What's the top 3 pros and cons of the current Nutrisystem Points Program?

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First question I got is What's the top 3 pros and cons of the current Nutrisystem Points Program? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Good morning Gutter Gang! Have you started losing focus on your New Year's resolution? Is your maintenance plan being set aside more often than you'd like? Has your commitment to yourself started to waver a bit? It's time to step it up again people! Back on track and doing whatever it takes to reach your goals!.

What will you do to regain that focus?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Great opener Miss Vicki! Focus has been much better the past 2 weeks and back to working out a lot which although makes me sore also makes me feel sooooooooooo much better about myself! Now I need to get some running time in as well and shooting for 3 times this week...

Comment #2

Will not be around most likely til sometime Monday, heading up to see ds1, dil and grandbaby. Gonna be taking off this am as soon as I get cleaned up after my wo. I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Hope to check in sometime before I leave...

Comment #3

Ditto. I LOVED the CC pic! You have amazing hair CC! Like totally!..

Comment #4

What I have done to stay focused is get a new scale to have an idea where I stand!.

And that appears to be about where I have been all along, which is somewhere between what the other two scales said. They were about 5 or 6 pounds apart the other day, and I tossed the oldest one (that I was already beginning to doubt, as it would sometimes give me different readings a few seconds apart). The new one today said I am 119.2, which makes sense, as my usual range is 117-120 (and like Vicki, my weight tends to only briefly flirt with the lowest end) and my clothes all fit the same. My arms are actually perceptibly bigger since I started my WOs, which is a good thing as they were really thin but had loose skin (which is much more toned now, even in just a couple of months). I would look way better in that dress now, with my toned arms!..

Comment #5

That pic was adorable! Girls just wanna have fun!..

Comment #6


John brought in the mail last night and we couldn't believe it. Another Get Well card and gift card from the world's best Get Well Suport group I could ever hope for..

Again, THANK YOU!!! All of you!.

Your support thru this whole nightmare has certainly been an inspiration and has helped invigorate my determined fight to beat this thing. I ain't goin' nowhere until I hopefully get a chance to meet all of you wonderful wackos.


You truly are the best!.

Having the threads handy via iPad kept me laughing and amused while sitting in waiting areas for horrendous tests to be performed on me, guzzling gallons of colon potions, being jabbed 24x7 by the blood thieves and all the other hospital thrills. Believe me, your antics were MUCH appreciated to get my mind off of that stuff!.

And the day that bag of goodies from you all showed up at the hospital, my spirits were instantly lifted. It had been a horrible scary day for sure and that was a welcome bright spot..

Everyone of you is very special and I am actually happy I used to be on the chubby side or I never would have had the pleasure of encountering such amazing, caring people..

Thanks again to all!.

Love and donkey hugs and smooches to everyone!.


Comment #7

You have a wonderful time and safe trip!.

And most importantly.....

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!..

Comment #8

WOO HOO for toned arms and a new scale!!..

Comment #9

I will and blew off my alternative wo this am too sore and lazy to bother with it today, ending up back in bed to get some warmth from DH, cold rain is YUCKY!!..

Comment #10

Well I hear DH up and moving so that is my signal to get my booty in action!!.

Have a great weekend all!!.


Comment #11

Annie, you brought tears to my eyes this am. I believe we were all put on this weight loss journey at the same time because we were meant to be in each other's lives and I for one am thankful for each and every person I've met along this twisted crazy path..

Love you, Donkey!..

Comment #12

Just had to bring this over from the old thread. CC - You like look soooo totally like awesome!..

Comment #13

Good morning, y'all! DS1 is still sick. We're trying to figure out a way to get him to the doc today while I still get some time on my own and get my errands done. Another couple hours sleep would be nice too..

Catch y'all later!..

Comment #14

She looks like most any other out on Bourbon Street.... welll her dress does at least. She is a big step up in beauty for sure.

Morning. Poor little guy has been sick alot more than not lately.

Hope he can get over this crud!.

I woke at 4:30 this morning... brrrrrr too cold... place is still drafty. waiting on the shower to warm up now...

Comment #15

Morning Gutter~~ Just a quickie pop in. Morning Roddy!.

CC you look adorable!.

Vicki hope the little guy feels better soon! AND hope you get a little you time today..

Annie girl you know we love you. You're a great person and blessed and lucky to have been able to meet you. God bless you and hope you're feeling better soon..

Heidi-how ya been toots. Been missing you and your humor..

Beth have a great time this weekend visiting the family and the baby. Will miss you..

Sally awesome scale news, Congrats! Maybe I should buy myself a new one too. Mines stuck. :-/.

I'm sorry if I missed anyone who popped in this morning, Gene, Wendy, Colleen, KY, Londa, Rick, Robin, everyone else. No coffee yet this morning lol..

Not much planned here today, gloomy outside but hoping to get a walk in. Been slacking on the running between the weather and work. Gotta work my way back up! UGH.

Hope you all have a great Saturday..

Comment #16

Hey gang!! I'm just checking limited accsess to the internet here in the black hills. We brought the whole family along & been snowmobiling the heck out of the snow!!!.

.....having a great time!!.

YAY for you Annie!! I'm glad you're perking up & glad you started this process chubby like the rest of us cuz we're all in this together!!!! I hope you just get better & better & better!!.

I LOVE you're new outfit cc!!!!.

Can I get an autographed copy!??!!..

Comment #17

Good Morning Gutterites.

Busy morning so far. Been to the dentist for a followup to my gum surgery. Things are good. Been shopping. Ate something and even dragged my fattass to the Bike for 40 minutes. I will admit I feel good after I exercise.

Gotta help The Amazing One get ready. Mom and Dad coming by to see their Great Granddaughters later!!..

Comment #18

LMAO!! Thanks Donkey. I was just coming to do the same..

Comment #19

The blind has found it.. thanks Ginger.

I searched and searched but I couldn't find it.... sniffle..

Comment #20

Kind of obvious maybe, but we love our crazy funny sexy donkey!!!..

Comment #21

Are you having a bad eye day? I have those too periodically..

Here, have a carrot!..

Comment #22

Yum... love carrots, and my gutter friends..

Brian is taking me or a walk, I think the collar and leash is for Muddy... wag wag wag.

Behave folks.



And Canucks!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #23

I went downstairs to the man cave to see about watching a Netflix and the hub was on the phone with iTunes and he was not happy..

So I have retreated back to my " office" ( bedroom) I ain't goin' near him when he's in that kind of mood!..

Comment #24

Vicki, hope he is feeling a little better this afternoon and you got him to the dr andgot your things done. I know it's rough when they are sick...

Comment #25

Hey there kids! Here you are!.

CC looks SO Cyndi Lauper, it's pretty freakin' amazing. She is da bomb, if you ask me..

Vicki, did you get DS1 to the doc? Fingers crossed he is back to his old self soon. It has got to be so stressful for you..

Roddy, Gene, Sally, Ginger, Robin, Beth, and Donkey...<mwah!> So good to see you all (along with anyone else I missed)..

Nothing going on here. Quiet day of laundry, haircut, and possibly some soup making. Linda passed along an interesting vegan corn tortilla soup recipe yesterday, and I could use something hot and spicy for my taste buds right about now. Any excuse for Chipotle Tabasco is a good enough reason for me to cook...

Comment #26

It's raining and I'm bored off my patookey. There goes grilling dinner. Yay for a grub tub back up and I finally broke down and bought a new microwave yesterday. It's beauteous! Huge stainless steel monster. Sad that I'm excited about a microwave so I can now nuke my meals again lol. You don't realize how much you use those things until yours goes caput...

Comment #27

Ginger congrats on your new toy. Use it wisely.

Sigh. Flights still cancelled for my trip to Oaxaca. Was taking Mum for a week of sun and suvs while I checked out the local hunks..

Ready for that bikini finally!.

Oh well, reschedule, reschedule, reschedule..


Comment #28

Ginger, I'd be lost without my nuclear wonder. We use it ALL of the time, and I don't even have grub tubs anymore. I don't even make microwave popcorn. I'd probably curl up into a little ball and cry like a baby if mine died..

Off to attempt my longest c25k run yet...20 minutes!..

Comment #29

Woo hoo about the bikini, Ginny, but boo hoo on the canceled flights. That stinks..

Annie, just wanted to let you know that Stinky has come to visit me. Did you know he liked the Jersey Shore? He has taken up residence in my DH's tenor horn case, it seems. Won't DH be surprised when he goes to rehearsal on Monday night?..

Comment #30

Ginny, congrats on the bikini!! that sucks about the flights out. Hope you can get it rescheduled to get some sun and mum time!.

Heidi good luck on your run today. I WAS lost without my nuker...and the kids were none too happy either lol..

Heading out again. may bbl. Going to check out what's on netflix. Hopefully the rain lets up so I can get out for a walk/run tonight. Have a good night all...

Comment #31

Sure seems like Stinkys are getting around! I'm looking at one right now. The usual bedroom buddy. Amazing how we flush one and yet another appears..

At least yours has musical aspirations!..

Comment #32

What a total bummer that the weather threw a wrench in your travel plans..

Sure hope you can rebook soon. The hunks are waiting!..

Comment #33

Good Evening Gutter.

Hope everyones day was great. Had a good time with the lil girls and I think my Mom and Dad did too. I can't lie. It is getting tougher and tougher to get my Mom out for a day. But I can't just leave her in there to rot. I can tell it is taking it's toll on Dad too.

Hope kids are better and blood is better and Heidi's hair is better and the new microwave is better and seeing Christian makes Beth feel better and Brian makes Kelly feel better and Ginny gets on vacation and CC and the girls who just wanna have fun have it and Gene has a great time and Bunz finds his way back and Bunny finds her way back and and and I need to catch my breath...

Comment #34

'Morning folks! It is finally above freezing and supposed to be sunny today, so will spend the day trying to clean up some of the snow. More fun than humans should be allowed to have!..

Comment #35

I know right? Can't believe we will get to clean up before the next 2 storms hit this week...

Comment #36

I just hope it is all not so frozen solid that we can't move it. Sounds like the two storms this week may end up being not much to worry about - hope it turns out that way!..

Comment #37

I hope you are right Sally. I have had about enough...

Comment #38

Morning Gutter!.

It's been warm here so every day more snow melts. Good!.

Go Steelers!!!..

Comment #39

Good Morning Superbowl Sunday, I am gonna put my carrots and other raw veggies out for superbowl. It's just the 3 of us anyway and if they do not want ,they have to fend for themselves. I.

I have lost a few more lbs so I am happy Happy..... The Eating plan is good foe me and so much easier for now that I have Mom to care for ,it's hard to do as I should with her constantly asking what day ,month year ,time and every other question known to man that she constantly asks. My free time is when she sleeps. I can not wait for night time most days am I awful?........

Comment #40

Good for you on the veggies! Were going to have some veggies and low carb bbq wings for game time..

Caregiving is not easy. Hang in there, be patient and enjoy your alone time when she rests. You're doing a wonderful thing...

Comment #41

OMG too cute!! I seriously LOL'd watching that. Morning ANnie.


Morning Roddy.

Hope all you northerners get some decent weather soon.

MOrning RObin.

Howdy Indalee. WTG on the #'s gone. Sounds like a great plan you have for SB SUnday..

No it's not awful. Being a caregiver is tough tough work. Is there a respite home health nurse you can have come in a couple times a week to give you a break?..

Comment #42

Stupid question but what time is the SB Game?..

Comment #43

AWESOME!!! I thought it started at like 1pm! That gives me plenty of time to throw something together! YAY!..

Comment #44

Indalee, you absolutely are NOT awful! Several of us here have our own similar issues. I turn handsprings of joy every time my 36 y/o autistic son returns to his group home after a weekend visit - I love him dearly, but in the dictionary under "high maintenance" it says "see Erik!".

While my 81 y/o mom is still independent (sort of), as everyone here knows I spend a lot of time helping her with her issues. We totally relate here, and never will judge!..

Comment #45

Annie I can't stop LMAO!!.

My diaper clad baby donkey has the same dream!..

Comment #46

Just goes to show ya that it's good to dream and that hard work will be rewarded!..

Comment #47

Yep, you have all day! I guess you're off today? Lucky you! Nurses at the hospital I was in were trying desperately to find people willing to cover their shifts for Super Bowl Everyone wants to watch tonite..

Although they did a pretty good job of keeping tabs on the playoff game when I was in there for that game. There was a small tv at nurses station and they'd catch plays in patients rooms while doing vitals, blood draws etc. It's a football town for sure here...

Comment #48

I LOVE that commercial!! I've played it like 5 times already and laugh every time that donkey brays. too darn cute. And the EARS on the clydesdales when he does that?? PRICELESS! Those budweiser commercial people are geniuses..

YEP I'm off today. Glad you'll be able to enjoy the game. We'd watch in between patient rooms too. Seriously...if the Browns were in a SB...and I was scheduled to work...there'd be a hooky day in my future...

Comment #49

Sorry to confuse you all - this is actually me. I have a second account with which I buy food with a costco card...

Comment #50

I am patting myself on the back. 2 days in a row of 40 minutes on the Bike!!!.

I have to get my Fattazz on there more often. Weekdays and weeknight are just getting so tough to get a workout in. Crap excuse I know, but true...

Comment #51

Sorry Annie, but I had to:.


The guy has great eyes and a fantastic smile.... ooo...sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for smile lines..

I mean...Bring the trophy home for Vince!..

Comment #52

Don't beat yourself up for what you DIDN'T do...pat yourself on the back for what you DID do...and just keep on doing it so the patting happens more often than the beating...

Comment #53

Sorry, Annie. If the Steelers were playing any other team, I'd be right there with you. I love Pittsburgh...especially the sports teams...

Comment #54

Hey, y'all! Just a quick fly by. DS1 woke up with a fever again this morning but seems to be doing much better now. He napped for a couple hours and woke up with a hearty appetite. Maybe he's finally turning the corner with this flu!.

Enjoy the game & try not to go too far overboard!..

Comment #55

The guy can't even grow a dang full beard yet!.

Hiya Vicki, you been catching up on some rest?..

Comment #56

You are NOT awful! By the time my kiddos are ready for bed, I'm exhausted and more than ready for that quiet time..

Woot on the more lbs lost!!!!!!..

Comment #57

WTG on the bike wo!!!.

He's a cutie. I can't root for the Steelers it's been ingrained in me since childhood lol. But I won't post the FB posts that I'd usually post rooting for the other team to beat em. cuz I love Donkey and Beth..

YAY!!! Here's crossing my fingers for ya that the little guy is over the hump. Have a great sunday!.

I'm trying to talk the mister into a bike ride. He's bored, wants to know what we can do...I offered a bike ride. he counter offered by saying I'd have to put amy's bike trailer on the back of MY bike. HOLY HANNAH! I'd agree except I wouldn't be able to walk for the next three days pulling her AND that contraption behind me...

Comment #58

The appetite is good news, Vic. Gotta put some fuel back in the tank in order for the engine to run. I hope he's drinking plenty of fluids with that fever..

Maybe he was just keeping it short and neat?.

How about this?.

Or this?.

OR THIS???? (I confess, I'm not even sure that's him!)..

Comment #59

That's Brett Keisel. Now THAT is a beard!.

Packers beware!!!..

Comment #60

Hahahahahaha! It's like Grizzly Adams! Thank you, Annie. That's what happens with a random Google search...

Comment #61

Just got off the phone with my friend that's having the Super Bowl party. The last 2 super Bowls that we won, me and John were at their party. They are nervous that us not being there might be bad luck..

So they are putting a picture of me on a pillow in their fish tank room which is where I snuck off to for a nap during their last Super Bowl party! They hope it is good luck...

Comment #62

And if by chance it isn't, think how powerful of a force you are for the steelers...

Comment #63

Sorry you can't be there this year. Hope you still get to enjoy the game. I think that's cute they're putting a pick of you on the pillow. LOVE IT!!! Will to watch the game...

Comment #64

I don't think the picture of me in my friends fish room is doing much good!..

Comment #65

I may have to eat my cheesy words soon, Annie & Beth!..

Comment #66

Where are the sedatives... I found the first half BORING, but this has been exciting...

Comment #67

I'm not even watching, but I have the score up, courtesy of ESPN. I'm such a dork...

Comment #68

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I was hoping the Steelers would do it for Annie...

Comment #69

I love baseball, but my ex-husband killed all the enjoyment out of every other American sporting event, alas. I used to be a huge football fan too. Growing up in the DC area, it was all we had. I had to borrow baseball from Baltimore when the Washington Senators skipped town...

Comment #70

On the upside, Harley Scott won money in the football poll! She's fairly mellow for winning a wad of biscuit money!..

Comment #71

Hey, it was a respectable, gutsy showing by the Steelers, Annie, and if some biscuit money was won, well, then there's a silver lining to the cloud, no?..

Comment #72

I don't mind soccer, because Son shine played it and was very good. So I understand the game, still don't want to watch much on TV..

I am a hockey fan when the Canucks are playing well... sooo not often. lol.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Harley!!!!!!..

Comment #73

I like soccer and cricket, Kel. Fun to learn and watch. Ice hockey is the one sport I never managed to get my head around. I couldn't follow the puck, never understood "icing," and thought it was unfair that the goalie was allowed to have a drink in the net, but the other guys had to leave the ice if they wanted snacks. It's too fast for me to follow, most of the time....

I do like college basketball when it gets down to March Madness, but my heart is always about baseball. It reminds me that spring will indeed come soon when I hear pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training (in just eight days, I think). Means more to me than the silly groundhog...

Comment #74

Have you ever had crickets deep fried and coated in chocolate?..

Comment #75

No...but I don't really like chocolate very much. However, I like pretty much anything deep fried...

Comment #76


No insult intended but Jeeesh.









Comment #77

I love chocolate, really my downfall.. I have to have some every day or someone will get hurt, possibly killed...

Comment #78

I'd take salty over sweet any day, Kel. Fries used to be my hobby, but that stopped when I started NS. Now I just partake in one or two, should they be within arm's reach. SUCH WILLPOWER!.

Chocolate used to make me sick when I was a kid. Not sure why, but I never acquired a taste for it as a result. I think it had more to do with the fact I would eat it in the car, and I definitely had a tendency to get car sick in the back seat. So it probably wasn't the chocolate, but that's what stuck with me. Pukey by association...

Comment #79

I will forgive you for the non chocolate lovin', more for me, not that I eat much of it..

When I ate badly, most of my food tended to be fried, going out to eat it would be mozza sticks or an appy, chicken strips and fries and maybe a dessert. Oh boy have things changed.. Fried stuff now upsets my tummy, well always did, but I didn't really associate the food to the tummy, didn't want to really...

Comment #80

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