When you sign up with a Nutrisystem program what do you get?

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Got a quick question: When you sign up with a Nutrisystem program what do you get? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Okay, I am prepared for the laughter and finger pointing, so here goes: How do I measure food in ounces? I was looking at the protein servings and I thought adding some canadian bacon or chicken would create some variety as opposed to my standard 1/2 cup egg substitute..

But how do I micro-manage my chicken by getting 2 ounces out of it? Is there some kind of food scale? Do I just slap my raw chicken on this theoretical scale and cut away until it says 2 ounces? If so, where do I get said scale?.

Secondly, where is the canadian bacon? Is it by the regular bacon? Does it look like bacon? I don't recall ever seeing canadian bacon in the store. The only place I know how to get it is on a pizza, but that's not a good idea. :P.

Thanks for the help. Yes, I normally DO do grocery shopping, but these new requirements are outside of my limited culinary knowledge. :P..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Target has a Chef Mate food scale for $5. Works great. Canadian bacon is round and comes in a package like sliced ham. I find it at Kroger near the hot dogs and lunch meats. Watch sodium, it can be high..


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The weights refer to cooked not raw..

Canadian bacon is round. I have seen it both with the regular bacon as well as in the butcher case with the other pork products and sometimes where they have the hotdogs and deli meats...

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You weigh food after cooking..

Canadian bacon is usually round..

I have a digital scale that you turn on, put a dish on it then press the button again and it goes back to zero. Then add the food to measure it...

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If I may piggy back on weighing food, I have a question. How is everyone measuring food that doesn't exactly fit in the cup measurement???? I'm talking about things like strawberries, string beans, you know... things with some bulk or an odd shape. Do you tend to shove it in the cup or do a little more? I always see so much odd space in the cup and feel like I'm cheating myself. I know, I know... I hate to be so technical but I wanna do this right...

Comment #5

Thanks for all of the quick and informative feedback. I appreciate the help!..

Comment #6

Great question. I can tell you what I do personally, but I'm not sure if it's right. If it's an item that's too big, like raw baby carrots or raw green beans, I'll halve them and fill up the cup, but not so it's above the top of the cup. I've found that most of the 1-cup items end up being what I can grab in one handful (maybe because I have monster mitts, lol). Since I figured that out, I really just kinda grab and go...

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Food scale is a great investment and they are not all that expensive at all. I got mine at Target, though I do not remember how much is was, but is not not all that much...

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The eyeball method for measuring veggies and fruit is OK as long as you have some idea how much a cup is. One way to measure odd shaped food is to take a 2 cup measuring cup and add 1 cup of water to it. Then add the fruit or veggies to the water until the water line goes up to the 2 cup mark. Now you have 1 cup of veggies or fruit. After doing this you will have a pretty good idea how much 1 cup of the item is..

And remember that there is a difference between volume and weight measurements. 2oz of chicken is 2oz weight, while 8oz of milk or other liquid is 8oz volume as is 1 cup of veggies or fruit...

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I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts then cut them into small chunks and added til I had 3 oz then wrapped it and froze it. I did this with all the 3 oz servings that came out of the breasts. They heat in less than 3 min in microwave. I find it easy and quick that way. Wrapping it on Saran wrap then aluminum foil keep better in freezers than using a ziplock...

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One thing that I haven't seen anyone mention is that the meat is cooked weight not raw weight correct?..

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Are you sure? I just bought raw chicken at Trader Joe's and the nutritional information for one serving is for 4 ounces raw...

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Thanks guys. Awesome suggestions..

And just to agree with you all... Im looking at my meal planner and it says "NOTE: Proteins that are cooked should be measured after cooking."..

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Yes, the dietitians have posted that the measurements refer to cooked food. A package of uncooked meat will always have the nutritional information for the raw meat. If you look at the calorie counts online, 4 oz raw is approx 3 oz cooked as typically liquid would be lost during most cooking methods...

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Thanks for the clarification on this. I hate to even touch raw chicken so this helps a lot..

I'm going to go get a scale this afternoon. Once I learn what the proper portion looks like I'll be able to just eyeball from then on. God, what I thought was a "portion" is a LOT bigger than what I should have been eating..

That explains a lot!..

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