When did you lose your hunger during Medifast?

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Or have you? I'm a newbie. Order should arrive by Friday or so. I'm just curious if you all have lost your feelings of hunger? THANKS!..

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I received my orientation materials from my new health coach yesterday...she said it normally averages between 3-5 days...just depends on how long your body takes to get into ketosis mode...I'm making my first order on Saturday at our New Member's excited...good luck on your journey!!!..

Comment #1

I still get hungry, but I am never starving hungry. The first few days were a little rough, but I found that by drinking all of my water, it made me feel less hungry. Even at this moment, I feel a little hungry and my water bottle is sitting in front of me, still FULL. I will start drinking it now and that will help until I have lunch...

Comment #2

Everyone is different. I have days that I'm feeling empty and my tummy is grumbling before I get to that next meal - and days when I have to make myself eat because the clock says it's time. I don't know what the formula is for finding a happy place of satiaty. Is that the right word?.

Good luck on your Medifast journey! Stay on the boards and stay focused! Used the tools for tracking meals, weight and exercise. Thats the key for many of us to stay true to the program. If you have questions or concerns, there will be answers and shoulders here on the boards. I don't personally know anyone on the Medifast boards, but they all feel like family. We all have a common goal, so we have a common bond...

Comment #3

I was just going to post about this. I have been on Medifast for just over a week. it is around 10:45 am and I should have had my midmorning meal around 10. I can't believe it is past the time and I am not hungry. (I am going to get my morning meal in a few minutes.).

Last week I think I counted minutes to meals because I was hungry. I have noticed in the past few days I am not as hungry in between meals and I feel like I have more energy. Yesterday, I actually cleaned a lot, which was a change from sitting around doing nothing all day...

Comment #4

I am usually hungry when I am not busy so I think it's more about thinking about it than actually being hungry at times...

Comment #5

I still have days where I am hungry and I am working on month 5 now. Some days are ok and some days I feel starving...

Comment #6

I get hungry around the time for me to have a meal... but sometimes I get busy doing something else, and forget..

I can remember reading books, and the skinny women would say something like, "Oh, I just forget to eat" and I would think "It takes a special kind of stupid to forget to eat.".

And yesterday at 4PM, I thought, "I'm pretty hungry. Oh wait, I forgot to eat at 3...".

I feel lucky that I'm normally not hungry on this plan!..

Comment #7

I'm on week 4, and I'm hungry most days... some are better than others, but the others are pretty tough to get through... just have to keep reminding myself of how I felt when I was stuffing my face with whatever was within reach, and that being hungry actually feels BETTER than that! Chugging the water does help, but I definitely find myself just having to tap into the willpower on a regular basis... hopefully you'll be one of those who doesn't feel hungry!! Good luck!..

Comment #8

Some days I'm hungry at least twice a day, other days I'm only hungry in the first couple of hours of waking up. Before Medifast, I only ate twice a day and even after two months of this plan, my body is still used to only alerting me once or twice to eat...

Comment #9

Lose my hunger? Not that lucky. I keeping hiding and it keeps finding me..

I agree with a lot of what's been said. If I'm busy, I don't notice being hungry, but the downside to that is I frequently forget to drink my water. Not a good thing. I'm also hungrier at certain times of day. 2-4 pm is a killer for me, so I have to schedule a more substantial Medifast meal, like making an oatmeal muffin. Mid-morning can be tough if I ate breakfast too early..

One secret is NOT to eat your Medifast quickly, no matter how hungry you think you are. Have your water right there and make sure you wash each and every bite with at least a sip (more a gulp with bars and pretzels), then pause and repeat. Some days the pause between bites is 5-10 minutes and that works best..

Good luck on your journey, and definitely read and post here as much as possible...

Comment #10

I'm still hungry. Not that gnawing clutching kind like the first few days (except when it is), but it's always present. But, well... who cares? It hasn't killed me in 5 months, so clearly it's not going to kill me today. And I look way better in clothes. I feel like I am my own Barbie doll for dress-up every morning..

In T&M I won't even have mild ketosis to help me. So I may be lucky that I'm still hungry. What if I were the kind of person who forgets to eat on 5&1 because the body doesn't signal hunger, and then I drop out of ketosis and have strong hunger again? At least I'm learning to ignore it now.

That's me, trying to find a silver lining for being hungry for most of a year. Anyone buying it? *grin*..

Comment #11

Four months on the plan, I'd like to think I'm a little better at determining the difference between physical hunger and mental/emotional hunger.

When I think I'm hungry and it's not time to eat, it's usually a response to an emotion or boredom..

And yes, when I've missed my time to eat, I can usually tell, oh yeah, it's time to eat... but other than that, I've learned to ignore any sign of hunger when it's not time..

Hope that helps. :-)..

Comment #12

Yesterday I was late on my meals and not even hungry when I made myself eat them. Today (maybe due to getting up at 4 a.m. *yawn*) I am hungry and am eating earlier than usual. I too have a full 32-oz bottle in front of me with hardly a sip out of it. Drink, Jan, drink!.

There seems to be no correlation for me between whooshes and hungry/nonhungry days. I just try to take what comes, one day at a time, without trying to micromanage it. I'm not particularly successful at that, though!.

(highfive Freya11 on another pound).

Hang in!.


Comment #13

The strong feeling of wanting to be FULL (not actually hungry) only lasted for me about 1 week. Initially I did not understand the difference between being truly hungry versus just wanting to be full (stuffed?), but now I do. I try to ignore both sensations and just go by the clock for when to eat. Some days are easier than others. Keeping busy sure does help...

Comment #14

I am just finishing my first week and I am still feeling light headed around 11:00 AM. Is this normal??..

Comment #15

Try drinking some broth or eating 2 dill pickle spears - you may need the salt. Or move your L&G (or half your L&G) to lunch so you're getting more protein earlier in the day...

Comment #16

It took months before I wasn't close to starving 24/7. Then poof I was in a rhythm...

Comment #17

Technically you are never going to lose your "hunger" will come and go but either way it's managable and you can have great success even on those hungry days!..

Comment #18

I'm pretty much always hungry. Sometimes it is physical and other times it is mental. It has been a year and it can still be a struggle. Some days are easier than others and then there are hormones..........I hate hormone days.

The one thing that took me a long time to figure out was how to set my eating schedule to have the least amount of hungry time in a day. That took me about 6 months of experimenting with schedules, foods both L&G and MF. I can say that I pretty much have it down to a science now and my true stomach growling hands shaking moments only occur a few times a week or if I get cocky and try to wing it rather than plan out exactly what I will be doing...

Comment #19

Believe it or not...I have not been hungry.

Oh...well, I've craved foods and been tempted at restaurants. But if I keep away from trigger foods, I am okay.

I find it odd that I haven't been hungry (after the first day or two). I think I just had to retrain my stomach. Or perhaps I am super sensitive to ketosis. Who know?.

I'm not complaining.....

Comment #20

Like other posts there are days I am not very hungry and days I am looking at the clock to see when my next Medifast meal is. I also exercise pretty hard with elliptical or body pump at the gym. Just stay focused and keep coming back to the boards and you will meet your goals...

Comment #21

I lost it after my first couple of days on MF....but then I quit I can't tell the difference between hunger, thirst, and cravings LOL. It's fine though- I was tending to hoard my last Medifast meal to the last possible second of my day because I didn't want to feel hungry and not have anything to eat (by which method I would feel hungry before bed every night instead), so now I don't hoard it and feel more satisfied throughout my day lol. Stay strong, it gets easier...

Comment #22

On hungry days I have to split up my L & G, otherwise I'll obsess about food all day.....

Comment #23

Four days in, I had a burst of energy and stopped feeling hungry..

The last time I really felt hungry was a couple of days ago when I got toward the end of the day and realized I'd forgotten to eat my lean and green, which shocked me.

I used to be hungry quite a bit when I was eating before starting Medifast. But I wasn't eating the best foods or very regularly...

Comment #24

I honestly have been hungry 2-3 days over 8 weeks. I can't explain it. I notice on weekends I think I am more hungry...but I really think it is because I don't have a daily routine like I do during the week.... Try to be aware if you are "mouth" hungry vs. stomach hungry...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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