When you buy a domain at, do you actually own it? Or does GoDaddy own it?

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My first question is: When you buy a domain at, do you actually own it? Or does GoDaddy own it?.

My next question is: I am thinking about creating a directory specifically devoted to .biz domains. it would allow any developed .biz to be added to the directory for free. The only rules would be it could not be a parked page or an adult site.

My hope would be that it would be a selling point for web designers, domainers, etc. A place where businesses could see that there are a good amount of developed .biz domains. I know from personal web design experience I have developed almost 10 for businesses. and when we go over HostGator names over half the time these businesses woudl rather have .biz over .us, or .info......

So my questions are these;.

A: does such a site already exist?.

B: if not, could this idea possibly help the extension?.

C: would "" be a good HostGator to use?.

D: Would you list your developed .biz ont he site?.

E: is anyone out there willing to help with keeping the site updated and filtered?.

Thanks Alot.

My main goal of this would be to help the .biz industry pickup. I think it is an extension with alot of potential and would like to see it reach it's potential.....

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Your question was: When you buy a domain at, do you actually own it? Or does GoDaddy own it?.

This is a really neat idea.

Anything you can do to help the alternate extensions is great.


Comment #1

I think it's a great idea. Here are my answers...

A: Don't think so..

B: Yes..

C: I don't think is great for this. is much better But you can't register that and you can brand almost any HostGator to anything.

D: I would if I had any..

E: Sorry. I'm too busy domaining..

Comment #2

Alright besides I have a few other biz domains that might be able to be used for this.... Do any of these work better?.

Any of those better...........

Comment #3 appears to be the best choice here, the rest don't really make much sense...

Comment #4 does not sound much related, others don't fit either. Try buy a good one from someone...

Comment #5

I feel badly for the lowly ".BIZ" ... and applaud your efforts to creatively and positively resurrent and promote it, IMHO.

All the best!.


Comment #6

Real Quick Question. I dont mean to sound sarcastic but.......

To promote the .biz EXTENSION wouldn't make sense?.

That was my view of it...... but I seriously want to make this work so I appreciate all input.......

Comment #7

You want to promote the ".BIZ" outside of the domainer community, correct?.

I'll post further with your reply..

Thanks much..


Comment #8

To answer your follow-up question. What has "extension" in common with a "directory". I'd think you'd need to be more creative. I didn't like your other options either (sorry to be negative, but just trying to help)...

Comment #9

I like your idea, but I don`t think that anyone need to help .biz extension at all. Believe it or not, only some domainres don`t like it..

Comment #10

I FIRMLY believe the dotBIZ extension needs alot of help. I don't know many gtlds that you can register single word domains, and have little to no aftermarket.....

Comment #11


Back to the question involving ... The word "Extension" is, if you think about it, a domainer / insider term, IMHO ... for your purposes of grander promotion(s), you would likely be best to find something more global and higher profile in nature, in my view.

In short, I concur with this observation above ... Just my two sense..


Comment #12

I REALLY appreciate everyones input as I am doing this to give back to domaining. I don't have alot of money to throw out for a HostGator like or I am going to move forward for RIGHT NOW with, like I said for the moment, if someone wants to donate a better name to the cause then I would consider switching.

I started a little with the site today.

Here is my plan; ( feel free to offer advice or throw some thoughts in ).

For the moment the site will be

It will include the following:.

A directory of dotBIZ domains which people can input in the directory by copying code to put on a single page of there website. By putting the code into there site it will confirm the following:.

A) They have access to the site they signed up for the directory.

B) it is NOT a parked page.

C) the code will only return a positive on a dotbiz extension.

D) It will help the cause through the link exchange...

There will be a few different options for the link exchange. one of which will be an invisible link leaving no logo or actual clickable link on there site. Another option will be a little logo which I will create which will hopefully give a universal face to the dotbiz domain.

Another Section will be a "Daily Featured Site" with a different site featured everyday.

Another Section would be news articles on the dotbiz extension.

I am thinking about adding a section where users can submit articles....


**** THIS WILL BE A TOTALLY FREE SERVICE AND I HAVE NO INTENTION OF ADS or SPONSORSHIP right now UNLESS I truly feel it will help the cause.....

Comment #13

I can offer you the use of (as in take a peek at what .biz has to offer), however I wouldn't want to give up ownership.

Nice idea btw!..

Comment #14

I really appreciate your offer for It is very kind of you and hopefully one day when .biz is recognized as a truly valuable HostGator it will be very valuable. As I am sure you understand I wouldn't want to spend my time and money into a marketing name without ownership, especially when this site won't pay anything.

Seriously I APPRECIATE the offer very much through.

Another QUICK THING...

I am going to add a search engine that only searches .BIZ domains. The problem currently is that I can use Google Custom Search BUT it displays ads... Once this site gets going I will pay to have the ads removed....

Anybody know any other ways?..

Comment #15

Lot of money? But you stated... Dot com is king and have a strong market. Markets for the others g/ccTLD have the similar level and that can not be compared to .com. Just check do the first 10 or 20 Alexa top rated website own their HostGator in dot biz extension. Yeah sure, they just protect their brand..

Comment #16

To non-domainers the word "extension" has meanings other than "domain extensions"; it means reaching out, making widely available, expanding, etc. I think would be a good name for his project...

Comment #17

I got the .BIZ warm & fuzzies ... keep up the good work, everyone! : 250 NP$'s at the ready as the project needs it, as well!.


Comment #18

This thread makes me wonder about the value of .biz Let's say you had a generic one-word .biz, a word that's used a lot in speech. About what do you think it'd be worth? I'm wondering to get an idea as to how good/bad the .biz ext is...

Comment #19

Agreed dotCOM king and I doubt it will ever be dethroned. I picked up the other day because it expired. Yes I said there was no aftermarket and there is a reason. because the person who has is not going to sell it for next to nothing becuase it is a premium single word domain.

I am trying to create value in this extension. I know what I do won't change the world but if I can get the word out and produce a place where people like me ( a web designer ) can tell people to go. example.

Client: " I have never heard of the dotbiz extension wouldn't it be better if I had" over ""?.

Me: "Well it is your business so it is your call, my recommendation would be to check out this site,, there is information there on the extension along with a list of 1000s of other .biz sites that promote and run a business off of their site.".

That is just an example of a service I want this site to provide.....

Comment #20

SMBGeek check your PM for a possible suggestion. A short 6-letter generic 1-word .biz that is available. It may not apply perfectly but, thought I would offer it anyway..

Comment #21

Awesome thank you soo much. I am thinking it might be useful once the site is up and running to get other NP to click on the site through the forums thing we you can pay 1 Np for a click or something...

Anyone know to to modify a joomla search feature to search only .biz extensions? If not I will work on it over the weekend.....

Comment #22

I jumped on the bandwagon and regged and lol Both are generic. sounds like it could help your endeavor: "Need something cheaper than a .com ? Want another solution? Perhaps a .biz!" Just a thought...

Comment #23

I have a basic shell for the site up now and am doing a few test links which will be taken off later. Here is what I need from some volunteers:.

1; I would like alot of people to look at the site and tell me graphically what it needs for marketability.

2: If you have a link you would like to submit feel free however I can't promise I wont have to clear everything out for a reinstall or something so keep it to one link for now. But if I had about 10 more links for testing it would be great.

3: I need 4 or 5 people told right a paragraph about there experience with a dotBIZ site they developed. Please PM it to me with your name and the site which it talks about.

4. I need a very talented person to write a page long review on the dotBIZ extension. Includes Statistics that are citied in the paragraph to verify any of the information. Basically a need a sales page that possible HostGator buyers can read and it will sell them what a great product the dotBIZ extension is... please note I will give you full credit for your article including a picture if you like and a link to you blog etc. If I get a few of these that would be great too...

5. if anyone can recommend some more catergories that woudl be great too.

Thanks in advance for any help.....

Comment #24

Looking good.

1) There is some overwriting in the left menu. The bold "Link Backs" is being overwritten by something gray, which looks like "Popular Related Links:". I'm using FireFox.

2) Maybe the Links page should have it's name changed to .dotBIZ Directory.

3) Maybe the Exchange Links title should be removed, since your running a directory, not a Link Farm.

4) You don't really need 2 titles, "Links" and "Exchange Links"..

Comment #25

What version of FireFox are you using as that is what I use too....

I will change the name of the links page....

The exchange links is nto a title but a link to click on to put your link on the site but I will change the wording for sure. Thank you for your great input.....

Comment #26

Oh my God.... now I'm even more worried about the aftermarket for dotmobi! - I didn't know Jeff had a soft spot for dotBiz.... from now on I will have the utmost respect for your stance on dotmobi; if the King Of SNow.Biz doth declare that dotmobi is doomed then who am I to disagree ;-). That's so funny; the market is weaker now than it's ever been for .biz, no wonder I never got a decent reply from 'the man' ;-).

If thats the level we're at - I should have lowered my game.

.Biz = a charmless Chav word for a bizniss innit.

A clumsy 3 letter domain, with the oh so low valued 'z' character... not a popular choice I shall say.. with a harsh 'B' sound followed by the 'izz' sound.. not a softly tone & as forthright as .com or as nice (especially with an Irish lilt) as .mobi so it is! ;-).

An extension that sounds a bee in a paper bag... dot bizzzzzzzzzz - can't see the point of it, just my two (sense) cents worth .... ha ha ha ha (in a smug patronising way).

The B sound relevant to the .biz is the B in Bin (aka trash can).

Useless extension - can you show me evidence that people are developing premium .biz sites that are actually used? Can you show me some that were built in the 17 months following the date .biz was launched.

DotBiz .............. not my Biz! (That's all folks; that's NoBiz for you)..

Comment #27

You're once again off topic, friend ...

The "dot Mobey" time is limited (Tick Tock. Tick Tock.), so you should get your two cents now while you can ...

We can't help you after dot Mobey April Fool's Day!.

PS. Who, exactly, is uniquely developing - by mandate from mTLD - and promoting those premium auctioned .MOBI websites that were "sold at Traffic and Sedo?.

Best of Luck, and have a good day.

PS. Back on topic!.



Comment #28

I'm using FF on linux.

I hadn't realized that "Exchange Links" was the add to the directory. Yep. I think it could be clearer it is the add to directory link.

Your 1 listing, although technically not parked, is just a 1 page adsense search page. Not exactly a glowing example of .dotBIZ in use. Could do better, me thinks...

Comment #29

All the real businesses using a .biz must be shattered. I do know there's a number of people who actually went with .biz when the .com they want is taken. I'm not really a .biz fanatic but one website I visit occasionally;

And out of curiosity's sake, I did some searching and found this

Actually is a mirror of their main .biz site Edit: You know, with such zest, I'd expected '' to be registered and a fully developed website.

Why don't you go reg it and start promoting your favourite extension?..

Comment #30

I know my one listing is a search engine with ads.... I will take that off soon. I am just testing out the listings. sorry.

Anywayz, just got back from dinner and will be putting some more time into this now. I think something like this coudl really boost the industry. I wish I personally had some money to sink into .biz domains but I will just hold onto the few I have and hopehelp the market for anyone.....

Comment #31

I think the OP is a good does not have too many friends on np but we are around. I like others have squirrelled away some single-word premium? names when they have dropped without being snapped up. Maybe development not after dinner, but soon, soon.......

Comment #32

I've also got quite a few premium one worders..

Keep us updated as to how things are going and i'll happily donate some NP$..

Be nice to see .Biz make a comeback..

The contrarian approach has worked very well well for some people in the past and i've got a feeling .biz isn't as dead in the water as many people here would have you think..

Nice idea and good luck with it...

Comment #33

Thanks for the encouragement. I will be spending some time on the site today......

Comment #34

I like the idea here, keep up he good work! Repped+.

BTW, I think is the perfect name for this site...

Comment #35

I suggest open up the site sometime for sales listings...alternatively persuade NP to have a .biz sales corner...

Comment #36

The sales thing is a great idea.... it will be incorporated.....

Comment #37

I like the idea of a sales area for .biz. After all,if you're trying to promote the ext, you should allow holders of a .biz to sell their domains to interested ppl. It'll help a lot in getting ppl to develop these things...

Comment #38

Thanks everyone for all the good input and please keep it coming. Now starts my M-F, 9-5 job so domains get pushed to nights and early mornings but I will continue to chip away at it...

Comment #39

Flogging a dead horse trying to help this extension. Spend your time on tasks that will mainly benefit yourself, rather then helping for profit registries who couldn't really care much about the extension anyway...

Comment #40

You have a point, solely doing things to benefit yourself and not the greater good is best in the long run. Maybe one day I will have tons of money and no friends.... Seriously get a life.....

Comment #41

Speak for yourself. For being a "senior member" this seems a bit unprofessional. Where's your project so we can trash it?..

Comment #42

[off topic rant].

Ooh, bashing .biz are we today? Sounds constructive.

WTF is wrong with you people?.

Can we just quit TLD bashing? There are now over 300 TLDs and each of them has a certain relevance in the internet ( - there I said it - ) .COM is king and every bleeping gTLD / ccTLD / mTLD / newTLD has relevance, either in development or in keyword value or even in local relevance.

All TLDs are as relevant as each other. As long as you develop the names. Wanna bet?.

What I find really funny was the lack of inputs where they were asked for -

[/ end rant].

On topic civilized post -.

I think what you're trying to do is commendable and focussed. I also think you need to go with 'bookmarks' instead of the component being used currently and that it needs some design / layout work too, but then Rome wasn't built in a day.

Here are my developed .biz names - 2001 2002 2004.

& I have one more that is parked...

Comment #43

It doesn't really benefit the greater good, it benefits the .biz registry, you are spending time/money on the marketing they should be doing...

Comment #44

If SMBGeek is successful, it benefits the greater good of all those who have developed their .biz domains and have them listed in a .biz directory, and all those domainers who hold .biz domains with greater awareness and acceptance of the tld with enhanced prices. He will benefit the greater good of all developed .biz domains with a backlink from a high PR site. What's with all this negative thinking?..

Comment #45

I have been working on the site a little more. There is alot that needs to be done.

Still open to all suggestions/comments..

Comment #46

I think you are way to early to be contacting the .biz registrar, if ever you should...

Comment #47

I put a little more time intot he site and am goign to devote time this month to finalizing it. A quick question for everyone.... should the link back to be a logo or a text link? Like so you list your HostGator on should I require a logo link, text link, or no link back. the reason I thought a link woudl be good is it woudl help spread the BIZ extension, build PR etc.....

Comment #48

I think a text link is fine. For those who would prefer a graphic link, you could offer that also. However, as nicedomains pointed out, the linking text should be specified by you...

Comment #49

Good to see a medium quality .biz go for Ok money at Monikers silent auction. $1,180.00

Comment #50

Thought you guys may be interested in knowing that I have Names.Biz currently on auction at Sedo. The current bid is $4000..

I don't know what it'll go for, but hopefully it may bring a bit if exposure to the .Biz extension.

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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