When should I eat carbs during Nutrisystem?

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Tomorrow will be my first day with NS. Getting my food planned out to take to work for the day has frustrated me a little. I've tried to read some of the discussions to get an idea of what to expect and that has made me nervous. I'm worried that I will be eating more than I can handle. I feel lost as to what I can snack on and when. I was going take raw carrots and dressing to have with lunch...but looks like I shouldn't eat that until dinner.

Any ideas or advice will help me greatly!.



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Your question was: When should I eat carbs during Nutrisystem?.

Call the phone # on the back of your meal planner booklet, they will be happy to review YOUR meal plan with you 24/7 so that you get off on the right start.

Raw carrots & (2tbsp fat free dressing) is fine to have with your lunch entree..

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WOW! Thanks for the quick replies and very helpful advice. So I will ignore carbs and call the 800 number for help on things I feel lost about. Guess I am a little overwhelmed.. like I jumped in too soon...and should have spent a little more time asking questions and researching foods. Thanks again for your help!..

Comment #2

The boards are are great place to ask questions as well, but certainly call the 800 number if you're still not sure. They're very helpful.

As for me, I had carrots as my lunchtime veggie for an entire school year when I was a college student. I became known as the carrot guy. They work just fine...

Comment #3

As you can see already you will get a lot of help here on the boards, so come often and ask questions.

My lunch veggies are lots of raw veggies like carrots, celery, cukes etc. I just dip in the allowed dressing...

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I use 4 creamers as my fat for the day durring the week in my coffee since that's 40 calories...

Comment #5

There is a lot to choose from as far as allowed fats go. You probably have already looked over the lists (below - and found HERE. Most days I use the ones in red for my fat serving..

Almond Butter 1 tsp.Almonds 6 Avocado, 1/8Brazil Nuts* 2 mediumCashew Butter 1 tspFlaxseed 1 tbsp Hazelnuts (Filberts) 5 (sometimes)Macadamia Nuts 3 (sometimes)Mayonnaise, 1 tsp Mayonnaise, reduced fat 1tbspNon-Hydrogenated Oil Spread (e.g. Benecol) 1 tbsp. (sometimes)Nuts Almonds, 6 (same as above)Cashews 4-5 (sometimes)Peanuts, 10 large (sometimes)Pecans, 4 halves (sometimes)Walnuts, 4 halves Oil (Canola, Olive, Peanut, Corn, Safflower), 1Olives, 5 large (sometimes)Peanut Butter (smooth, chunky) 1 tspPine Nuts 1 tbspPistachios 15Salad Dressings (regular), 1 Tbsp (I use Walden Farms so never use regular)Salad Dressings (reduced-fat), 2 TbspSeeds (Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower), 1 TbspTahini (sesame paste) 2 tsp..

Comment #6

That's how I was when I first started. I just ordered Nutrisystem on a whim....totally unprepared to eat that many veggies. I messed up and ate corn on my first day. Silly me, I was counting it as a veggie...and it was a carb. I wasn't even supposed to be eating carbs unless an entree calls for a roll/bun or something. I just kinda ignored the little meal planner that came with it and went for it. It got better after about week 2.....but man did I struggle that first week...

Comment #7

Unless you have 100+ pounds to lose, you don't get a carb..

However, if your boxed meal says "add a small roll", you do get a carb. I was confused about that at first.

I am still not sure of the caloric value of the small roll though. Will someone help me out on that ???..

Comment #8

It says 75 Calories on the autofill stuff on the Nutrisystem Site, though I remember reading 100 Calories is allowed? I use the "flat" sandwich thin things, and I think they are 100, or 110 max?..

Comment #9

Follow along in the book that came with the food. The lists of acceptable alternatives are also in the book..

When your book says, salad or vegetable, turn to the veggie page and pick what you like.

Interested to know why you would think that carrots are only good for dinner.

Check off each food as you eat it and at the end of the day, you will feel great! Good luck. the plan works!..

Comment #10

I'm not the best person to respond, I was on the men's plan and have no idea of the women's plan..

But here's what I did:.

First of all, I like (need) to keep things simple. The night before I put the stuff for the next day in a bag in the fridge..

Since I was on the guy plan, that was a 10am snack, lunch, and a 2:30-3pm item...basically 2 fruits, 2 veggies, a protein, an Nutrisystem snack item and an Nutrisystem lunch itemalong with 3 bottles of water..

I ate the same basic breakfast every day, I took the same boiled egg for protein most days, and just varied the fruits and veggies and Nutrisystem items..

I would eat the Nutrisystem item with veggies for dinner around 6:30pm and make myself eat the snack item at 8pm or so..

Mostly, I simplified. Didn't take the items out of the box, didn't plan ahead, didn't coordinate anything. In fact, I pretty much blindly reached into the box to grab the right 'color' items I needed and dropped them in the plastic grocery bag I used for a lunch bag..

Water, water, waterfollow guide book2 mile walk in evening (every evening)..

Doing that 4 months equalled 40 lbs lost..

Didn't 'snack', didn't substitute, didn't get creative, don't get the picture..

Simple and straighforward seemed to work for me..

Others have different advice that worked for them. I'm slightly envious of those who have special storage, elaborate plans, can quote serving sizes, know all the details of all the Nutrisystem plans, and who substitute so cleverly. But that just wasn't me..

I'm just posting so you can see another perspective here. I don't think the use of Nutrisystem has to be complicated and difficult. It's certainly designed easily. So I decided to keep things as simple and idiot proof as I could (because sometimes I can be an impressive idiot! )..

A "Fruit Serving"??!!?? I would have said, 'what's the difference?' A "medium-ish apple" is close enough, as is a clementine orange, 1/2 of a banana (or a small-ish one), or a nectarine, etc. I simply didn't care enough to get that specific. The plan worked very well, anyway..

Use the Nutrisystem tools as you are comfortable. But use them! Follow the guide. Drink the water. Don't cheat. Don't get too clever too soon. Find regular exercise..

Push yourself EACH day to make that day 100%..

...and good luck to you.


Comment #11

My opinion is that sometimes the postings about calories, carbs, add ins, etc. just confuse a person just getting started. I would suggest just get your food, get your planner and stick with the plan. Don't skip or vary anything and you'll do fine - it's very easy.

It does help me to use the online tracker for meals. You can fine this under My Program / overview. It is the same as the paper booklet but is more convenient for me.

Also logging on to the discussion boards daily helps to keep motivated but just find your own comfort zone to begin with before venturing out with recipes, switches, etc...

Comment #12

That's not true. The calories on the box (and online tracker) are for the food in the box only. You have to add the calories if you are adding a roll and counting calories. you don't, however, mark an extra circle on the meal planner...

Comment #13

I'll bet you'll have the hang of Nutrisystem in a week or two. Just do exa(tly as your planner says. Eat everything you're allowed for the day at 2-3 hr intervals & (he(k it all off in your planner, drink all 64 oz. of water even if it's a bit diffi(ult at first, ask any/all questions that (ome to mind of the folks on these boards & (ounselors, &, if you're not exer(ising, start walking 3 times a week, & looking at any form of exer(ise that you might enjoy. This is the easiest/simplest, most enjoyable, weight wat(hing method I've ever used. I wish you Nutrisystem su((ess!..

Comment #14

My apologies for the incorrect info! That's what I was taught, but just looked up correct response on Nutrisystem "help" info:.

You can add small roll 80 to 120 calories. Thanks for helping me to clear this up for myself too!!..

Comment #15

Thank you jlong208! Your words will help me when I start Nutrisystem on the 16th. I tend to over-think, over analyze things. I will use your words "Follow the guide. Drink the water. Don't cheat. Don't get too clever too soon.

Push yourself EACH day to make that day 100%.", to keep things in perspective. ~*~ Debi..

Comment #16

I'm in my second week, and I felt overwhelmed at first too. It gets easier. Read the booklet that comes with your food, and follow the directions (measure portions! I was shocked at how distorted my sense of portion size was!). Lastly, ask questions when you have them. People here are very helpful...

Comment #17

I thought I could eat the dressing as a fat with dinner only...

Comment #18

Thanks for all the helpful tips! I did well on my first day...except for feeling soooo full. I had to space a few things out (15-30 min apart)...i cannot eat everything in one that ok?.

I went grocery shopping for more extras today! I used the 800 number while I was shopping....not understanding the lowfat, non fat, low sodium, etc...what exactly to look for. They were very helpful...Cheese needs to be 3 grams of fat or less. I actually found some cheese stick snacks that worked perfectly. Still having a hard time finding yogart and cottage cheese that meet the requirements. Any help on that??....seems like the Dannon Greek style yogart is the only one.

Thanks again for all the advice!..

Comment #19

Yes, that is perfectly acceptable. You can space your meals out however you like just as long as you eat everything listed in your planner for the day..

You'll get the hang of it before long.

I find that I spend lots more time at the grocery store because I'm reading labels and comparing now instead of blindly plopping things into my cart!..

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