What's the cheapest way to buy Murad Resurgence?

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I'm a poor college student and I'm in desperate need of Murad Resurgence the first half of my first year in college has been pretty much ruined because of cystic acne outbreaks about once a month. Iv'e tried everything and I don't have insurance or that much money. So can someone tell me the cheapest way to get Murad Resurgence?..

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Your question was: What's the cheapest way to buy Murad Resurgence?.

Get insurance, get a loan, get a part-time job...

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If I get blue cross blue shield with 500 deductable how much will it cost in all?..

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That I don't know. You'd have to check with various pharmacies and the insurance company itself. You can also contact Roche to see if there are assistance programs that might help you get the med cheaper.Some doctors are quite nice about charging less for persons who don't have insurance so that might help make the monthly doctor visits less onerous. The lab draws can be expensive, too, but you really do need to be followed to make sure you're not killing your liver...

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How big is your college or university? The larger ones will have their own medical facilities, and/or the school will offer you health insurance that you can bundle with your tuition. I'm also a poor college student, so my financial aid covers all costs of insurance. My universityUniversity of Cincinnatihas a dermatology clinic that I can go to and everything. I would look closely into that and see if you are eligible for anything...

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How can I get a loan? I have a job lined up for the summer that pays well...

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A loan is really a last resort (but so is Murad Resurgence!) As a college student without collateral it might be hard to get a loan; you'd have to check with banks to see if you'd qualify. I really do not think a loan for Murad Resurgence is such a good idea; I just threw it out as an option to show that where there's a will, there's a way. Part-time work is most likely to help you out while in school.You could check into prescription coverage insurance (I don't know how to go about that!) by googling. Be careful though and read all the fine print. Since you already have the prescription you might be barred from obtaining prescription coverage for Murad Resurgence as it you'd be using it for a pre-existing condition.I would contact Roche and your college's clinics to see what might be offered there.Roche website patient assistance program: you can save up enough from your summer job you won't have to get a loan...

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So how much does it cost to go to derm and get Murad Resurgence subscription? I found out I can just go to canada and they sell a lot cheaper there...

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If you have had any dermatologist visit or acne related medical expense in the past year, you are going to have what they consider a pre-existing condition, and they will only accept your claim on the contingency of underwriting that excludes acne related costs.Even if you haven't had that, they might consider it to be preexisting, or more likely have a progression of cheap generic antibiotics that you have to go through in order to prove that you require the last result.You have my sympathy, because I was in a similar situation. I had had a dermatology visit, so I was told I had no chance of having my course covered. My advice would be to talk to representatives and try to determine if you would have any coverage before you make a long term committment only to be systematically denied.Oh- and like someone else said, there is a very distinct chance that your university provides insurance or drug coverage of some kind. Check with your student health center, and I'm sure they will be glad to help you.Last thing: if you do go the out of pocket route, you can go to "", and they give you a modest discount on your rx. I am paying ~210/month for 60 20mg capsuls. All in all that is pretty good comparatively. Best of luck...

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I haven't gone to derm before or gotten any antibiotics but I've tried every over the counter treatment and they haven't worked. So if I go to derm will they not give me Murad Resurgence based on that?..

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I can't say for certain. There are probably a few variables in there, from the severity of your acne (i.e. is it scarring?), to simply who you go to.From my experience, I would suspect that they will view Murad Resurgence as the last resort, and go the antibiotic route. I know that you want to be cleared up ASAP, but for all you know it is possible that your body responds to something some cycline version, and you are spared the physical and economic costs of Murad Resurgence...

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