one, boy will they ever straighten his messy butt out! I don't go in his room anymore. Too much stuff on the floor and I will not trip over it. I can help him sort it out if he would like to get a handle on it, but I certainly will not do it on my own..

Is this something that teenagers just do? He used to have his room kept so neat until he got to say 12 yrs. Now he will be 15 soon and Holy Mackeral! Teenage wasteland (The Who)..

It's funny but Carmine will help me out at dinner now clearing and scraping the dishes. Bringing things to the table. Never used to but any help I accept!.

Sabina I hope your still drinking hot tea and soup. It will help those lungs open up, plus your nasal passages..

The Sanit Dept. here are just full of bologna! I don't want to start cursing again. Everybody knows there WAS a slowdown no matter what the commissioner says. He say they (the workmen) are insulted because they felt they worked hard. Seriously, we have had many hard snowfalls here in the city and the Sanit dept. were AWESOME in clearing it.

No they were plowed and towed out of the way!! they think we are all idiots. It was an embarassment and a shame, not to mention the people who died and who couldn't get to chemo treatments, dialysis, emergencies, etc. A DISGRACE!! I could not believe my eyes that my street which is a major throughway to a highway was not plowed for almost 3 days!!. I'm sorry, I'm really upset about it and ranting...

Comment #81

Deb, I'm praying for your BIL..

Lynda is is sunny there? I hope so..

Brenda I can't wait to hear about your play and how it goes! Yes, Sabina asked all the questions about who, what part, where, and when. I don't know if I will make it but it is fun to hear about it when you get a chance. Did you always want to act?.

Congrats on staying 100%!..

Comment #82

Hi Marie - Yes, the sun is out today! Two days in a row. I'll take it..

I heard on the news today that the Feds are investigating your sanitation department and the reports of workers sleeping in their trucks, drinking while working, and hanging out at Dunkin Donuts for hours at a time. I hope they nail them all and there is jail time involved...

Comment #83

I am here today because I don't have to work and Crystal is taking a walk. She loves my computer..

I talked to my sister, Lorrie, last night. Her cancer surgery is scheduled for Monday but her PCP may not OK it because she has a severe infection in her legs. Her voice was very bad so it was hard to understand her. We talked about Jesus and she has more understanding than I thought. She has so many health issues but is depending on HIM to get through. I am now much more relieved.

I had a NSV this week. I am surrounded by many staff who have had gastric bypasses so my weight loss was never been noticed. However, this week I was called "the incredible shrinking women". Another staff member asked me about my weight loss stating that she remembered when the uniform I was wearing was very tight and now discribed it as a nightgown because the top has gotten so large that instead of being at my hips it is only inches from my knees. (I need to get more clothes- Goodwill and Salvation Army will get tired of seeing me in the next few weeks.) I am 4# away from Midpoint. Since I don't own a camera I will go to the photographer again.

Kate- You seem to love animals. What would you say about volunteering at the Humane Society for me? I hope you can find out alot from your mom. I helped to clean out my aunt's house after she died. We found a Civil War writting desk, a cobbler's case and a button hook for high buttoned shoes that were popular in the 1920's. I would have loved to know how they were connected to our family..

Sabina- I love the picture of your bedroom and will try to find more on Facebook. I now am there. I have tried to find some of you who mention Facebook but have not been successful yet. If you are not feeling well yet I would like to share garlic and onions. When I feel really bad I make a hot drink of this combination. (I don't eat the veg) There are missionaries that use the local garlic and onions to increase their immunity to the diseases that are in the areas where they are and that they may not ever have been exposed to..

Marie- Way to go! Please note my Ticker. Also look at some of the success stories. There was one that brought me to NS. The woman was my age when she started and lost the weight I need to lose and has kept it off for three years. Whenever I need enc I go to her page and look at her album which shows her weight changes over the years. Kudos for going to the gym!.

You looking forward to health. Again, way to go girl!.

Brenda- So good to see you again. Love to know more about your play. Do you live on Left or Right Coast?.

Lori- Love to see you back. Do you know the chemical that causes your stones. I wonder if a counselor could help you sort out what food might cause problems. They helped me with a food allergy..

Ruth- I hope today finds your eyes feeling better. Your posts are always so in-sightful. I consider your gift being the EYES of the body. When you share that you have trouble with your eyes, I am on my knees, LUV..

Hana- I am with you in the mess area. I keep things straight but deep cleaning is lower priority than sleep. My ODD visited before Christmas. She has worked as a maid at times. I would have loved to know wait she thought of my apartment. My biggest problem is keeping my outside walls clean.

Preventing this is my priority for the winter..

Deb- I am standing with you as your BIL faces surgery...

Comment #84

Afternoon all. Didn't sleep last night until I took a PM at 2 am. Slept in very late..

Marie I would feel like ranting too with what all that happened with the storm. So glad you are getting back on track too. As difficult as that may be (for me). What are you doing with a personal trainer, what is your schedule or workout like? Thought about it at times. My son was like yours most of his life now at 30 he is engaged to a super neatnik and he is very neat himself! There is hope..

Hana what a great job of parenting. Always wonderful when our children learn our life's lessons. I am quirky too. I have piles of books and things by my nightstand, knitting stuff by my LR chair but like most other stuff put away. Ken leaves a path as he arrives home, lol. However, I am fanatical about cleaning always cleaning bathrooms, floors, vacuuming, etc.

Oh we've been in SoCal for the holidays visiting DH's sister and family. We do that every year as Ken's work allows..

Brenda a play? Wonderful. Good for the brain to learn those lines. I was involved in our community theatre for 10 years when my children were young. Always backstage. No desire to act. I admire you for doing this.

Did I hear you are a new grandmother?.

Lynda Enjoy that sun..

Sabina you do far more than monetary gifts. It is great to have that goal and I'm sure you will achieve it. For now, your faith and prayers are plenty. Take pride in that..

Ruth How are you doing today?.

Well I need to get moving today. Gotta finish packing. We fly out on the redy eye tonite. Going for 100% today. I did well yesterday then snacked too much last night. Try, try, try again!.

So happy to be hearing what is going on with all of you Willows!..

Comment #85

Hi BrendaJoy we were posting at the same time. You are doing fabulous! Congrats for getting to the midpoint. And those walls would be a challenge. Can you get a dehumidifier for your apartment? I will say a prayer for your sister, Lorrie. Take care.....

Comment #86

Lynda, I agree with you, snacking is very hard to break, you can pop something.

So fast and then another and another, and before you know it, you have eaten a full blown.

Snack. So easy to do...I have the same issue as I get hungry after a good workout and then.

Before bed again. Used to not do that, gotta kick it...and fast, any hints will help us all..

I have thrown some things out, so what am I looking for?.

Jerry is trying to gain weight, so we keep a few things around. some look good to me and some don't..

Marie, thanks for the kind words, I find that sometimes when I feel so bad, a walk on the treadmill or the.

Eclipitor is the key to getting things moving out of my body that should not be there. Dr. Whitaker recommends a.

10min walk after every meal to rev up the met and get everything moving in the right direction. I spent 2 weeks at the.

"Wellness Institute" in Ca. a few years back, and I learned a world of things from that experience..

Look him up some time, he is awesome and knows his stuff..

I think all teens go through a period where they get messy as a statement of some sort. They often out grow it.

When they get to college and have such a small space. My girls did. No Mom there to keep it all in order..

I think college helped both of my girls in many many ways..

Brenda, what is the name of the play? Want to see if I know it..

David Letterman has a hay day last evening with the NY sanitation stuff. I stayed up to see it as Tim McGraw was on there..

I really like him and Faith..

Yippee, Brenda Joy had a NSV, feels good doesn't it? Keep up the good work my sweet friend, and those 4 will be history before.

You know it. Keep us posted on your progress. Good news....

So happy for the positive report on the condition of your Sweet Sisters relationship with our LORD, she is on the right track.

And I am very very happy to hear that news..

Continued prayers for her strong Faith and complete Healing....

Good to hear all your great new.

Lori, sounds like you have the "snack Bug" like me and Lynda, where will it stop???.

Have a safe trip and let us know when you are safely there and ok...

Comment #87

Had to pay 119.00 today for 1 bottle of Insulin for my pump..

The girl at Kroger faxed three times, once to my doc, twice to Medicare and they said it was approved, but never faxed her the paperwork signed..

So I paid full fair and hopefully, tomorrow, they will get the paperwork and make it right with me. I usually get 3 bottles at a time, but could not do that today. I like having more than one in case I drop one or go out of town and want to take a new full bottle with me. Just quirky like that. I panic if I don't have the meds that mean life and death to me. The other ones I don't sweat so much..

Anyway, I am ok and I think in time. LOL, it will work out. Medicare seems to be on my side, they are just weird about how they handle it all..

So much new stuff to learn, once again. Such is life, Ya know?LOL..

Comment #88

Hello Willows:.

Spent the entire day waiting for news from down south. Finally, cautious optimism. On first impression, my bil's mass seems like scar tissue to the surgeons. Of course we'll have to wait for the report to come back, but so far, my dear SIL, my husband and his other brother are feeling some relief. He is awake in ICU and responding, sucking ice chips. This is certainly part of our Lord's planned miracle, considering the type and severity of this particular tumor.

Will check in tomorrow with some more news. Sorry if I'm consumed by this right now..

Love to all. Have a good night...

Comment #89

Deb, No apologies at all. And of course you are consumed by this. Thinking of you and your family as you go through this difficult time. How is your dad doing?.

Lori, great to see you back. I am not yet a grandmother...coming in April..

BrendaJoy, I live in PA...not far from Philadelphia. Congrats on all your success. It's fun when your clothes hang on you for a little while, but then they impede your away!!!.

Ruth, that $119. for insulin...yikes. Sure hope that you get it all straightened out. So Jerry needs to gain weight, huh? My daughter is married to a guy that can eat absolutely everything in sight and he gains not an ounce..

The play is called "Four Weddings and an Elvis" which is a comedy. It was written by a local playwright and hasn't been put out there for very long. We are doing it as a dinner theater at a local golf course restaurant. I really want to look good on stage in two months so I feel more motivated than ever to get my weight down. I need to find a wedding dress for one of my costumes so I need to start thrift shopping...that's fun..

Five days in a row at 100% on plan and feeling better already. I am not going to weigh myself every day like I used to. I went to the gym and did a step class tonight...and I looked like something the cat dragged in afterwards..

Speaking of a sanitation problem...a person tried to commit suicide when he jumped out of his building in Manhattan. He fell nine stories only to fall into the trash that broke his fall and kept him alive. True story....



Comment #90

Deb - If anyone here understands how cancer can consume you, it is me. The news sounds hopeful and I'm glad the surgery is now in the past. Your BIL sounds like the type of guy who is not going to roll over easily. Good for him. Keeping you all in my prayers..

Brenda - The play's title even sounds fun. It always helps weight loss efforts to have an event to look forward to..

BrendaJoy - I look forward to seeing what you "really" look like. You've lost a lot of weight and the difference in how your clothing fits only tells part of the story. Imagine how happy your organs are to be free from so much padding!.

My boss is on a diet. It's kinda hilarious. He has lost close to 10 this week. Yesterday for lunch however he slathered on a sweet sauce on his tilapia and ate almost 2 cups of mashed potatoes covered with about 4 tablespoons of butter before the other secretary stopped him. He started at over 250 - yikes...

Comment #91

Deb-Keep those good reports coming, that is the right track to run on..

Keep us posted as you can. Hope your day is running smooth, less pressure and.

Stress, now that you know..

Still Praying for him too....

Oh Brenda, so good to have your light fun attitude on here with us again..

Thanks for coming back to us and sharing your wonderful life..

Are you still riding your bike?.

The plays sounds like a hoot, keep us updated on that too..

I gave my wedding dress to a church dance group to tear apart and use. Every now and then I wish I had.

It, now that I have 5 grand daughters, maybe one of them would have used it or played in it. I gave it along time ago..

What did all of you girls do with your wedding dress, or do you still have it? just curious, just me LOL.

Wow Sabina, I am so laughing at your Boss, does he really know the def of diet? LOL.Butter and potatoes, LOL Wow.

How did he lose 10 eating like that? Just wondering....

I am really craving veggies, so I have in the skillet, zuchinni, yellow squash, onion, mushrooms,.

Garlic, red peppers, yellow peppers, and tomatoes. olive oil and basil, it smells real good in my kitchen,.

I will eat aNutrisystemchicken breast with it and call it a good lunch. maybe put the veggies over some romaine lettuce..

Love to eat like this, just need to stay on track. it will all work out for the best and I know it..

Jerry will eat it with me and then we will see out chrio at about 3:00..

We both need a good adjustment after all this cleaning.LOL.

Hope all of you are into a great Thursday and things are going your way.....

Comment #92

Brenda Joy - Great NSV for you! I'll bet they are all wishing they had lost the weight themselves instead of having surgery. You are learning lifelong food habits the way you are doing it. You are doing fantastic. Keep on going!.

Deb - Thanks for the update. Scar tissue sounds very promising. Continued prayers here..

Ruth - I sure hope they figure out your meds and reimburse you soon. That is a lot of money to put out. I can understand completely why you would want an extra supply at all times. I would too. How are the eyes doing today? Any better?.

Brenda - The play sounds like a comedy from the title. Is it? So you are one of the brides? You'll make your goal for the play. You know how and we're here to help..

Sabina - I'm LOL at your boss' "diet". Wish I could lose 10 lbs. eating like that. I'm glad you are kicking that nasty cold virus to the curb..

It is still very cold here. Sure hope it warms up a bit soon. Still haven't gotten out of the low20's for a high..

I've got a bad sinus headache today. Need to get rid of it fast because it is house cleaning day. I have more company coming up to go skiing this weekend. Gotta get all the beds changed and bathrooms cleaned..

Talk to you all later...

Comment #93

Lynda, my eye is doing much better today. Thanks for asking about it..

Some things are hard to understand or explain, some days are great and others.

Seems like everything is going in the oppoisite direction. Even the Dr's don't know.

The why and what of it all..

They are amazed how all the diabetic patients tell them the same things are happening. and yet,.

They don't know the why..

Now Medicare has asked the pharmacy how long I have been on an insulin pump and why..

They would like for everyone to take shots and use the same cheap insulin, I am so sure..

Hope they don't try to mess with the regemin my Dr. and I have going..

She will call me back and let me know what Medicare says when she finds out..

The pharm people are better at getting through to them , than a person like me, so I let her talk to.

Them and sort it out and hope it all works in my favor. Will see later....

Can't believe how you are in such a deep freeze for so long. No amount of sunshine can help when the temps.

Are that low. Burrrr, sorry...a snowman will last a winter long. build a big one that you can enjoy,.

I am so sure I would as I love, and I mean LOVE snowmen....

My sinus headache is gone today, but, I am still going to see the chiropracter today. I know my neck needs a.

Good pop. I could hardly talk this morning when I got up..

Have only lost my voice once in my whole lifetime...

Comment #94

Looking at the new NSD meal plan and trying to figure out the V and D. They have them listed together now and I don't know if I can order something that just says V on it or, if they combined them for both Veg and diabetic..

May have to call and get some answers..

The turkey dog and tomato soup look kinda good and nice for a change..

When I was a little girl, I could eat tomato soup everyday. Loved that stuff..

We had those little oyster crackers that we put in it. remember them.?.

I may have to place a call to see how it all shakes out before I push the order button..

Anyone tried either of those two new items?.

Also can have a mint crunch bar now for dessert. New item also .....

Comment #95

Hi all-.

Ruth- Is your insulin that high because of packaging for the pump? I had trouble with insurance for one of my inhalers because it was not on my insurance's formulary. My doctor wrote a note to my insurance company stating that my old regimen did not work and I ended up in the ED. Since ED is more expensive than the med, it was improved. Medicare is going through changes right now. Please let your doctor know of the problem. He is the driving force of your care, not the pharmacy or an insurance company- even though they would like to think they are.

Pulling for you...

Comment #96

Brenda Joy, thanks for your insight on the medical subject..

The situation is that, the insulin pump can only use that one kind of insulin..

Some of the ones you inject can even be bought without a PX, but this is a special.

Thin strain that is pump friendly. That is the reason for the one kind called Humalog..

Before I was on the pump I never had any trouble with it , I could buy all I wanted..

They would perfer we all be on the same wave length, but this is state of the art tech and.

They need to get up to snuff.LOL, ya think?.

Hope you are having a blessed day and that your sweet Sis is doing good today....

When will you get to see your DH again?..

Comment #97

Sabina - I tell my friends (including my children) that 10% is like a goal you would like to achieve if you aren't able to do it right now and that God blesses everything, I don't think it's how much, it's what kind of heart do you have when you are giving. I also think that there are so many people who give their time, talent, treasures, all of that and maybe they don't give as much cash. But I am with Ruth. My husband was also the treasurer years ago at church and said he would never do that again because it really made him jaded to know the ones who could give a lot gave the least..

I am also laughing about your boss but then there's my DH who thinks if he doesn't eat potatoes that means he will not gain weight and he could lose 50 pounds and feel so much better! A lot of his is total stress from work..

Marie - My DD is 17 and seriously, she can spend 2 hours cleaning her room and in the space of 5 minutes, have it look like a tornado hit it. Who needs 17 hoodies? She leaves hers on the floor. I never go in her room and if I do, I start tossing things so she knows that when I threaten, she better get in there because it's all going in the trash! She keeps absolutely everything, dead roses, caps from bottles, photos from grade school. I am going to box it up and put it in the garage!.

I am on my 4th day of being 100% - yay! I walked a little last night and will try to do more tonight..

Lori - so glad you have been vacationing and visiting family and having a wonderful time! Did you read my post that my niece will be getting married in Custer State Park, South Dakota this summer? Are you jealous? We are also going to rent a lodge near Terry Peak (ski resort near Deadwood, SD) for Thanksgiving for our family of nearly 30. We figure that's easier than going to my mom's because she just does not have the room and only 1 shower. It's hard on the septic system when we all arrive. Someone in my family will have wonderful photos, but it won't be me!.

Talk to you all later! Have a wonderful evening!..

Comment #98

I just saw theNutrisystemcommercial on QVC and it is Marie's choice foods for a.

A 4 week supply with weekends off for 159.80, such a deal. I would order it.

Right now if it were not her choices. I saw the spread and several of the things.

Were foods I gave away. You cannot mix it up or change anything. They had a lot of people.

Giving testimonies also. It was very interesting to watch..

They actually nuked a dinner and ate it on the show and some dessert item also..

It made me want to stay on plan when I heard all those success stories and saw the before.

And afters. Good plan, good move for all of us. Ya know?.

My Pharmacy finally heard back from Medicare and they are in agreement with the insulin I use and.

Will allow me the 3 bottles. They will pay part and apply part to my deductable. It is stiff, but doable.

And I have no other options. I am ok, at least it is settled and I have 3 fresh bottles of insulin on board..

Next time it should not be an issue...

Comment #99

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