When will the gas go over during Medifast?

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Does the gassiness ever abate? It's killing me here!..

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LOL. Try Phazyme or Beano. Both have worked in the past...

Comment #1

Buy a dog or have a small child. Both are great blame targets...

Comment #2

I have a dog, so good idea. But I guess this means I have another year of this mighty wind?? Oi! I was hoping my body would adjust!..

Comment #3

I found adding a probiotic helped the most. The gassiness lost most of it's paint peeling properties. I get mine in the refrigerated section of my local health food store. They help with the constipation too..

I forgot to bring them on a retreat.....I was clearing the car on the way home. Good thing I was driving or they would've made me walk home...

Comment #4

Wow! I have never had is with medifast (small wonder) and in other cases of life I do, so it must be that I dont eat some of the medifast foods. I dont eat the bars, shakes, puddings or teas. Perhaps one of those causes it, because as I wrote, I am the first to have it in most cases...

Comment #5

Yep, I think it's the bars. Had 3 a day at the retreat...

Comment #6

Due to the gas from the bars, when I do have one, maybe 2-3 times a week, I eat it either for my afternoon meal or evening meal...

Comment #7

The bars do cAuse gassiness, your body does adjust to it and it gets better. Medifast probiotics. (digestive aide) is really good for the constipation. When I started back in 2007, constipation for me was a nightmare. I battled it the whole time until they came out with the digestive aide. Those fixed it.

There is hope that the paint will stop peeling! To bad it doesn't work on wallpaper! We could market it!..

Comment #8

I was wondering the same thing. Boy it's a sticker with my Medifast farts...

Comment #9

I am in my 4th week and it's not gotten any better. I can wilt flowers and burn your nose hairs!! I have decided brocolli is absolutely not tolerable with my guts. I have always been a gassy person but have gotten better but Medifast is getting the better of me. I am planning on getting the probiotics from here in my next order - or my co-workers might just kill me. I think I will pick up some gax X or something too. I work in a vet clinic, so sometimes I can blame a dog, but most of my co-workers are onto me. Sigh...

Comment #10

Beano and Lactaid are enzymes that aid in breaking down sugars IE carbs in your system and reduces gas or prevent gas. Beano in particular is effective on plant matter, including soy. If you have a serious allergy to mold, be careful with the Beano, it's actually made from a mold, though I believe reactions are pretty rare..

Gas X and the like are simethicone. Simethicone will not prevent gas nor reduce gas it will only break the 'bubbles' in your system and make it more comfortable. In the end, you will still need to pass that gas..

Activated charcoal tablets EG Charco Caps and others, can greatly reduce gas and are considered a more 'natural' and homeopathic way of controlling the gas..

To reduce the "stank", look to chlorophyllin copper EG Nullo and others, which will greatly reduce the odor..

A word or two about the bars.

In very simple terms, the reason the bars are big time gas and odor producers is because they are sweetened with sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols aren't sugar and aren't alcohol but are chemically somewhere in between, for the simplest explanation. Your body processes them like 'fiber' carbs which is why they don't cause spikes in blood sugar, don't cause tooth decay, don't get moldy, can be heated, are calorie free/low etc..

Over time, you body may or may not adjust to sugar alcohols. It's a lot like people that have never consumed much fiber in their diets, they get lots of gas at first. Usually, over time that dissipates. It's possible that over time, you body will adjust to all the gas issues caused by Medifast food, but in the meantime, enzymes, charcoal and chlorophyll are my weapons of choice..

TMI! =D..

Comment #11

I work in nursing homes and I find that no one ever blames me for the smell! LOL!..

Comment #12

Okay, that's funny!.

Even though my post was a bit flippant, I was actually serious. Oddly enough, yesterday was terrible, maybe even the worst since recommitting and I didn't have one single bar yesterday..

Can I try Beano AND the probiotics or is that too much? I guess maybe I should try the cheaper one first, whichever that is, and if that doesn't help much, try the other..

Thanks for the advice!..

Comment #13

LOL! I was thinking the other day...what if I were a single woman on the hunt? It would be impossible!!..

Comment #14

I started in August and I'm less gassy. I've found that if I use Smooth move tea a few times a week it gets things moving and I have less gas. Plus, I only eat one crunch bar a day max-those things are yummy but can cause gas...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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