Where are there discussion boards about slimfast Dukan Diet?

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First question I have is Where are there discussion boards about slimfast Dukan Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question... I made French toast this morning and it was OH SO GOOD!!.... Its a healthy way to make an old favorite of mine.... I used 3 slices of Weight Watchers Whole Wheat bread yes I know I should have only used two but I was HUNGRY hahaha... Only 150 calories even with 3 pieces of bread...

Dip the bread in the mixture and put it in a pan over medium heat wait for it to brown I turned it up to Med-High at the end to brown it more.... then I sliced some strawberries and also used about 2tbsp of ff cool whip maybe a lil more still under 25 calories although my calculations are rough it came to about 200 -210 calories including the lil bit of Sugar Free syrup I used.

Hope you all enjoy... I know it's a simple recipe but I enjoyed it... As I was stuffing my face I said "I feel like I died and went to IHOP" hehehe Below is a picture of my creation..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

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Looks good! I did a flex day today too! So far, so good! We have managed to stay under control! Had a western omlett with egg beaters, green peppers, onions, FF cheese and had pancakes made with the fiber one pancake mix. Yum! Had a boca buger for lunch and we are having pita pizzas for under 200 calories for dinner!..

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Yay for flex-ers!! I'm new on Flex too....

For the French Toast recipe which looks yummy by the way.. try adding 1 tsp vanilla and nutmeg as well into the batter..that is really good too.....

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Sounds great! I will have to try it - I bought today some white wheat bread and noticed that a serving was 2 slices and it was 100 calories per serving! I was surprised. Surprised - but happy! This would work very well with your recipe. Thanks for sharing...

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It's not really just about the calories, you should use some sort of whole grain bread, it's low GI. White bread is just empty calories and not a lot of nutrients..

Beefeater makes a really good bread that's 35 calories a slice...

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The weight watchers bread is so good. I use that too...

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Yeah I wanna get the cinnamon raisin next time... Its awesome doesn't even taste like it's low cal wonder if it's just cuz it's smaller... lol.

If it is the bread I am thinking of it's not really white bread it's white but it's somehow healthier than white bread hehe if you look really close you can see grains....

O yeah thats that new stuff I forget who makes it but it's really good I had that before I went on the Dukan Diet hmmm wonder if it is the same stuff if it is that would surprise me that it's 100 cal for 2 slices cuz the bread is so fluffy and yummy... Yeah this breakfast was easy to make and very very yummy.....

I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING HAHA I USUALLY ADD VANILLA.... never tried nutmeg hmmm I will have to try that.....

Yeah I really enjoy the flex days because although I enjoy the Dukan Diet meals and how easy they are I can see that if I ate them every day I would get bored I like creating my own meals because it teaches me what is good or bad to eat so once I get off the plan it will be a piece of cake getting back into normal eating.... And beside all that it's fun I love being creative with my cooking! And PITA PIZZA sounds yummy good idea thats a must try for next weekend!.

I have to say I got the Bruschetta Boca burgers and I was very unhappy with them... maybe I need to cook them on the Forman Grill next time... and throw some turkey bacon on as well lol.....

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The point that Swedish was trying to make is that you need to read all of the nutritional addition to the calories look at the protein, fat, carbs, etc. there are a number of whole grain breads (Arnold's makes some) that are 40-50 calories per slice and have 4-5g of protein (as compared to 2g for regular) so it is much healthier than eating processed flours. yes, there are some whole grain "white" breads but personally I haven't seen any at the low calorie range. food labels are very misleading...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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