When you bid on a domain on how do you know if its a top ranking domain? A 4,5 or higher?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: When you bid on a domain on how do you know if it's a top ranking domain? A 4,5 or higher?.

My 2nd question is: What is the current NPr opinion on the best&most effective marketplace to sell one's domains?.

I have my domains listed @SEDO and Afternic. So far, for the same portfolio, I've received dozens of offers and also sold dozens of domains on SEDO, but have only ever received 1 lowball offer on one of my names at Afternic. Also I think the SEDO offer-counteroffer system is easier to understand than the Afternic system with the "asking price" stuff (granted, I haven't even tried to understand it...not enough offers).

So....SEDO 1, Afternic 0.

Also, SEDO is free, Afternic is $19.95 per year.

Any other notable venues?.

(I would have started a poll, but I don't know enough options to put in...been too busy developing I guess).


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Your question was: When you bid on a domain on how do you know if it's a top ranking domain? A 4,5 or higher?.

Does Sedo TOS accept listing same domains at other marketplaces same time?..

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How does one get the expanded promotion with Afternic exactly? I have looked all over their site and my portfolio but I don't see that option.... Yes, they do...

Comment #2

You can list at multiple places yes, sedo does have an exclusive brokerage agreement but if you havent entered into that you are fine, moniker has an exclusive sales agreement for their auctions as well but that is a signed form you fax in so you would be aware if you have done that, you would still be able to sell a moniker auction HostGator elsewhere but you would have to kick 15% to moniker until the signed contract expires. in the HostGator listing page there is basic listing and expanded promotion, put a check in the expanded promotion and it promotes them through different registrar partners and they could show up on buydomains as well, keep in mind basic is 10% and expanded is 20% so figure this into your pricing or if leaving them make offer keep the 20% in mind when an offer comes in, minimum offer that can be made on an expanded promotion HostGator is $250 so if you have cheap domains that you don't think are worth $250 keep those on the basic listing...

Comment #3

I have had offers on Tdnam and Sedo, never had any on Afternic even with the expanded promotion!..

Comment #4

Same for me...

About 20 sales closed at Sedo but only 2 from Afternic.

Don't try others yet but may would list some domains at TDNAM soon for a test..

Comment #5

I have sold more on afternic than any other , but that was before name media took over..

Comment #6

I have sold on Sedo. I have not on Afternic, so I have ended my membership with them.

Sedo announces everything they do in advance. Afternic has pulled the rug out from members on more than one occassion.

Don't forget about "who is"'. I have sold more names from a contact who looked up my HostGator in "who is". In your " who is" make your information available...

Comment #7

An interesting thread and some good personal experience. Obviously, each and every experience will vary. I thought Id jump in here and provide some data to help the conversation.

AfternicDLS is the world's largest HostGator marketplace. According to HostGator Name Journal, AfternicDLS has a 47% market share based on domains sold during the first half of 2007. When using AfternicDLS's expanded promotion, our customers are able to have their names listed on an expanded network beyond the Afternic site through our world-class partners. Additionally, we have 17 sales executives that promote our customers names, helping connect your names with as many potential customers as possible.

I think the best way to find out more about AfternicDLS is to call us. We have a professional sales team that is always reachable and can be reached at 1-866-277-3420 (Toll Free in the U.S.) or 1-781-839-7997 (Worldwide). They will not only be able to provide guidance, based on selling tens of thousands of HostGator names, but they will also be able to answer questions that are critical to your HostGator objectives. I think youll find the team to be incredibly knowledgeable, very helpful and very results driven.

Additionally, you can always PM me and will help you in any way that I can.

Good luck and please let us know if there is anything we can assist with - we are here to help.


Comment #8

I assume most of those sales reported to Dnj are not from members, but from the new owners of Afternic, afterall they own hundreds of thousands of domains they have now in Afternic for sale...

Comment #9

Thanks for participating David. Always good to get input from the industry here on the forum. Yes, I can see how the NameMedia HostGator sales may distort the statistics. It would be interesting to see data from sales of non-partner users' domains.

Since there are millions of domains listed in the marketplaces, it would be good to have a specific marketplace for good domains. There is the SEDO/PremiumDomains feature, but what about the names that don't fit into that category - names that are not worth >$5k, but are likely worth about $500-$2k?.

I think cybertonic has something like that, but I forget the URL...


Comment #10

Per the HostGator Name Journal, Sedo's market share for the same time period is 14%...

Comment #11

Hi David,.

This is my opinion:.

Afternic in my opinion is dying. Sedo is taking all the best domains from Domainers like us.

The tons of domains that AfternicDLS sells are 90 % not from Domainers.

Afternic should not charge any fee to list HostGator for sale , where is the cost to justify such fee? Much better to get your commission once a name is sold or does Afternic care only to squeeze money from us?.

Also, last time I checked Afternic Bazaar and was almost without names.

I used to visit regurarly Afternic , but since you also took off the page that showed the recent sales with their prices , I rarely visit the site...

Comment #12

Great question and always nice to see a good industry conversation (tough not to participate).

With regards to listed names, if we would separate out listed names and report them separately, our listed names would represent a 17% market share of domains sold versus the 14% for Sedo (as reported by DNJ). This number is more than 20% higher from a volume perspective.

With regards to quality, we have two different services that we sell listed names at through AfternicDLS. One service is AfternicDLS, the other service is called Bazaar. The purpose of Bazaar is to act as a HostGator liquidation center enabling non-premium names to be sold. At AfternicDLS, we see a high quality of names being sold at very good market prices. For example, in the past week (which will be reported to DNJ today), our two largest sales were names listed by members. One name sold for $275,000 the other for $50,000.

We are continuing to look at new ways to provide value & appreciate thoughts and ideas that you all raise. If there is anything specifically we can assist you with, please post here or please don't hesitate to PM me directly.

All the best,.

David Thanks for your comments and hope that we can regain your business. I certainly welcome the opportunity to have you speak with one of our sales executives, see if we can help you, and then have you then make the decision as to whether we can bring value to you or not. I think you will find that we've made tremendous strides in growing the market in the last 6 months and will be launching some major initiatives as we move into 2008.

Per my last post, you will find that we have quite a large percentage of sales that are from individuals. With regards to recently sold names, you can still find it at It can be found at:


Comment #13

Thank you for the reply and for the link.

Is there anyway to find the link from the hompage like before it used to be or not?.


Comment #14


1. Go to

2. Click on 'sell' on the top nav bar.

3. On the sub nav bar, you will see 'Recent Sales'..

Comment #15

Thanks again , you earned some green reputation from me.

Best regards..

Comment #16

Marketshare is nice and all- but I have the same hundreds of names on sedo and on afternic, some in extended promotion with afternic- all my sales are thu sedo, none thru afternic.

So your numbers in print are nice, but my results come from sedo. not that I am fond of sedo, they are slower than anything- weeks to close a simple deal after payment has been made> jeez, no need for that. and they are biased, and that sucks. there is so much happening in all tlds and cctlds, but are not open to that.

But your expanded promotion is 20%, and if someone comes in afternics front door and buys it anyway, I owe 20% when I could have paid 10%.

Afternic costs $50.00 for a featured listing, sedo is 10 bucks less, plus you have to pay afternic for membership..

Buydomains is no great shakes to be in for the expanded because it to favors com- I did a search on the keywork in one of my .tv names, and you have to go thru pages upon pages of coms, some outright stupid- > $3500.00 ????. > $23,000.00?? there are tons more... and I did this with many keywords- same old stuff..

Comment #17

Also Afternic sales may be very distorted due to the fact that Afternic counts every escrow as a HostGator sale and then reports that to Dnj.

I found my name that I only used for a escrow thru Afternic, reported as sold by Afternic! Kind of makes me wonder about the Dnj sales reporting by Afternic to the journal.

Afternic did not sell the name they only provided the escrow so why is it reported as a sale by them? How many thousands of names that people use Afternic only for the escrow are grouped in the Afternic sold reporting?.

Many long time members have reported in the forum at Afternic, (discussnames) that it seems thousands of names owned by Afternic, (name media) are getting first returned results when a search to buy a name is done. If so is that a fair playing field..

Comment #18

You mean name media, not demand media right?.

If this is true, and I guess mr. namemedia will pop in eventually, then that isnt too cool- not cool at all. maybe that is why the number he keep putting out is so high- and if thats the case, then that is misleading..

Comment #19


Name media, thks Smash.

Thats the way I see it, not cool. Hey it's still a zoo around Afternic. One member posted that they found something like thousands of sex, and drug related and gambling names that namemedia owns for sale now in Afternic, yet it is against their tos for any member to have such names for sale in Afternic!

Comment #20

Since I've started at NameMedia, which was earlier this year, I've been the one personally reporting names to DNJ. Therefore, I see all the names that are reported to DNJ each and every week. It is our policy not to report any names to DNJ that are escrow-only...

Comment #21

Hi David,.

Well that is good to see that Afternic now is not reporting escrow only transactions. I looked at my records and it was almost a year ago, so glad to see the policy is changed...

Comment #22

In order to make it easier for everyone, let me provide you with some information to contact us if anyone has any questions. I think you'll find the team here to be very experienced and committed to assist our customers.

Phone: 1-866-277-3420 (Toll Free in the U.S.).

1-781-839-7997 (Worldwide).


All the best,.


Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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