When did you notice dry skin from Murad Acne Complex?

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Howdy allim on 2nd day of roaacutane n I was just wonderin wen people started to notice things like dry skin n lips?like was it a few days or weeks..... id really like to know ........thnx..

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Your question was: When did you notice dry skin from Murad Acne Complex?.

My lips started to get dry on like day skin didn't start to get dry til like month 3..

Comment #1

It is different for everyone - I am on month 4 and my lips are just now getting dry and my face isn't dried out. alot of it depends on your dosage compared to your weight and your body's tolerance to things...

Comment #2

My skin stopped getting oily after about the 3rd day!! it was awesome! ive constantly kept Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip balm on my lips so I havent had a problem with cracking or anything..

Comment #3

The first time I was on Murad Acne Complex, my lips got dry three days after taking the pill. But my skin got dry after a week. Excuse my language, my skin peeled like a mofo for the whole second week. I am sure it's different for everyone, but expect oil to be the first thing to go away, whether it's a couple days or a couple monthstane will work eventually...

Comment #4

My skins very dry, only on my second day, my lips and rest of my body are fine - some effects take longer to kick in than others, doesn't mean it's not working..

Comment #5

Thnx 4 the replies I'm hoping it kicks in soon even if it is only day 3 lolwhen did yer ib's start if ye had one? I woke up this mornin with 2 small but quite sore ones on my chin. I'm wonderin if this is the start of an initial breakout or whether I was going to break out anywayis it possible to get an ib on only day 3?..

Comment #6

I have just taken my 6th dose (I am on 40mg once daily), and I was amazed at how quickly my skin dried up. It was probably only the second day that I noticed it becoming flaky and the 4th day that it became stingy and red (mainly when I just get out of the shower - after cleansing). I had dry skin to start with though so no big surprises there I guess. I only have mild acne, but very persistent (10 years). I'm 25. I am tossing up whether or not to start using moisturiser (I have always hated the feel of it on my skin and it's always made me break out)...I would probably use Clean & Clear Dual Action, that's the best of the lot...I will keep you posted on my dryness! Oh by the way, from other people's experiences, does the dryness suggest that the clearing will start?? I have had a pretty bad initial breakout already...grr...pimples + dryness = ugly face..

Comment #7

My initial breakout was about 5 days in and they were really sore too! I'm in my fourth week now and getting the odd few, but they do seem to clear up a lot quicker than before...

Comment #8

Do any of you know is it really that important to take your dose with food?see I take my dose in the mornin n I'm not big on breakfast so I usually dont eat til like an hour after I take em..... will this stop it working do you think?..

Comment #9

I'm on 40mg/day dose and I take two 20mg doses with my tea when I get in from college. My derm said I just need to take two a day, with a big meal or fatty meal...

Comment #10

Hi narcissistim on my 5th day now n really havent noticed anything different,maybe it's still too early but it could be the food thingi think il start taking them with my dinner just 2 be on the safe side. I'm on 40mg too, have you heard is there usually a bad ib associated with that dose? have you had one?..

Comment #11

My lips began to get really dry at around day four or five. My skin, however, didn't get noticeably drier and less oily until probably almost week two...

Comment #12

I'm not sure if I've had one yet, although I do think i'm purging - all the pimples I had under my skin, have rose to the surface and are coming out my pores. My acne does look quite redder than before I started the course, but i'm going to give it several months before I start worrying about improvements my face is quite dry too - flakey dry. I wish you the best of look on your course buddy How long you on Murad Acne Complex for?..

Comment #13

Bkm91:when you say your lips got dry, do you mean like you just woke up on one of those days n your lips were real dry or was it a gradual kinda thing? thnx for your input Narcissist:aw shanx I wish you all the best too. we'l get clear together! I'm on a six month course, I'm quite xcited to finally be on tane but I'm also fierce nervous like wat if I'm the 1 person per million it dont work for lol ah that wuld be typical 4 me ha ha.,. how long is your course?dry skin wow your lucky. did you have oily skin to begin with?id love 2 ave dry skin or better yet normal skin, ah a girl can dream..

Comment #14

We WILL get clear together! Yeah I was so happy when my derm said 'what do you think if I put you on Murad Acne Complex?' my eyes just lit up and I was like YES YES! haha.I'm on a 4 month course naaaah dry skin is horrible! It's really annoying having to put moisturiser on your face (I hate putting creams etc on my face!) just adds one more thing to the 'What's breaking me out?' list. But it is better than waking up with an oily face I tell you that! You can do this girl, just keep drinking water and have a positive mind..

Comment #15

Ha ha this was my first time seein the derm, I feel so lucky n good for goin cos she is 1 of the nicest ppl I have met n she was very honest wit me n didnt talk down to me wich a lot of doctors have the habit of doin...i think my lips are startin to dry out! yay happy days! skin next now .....fingers crossed..

Comment #16

Yeah my lips are becoming quite dry too I need to stop biting them!..

Comment #17

Ha me too mine are kinda getting sore now lol have a big breakout on my left cheek! eeeeek major downer *starts 2 cry* lol..

Comment #18

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