When on Nutrisystem, what is the best alcohol to drink?

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Got a question... When on Nutrisystem, what is the best alcohol to drink? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... I mean beyond the basics such as health, family, etc..

There are a couple of things I look forward to doing once again:.

1. Not breaking chairs..

2. Riding rollercoasters at theme parks with the kids (bar won't close over my considerable mid-girth).

3. Jumping over obstacles with no fear of turning an ankle or falling arse over tea kettles..

4. Sitting in any seating (airlines come to mind) with ease and comfort..

Those are the main areas I look for improvement. How about you guys?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

I have a personal motivational goal to go snowboarding this winter. I used to go a fair amount during high school, but started smoking (broke that habit) and putting on more weight after school was done..

Last time I tried going was like 8 years ago, with a friend who was in the army. Was rather sad, I lasted 2 or 3 hours before I was just exhausted lol. And my friend was just like "What the hell?"..

Comment #2

Getting laid again. (yeah, I'm married 11 loooooooooooooooooooooong years0..

Seeing my "junk" without bending over is a good one..

I'm a fat bastard: don't want to be one anymore..


Comment #3

Personally, I've no desire to be self-conscious about my appearance anymore. I believe I've already accomplished that..



Lbs to Goal, brothers!.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/01: 179.0.

195(Days NS)..

Comment #4

My incentive was to look divine in a two-piece..

Mission: accomplished!.

Aaawwwwww yyyeeeeaaaaahh!..

Comment #5

Beyond the obvious, I wanted to look non harpoon-worthy on the beach and to be able to tear it up on my good slalom waterski. Mission accomplished!!.

You'll be able to tear up the slopes this winter too, Ryan! It's amazing the impact of excess weight on skiing sports..


Comment #6

1. Not breaking toilet seats..

2. Having people not jump out of the elevator when I get in..

3. Having my Boss stop calling me "Pavoratti"..

4. Wearing clothes not sold in a fat man shop..

5. Having equal air pressure in my car tires..

6. Not needing a nap after the sumo-like eating workout..

7. Being able to reach every part of my body..

8. Qualifying for decent life insurance..

9. Walking in the woods without getting stuck..

10. Getting rid of that damnable Marty...

Comment #7

You're going to laugh cause this sounds like a chick reason or all psycho-babble therapy related.....

My biggest reason for wanting to lose weight is because I deserve to be thinner and feel good..

I LIKE me thinner. And overall (except that my neck is killing me this weeklong story), I feel fantastic. Health-wise I feel like I'm 25which was a long time ago for me!.

Tired of being a fatty, tired of being disappointed in me, tired of thinking I couldn't do anything about it, tired of being @#@$#$%%$%^ TIRED!.

That's my motivation. My gift to me (which I fully admit doesn't sound very masculine! Lmao!)..


Although....I want my golf game back!! Losing the better part of 50 lbs in 6 months has done something to my golf swing that is plaguing the heck out of me and I can't seem to find any sort of tee shot with a driver. I'm using a 3 wood off the tee just so I can have a ball in play somewhere down the fairway! Minor thing I know, but if I could get that back, I'd be completely happy (lol)..

Comment #8

I am tired of being huge. Getting nervous sitting in certain types of chairs because they might break, not being able to ride rollercoasters, not being able to fit in seats on the airplane comfortably, etc etc etc....

My main reasons were the obvious... Health and family. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, walking up stairs would cause me to be winded, etc..

Comment #9

I guess listing a reason to lose weight because I want to go to a waffle house and fit in the seats isn't a good reason?.

Real reason - I am tired of being tired and feeling to old for 35. When I die I also want to not die from something I could of done something about. IE - not putting the fork down...

Comment #10

I'm with you...I don't want to feel old at 35 either and I don't want to die with them saying..."oh he never did kick that weight problem and that was the end of him".

Besides that, I want to fit on rollercoasters, airplane seats. I want to shop at semi-normal clothing stores that don't completely overcharge me. I want to play with my kids without always being out of breath. The list could go on and on.....

Comment #11

I went to Bush Gardens, Va when it opened in late March. Tried to get on a the Alpengeist roller coaster and couldn't fit. I had to go to the "big boy" seat in the "special" row of the coaster. Not the only coaster I had a problem with that day..

This past Saturday, I went back, and at 208 lbs, (about 72 lbs lighter) had no problems with coasters what-so-ever!.

That wasn't really my incentive, so I'll chalk that up to a non-scale NSV.. this the wrong forum thread?..

Comment #12

I'm goin through a divorce... was married for 16 years. Going back into the pool and it's tough being a big guy...

Comment #13

To be able to take my shirt off in the summer..

Go to the beach. I used to go years ago when I was in shape, but now......

Not to have my excess bulk cause stupid preventable medical issues..

For example in early summer, I was weeding a planting bed on my hand and knees. The next morning, I noticed that my right knee was slightly swollen. I didn't think much about it. But during that day, the swelling just got worse and worse. So, when I got home, I called the doctor, an Orthopedic specialist who fixed a stupid, self inflicted injury last year, and went to see him. So I go see him, get examined, x-rayed, etc.

In the doctors words, I made it "very angry". So all my excess weight on my knee while I was working in the garden was, most likely, the cause. What pissed me off even more was even with insurance, I was still out over $600 just for being a fat ass. But at least I found out that my knees are in good shape, no damage no arthritis...

Comment #14

When I saw my picture from the Virgin Islands (my avatar), I did not even recognize the man with the belly!..

Comment #15

1) I want to be able to fit, comfortably, into a normal airplane seat..

2) I want to take up martial arts again. Back in 1999 I worked up to an orange belt (two above novice) and gave it up because "I didn't have the time" which was fatty-rationalization for "the warmups are killing me and I'm embarrased at that so I just won't go"..

3) I want to be in shape enough to DO stuff... whether it's hiking, or playing softball and running down a fly in right field and having a chance in hell of actually catching the ball, or maybe get wild and crazy and skydive. Without feeling like the blubber makes it an impossibility..

4) I want to see my doctor's face next time I go in for a checkup, and he double checks the charts to make sure it's actually me..

5) I wanted (and now have) the sure knowledge that I'm.


Doomed to end up on one of those motorized carts the grocery stores have nowadays. When I bought a pair of size 48 slacks a year ago, I had begun to wonder...

Comment #16

Dude, you're gonna love it. Best thing all summer long was when I bought clothes at Kohl's and Sears and they FIT. I hadn't shopped anywhere except the Casual Male XL for a long, LONG, time before that. Just such a psychological boost...

Comment #17

Two things really. The shock of seeing photographs of myself at my 30th birthday party. I knew I was fat but I didn't realize I was that bad, especially next to all my skinny friends..

Id also like late night calls from women not to be about fixing their computer...

Comment #18

I want to go to the beach again and not be so darn fat. Get a good tan. Have fun surfing, etc..

I want my blood pressure to go down. It was up to pre-hypertension levels, now it is at a high normal..

I want to be more comfortable in general. I was feeling very uncomfortable at the weight I was at..

I want to fit in a new suit when I attend my daughters graduation from high school. She is a senior starting this year..

I want to look better..

Increased energy and motivation. It is hard lugging all that extra weight around..

I want to live as long and as healthy as possible...

Comment #19

Since this is a men's forum I'm going to come out and say what one of the reason for loosing weight for me was including what a lot of folks said..

I noticed as I gained the weight my pecker looked smaller with all of the mass around it, sure it's the same size but the effect of a big body made it look smaller so I wanted to lose the weight to help reduce the effect of a big body..

All of ya'll that are snickering knows it's true!..

Comment #20

I just don't want my boys to be doomed to a life as a fatass because they see that their Dad is one, too...

Comment #21

That and being able to wipe my a$$ without having to be a chinese gymnast...

Comment #22

I have to say I haven't had that trouble but I am damn sure if it got to that I would want to lose that weight also! LOL.

But I bet losing the weight would help when I take a crap in the woods! LOL..

Comment #23

I want to be able to tie my shoes without being winded..

I want to ride my bike for 20+ miles without worry..

I want f*** my girlfriend with the gusto I had when I was 18..

I want to feel healthy in general...

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