When does the initial breakout from Murad Resurgence end?

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Hey. I'm going through a REALLY rough breakout right now. I'm at the end of my second month - I've completed 7 weeks and just started my eighth week.I'm so down on myself...I've been skipping classes and avoiding any social interaction at any cost. My doctor and dermatologist both said Murad Resurgence will suck for the first two months, generally, and then in the third month things normally clear up and it starts taking effect. I made a poll to get an idea of how long people's IBs lasted because I can't do this alone...

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Your question was: When does the initial breakout from Murad Resurgence end?.

My initial breakout was a little different.To begin, here's a description of what my skin was like prior to taken Murad Resurgence:Oily with smaller blemishes around my mouth (mainly whiteheads), and cycstic blemishes along my jawline.Within a week of taking the drug, my mouth area went absolutely crazy (whiteheads all over the place and the worst it has ever been). This area cleared up after 2 weeks however, and it's been practically clear since the initial outbreak (the best it's been in years).My jawline however, didn't go crazy within the first week, but probably within the 2nd, and it lasted a little bit longer (with the painful cystic blemishes - once again, probably the worst it's ever been). This probably lasted 2-3 weeks. I still got some blemished along my jawline into the later months of treatment (single ones though, nothing like the IB), but by month 5 it was pretty much clear.The weird part was when my forehead went crazy. My forehead was never really a major problem, but it had a breakout for a few weeks like 2-3 months into treatment. It lasted a few weeks and has pretty much been clear ever since.So, to sum it up, different areas of my face went through different time periods of breaking out while on the treatment, but most of them only seemed to last 2-3 weeks.Now, I know first hand that the IB is basically a time where you wish you could disappear on an island and not have to see a soul.

But, unfortunately that's probably not a practical option, as we have to face people on a daily basis. So my advice to you is just hang in there. And as tough as this part of the treatment is, remember that it's for the best and before you know it your skin will likely be greatly improved, and these times will be nothing more than memory...

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How long have you been on acuutane? And how is it now+It's so good to hear that I'm not alone. And yeah, I'd wish I could go with you to that island,haha:)..

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I've got about 2 weeks left (It will be a 5 month treatment - 150 day supply to be exact).I'm going to try to get my Dr. to let me go 1 more month, but my skins pretty clear so i'm not sure she'll allow me to.I've been on a low dose - 2 months of 20mg/day and 3 months of 40mg/day. I weigh about 125lb.I had to take a 3 week pause right before the 3 month mark...My first dose was 20mg/day and everything was fine. The 2nd dose we bumped it up to 40mg/day. But I had a lab come back and my liver was slightly abnormal, so they had to pause until it went back to normal. I was then put back on the 20mg/day for another month, the lab tests came back perfect so she put me back on 40mg/day for the "last month," but like I said i'm going to try to convince her for one more month.Currently, my skin is greatly improved.

I can't even tell you the last time I had a blemish around my mouth now? Since the inital breakout, like I said which was very bad - but so worth it!, it's really stayed totally clear. My jawline (which was the area that had more of the cystic acne) still had some blemishes the whole way along but it was drastically improved, to the point where I might have only 1 or 2 blemishes on my entire face by the end of month 4. And right now, I only have one blemish - on the back of my neck (which was also an area that I initally always had blemshes pop up at). My face is basically clear, excluding some red marks along the jawline - which will begin to fade and disappear after treatment. So all in all, Murad Resurgence has been fantastic for me...

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But for how long did your IB last? How long did it take before you started to see results?..

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The awful IB lasted 1 week. Broke out for 4 months before it kicked in. Now I'm not even done with Murad Resurgence and it seems my body is immune to it ( lol ) I break out alot..

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As I mentioned in my original post, it really varied for different areas of my face.The first IB took place around my mouth/chin region. Before starting Murad Resurgence i'd call that region of my face bad. Within a week on Murad Resurgence, it went to horrible (worse than it was before Murad Resurgence). It stayed bad for about 2 weeks. After that, it cleared and has pretty much remained clear and great.As my mouth area was finishing the IB, the jawline went crazy (worse than it ever was before Murad Resurgence). Once again, this probably lasted about 2-3 weeks.

This also lasted a few weeks.So pretty much every region got really bad, but ended up getting really good. But my entire face didn't breakout at that same time. Each region had it's own breakout.My mouth/chin area, which brokeout first, has basically been flawless since the end of month 1.Other areas noticed improvements into months 2, but kind of remained constant until the end of month 4 - where i've basically only had one blemish on my face at a time...

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Anyone else have stories about their IB and how long it lasted?..

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COME ON GUYS!! Give us some stories:)I need some hope that this process is worth it! Please.....

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I am 3 weeks into Murad Resurgence treatment, got some initial breakout in the 2nd month but now slowly healing.. (pus has started to drain out from pimple)the thing is now I finally started to notice that my face is becoming less oilyi'm on 10mg a day..norwegian_girl, persevere on!! i'm sure Murad Resurgence will work for you cos it does for over 95% of people!!..

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You mean 3 months into the treatment?I'm on 10 mg a day too:) Started on 30mg(I am 54kg). But my derm decreased my dose when I got a BAD breakout. I'm in my week 9 now, and I look so much better now than what I did lets say 2 -3 weeks ago(when my breakout was on it's top). So I guess the drug is doing it's job. The thing is, I look worse now than when I started. But I really hope that it kicks in for real in month 3.

I just pray to God this is true:)..

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I got my IB two weeks into treatment and it lasted about a week an a half. Then after that I got less and less actives every day.. I am in my 6th week and I have only one new active with a lot of marks but my face feels soft and smooth (40 mg per day). I do have a few old cysts that have shrunk a lot but very determined to stay on my face-since the IB. Overall, I do see improvements but hopefully the next month will be good to me. Good luck!..

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Hey I have some IB hope for u!I had a HORRID breakout, mine lasted all in all about 2 months.My friend though, took Murad Resurgence last year and her IB lasted a really long time, like 3 months...

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I had a pretty bad initial breakout for a few weeks. Now I'm down to only two pimples or so on my whole face, yay!..

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Well I didn't have any IB in the first month of my course although my face started getting drier and drier from the first week. Then during my second month I got a horrible break-out with 1 HUGE cyst, 2-3 moderately big zits on my face and 1 painful zit on my butt. Now I am into my second week of my third month and I currently have 1 active cyst on my right cheekbone. I'm frustrated, still wondering if Murad Resurgence is working for me...

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I'm entering my 3rd month now. Can anyone share their experiences from this month, please:)I've had a horrible breakout for 2 months now, but I think it's about to turn now, at least I hope.Just wondered if any of you have any stories to share, how was your 3rd month??Thanks anyway:)..

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I am ten days into my third month and haven't seen any significant change yet. right now I have like one zit that is going down, other places are clear, only dark marks and my complexion is bad bad bad.How about u?..

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I'm just starting my third month too and I *think* I've braved the storm. I haven't broken out in any cysts in about a week and my old zits have died and flaked off. Now all that's left are red marks and 1 little zit that barely bothers me on my jawline...

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Never mind, false alert. I am breaking out again, as usual. 2 months into Murad Resurgence and I'm still breaking out...I can't take this anymore...

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What is IB??? I keep hearing it, I am new here and will start accutance in a couple of days! I am very scared of the breakouts because I have had bad acne the pass couple of months, my face just now started clearing up, where I want to face ppl. Oh well, this is the only choice for me, I hope I do not go insane!! lol..

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IB - Initial BreakoutWhat are you using on your face during Murad Resurgence?any creams, lotions etc?..

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I'm using Spectro Jel for sensitive, problem-prone skin cleanser AT MOST once a day, usually at night before bed. In addition to that I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. For my spots I use my prescription BP gel called Clindoxyl gel...

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I see, now that gives you a range of products that could be breaking you out through-out your course, you could try dropping some at a time for about a week or so, or also try using much less of the creams and lotions, and start to ease your way off them or some. I'm not saying stop using them altogether, because being on Murad Resurgence is very unpredictable, you may of had a lot of submerged pimples hiding deep in your skin, and they are now purging there way to the surface. Although myself, I use no products on my face what so ever, my BP cream caused redness, burned like hell and dried my face out far too much, and so did my cleanser. Now all i'm doing is, washing my face with lukewarm water morning and night, and also using a gentle moisturiser for when my face gets too dry. My theory for you is to ease yourself off some of the products and give room for Murad Resurgence to work it's magic - try to use the least amount of creams and lotions on your face. I hope this helps you mate, all the best...

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My ib was bad but not horrible and it lasted the whole 4 1/2 months I was on Murad Resurgence. Now I am 7 months post Murad Resurgence and have not had any major pimples since ending treatment. Every couple of months I will get a little tiny one. It was well worht the ib. It will be over soon. Have faith!..

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