When to eat Medifast meals?

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Hey Dolls:.

It's the first day for me and all is well except I am already experiencing some issues with timing. I had my first Medifast meal around 8:40 and another at 11:45. They way I planned it was to have another Medifast around 2:30 and a L&G around 5:30/6pm when I get home from work. Problem order to fit in the additional two Medifast meals I will need to stay up past my normal bedtime of around 10:30/11pm..

What do you guys do? Is it better to skip a Medifast meal or to change my normal routine and stay up later? Should I start waking up earlier? Not sure what to do and I want to make sure I do everything as best I can to lose this weight..


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I can not skip Medifast meals, too hard on the body. If I do miss a meal I double up...

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Skipping would be bad and might put your body in starvation mode, so you should try to get it in. I start my day at 7AM and have one immediately upon waking, my dinner at 5PM, and then my last Medifast meal at around 7..

They say as long as you consume all your meals within 24 hours, you will be fine. I think you could double up if you need to, or incorporate one Medifast meal with your L&G...

Comment #2

What I would do today is time the last two medifast meals closer together to get them all in, then look at your schedule and bring the meals closer together. Its recommended to eat every 2 to 3 hours, so maybe go closer to the 2 hours between meals...

Comment #3

Try spacing them closer..

My schedule:.

7am: green tea.

8am: Medifast meal.

10am: Medifast meal.

12-12:30: Medifast meal.

3pm: Medifast meal.

6pm: L&G.

8:30-9pm: Medifast meal..

Comment #4

Yes, try closer spacing. Every 2-3 hours..

My schedule: 8:30, 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, 6:00, 8:00...

Comment #5

Don't skip meals. However, you can double up on meals or try spacing them a little closer together. My day:.

8:30am Medifast meal #1.

11:30am Medifast meal #2.

1:30pm Medifast meal #3.

4pm Medifast meal #4.

7:30pm L & G.

9pm Medifast meal #5.

I teach music after school until at least 7:30pm every night so I'm on a later schedule than many people and I have to eat late. I prefer my L &G meal later rather than for lunch because that helps me stay satisfied until I go to bed. Sometimes I'll eat my 5th Medifast meal earlier in the day if I'm having a hard hunger day.

Play with your schedule a little. If you're not hungry try eating a bar or pretzels or puffs. Some meals are more filling than others. Bars don't fill me up so if I'm having a low hunger day and I'm trying to get all my meals in I'll have a bar. Soups, pudding, brownie, and oatmeal are all very filling for me...

Comment #6

I always try to have one meal left after my supper lean and green. The spacing varies depending on what I'm doing in the day. Always keep a bar or puffs or pretzels........ something portable in your purse/car/backpack. It can make all the difference...

Comment #7

I agree with the others...try closer spacing.

My schedule:.

0730-1000-1230-1500-1730-2000...every 2.5 hours...and then depending on what is going on that day I choose which meal will be my L&G...its normally my 1730 dinner meal......

Comment #8

Great ideas. Thank you so much! So, just to be CAN double up? Does that include mixing a Medifast meal with a L&G meal? Or is it best to do two Medifast meals at the same time? I didn't realize that was an option...

Comment #9

Another thought: I vary when I have my L&G...depending on the day. If I know I'm going to be busy at night, I will have my L&G at 12:30 or 3:00. I sometimes find that eating my L&G (esp if it includes 6 oz of chicken) at 6 PM can cause me to be so overfull that I am miserable the rest of the night. In the book that came with my first order, there is a 'menu' in there and they have listed 1/2 L&G and vanilla pudding down for one sitting. And then the other 1/2 of L&G by itself. Hope that helps?!?! I'm new at this too...

Comment #10

As a rule of thumb it is best not to double up on a regular basis. Part of the concept behind the Medifast plan is small meals evenly spaced throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism working evenly all day & the hungries away. If, however, there is just no other way, then it is always better to double up than to skip a meal. Skipping a meal shorts you on caloric intake & nutrients. Make sense? Like the others suggested, move up your time between meals.

(7:30am, 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm)..

Comment #11

Thanks so much, Cowgirl. I definitely tried that for the rest of the week and It's been working out great! Almost feel guilty like I am eating TOO often..

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #12

We have similar schedules. Here's what I usually do:.

8:30: Medifast on the way to work.

11: Medifast.

2: Medifast.

5: Medifast.

7 or 8: L&G.

9 or 10: Medifast..

Comment #13

If I'm having L&G for dinner, I try to get 4 Medifast meals in before that and then 1 after L&G.

I vary the timing based on my hunger but generally eat every 2-3 hours as others have mentioned...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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