When using Nutrisystem, how many points should my bf have?

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Got a question... When using Nutrisystem, how many points should my bf have? Looking forward for any response. Another question... What's missing with any diet program out there??? including NS....

It's the ability for you to accurately tell what you are burning in calories daily. As great as Nutrisystem is it will only tell you what you consume not what you burn. Nutrisystem as a program is designed generally for people who are mostly sedentary. At 1500 calories creating a caloric deficit of at least 500 is super easy even if you sit on your A$$ all day.

BUT... what if you are like me and you like to do intense exercise? I do a 5 day cardio routine and 4 day resistance routine per week. I spend anywhere from one to 2 hours in the gym when I'm at it. What happens than? From personal experience I have found that you are not taking in enough calories and now I have found out through a device called the "bodybugg" that my caloric deficit at 1500 is way lower than what I should be eating. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week and with the bodybugg you can keep track of your exact deficit as it tells you what you are burning in a day and you log what you consume..

I'm wondering if anyone else out there is using the Bodybugg and if so please tell me what you think about it. So far I am loving this thing. check it out on


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I looked into the BodyBugg while I was working with a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and they were constantly trying to get me to buy into the program (Sept. - Jan. '07). At the time, I was at goal and didn't see much benefit for the cost. I decided that the scale, tape measure and calorie tracking were the tools for me..

If you have the available cash and you're not at your goal weight it might be a good investment. Also, I couldn't see wearing it all day..

One big improvement that they've made though is that the new ones are much smaller..

I'll be so glad when this shoulder heals so I can get back in the gym though. I'm really missing it right now...

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I'll definitely be looking into this. I exercise 4-5 days per week usually mixing cardio (tread mill/elliptical) with weight lifting. I also play racquetball a few days per week. I just started Nutrisystem yesterday, so I haven't really experienced how heavy exercise affects the program. Is there a contingency in the plan for those that work out alot in terms of caloric intake?..

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Knowing your basal metabolic rate and getting a good HRM is much more affordable and IMO accurate if you are honest with your weight and food intake..

Use the HRM during workouts, and your BMR will give you a good idea of how many calories you burn just sitting on your ass for 24 hours. After that it's just good old addition subtraction. If you want a cheaper version than the BodyBugg, the BIO TRAINER by Sportline is only $50.00 for about the same thing...

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If you get one you won't be sorry you did... However, as with any program including Nutrisystem you have to be honest with yourself..

This system is so much more than just a weight loss tool. Its great for maintenance or even if you want ot lose weight and best of all if you want ot gain muscle while losing weight. You know that I have been strugleing with that. Its perhaps one of the toughest things to do. I'm sure you would agree even tougher than just diet to lose weight alone. :O).

I would highly recommend that you speak to a councelor at Nutrisystem as they will taylor an adjusted caloric intake. However, again you have to be honest with yourself and be sure that if you say you do 4-5 day intense routine that you stick to it. What the BB will do is show you exactly where you are with calorie burn/consumption and tell you your target deficit. No guess work. Hope that helped...

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Well I will just say that in life you get what you pay for... The bio trainer is an accelerometer which includes only one of four sensors in the BB. But the BB is so much more than just an accelerometer, a HR monitor, or a pedometer. Through resurch you can see why HR is not a very accurate way to tell calory burn rates..

Can you lose weight without the BB... SURE YOU CAN... can you do it without NS... ABSOLUTLY! However I have found that both help in thier own way and I am very excited about this product because it shows me eactly where I need to be in a given day. Without it I could and have lost weight just the same but perhaps at a much slower rate. With it you find out what is actually happening and learn so much about whats happening with your daily caloric deficit and than take appropriate action.

I love it...

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I picked mine up tonight and just finished setting up my program. I think my goals are probably pretty similar to yours. I can see where the bugg can be beneficial because it drills down not just your caloric intake, but the percentage of carbs, fats and proteins that are optimal for your plan..

My kid gave me the quick and dirty tutorial on using the display. Now comes the task of adding all the Nutrisystem foods into the nutrition plan menu list. LOL.



Pretty pricey... that's the main thing that cause me to hesitate on buying it. But I'm sure it will pay off in the end...

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Thats great you got it... please post your review on it after you have tried it... I agree that it is pricey and I too purchased the display. However I don't like the display so much as the armband. I thought I would but I thought I would be using the display more than I do. It was cool to see how many calories I burned while on the treadmill vs.

However, after that I hardly look at it. So I think I'm going to return the display. So, $219 for the armband and program is not too bad considering what you get. I find that it motivates me to get on my home elliptical at 8-9-10 pm if I see my numbers are not what they should be. I never did that before and am starting to notice the diff.

Someone said that you could just count your calories and run formulas on paper which is true but have you seen those formulas? not complex at all but they take a while to complete. who wants to do that? Even after a week you start to see patterns of what your caloric consumption vs burn is on any given day is. So after a while I can see not even needing it but it sure keeps you honest and thats what I love the most about it..

I also have to mention that their tools and charts are far more Superior to anything else I've seen online. I like the nutritional values breakdown that it gives you on everything you ate... One of my favorite charts is the planning chart where you can select how much muscle build you want per week vs. weight loss and it will tell you all sorts of info like ow long it will take and by what date you will achieve goal. Bottom line is it motivates me to be more active throughout the day and stay on track. Nutrisystem is a great addition as it can keep your calorie count consistent.

I have been logging them in each day as I have something new that hasn't been logged. I do it as a custom meal where you can give it a name and enter all the nutritional values that are listed right on every Nutrisystem item. After you enter once thats it, it's saved. Anyway, keep us posted on your progress..


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Ben, isn't wearing the armband all the time annoying?..

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I did a DIY version. Simply monitored weight loss rate and exercise and ADDED calories until the loss rate increased when doing heavy workouts. I've settled on a 330 cal Muscle Milk every time I go to the gym. That has worked out remarkably well for me. On days that I don't work out, I stick to the program. As long as I avoid other deviations (another story), I average 1/2 lb/day.

I allow enough deviations so my sustainable overall loss rate is about 10 lbs/month (not counting the big first month). I'm very OK with that..

Everyone's base metabolic rate, ability to shed pounds, workout routine, etc is different, so I'm an advocate of making yourself a test subject and figgering out what works for you. We're all differnt. The basic 1500 cal/day program is a good approximation, and will work, but there is a big difference between a 6'5" muscle builder and a 5'8" office worker. (I'm neither).


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I just checked it out on amazon, the video there shows people wearing the arm band to bed... thats dedication...

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To get full use of it you have to wear it all the time...

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I guess you need it to measure how much you toss and turn at night.....

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Actually, to get an accurate reading of how many calories you've burned you need to wear it all the time. I'll burn 1.2 calories a minute in my sleep... 8 hours of sleep = 576 calories burned before I even get up...

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I looked into this at the gym and cost was over $200..

What are the real pros of this to make it worth the investment, what am I really going to get out of it...

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I bought a bodybugg in January and I absolutely LOVE it. It helps me with my goal of having a deficit of 1,000 calories per day which is 2 lb loss per week. I also record everything that I eat and if I eat more calories, I need to burn more calories. This works for me! may not work for everyone, but it's the best investment that I've ever made for me!.

I don't wear it to bed and it just defaults to burning 1 cal per minute..

Wearing it during the day is not uncomfortable at all...

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Please keep us posted on this... thank you for sharing. I set my target at 1000 cal deficit but the charts have me at a 1.75 pound loss per week because I set .25lb muscle mass increase in. thats whats so awsome with the system you can tweak it the way you want it. and I find it to be super accurate most of the time...

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I'd have to say that the real pro for me is having the knowlege that is soooo vital. There is no more guess work. Now, it will depend on what you want to use it for. You can use it to help you lose weight or do like me and use it for both weight loss and muscle gain at the same time. If yu put the work it you will get results. can you do it without BB...Sure.

Just think of it this way. What would you do if you get to the end of the day and you are slightly short of your target? would you go out for an after dinner quick walk? sure you would but would you do it if you didn't know it? Nope you would'nt. thats the point of this thing. you can always see where you are throughout the day and decide weather to move more or eat less..

I think it's worth the investment... I purchased both the armband and the watch/display but you don't need the display. Its fun to see but it's going back. hope that helped...

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I was wondering about that same thing before I got it. Honestly it is so small and hardly weighds anything and thier band is super comfortable. You don't have to wear it tightly just tight enough for it to come into contact with your skin. Bottom line is that I hardly know it's there and I actually fell asleep a couple of times with it on. BTW, you don't have to sleep with it on. it will calculate the calorie burn when it's off your arm.

This puts me under by about 50-90 cal's during sleep. but I was told that the more I wear it the more accurate it is as my data base increases. I would recommend it if you are maintaining to get an idea where you are at on a daily basis. so in the end the BB is another great product as is the PP and NS..

Yeah but so is NS..

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It will estimate your calorie loss per min. based on imputed datasets from similar time and activity level. However, when you first get the thing you should wear it for a night so it starts getting an idea whats happening at that time. The more info it has the better it's going to estimate the off time like in the shower, bedtime ect...

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One thing that I have learned is that gym equipment that base a calorie loss on your heart rate are grossly over-estimating your calorie loss. It is humbling to see what you as an individule ACTUALLY burns as opposed to what your treadmill or eliptical is telling you. You will be surprised and shocked at how off they are. You can sweat bullets and think you've burned 700 cal's cause thats what the machiene is telling you .... THINK AGAIN!..

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The web site shows where you get a 6 month subscription included in price. After that it is $100 per year or $40 for 3 months. So how does this work, you input all you eat and have to know exact calories and put on web site, that converts to BB and then calculates how much you move during the day to let you know how many calories are burned?.

Might be something as I get closer to goal, really need to find out about that subscription as it seems like once you have you still need to pay like it's a gimmick to keep money coming in or something...

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Sorry. That's the way it was presented to me by the PT at 24 Hour Fitness..

That was about a year and a half ago though with the previous model...

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I just purchased the GoWear system, which is essentially the same device as the Bodybugg but different software, but all made by the same company. I'm looking forward to using it when it arrives..

I plan on using systems like this in the future when I start my Obesity and Metabolism clinic...

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Thats right they are both made by bodymedia... They actually have two other versions too but those are more for clinical studies..

I looked into the GoWear unit vs. BB as it shows more info. on sleep and whats happening during sleep. Thats the essential differance so plan on wearing it at night for those readings. Please let us know how it goes...

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Yes you get a 6 month subscription included. after that you must pay $100 per year but they have other plans not just the one you mention. it's not a gimmick but it is a way that the company keeps the money coming in. without the subscription the unit does not work. This initially turned me off. but remember that this is a program and like Nutrisystem you pay while you are on it and than once off you get no more food.

Having seen whats involved and reading the research that went into this thing I can understand why the company did it this way. Its the only one of it's kind so they can charge basically what they want. I wouldn't wait until you get closer to goal if I were you. Why wait? all this this time you can lose weight right on the mark each day each week, month ect. and hit your goal without guess work.

Having the BB is a lesson in this. Honestly I can see myself getting to goal and using it during maintenance until I get the hang of what I need depending on my activity level than I may sell it or give it away....

It is super easy to use... I was worried about the on-line input myself because BB web site does not go into the on-line system at all and I don't know why they don't because it is really the core of the program and the major strength to the system IMHO..

All you do is plug in the items you eat like McDonald's.

And their web site has a huge library... For example I went to subway and it had what I ate in the library. However, they DO NOT have NS. so with all Nutrisystem foods you will need to build onto their library. This is easy to do by adding a custom meal. You will need to plug some numbers in for that though.

As a side note I have learned that this part will force you to read and start to understand labels ect. anyway it takes seconds to input and their system is not slow like Nutrisystem can be... once you input a custom meal you need not ever do it again it's saved. all you do is type the name of the meal you saved and click on it. Its not bad at all.

However thats not all it tells you. there is so much more like number of steps which you can set goals for or your total nutritional consumption for the day like your total carbs/proteins/cholesterol/sodium ect. All in pie charts and graphs. It also has a section on your activity level breakdown also in a bar chart and I can go on and on... Bottom line is that it's your personal informational superstore.

At any point in the day like after you've satisfied your craving.

It will tell you how you are doing and you can decide to slow down what you eat before dinner or jump on the treadmill or go for a walk..

Again hope that helps a bit more... Sorry if I sound like I work for them or something... I don't. when I believe in something I tell people about it just as I do NS. Good luck..

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I don't mean to overstep my boundries by coming in to the men's room, but I had a question about this device. Do you have to wear it all the time..even when you shower? I really want to look into getting one of these since I already keep a food and workout diary..I feel this would be a lot more accurate and help me reach my goals quicker...

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Stormy, This was Ben's answer when I asked the same question.....

Comment #28

I am going to keep tabs on ebay and see if I can get one for a steal of a price..

Right now online they are on backorder for 3 weeks. From what I am just reading, they told of this device on The Biggest loser so has become extremely popular, the new fad and rage...

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I think you need to shop for a belt first!..

Comment #30

I bought mine from Amazon because of the backorder on the Bodymedia website..

I've known about these devices since they first came out several years ago, but they are now just coming into general public knowledge due to The Biggest Loser...

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I think it is a great tool for setting specific goals and monitoring your daily activity to ensure you.


Those goals..

From a personal health perspective, I could probably take the lessons I learned from Nutrisystem and start maintenance at this point, but now that I'm here, I realize just how much muscle loss my body has suffered. I also want to improve my physical endurance as I've never really been that athletic and is something I want to change for myself..

With the BB software, I have created a program that will allow me cut an additional 15 pounds (to 160), cut my BF from 24% to 16.25% with a weight loss rate of 1.875 pounds per week and a muscle gain rate of .125 pounds per week. All this by my 47th birthday on April 27th..

And I can do this as long as I follow the program, track my meals and make sure I maintain a 1000 calorie deficit every day. If I do that, I will reach that goal. The BB keeps you honest and motivates you to follow the program..

Last night, I planned to not hit the gym but after dinner I realized that if I didn't burn an additional ~440 calories beyond my resting burn rate, I would not make my deficit. So an hour on the treadmill contributed to making my target 1000 calorie deficit by midnight (1040 to be exact)..

I don't think that the body bugg is necessary for everyone. But I think it is a great tool for monitoring and fine tuning your daily intake and performance and gives you a much more detailed window of information that you just can't see with Nutrisystem alone..

Would I continue the subscription after the free 6 months? Maybe not if I have already reached my goals. But it's something I can start and stop when I want and I will definately be considering that..

Sorry if that got long winded.....

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Now I see just how much you and I are alike in our goals. I too am currently at 24% Body fat but I weigh 214 right now and My goal is to reach 16% BF with .125 lb increase in muscle mass per week until I reach that goal at 1.875 lbs. weight loss per week..

For the longest time while on Nutrisystem I found myself struggling with the scale because I was trying to lose weight but was gaining muscle and I know that perhaps gaining it at a slightly higher rate than .25 lbs. per week. I shifted my thinking and now actually don't really care about weight loss on scale as much as I do the reduction of BF% and inches. I admit that this shift has taken a while for me to adjust to though. At the end of the day it's how you look and the muscles that shows under that fat that counts.

My Nutrisystem coach told me that I may not reach my Nutrisystem weight goal as that isn't what I'm focused on doing anymore (it took me a while to fully understand this.

). When I set that initial goal I was only thinking about weight loss not muscle gain or cardiovascular performance which started for me pretty much right after the first month into NS. However, you have to be honest with yourself. I think I will know when I've reached goal. It may or may not be what I set it to here on Nutrisystem though..

I am happy to say that I have found my comfortable activity level that is realistic and sustainable. However, every person is different. Some of us just want to lose weight and are happy with that where others want to lose weight and gain muscle... others are somewhere in between. Whatever the case you should use the best tools available to you. I truly believe Nutrisystem is one and the BB is another and I couldn't end it without honorable mention to the perfect pushup. keep us posted Viper...

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Bodybugg vs GoWear ? Getting ready to purchase and I was wondering if anyone had any Pro's or Cons to report since setting up and using your programs..... Gowear looks to be cheaper price wise but do you lose anything in functions??..

Comment #34

Hi Viper..

Here is an overview of the different products..


I've been using the BodyBugg for a week now and find it really helpful in determining how much physical activity I need to complete each day to stay on target of my goal..

The only down side I've experienced was the price tag. If you have a 24 hour fitness in your area, you might check with them to see if they are running any specials. My son bought his in Feb and got it for about $280 with the display. I got the same thing and had to pay $318. (For just the arm band, it was $219).

Disco... did you get your GoWear yet?..

Comment #35

I have the BB... but looked into the gowear. Actually if you look at the side by side comaprison, there isn't that much of a diff. Gowear actually has additional features that tell you info on sleep which the BB does not do... However, you will need to wear the gowear at night to get this info. It just depends on what you are using it for...

I can't tell you much about the online interface with the gowear as I am only familiar with the BB. The BB's online interface is streamlined to give you the info you need to maintain a calorie deficit amoung many other invaluble tools such as nutrition info., steps taken, charts and graphs ect..

I do agree with Viper... it is a bit pricy if you look at just the price itself but I only paid $219 for the armband through I purchased the watch also for $100 but you really don't need it. I love it though because it's nice to have to see immediate results at the gym and check that you are working out as hard as you should. Without it you would need a computer and upload the info from the armband during the workout (impractical) so it keeps you honest with yourself basically making sure that you are not wasting your time at the gym. I now know that when I'm in the gym I train to gain and move to lose.

Ok so the BB works as intended and I find it pretty accurate so now the con's:.

For $219 for the armband I expect better quality of materials. The band itself is very comfortable and seems durable enough. However the unit's lettering is already almost completly gone. It should be ingraved or something. The company has a wireless upload ($40 additional) which allows you to upload the unit without taking it off your arm which IMO would have justified the armband cost a bit..

For $100 watch I would have liked better styling and features... the watch is similar to a cheap $40 casio's features. only a small amount of functions. No memory settings except for yesterdays #'s... The front is not scratch resistant so it will/does scratch easily. HR monitor at this price alone would have made it worth the money IMO but it doesn't have it.

I have mine cliped to the armband. It comes with a nice clip... the wrist band for the watch is not comfy....

Hope that helps!..

Comment #36

I'm still waiting for my GoWear to ship, but I'll give a review once I get it...

Comment #37

Chris, Ben,.

Thanks for all the information it was appreciated......

Disco, I have decided on the BB but would still like to hear how you make out with the GoWear and any pro's and con's with the program when you get it..

Thanks again,.


Comment #38


Keep us posted when you get it and please offer your review/advice. i'm still learning..

I just had my BB coach session today and all I can say is WOW... I'm looking forward to using what I've learned. This things gonna get me to where I want to be. Only wish I found it sooner. Nutrisystem and BB go together like a glove..

Good luck with your BB..

And DISCO I would also love to hear more about the gowear when you get it. do tell.


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Ben, your post has gotten me thinking about why I am no longer losing weight. Perhaps, I am gaining muscle at a fast rate. I was worried about not losing but now I've come to grips with where I am. See my workout schedule below:.

Run about 4 miles doing about an 8..5 minute mile (6 days a week).

6 sets of 25 pushups 6 days (standard, decline, incline).

Rotate between hammer and wide grip pull-ups 6 days: 3 sets.

3 sets of planks 6 days.

3 sets of side planks 6 days.

3 set of quad ext 6 days.

I rotate resistance through the week (chest, back, shoulders, and arms).

I have not lost (nor gained) any weight since January but I lost 3 inches on my waist (37 in down to 34), gained 2.5 inches on my chest, gain 1.8 inches in my biceps, dreduced my mile from 10 minutes to 8.5 minutes..

I say all of this b/c I have shifted in my thinking about weight loss. I like the toned look I am developing. I wish to get to 185 and will work to get there but I am stuck. I've been told to eat more but I am little hesitant. Will the BB help with this?.


Comment #40


Absolutely the BB will help with this... I have learned that gaining muscle and losing weight at the same time is the single hardest thing that anyone can do. Think about it. Your body has two sources for energy. Fat and muscle. yes your body WILL metabolize muscle.

The short/simple... if you cut calories very low... IE NS's 1500 than you could be metabolizing muscle. you body needs lots of fuel (food) in order to feed muscle growth (repair). Its a very delicate balance of how much food you really do need.

Not what you want as all of that hard work to build muscle will never be seen under that fat. Hence that delicate and precise balance thats needed to do both (lose weight and gain muscle). I have found that since the BB I can actually fluctuate about 700-1000 calories from a gym day to a non gym day. My caloric intake varies from about 1800 to 2800 per day. Thats the beauty of the system.

The calories consumed for that day. I have the system set up to burn 1.75 lbs. fat/wk and gain .25 lbs. muscle at the same time. If I stick to the plan and deficit set I hit that mark week in week out.

I still use Nutrisystem but I add as much as 1000 calories/day depending on what's going on that particular day/moment..

Sounds to me like you are most definitely doing a whole lot and may be consuming too little but when you have the BB it will tell you for sure and help you stay in that zone. You've mentioned your muscle gains which is very impressive. However, I would bet that for all of that hard work you are doing you could be eating too little and actually not gaining as much as the work that you put in. Or think about it in a different way. You may gain it by getting ripped one day only to have your body metabolize it the next day for much needed energy during repair. So some of that hard work at the gym could be wasted or shall I say converted back into the bodies energy consumption.


Disco, please add or correct me if I said something in error..

Comment #41

Well said. The hard part is trying to figure out how much extra to eat. I have spoken to Nutrisystem counselors, but still haven't hit my sweet spot. I am inclined to try the BB to fine tune my performance...

Comment #42

Rob, as a Certified Fitness instructor and bodybuilder, I will tell you that if you're just eating 1500 to 1800 calories a day, you're not eating enough. I would say you have to be eating at least 2000 minimum based on your workouts. Bump it up, you'll be surprised at the results. If you are trying to gain more muscle, I suggest eating at least 1 gram of protein (minimum) per pound of bodyweight. This way the extra calories are from protein, which not only builds muscle (carbs and fats don't), but can also be used as fuel when amino acids are broken down...

Comment #43

Go for it... you won't be sorry and if you are you can return it after 30 days but you won't if you use it as intended... Oh and you won't only imrove your performance you will improve your weight loss becasue this thing motivates you like nothing or no one else can. When you see the numbers you know exactly what to do. I'm going to tell everyone about this thing cause it's fregggggggggin awsome! Let us know what you think when/if you get one...

Comment #44

Ben, I agree with you. I am totally sold on the Bodybugg. I have been using it since the end of December and I've lost 20 lbs. Since I only had 25 to lose and I hadn't lost a lb (and kept it off - kept going between 5 lbs), I thought it would be worth it based on all the good things I've heard about it. I wore it religiously every minute for two weeks, then did the counseling session with the rep from Apex, and it reinforced what my trainer and doc had told me. My BMR was 1330 vice the 2200 to 2500 that I would get on the websites when I plugged in my fitness level and stuff.

It sure explained a lot of frustration at eating 1200 to 1300 calories and not losing or losing 2 lbs one week and gaining it back the next. Once I knew the real numbers I tailored my diet and exercise to those numbers and the weight start peeling off. I know I've read a lot on here and I hear a lot of the frustration I was having myself, and I blame most of it on people not knowing their true numbers. I only eat 800 calories a day now and I walk about 30 minutes a day and I'm losing about 2 lbs a week, the inches are coming off and I'm more toned and less flabby. My bloodwork is good.

I haven't had the starvation mode stuff that I've heard about. It's all good and I credit the Bodybugg for sure. Thanks for this post. I learned even more after reading all your information..


Comment #45

Is'nt it just amazing? That's awsome Danielle... thank you for sharing and keep us posted!..

Comment #46

OMG, my numbers are off the charts today..

3168 calories burned.

1975 consumed consisting of 55% carbs 22% protien and 23% fat.

1193 deficit.

Oops, my goal is a 950 calorie deficit/day but ended up burning more than expected at the gym today. Funny thing is I came home and realized it and started to eat more LOL. That didn't pay attention and here I am with a greater deficit than intended. I have to really watch that, I should have really consumed 2218 cals...

Comment #47

Okay so Mr B_E_N you should go to the regular thread with this info, so that more and more people will see it. I love the idea and Im thinking about getting one myself. I run a few miles a week and have only been eating the Nutrisystem diet. I know there just has to be a reason why I loose two pounds this week and then next week they are right back. I dont have a regular workout due to my job so one week I run a few miles and then the next week I dont do a thing. Im getting so heated. I will give this BB a try..

Comment #48

Teri, I will tell you that lack of consistent exercise gives inconsistent results. I mentioned in an earlier post about how the body perceives exercise and how it retains fluid for particular purposes. I do cover that in my "Exercise Support thread" on the General forum...

Comment #49


I had my free coaching session this week too and learned a few things I hadn't noticed about the online tracking. What is really cool is how you can compare your calorie balance between your measurment changes and your food log over your last measurment period (1 week)..

She mentioned that they should be pretty close, but she was pretty surprised when she saw mine. Over the past 7 days, there was a 10 calorie difference between the two readings. LOL.

I will probably bump up my caloric intake. It's interesting what ninerbuff said about 1g protein per lb body weight. I've averaged about 110g and thought that was pretty good. I'll have to play with those numbers and see where I can get the best increase with an additional ~150 calories..

Good info. Nutrisystem and BB work really well with each other. If you are accurately monitoring your intake and burn numbers, you know exactly where you need to be to maintain that deficit and get where you want to be...

Comment #50

Ben and Viper,.

The BodyMedia site mentions that the BB only allows a physical activity intensity level of moderate. What does that mean? and is it a big deal. The GoWear allows a vigorous setting as well...

Comment #51

Bodybugg and GoWear are manufactured by the same company and virtually have the same features. I see a huge difference in pricing though...I am inclined to go with the GoWear option. Any advise?.

You might want to checkout the site...

Comment #52

Gowear and BB are actually the same price but gowear lets you pay for the subscription as you go. it's not a huge diff..

I noticed that too before I purchased... I called them before I purchased but I forgot what they said exactly. However, Its just an automated setting. you would be surprised what is actually meant by vigorous... modertate is actually what most of us do. those in shape that is.

As they both measure your cal/min lost so if you are more intense it will still measure an increase in cals expended at a higher or faster rate. good question I would call them on it..

I know what you mean... However, I can tell you that with the BB on your arm it will tell you very simply that you need to keep moving. the numbers don't lie. if you burn it one week only to be sedentary the next than you will most likly be right back where you started. The beauty of this thing is that it can tell you exactly where you are better than any trainer or doctor for that matter can. if you wear it and log accuratly that is.

I'd say go for it, it keeps my a$$ moving thats for sure. in fact I went and had 1/2 a burrito at the mall I calculated it and it came to 756 cals so I'll be going for a late eavening jog tonight..

Comment #53

Viper... thats tremendouse that you actually got within 10 calories between actual measured and food loged. awsome screen shot. How did you do that I have been wanting to do that but it would not let me. I would love to share more info. here for folks who are really interested. thanks for sharing...

Comment #54

I tend to agree for the most part but doesn't the body also adjust to a very structured routine? I change mine up every three weeks and every 12 I take a week off and do nothing. usually when I pick back up where I started I see a boost in iether weight loss , performance, muscle gain ect. can you clarify if this is a good strategy? much appreciated..

One singular thing I have found with the BB is that it matters not how consistant or inconsistant you are with exerciae... what matters most is that you hit your deficit... how you do that doesn't matter. you can eat less or move more. However, from a performance standpoint if you are inconsistant you feel it. at least I do..


Comment #55

If you're using Windows go to the page you want a screen shot of, hit the Printscreen button on your computer. Then open up any graphics editor, photoshop, Corel photo/painter, or even MSpaint (its on your computer, it's free) and hit the control key and the V key at the same time to paste the picture of the screen into the program. Crop the image and save it as a GIF or Jpeg, or PNG and upload it to a host..

If you're using a Mac you must be a three fingered ninja and hit Shift, Alt and 3 at the same time for the entire screen or you can hit Shift, Apple, and 4 at the same time and you can draw a square around just the part of the screen you want to capture. It will save the image as a PNG on your desktop for you. All you have to do is upload it to a file host like photobucket..

That was a really long explanation...

Comment #56

You can do the same routine for 2 months and be okay, but yes the body will adapt, so at the very minimum every 2 months you need to change the exercise routine. That may be just more sets with less rest time, more reps with less sets, increasing the weights to higher poundages for less reps, changing the order, etc. There just so many ways to just switch it up so that people don't have to add more time to their workouts..

I will agree with that to a point. If you do it with exercise consistently, your metabolic rate will stay active. If you do it with just diet, your metabolic rate will slow. Not to mention that inconsistency with exercise will cause fluctuations with fluid in the body. You need water to contract muscles, so it will hold more. And when the body senses exercises, it will also work on storing glycogen which also hoards more fluid in the muscle cells.

That's why when many people start an exercise program, many actually gain weight..

Since recovery time of muscle is 48 to 72 hours, depending on the intensity, inconsistency of exercise will just keep the cycle of holding fluid in the cells to repeat if the muscle is not utilized again within a week. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is an indicator if a muscle is not being used consistently. If you are always sore for 2 to 3 days after a workout, then you're probably not working it out enough...

Comment #57

Mesturge - thank you I will try that as soon as I get a chance and will share info. so all can see..

Ninerbuff - that is awsome info. thank you, I will be reading more into DOMS as it has occured in the past. great suggestions, much appreciated...

Comment #58

Sorry to intrude on the Mens Room but I hadn't heard of the Body Bugg before and this post just cost me $300 cause I have to have this thing! Thanks so much for the post!.


Comment #59

Lisa, you are welcome to come to the mens room... Please let us know what you think of this thing...

Comment #60

Main page showing calories burned, cal consumed and deficit... bottom shows breakdown of cal per min throughout the day. the mountain is gym time. If you place mouse on bars it tells you cal/min burned at that time..

Steps per day... goal set and actual achieved.

Activity charted throughout the day.

Nutrition information for the gym day 100% Nutrisystem is close to 20% protein, 20% fat and 60% carb which is what I set my nutritional goal to everyday. Here you can keep an eye on the fatty foods we tend to eat when not on NS. Pie chart makes it quick and easy to see at any time in the day..

Food log page... notice that all I typed is Nutrisystem and all the Nutrisystem foods came in the drop down menu, than just click on the food group. Easy and quick!..

Comment #61

Ben, not to burst your bubble, but calorie deficits of over 1000 per day is not a good.


Way to lose weight. Muscle loss is almost inevitable with those deficits, which will only start to slow down your metabolism. IMO, 500-750 calorie deficits work best and don't disrupt your metabolic rate the same way. Just thought you should know...

Comment #62

Niner, isn't that the whole premise behind NutriSystem in the first place? In order to lose weight, you have to have a calorie deficit. And if you want to lose 2 lbs a week, you have to maintain a 1000 calorie deficit every day. That's basically what the Nutrisystem meal plan does in a way, right?.

BB is just providing more detailed information on your weekly performance..

According to my program, I should be losing 1.875 lbs per week while.


.125 lbs of muscle mass..

I'm sure you know more about this stuff than I do... I just want to make sure we're all on the same page...

Comment #63

Yes, most people are going under the premise that.

The 7000 calories they burn are all from fat.

If it were that easy, then all you would have to do is just be in a deficit and the weight should just come off. Logically only eating 1000 calories a day and burning off 500 of it from exercise should work.........but the body is much smarter than that. The misunderstanding here is that when 2 lbs of weight isn't on the scale, most people think it's just fat,.

When it's a combination of water, muscle tissue, and fat..

And if you gained 4lbs in 2 days you would have had to consume 14,000 calories of pure fat to have it all be fat. In reality that weight gain is more fluid retention than anything else, and it goes both ways..

I've been in the business long enough to tell you that people who add muscle while on a calorie deficit program are "lucky". Unless you're taking in at minimum 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, I can pretty guarantee you muscle gain is absolutely minimal. You might in the beginning as a novice, but think about and amateur bodybuilders who take drugs and eat up to 4000-7000 calories a day with a 1.5 to 2.0 gram of protein per pound of body weight are fortunate to gain 5-10lbs a year of pure muscle. These are pros who's business it is to put on pure muscle, so you can see why I am doubting some of the numbers here..

It's like when they said Mike from the BL gained 19lbs of muscle in 9 weeks. Highly unlikely. Again if it were that easy, then working out for 9 weeks would totally change someone's physique with 19lbs of muscle on it...

Comment #64

Thanks niner. It's all good info to know! Personally, I'm not specifically interested in much muscle gain at least for now. But as I slim down, I am working towards toning what I have and gaining some strenth..

I'm definately doing that because I am much more solid in my core and I am seeing more definition in my shoulders, chest and legs..

I am trying to increase my protein levels like you mentioned. But am going to see how close I come to the BB number predicted, so I don't want to change up too much just yet. I will probably keep my deficit where it's at until the end of April. After that, I'll be on maintenance and looking more into muscle gain..

Thanks again!..

Comment #65

Yes I do know that... you are absolutly right about that. The day I posted above is actually my highest deficit day but please notice that I also exeeded my calory consumed target and my calories burned so in that sence the BB is right on track. My average so far since the begining of BB is 889 deficit per day. That day posted I actually wasn't paying attention and went too high on the deficit and targets. Totally my fault... Not paying attention to the BB is the BB's point and in this case it made it very clear to pay closer attention...

Comment #66

This is great info but can you please clarify a couple of points for me... I have been trying to gain muscle while losing weight. I do admit that I was struggling with this for a while when I was on Nutrisystem alone and many of the guys here on Nutrisystem will agree to that or you can check out the many frustrating posts that I posted in the past on NS. However, I can tell you that without a doubt I have gained some muscle while on Nutrisystem alone and now even more consistently while with the BB. I have no idea how much muscle but I know enough that I notice my muscle in my core, arms, and especially pecs and shoulders. so my question is that you said anyone gaining muscle is "lucky" while on a calorie deficit.

Am I understanding you correctly? I do take in about 120 - 140 grams every day with the additional protein supplements I take. I set my goal on BB to gain .25 lb of muscle for every 1.75 lbs of fat loss per week. So, if I understand you correctly that most of us can't gain muscle while losing weight than why do many mags and books and articles I've read suggest to do resistance training while dieting for specifically that reason? OR is it just to keep/maintain the muscle that you have while losing? I should know more info by the end of the week when I can see the difference between my actual measured deficit vs. my logged deficit. Only than can one determine if you lost what the BB and your logging efforts tell you you did.

Thanks in advance for all of your info... it is much appreciated!.


Comment #67

Muscle will "pump" up because you force blood into them. As you keep working out, the muscle stays "inflated" because of the accumulation of glycogen and water, that will be needed for the next time you work out. So many are assuming that this "inflated" size is the gaining of muscle. Women have the same complaint about getting "bulking". Their arms, legs and shoulders "inflate" the same way, so many turn away from weight lifting..

To gain muscle, you have to be in a calorie overload. For every 1lb of muscle you gain, in almost every instance you will also gain about 3lbs of fat. This is why I say that people who gain any muscle on a calorie deficit diet is "lucky" or is flat out a genetic freak..

I weigh 194 right now, so I take in 195 grams of protein a day to MAINTAIN the muscle I currently have. My proportions of protein/carbs/fats is 45/25/30. Strength training spares muscle loss. That's why you should do it when you lose weight. However weight lifting on an empty stomach is also catabolic (muscle wasting)..

Only you can't tell if what you lost was actually fat, muscle or water. IMO, the best way to tell is how you look. Abs on a male show at about 10-15% BF, so the mirror is the best indicator if your losing more fat and keeping muscle. Unless of course you have regular access to a full body MRI..

Hydrostatic weighing seems to be one of the most accurate. Calipers can give you a +/- 3% depending on the person doing the measuring..

Hydrostatic weighing will give you BF% and then you can figure out your lean body mass...

Comment #68

Thank you niner for that complete and thorough answer... I realize now from what you say and additional reading that I have actually been doing a more weight loss regiment than a muscle gain one. I say this now for many reasons and most have been mentioned by you. This is quite OK by me BTW because I started this whole life style change in the first place to LOSE WEIGHT. However, pretty much from the start I have been concerned about muscle loss so I do weight lifting and resistance training but I DO NOT increase food consumption so my actual muscle gain is probably minimal. All I know is that somehow I did gain some muscle but more importantly to me I gained STRENGTH and MAINTAINED what I did have.

Does gaining strength and going up in weight class constitute the idea that I've gained muscle? I don't really know but again the important thing for me at least is that I'm much stronger now than before just like I know I'm also in much better shape cardiovascular and endurance wise with the cardio part of the training that I do which again is really geared more for weight loss in my case (thanks for clarifying that for me). I think the MOST important thing for me is that I actually changed my attitude about exercise and diet completely from before. I now LOVE to go to the gym and do whatever, cardio or resistance and I have a much better understanding of the food I need and don't in order to lose weight. Once I get to goal I will probably switch to a muscle building mode to gain a few pounds of muscle but I think I will be at a better position to rally tell for sure if that is what I want to do once I get there. Its been an interesting ride so far and all I can say is that the BB is making it more fun for me because it motivates me to stay EXACTLY on track..

Thanks again, awsome info..


Comment #69

You can gain strength without increasing muscle size. A good example is Olympic weight lifters. Some of the strongest guys are in the sub 150lb weight class. They are strong as heck, but not really muscular or husky. Strength depends on your genetics and how your body produces energy, and the type of muscle fiber you possess. But like you said the most important thing is that you are embracing the lifestyle and enjoying it.

All in all, getting fit can be fun and once you reach goal, then setting new ones will only improve your physique...

Comment #70

Great posts guys..

To follow up on some things discussed earlier. Go Wear Fit and Body Bugg are made by BodyMedia. I contacted them. These are the same device with the same technology. Both use the same food logging program. One is marketed by Body Media as a personal solution, while the other is co-marketed by 24hr fitness..

Price is equivalent in the long term commitment...

Comment #71

From what I understood bodymedia actually invented and developed the product for both the gowear and the BB. However, the BB and it's online interface is managed by APEX as you can see thier logo above..

24hourfitness is an affiliate of Apex not Bodymedia. 24hourfitness is actually a gym chain that is promoting the BB and using it on members at thier gym. I actually purchased my BB from at a slight discount from BB..

I hope Disco will report his review on the gowear as I am interested to know the specific diff. with the online interface. Again, what I've read is the the gowear actually gives you more info on your sleep activities...

Comment #72

I contacted Body Media, and they have a decent mechanism for customer service..

They make both devices. They license out the bug and handle the GoWear themselves. They tell me the food logging is the same. The GoWear has the ability in the calories burned section to regulate your MET levels, while the Bodybugg has a preset "moderate activity" level..


I have scoured their web pages and look at other on-line forums. I think I am going to fire on the GoWear. Price is equivalent. I am doing it for the exercise level feature...

Comment #73

I just got an e-mail today from gowear and they now have the same great features that BB does. They borrowed it from them.

Just to clarify... MET or Metabolic Equivalent level does not regulate anything... Only YOU regulate it by doing more intense level exercise. "moderate" MET will basically track only those calories burned at a moderate level AND ABOVE so basically for a moderate level I know the BB and will track any calories burned at a rate of 3.0 cals/min for a min of 4 min. and beyond. Now, the Gowear will also allow you to track your MET from 3.0 - 6.0 for moderate and 6.0 and above for vigorous.

However, when I go to the gym my METS reach upto 12.5 cals/min and the BB absolutely tracks all of that also as you can see from the pages I loaded of one of my gym days. However, when I look at my activity chart it lumps all of my mets from 3.0 and above and tells me how long I've been in this range. Basically anything 3.0 and above means you are exercising. I think the rest of the info. is overkill IMHO.

At a time that that info. would be valuable. BUT, understand that the BB will track all your mets for slow, moderate and vigorous just like the gowear will..

If you want the best deal for the money than BB purchased from. is a better deal by $30 when you do all of the math not the gowear. I compared apples with apples to see this. If however you prefer to wear the unit at night and don't mind spending the extra $30 than gowear is for you.

Bottom line I think either one will do the same thing especially now that gowear just upgraded their online interface to be more close to the BB. Many people complained about thier web interface as it wasn't until very recent that you couldn't track your calories on their web site. Now you can. I just got an e-mail from go wear today and I'll try to load it for you here..

Whatever you decide to do gowear or BB you won't be sorry...

Comment #74

I think you are confusing METs with calories/min, they are not interchangable. A MET is equal to calories per minute at work divided by calories per minute at rest. So unless your basal metabolic rate is 1.0 kcal/minute then METs and cal/min are not interchangable. My basal metabolic rate is around 2.0 kcal/minute so the 3-6 MET range would be 6-12 kcal/minute, not 3.0-6.0. The armband will measure your calorie expenditure around the clock even at complete rest, which is why it can be advantageous to wear it during sleep even if you don't have the sleep tracking software because otherwise your cal/min figures during sleep will be estimates and not measured...

Comment #75

Question: I am assuming that the BB doesn't have a pulse monitor on it?..

Comment #76

I'm also not sure if the gowear has the wireless upload accesory which I'm thinking on getting for my BUGG. Do you know if it has one FIXbones..

Comment #77

Very interesting assumption... you are correct no HR monitor. I know what they say the reason was for not including this sensor but wonder what you think it may be???..

Comment #78

Thanks for the clarification on MET vs Cal/Min Disco. Makes sence however FYI, a portion of that explination was taken from thier web site..

Yes you are correct that the armband will measure your calorie expenditure around the clock with the BB as well and it will estimate sleep so you don't have to wear it during sleep. Compared to one night wearing it and one not the BB has me estimated at about 50 cals less burn on the night the BB was not worn. That is so minimal of a margin to me that it's not worth wearing it 24/7 IMO. In fact, they recommend that you wear it one night every month to keep it close to any small changes in your body. The BB has made one correction already from the days that I did wear it at night from 1.2 cal/min to 1.3 and my actual is averaging at 1.4 so that puts me 48 cals below each day which will make me move more and thats never a bad thing...

Comment #79

Thanks B_E_N and all the other contributors to this thread. Learnin' from you guys about this technology...

Comment #80

Go wear I don't think has one but the BB most defiantly does have it... Its not an essential item as I currently use my BB without the wireless upload pod. However, you must physically plug the device into a USB so that means taking it off your arm when you do so. No big deal but it would just be much easier is quick if you just walk over to the computer and click upload and walk away. Much more natural. BB seem to have more accessories like this that makes it's use just that much more pleasant.

Here is a person on ebay selling one... it's the round item on the bottom right side of the pic in the listing....


Did you purchase the Gowear yet? Please report on what you see when you do. I would be very interested in some screeshots..

More importantly does anyone know if you can now log your meals everyday with the Gowearfit??? according to their web site you can only log meals for a 3 day menu meaning you can only log once every three days so that allows you to have only 2 similar meal plans per week... My meal plan varies everyday. This was another detail that turned me away from the gowear... have they fixed that?.


Comment #81

If anyone is interested... Here is another device that I came accross that claims they are better than the BB... I'm not so sure..


Comment #82

Anyone know if theres a similar product thats water proof? I like to swim in the summer for my exercise and I know the gowear cant be worn in the water...

Comment #83

Even though you don't wear it when you sleep, you should probably wear it when you have sex...

Comment #84

Not only does NO other divice like the BB or gowear exist there is no device that is water proof so swimming will have to be calculated manually... the BB does have a nifty chart where you can plug in activity type and level and duration and it spits out cal/min. and totals. Hope that helped..

Ha ha most definatly... that is considered an intense exercise activity. In fact you can skip the gym sometimes depending on the duration of the event. The BB is worth every penny in this regard..

Comment #85

So here's my question:.

If you walk on a treadmill then incline it, but happen to hold on, it totally changes calorie burn because the holding on lessens the resistance. So if there is no pulse monitor, then how do you know that the calories you've burned are accurate for any given exercise? Are you responsible for logging in the calories? And if you are, then that could be flawed...

Comment #86

I used the body bug but did not understand it I used it for months but I thought as long as I went even 1 calorie over the intake I would lose not true I finally talked to a bodybug counselor and you have to be like a thousand calories over your intake so if you consumed 2500 calories you had to burn like 3500 calories hard to do sometimes..

Comment #87

OK I promised I would hold myself accountable and share my results with everyone. Welp, got my scale back today and it's official just about 7 lbs off in three weeks. I am stoked..

My program is set for 950 cal deficit/day x 7 days x 3 weeks = 19,950 calories burned / 3500 cal/lb = 5.7 - 7 lb actual measured on scale = 1.3 lbs of OVER REPORTING or just normal body fluctuation changes. I'm speaking to BB now to determine how to get the logged number closer to the measured number. Most people as they explained actually UNDER REPORT their food logged and in this case it's the opposite so I'm not complaining.

Now according to the measured changes the BB is telling me that according to my measured loss my deficit was actually 24,500 calories. simple math 24,500 / 3500 cal/lb = 7 total pounds. so 24,500 - 19,950 = 4550 deficit cal. over reported or in other words I'm over reporting my calorie consumption by 216.6 calories which actually sounds alot to me and that is why I'm Talking to BB to see where I may have made the error. Remember though that the BB is about 95% accurate and it estimates my sleep 50 cal less than my actual sleep calorie burn and that I know already. The BB tends to underestimate these events so that you are forced to make sure you move more for these estimations..

The important thing here is that I started Nutrisystem about 9 months ago and for the first 6 months I lost weight with the weigh loss slowing down severely to under a pound a week no matter what I tried. Finally it came to a grinding halt with no measurable weight loss or measurement change... The last two months I've been off Nutrisystem for the most part and also did not lose a single pound. Now the last three weeks on the BB has shown me what was going on and I am losing at least the 2 lbs. that I set as goal per week. Thats the point..

Everyone is different but I can tell you what I was doing wrong and it was immediately understood as soon as I started to get readings. I mentioned that I started taking in more calories per day even while on Nutrisystem and that number went to 1800/2200 cal at one point. Well simply put those weren't necessarily wrong calorie amounts but rather the timing was probably off. Here is what I mean. Once I got the BB I noticed that sometimes on a gym day I would need 1800-2200 DEPENDING ON how active I was the rest of the day. In fact, some days I could consume the same number of calories as a gym day and be at deficit goal WITHOUT going to the gym.

Additionally, off days or rest days were just as complicated I would typically stay less active during these days and find that I'm not going to reach goal so I would have to go for a walk or eat less even down to the original 1500 Nutrisystem menu to reach it, which is something I would never have done while on Nutrisystem alone. Bottom line is that I have found that my activity level varies drastically day to day depending on whats going on. So, if you are normally sedentary than you may be able to adjust calorie intake within a specific amount and if you do exactly the same things each day you would lose day in day out. However, you will find that even this is harder to do. Its hard to stay EXACTLY at the same activity level everyday even if your schedule doesn't change and I know mine changes day to day.

Now couple that with the fact that as you lose weight your body figures out or expects to get what you fed it the day before. The same is true for exercise your body actually becomes more efficient at doing what you demand it to do. so the same 30 min on the treadmill 3 months ago may have yielded 300 calorie loss but now three months later your body may only lose 200 cal. for the same time/intensity. The exercise machines WON'T tell you that.

You can actually see all of this while using the BB. You know what you burned not what the machien tells you burned..

I think the single biggest thing aside from finally losing weight again for me is the consistency at which I lose it. To me thats worth the money and than some. Set the goal, stick to it and log and at the end of each week check your measured results against your logged info. I have been pleasantly surprised that this thing works exactly as advertised. I look forward to finding out how I do next week. I will update again...

Comment #88

The BB has four state of the art sensors it uses to determne calorie loss or work. Its quite interesting..

The Physiological Sensors.

Here is a list of the sensors in the bodybugg followed by a short description of how they contribute to energy expenditure estimation..

Accelerometer - The accelerometer in bodybugg is a tri-axis micro-electro-mechanical sensor (MEMS) device that measures motion. This motion can be mapped to forces (g-force) exerted on the body. By taking gravity and motion into account along with the other sensor data, the wearer's body context and true level of physical exertion can be accurately predicted..

Heat Flux - The bodybugg also contains a proprietary heat flux sensor located on the side that measures the amount of heat being dissipated by the body via a thermally resistant material. In short, this sensor measures how much heat the wearer's body is giving off. Heat flux is an important parameter because the body tends to heat up the faster it burns calories..

Galvanic Skin Response - Better known as GSR, this sensor is comprised of two "hypo-allergenic" stainless steel electrodes on the back of the armband that measure skin conductivity. Skin conductivity is how much an electrical current can pass between two points on the surface of the skin and is affected by sweat due to physical exertion as well as emotional stimuli such as psychological stress..

Skin Temperature - Skin temperature is measured by using a highly accurate thermistor-based sensor located on the back of the bodybugg. Looking at continuous measurement of skin temperature in conjunction with data collected from the other sensors can reveal the body's core temperature trends which are affected by the level of a person's physical exertion or lack thereof..


Comment #89

I actually tested this, both from moderate to steep incline as well as free standing vs holding holding on and my calorie burn rate varies accordingly..

BB measures sweat, skin temp and heat dissipation along with motion and steps and calculates from that..

I've also noticed that the calorie burn rate reporing on the treadmill is typically ~30% higher than what the BB is reporting. And this has been consistent between several machines..

Here are the Q&As regarding this question from the myapex web site:.

Why is the bodybugg more accurate than a pedometer?</EM>.

The bodybugg is more accurate than a pedometer for calculating calories burned because it is "watching" your body from four different perspectives. A pedometer only measures steps. In addition to measuring motion and steps, the bodybugg is able to see how much you are sweating, your skin temperature and the rate at which heat is being dissipated from your body. These additional physiological parameters give the bodybugg a more complete picture of what your body is doing and it's level of exertion, all of which means a much more accurate estimation of your calories burned..

Does the bodybugg measure my heart rate?</EM>.

Not at this time. While heart rate information can be useful, it is not necessary to accurately measure total calorie burn. In fact, there are many factors, such as prescription drugs, cardiovascular disease and abnormalities, which can affect heart rate, making it more difficult to obtain an accurate overall assessment of calories burned...

Comment #90

As niner pointed out earlier more than 1000 calorie deficit is not healthy... if you are logging correctly and logging everything that goes in your mouth the BB will do the rest and give you your deficit. It does take commitment and work on your part to log accuratly and do the needed exercise or eat less when you are supposed to. My resuslts so far has shown it to be quite accurate or even underestimated my actual measured weigh loss on the scale. perhaps you can post some screenshots of your nutritional info for a typical day???..

Comment #91

They have everyday food logging. It is detailed on their website. It is the same thing as body bugg. I got this info by contacting the company that makes both of the devices, BodyMedia. Their customer service is very helpful. They appear to be the same basic device..

Costs for one year:.

Body bugg at 24hour $219.

6 months access free.

Next 6 months $14.95ea $ 89.70.

Wrist monitor $99.

Total $407.70.

GoWear fit website $159.95.

1 month access free.

11 months @6.95 $76.45.

Wrist monitor $99.

Total $335.40..

Comment #92

BTW, niner... just for future referance. the BB will allow your clients to print out very detailed reports to submit to you or another certified trainer such as yourself and you can than determine, with your expertiese and knowlege how to adjust this persons activities and routiens (probably better/quicker than any one of us can). I'm sure you've probably expierienced some clients who simply get little or no results and probably each and every time it is to no ones fault but thier own. Immagine what a great tool it is. I'm now for the first time, actually considering hiring a personal trainer to get me doing what I'm supposed to be doing correctly...

Comment #93

I won't be needing it for longer than 6 months... Hopefully..

So I won't need to spend the extra $89.70 and besides there are other plans than the month to month for $14.95 as you indicate. In fact If my memory serves me it's around $27.99 for three month (you get the first 6 months free with the BB). Way less than 89.70 it would cost if you go month by month....

Do you know if Gowear will allow a single months subscription after your original subscription runs out? is so how much is it?.

Bottom line is that it appears that if you want just the armband you can get the BB for $219 from 24hourfitness. the watch is $99 for both BB and gowear fit. So....

The gowear is:.

GoWear fit armband $179.95.

6 months @ $9.95 $59.70.

Total $239.65.

So the BB is actually $20 less for me.

From your loss ticker I would guess that you're only going to need the device for 4 months like me so having it for 12 would be a waste. You'll get to goal before than if you stick to the plan..

As for the food logging.


They just went to a new food logging system that does allow daily logging just the other day but at the time I was looking at the two side by side (a couple of months ago) they didn't have this feature among others that the BB already had. Like I said earlier the Gowearfit is borrowing the successful features that have been implemented on the BB site. But you are right they seem to be merging into being similar items both price wise and specs..

I think that the most important differance to me between the two is that Bodymedia the makers of the device is not a fitness group where Apex the people who handle BB are. So you will find resourses for exercise routines which include videos and tutorials as well as an immense pdf library. Whenever I tried to call Bodymedia they always have a much longer lead time. I think they are resurchers and developers and are more interested in the data and study of body function in terms of caloric deficit ect...

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