Where can I buy a Godaddy gift card?

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My question is: Where can I buy a Godaddy gift card?.

My 2nd question is: Does anyone know ?

Do you feel this HostGator extension will grow ????.

I am a fan of this neglected HostGator extension ....... are you ?????.

Maybe you purchased a high priced .info.

I have just seen $8000 at snapnames , a good buy ??????.

Love to know your opinion..

Comments (35)

Your question was: Where can I buy a Godaddy gift card?.

The highest was that sold for $202k about 6 months ago...

Comment #1

.info is still undervalued. But definetly picking up in value and user penetration. But 6 figure sales are very rare. But this market is bound to pickup..

1. all cvcv domains sold out.

2. all dictionary 4 letter words are sold out.

3. Major websites are developing .info.

4. very suitable for travel, geo and other areas..

5.Once the low registration promotion ends, you can expect many sales..

6. In this field, better to find enduser than reseller..

7. Reseller prices are quite low..

8.Dont use automated appraisals for .info, they are only good for .com. (these tools under value .info).

I am expecting major sales to happen this year in info tld...

Comment #2

.info is a great tld for what it stands for.

I bought one in low $$$$ and I m in negotations to buy another one for mid $$$$..

Comment #3

I have invested in .info quite heavily. There are some big sites taking a chance with the extension eg.

I am seeing increasing daily traffic to my parked .info names and a lot of it appears to be genuine type-in - I have also noticed that .infos are doing very well in google especially with "info" as part of search - try searching 'spain' then 'spain info'. Unfortunately since so many .infos lead to parked pages internet users may soon realise that the "info" they are looking for is simply not there .....

Comment #4 also sold for quite a bit last year, .info is ideal for information websites which is quite a huge area by itself...

Comment #5

2nd highest was Travel.infoYes, it will. There are many sales being reported weekly...

Comment #6








I bought the above the domains I am sure these will have good future..

Comment #7

Wow good HostGator names.. I'm new into HostGator name business. Just wanna ask usually how long will ppl wait before they do reselling?..

Comment #8

It depends as at wht time you get the right price before one sell them..

Comment #9

Is HostGator with a "-" worth lesser?.

Coz recently I bought for project purpose and thinking of selling it after my project..

Is number the same as not worth much?..

Comment #10

Seems like only the premium keywords sold for good money. But a couple of surprising sale here and there just like all other extensions;. sold for $3,805 last year on TDNAM...

Comment #11

Why are you sure these will have good value. I think these are the type of .info domains to NOT buy. I like .info but only for generic keywords and geo...

Comment #12

Did actually sell, e.g. paid for and transfered?..

Comment #13

I looked at sex on sedo the other sex day ...... it had many previous offers , but was available ?

Comment #14 didn't get sold. If you look at the Whois record it was last updated on 20 April 2006. If it got sold for the $202,000 reported that would have been updated. sold for $116,000 and Sedo reported it as the highest .info sale in a press release. They wouldn't have done that if the HostGator hadn't already changed hands.

If I had $116,000, I would have bought, it's the ultimate .info. It combines off the scale goodness of fit with the extension, the most lucrative and popular usage of .info, and a super premium keyword.

I was offered in Nov 07. I told the seller I valued it at $2,000 and he said I did the worst HostGator valuations he'd ever seen, presumably having been offered $42,000 elsewhere. I can understand the appeal of, 20m Google uniques for "free information" is double what Travel pulls in and everybody wants free things online.

The problem is somebody visiting is expecting something for nothing and that's the worst possible customer mindset when you are trying to convert provision of information into cash. I guess the trick is to provide a free basic service or product and then try to sell a customer an enhanced paid for version.

If I was paying big bucks for a .info, I'd rather have something specific and commercial like,, or

Comment #15

Anyone getting new .info domains cheaper than $1.50 ?

Transfers/renewals are the real $$ problem I guess .....

Comment #16 has this offer till 31st January, if I am not wrong...

Comment #17

The coupon code to use is 99INFOMYD...

Comment #18

Thanks for the info, AK.

Does anyone else think that there should be a .info sub-forum here at NamePros? I see a lot of good things happening with the extension but I don't see the point in mentioning them in the normal discussion section, e.g. McDonalds using .info, UK government & various political parties using .info URL's on TV (can't remember what they were now tho but seeing more often), sales prices... There must be loads of news about the extension coming from other parts of the world too? Just a thought!..

Comment #19

That would be really great.

I think there are at least 450,000,000 .info pages out there.

Everytime I look the number of .info pages indexed in Google is growing today it's 326,000,000 thats over half the number of's (616,000,000 pages)..

Comment #20

Impressive stats GPM,.

There are a lot of great developed geo sites out there too, e.g.,,,, etc...

Comment #21

Hyphens are not normally as popular .... but if you had

I think you would have a winner.

Well lets start one !!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #22

Erm noticing that all this .info talk is attracting mostly non-US domainers ??.

Now I reckon that is because we:.

1. are too mean to buy good .coms.

2. are thinking outside the box.

3. know there is value in other TLDs than .com.

Or maybe are we because we have already bought a bagload of them ?

Comment #23

Check...check...check...and check!!! .info is relatively more popular outside the US. I think people in the US think .com, .net, .org; outside the US people think .com, their own country code, and then alternative extensions.

I started .com domaining in early 2006 but within 6 months I'd moved onto .info. Regging trashy 2 and 3 word .coms didn't provide any ownership satisfaction and paying thousands of dollars for domains that were hardly much better upset my inner Scrooge...

Comment #24

I like what it says ..... I have we know what it means..

Comment #25

Highest .info sales.

1. - 2007 - $202,000.

2. - 2007 - $116,000.

3. - 2007 - $70,000.

4. - 2007 - $42,000..

Comment #26

1. - 2007 - $202,000 - It never got sold. Check the Whois last update date...

Comment #27

Came across this site discussing .info:

And also remember was used during 9/11 !..

Comment #28

Really, that is an area where .info could also be suited well,, etc... many other possibilities..

Comment #29

Check out

They have the .com etc and ( and .mobi actually).

But promote and use the .info.

If you google travel planner it comes top.

Great site actually..

Comment #30

The only thing that will increase .info values is more , genuine , sites - this excludes parked, mfa and other spam.

So if you have invested in .info .. why not spend some extra time putting some sites together for some of your .info domains , as I am.

Ideas for useful content:.


Dmoz directory.

User submitted links.

Maybe deserves another thread ....

Comment #31

.infos are really popular for city official departments, bus services, transport and parks...

Comment #32

Updated Top 10 Sales Report.

1. 2007 $116,000 *** whois protected ***.

2. 2007 $70,000 *** whois protected ***.

3. 2007 $42,000 Gary Hertigan.

4. 2007 $37,111 Registration Private.

5. 2006 $36,000 Ari Goldberger


7. 2007 $35,000 Adam Woeger.

8. 2007 $30,000 *** whois protected ***.

9. 2007 $25,500 Gerard Brady.

10. 2007 $22,000 Mustafa Patel..

Comment #33

Hi I have cobbled together a quick n' dirty expired .info search - goes back about 12 months

Hope yall find it useful - please do not abuse as not stress tested.

Sorry if one exists already - couldn't find one.


Comment #34

I'm quite happy with my purchase of I haven't had a chance to develop it yet, which is sad. Maybe soon unless someone wants to buy it.

I also own

If anyone is interested in any of these names...Please send me an offer...

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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