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First of all What's the best thing about current Nutrisystem food products on the market? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Good Morning Gang ....

Have you had a lil NutrisystemV lately? You can look at those and it can be almost anything from weight loss, to clothes fitting better, to getting in all your workouts.

To avoiding that piece of cake at dinner..

I wasnt so successful in my workouts last week but I will surely make up for that this week and thats a promise..

Bad weather is moving in sometime today I am THRILLED for that "wintry mix" ugh .. sounds like ice to me! with a splendid high of 13 tomorrow Gee I cant wait!.

So what is your NutrisystemV?.

Mine is definately scraping the potato off my plate last nite.

But it's surely time for me to buckle down and get serious ... *cracks whip* <jumps>.

C'mon gang wake up it's MONDAY!!!!.

Any update on Annie? we hope shes doing much better..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

I'm feeling MUCH better! I'm feeling ready To blow this Popsicle stand!..

Comment #2

Good morning all. Ruff weekend...I lost my brand new 4G cell phone (which I have never done in all the years that I have had a cell phone...go figure), hurt my back bowling...still dont know how that happened...and on the way to work one of the struts on my car busted!...Oh and we are supposed to get 18 or more inches of snow by wednesday! This week is not looking so bright and shiny as of right now!!!!.

Im going to keep pushing through though...hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a better week!.

Its time for some coffee...laced with a little Jack Daniels! LOL..

Comment #3

PS...Got all my workouts in...5 miles on Saturday....2.5 (easy day) on Sunday plus bowling. I cant make any promises this week seeing as how I'm having a back issue and just issues in general...but I will try!!..

Comment #4

Grabs her and dances round the room YEAHHHHHHHH ok ok ok puts her in chair and spins her round n round.

Oh dear tonya.

That is definately not the best weekend. keep your chin up that weather is busting thru here right now thru tomorrow then I spose onward to ya'll huh?.

Very nice job I hope your back gets to feeling better back pain is the worst!..

Comment #5

Thanks Aeri! I have never had issues with my back...and you are right...This is the worst!.

I was bowling...threw the ball down the lane....headed back to my seat...and all of a sudden it felt like someone had hit me in my lower back with a baseball bat. It only lasted a minute and then I just felt a little sore! But OMG...when I tried to get up last night to go to the felt like it was completely locked up....everytime I moved or tried to sit up it hurt like hell..

This morning was a little better because I took a couple of aleve last night...but earlier I was walking through my office and that same pain hit me almost brought me to tears...and now I can feel the pain in my back and a little in my hips..

I dont know what I did...but I'm not liking it at all. Im gonna give it a couple of days but if it doesnt get better I'm heading str8 to the doctor...

Comment #6

Oh, back pain.... it sucks..

Welcome to my world!..

Comment #7

Oh wow that dont sound good at all.

I hope it feels better. I never get any relief from aleve so glad it's helping you!..

Comment #8

Well g'morning stranger ... get your MRI results yet?..

Comment #9

I was just I know how Mikey feels.....

I have a new appreciation for your unshakable good mood...cause back pain = crabby!.

Its doing ok...but not as well as I would like it too!..

Comment #10

Not yet darling, not feeling too good about it either. Starting to develop some numbness in my left leg; that's a strong indication of some nerve damage. (keeping fingers crossed) Back pain truly does suck worst than anything else I've ever experienced!.

So, how are you? How was the weekend? It was very nice here; sunny and warm all weekend. I hear you are getting snow, ice and yucky stuff up there, huh? Nasty..

Happy birthday to your son! Hip hip, hooray!!!.

Any word on Annie?..

Comment #11

This is true... what can I say, I'm just a happy guy. I prefer to look at the brighter side of things... you know, the cup half full sort of thing!.

Don't worry, be happy!..

Comment #12

Aww ty.

Apparently he is celebrating it by going home from school sick.

The snow and icky sposed to hit sometime today and all day tomorrow I will probably work from home if it's real bad.

Cuz Im good like dat!.

This is what annie posted this morning so sounds promising..

Comment #13

Hey Zonies!.

Good news Annie - I hope they let you go soon!.

Hey Tonya - sorry to hear about your back, I hope it eases up soon..

Mikey - what are you doing? No you can't reinjure your back too!.

Aeri - Happy BDay to DS - wow another driver? Oh what fun.

I may press the issue of getting the terrier, I don't know, 2 akitas will be a handful for sure..

Alie - GF we should just move in together, think of the fun we'd have!! Who needs boys anyway?.

This winter stuff is the pits..

Ok I just did a quick peek. Back to work!..

Comment #14

It would be SO cool if we all lived close together! are the akitas bit fluffy white-ish dogs? and yes 2 of anything is a handful lol ... oh out here they both have been driving on a farmers permit since 14 UGH this way it's just unrestricted and he can go anywhere now he wants. (if he could only afford gas.


Im bout tired of the crap weather too ....

Course I will be whinning when it gets hot too .....

Comment #15

Popping back in.....

Mikey I love that your cup is half makes my cup want to be half full too. dont you ever change..

Hi Kama...thanks for the well wishes...I hope it feels better soon too...cause this is really no fun at all..

Aeri...wish your son a happy birthday for me too!..

Comment #16

Aww well ty.

He prepartied with dad on the weekend while I was at work.

Could be why hes home sick today.

Anyways the wind is picking up and the chill is BRRRRRRRR cold! wont know till 3pm if they are even going to hold class today..

Comment #17

I can share some of my cup with you if you like, cause there's plenty to share with my friends!.

I just figure life's too precious and too short to go through it being miserable. Things may not always go the way you planned or the way you like, but certain things are just beyond our control and there's not much we can do about it. It's how we react and how we treat others that measures us as a person. When it's all said and done I want to be remembered as a "good guy"..

Anyway... that's my two cents worth for the day..

OK gang, I sincerely hope you all don't get too much inclement weather in your neck of the woods. I wont bother to tell you that it's sunny and mild here (oops, let it slip)!.

Have a great night my friends, make it a good one!.

See you tomorrow, be safe out there!..

Comment #18

Hugs ... have a great nite mikey! gonna head to class tonite snow is at bay still then .... head home to celebrate w/the sick child who says hes running a lowgrade fever!..

Comment #19


Hey T-Lady. Good luck with those spasms! Hope life is treating you well otherwise!.

Hey Mike, Sorry to hear about your pains. That numbness in the legs does suck big time. Hope the MRI results point to the culprit..

Swerving by to say HI..

Comment #20

I've been feeling like I look pretty thin when I dress up for work..

YAY!!!!! Have they figured it out yet?.

Hopefully this week will be a million percent better! And I hope your back feels better. It could have been the way you threw/released the ball..

Don't push yourself!.

Love Aleve! Don't wait till it's awful before you go and get it checked out..

Hi Mikey!.

You'd better get fixed up quick! We can't have the whole Zone out on injury/illness! you, Annie, Aeri, Tonya and Kama.... Who else is sick/injured?.

We should! It'll be like the Big Brother house, but just us Zone women instead..

Hi Roddy! How's life? How is weather down your way?..

Comment #21

Btw, we are supposed to get between 12-16 inches of snow over the next two days..

Good thing I have Thursday off..

Comment #22

Zonies, donkey's going home tonite!.

I put an update in the OT thread...

Comment #23

Good Evening,.

I am back at work tonight. Pass my class, now just waiting on a couple of certificates so that I can sned my stuff in..

Exercise 45 min on Sat.

30 min on Sun.

10 min today......legs just not there, so no I do not count that as a work out.

I will be back later to catch up.


Comment #24

Congrats to Donkey......hope that they at least change the straw in your stall..

Comment #25


Nice and nice!.

Congrats and keep it up!..

Comment #26

My dad's building....


Ps... the JB person in the comments at the bottom is my sister...

Comment #27

Besides the rain all day yesterday it has been GREAT!.

WTG Annie. Your donkey stubbornness finally perserviered?<sp.


Yo Timmy. In a few days you will be able to sned all the way down to here!.

Soooo... ummmm... JJB is kinda like someone we all know and love?? Just saying.

How have you been?.

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Images include use of smilies, the vB code [img] tag and HTML <img> tags. The use of these is all subject to them being enabled by the administrator..


Comment #28

You are so thoughtful.

Heh... hey roddyro.

OH MAN Alie ... buys you a snow blower.

Oh ANNIEEEEEE that is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!.

Congrats tim on passing and your workouts!..

Comment #29

Hey ya'll back from class and I feel pain in my near future like when I wake up LMAO .... class was pretty ruff after a week off but YEAH I got it all done and even picked it up a bit with some hops and jumps.

Im beat!.

So I'll b round for a bit those of you getting slammed with more snow be careful! it's flurrying here but not bad I dont think it will accumulate at all we'll see !!..

Comment #30

OK OK so after having to keep a secret for a while I can now tell everyone.

I am going to be Pop again. My daughter is due with #2 Aug 16 Yeahhhhhh..

Comment #31

Good evening everyone.

Went back to work today (after breaking foot) Trying to get back in the swing of things. Just finally got my work out in.

Didn't eat all my food today. Have a migraine, and struggling to eat.

Now off to get in spa....maybe some relaxing will make it go AWAY!!!.


Comment #32

Lol Yes dear..

So you and I together reached our image limit?.

I'll take your rain over my snow..

You wanna switch?.

So how's it look out this morning?.

Glad you got a good workout in. How ya feelin' this morning?.



(wasn't sure if it's a boy or girl so I wanted to celebrate both).

HI April! So besides the migraine, how did your first day back go?.

Where is Sarah?? I haven't seen her in a while? And Marie hasn't been back. Kama has been irregular. Tonya didn't stop by yesterday, did she? Did I miss her or am I losing my mind?.

*calls out* Sarah! Kama! Tonya! Marie! YoooHoooo!.

And did Brad get lost in a book?..

Comment #33

Yeah! I'm So Glad for you Annie.

Congrats! Grandpa.

Alie - I hope no one got hurt in the building fire. and Psssst I'm not irregular OMG.

Snow snow go AWAY! I'm at work, but for how long, I can't say. Ice coming tomorrow. Ok enough already..

Comment #34

Hi Roddy! Thanks...and otherwise life is grand...hope all is well with you!.

Morning Alie! Yes...I was in yesterday...inbetween back pains..

Comment #35

So I'm feeling better today...I was in bed before 9, with some icy hot and a heating pad. something must have worked because the pain wasnt as bad last night..

I am still tender this morning and the pain has moved down a bit to my hips...but I think thats because of the way Im moving to keep my back from hurting...yadda yadda yadda..

Needless to sure today will be a better day. We are supposed to get 8-15 inches of snow here between today and tomorrow. Im so not ready...except for spring that is!.

Well month end starts I probably will be in and out...but at least I dont have any foot tapping IT neighbors to worry about LOL..

BB later...hope everyone has a great morning..

SIDENOTE....picked up some Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea...this morning. Really excited to try it out...its the little things...

Comment #36

Well well well mr. secret keeper! congrats to you!.

Oooo hows the foot holding up? eating is sometimes hard when you are sick or having pain ... hope your heads feeling much better today.

Silly girl tonya was in yesterday but Marie and Sarah are both missing and Kama stops by daily poor thing is covered in snow! how you doing girl you need for it to be thursday so you can sleepppppp in! lol.

No school here today either cuz of the lovely 4 degree weather and 50mph gusts ugh it's just wretched out!.

Oo your tea sounds yumm and LOL for no toe tapping IT person glad your back is feeling a bit better gonna get some work done and head home a wee bit early today b4 the weather gets worse then work from home .. maybe.

The afternoon.


Where you get muh picture LMAO.


Comment #37

Hola gang... wassup?.

Good to see Annie breaking free from the hospital~!!!.

Alright all you midwest and northerners, be careful out there! This storm is supposed to be nasty, nasty, nasty..

Don't be out and about in that mess!.

Stay home and stay warm!.

S'nice here today, 75 a little overcast..

Have a great day my friends!.

(still no news from the MRI... I'll keep you posted!)..

Comment #38

Good Morning Zone!!!!.

The weather is freeeeeking rediculous!!!!! Snow is ending and ICE is falling from the sky. It is expected to ICE until tomorrow afternoon when It will either changed to rain ot back to snow!!!!!!!!!!.

Staying in Jersey City tonight because I don't want to look like Bambi on ice and kill myself trying to get home and back in tomorrow...

Comment #39

*smacks you good morning*.

Im sorry be very careful out there.

Its pretty icky here but not nearly as bad as out there I'm sure ... hugs ya!..

Comment #40

So Rick gets a hug and I get a smack?!? That's just not right, I am not loved..

(It's alright, I like it a little rough!)..

Comment #41

It's good to be Rick!!!!.

I am thinkin Mikey is Loved!!! It's just that you are warm and we are cold!!!..

Comment #42

Congrats Rick...babies are the greatest arent they!.

Hey glad I'm feeling better to...yesterday was wretched!.

@ Mikey ...75?! Lucky you! 18 and windy here! If we get anywhere close to the amount of snow they are predicting...i will most definitely be working from home!..

Comment #43

No workouts for me this gonna give the ole back some rest.....

Comment #44

I didnt know that.


Ugh it's 4 here with a windchill of like -23 it's horrid and the wind is just whipping that white stuff round it's terrible.

Good idea !!! dont want to hurt it any worse...

Comment #45

OMG..that sounds horrible...they just issued a emergency storm warning...its supposed to start snowing later this afternoon...about 3 inches per hour. They also issued a blizzard warning because they are expecting winds up to 30-40 miles per hour. Im not complaining cause we have been lucky so far...we havent had much snow...but I'm really not looking forward to this storm...except for the fact that I will be at home..

I dont think I could exercise if I wanted to...It hurts just to walk around my office....I know I couldnt get on a treadmill..

No shooting pains today so far...just a little tender...

Comment #46


This could get ugly if it lives up to all the predictions...

Comment #47

Man that is a bad storm.

3in an hour is lots of snow ... dang .. ya'll get home and be safe! hubby hasta drive thru the hills to get home tonite I'm a wee bit worried it's bout n hour drive.

Hope hes ok theres no ice thankfully but man that wind is something else!..

Comment #48

Hi Guys- Just checking in....the yearbook is due to the publisher in 2 weeks so we are all pissing kittens around here trying to get it done-I've got it going here and at home so I never can get on to any fun sites, but Im still around! Can't wait for it to be over-.

Hope everyone is surviving the weather and I guess we'll know tomorrow how long it will last....Go Phil!..

Comment #49

LMAO hey marie ...see alie screams your name and you come a running.

Nice timing ....

Im headed home!..

Comment #50

Ok worked half day and slipped and slid all the way home..

I'm staying inside and maybe I won't share my blankets!!.

They say ice tomorrow, so I may work some and then take the rest of the day off. Come summer I won't have much vaca left.

This winter sucketh...

Comment #51

Im outta here in about an hour...not much going on here at the moment. supposed to start later this evening. everyone be safe...and stay under those covers tonight!!! luv you guys!!!..

Comment #52

Made it home and son made it to the court house to get his unrestricted license .. god help us all now.

I slid round in town too big drifts of snow everywhere ugh.

Stay warm! and batton down the hatches!..

Comment #53

Good evening,.

My only workout today was 1 hour shoveling snow..

Comment #54

No, no one got hurt except the building itself..

Lol @ you not irregular.

LIke your song..

You sure???.

Glad you are feeling better..

That tea sounds yummy!.

HI LInda!.

I was gonna say the same thing!.

Might not be able to go into work tomorrow either. It'll be a nice weekend in the middle of the week..

I wish I could stay warm! I couldn't feel my toes btt I got home tonight..

Lucky you and your 75 degrees..

That MRI Result better get back soon!.

No kidding! Glad you are staying somewhere you'll be safer at in the morning..

Aw! Looky little Phil!.

Best of luck with the yearbook... I'm sure it'll look awesome cause you're working on it..

Shoveling counts! Do you have fluffy stuff?..

Comment #55

Lol I guess I did miss Tonya..

I think I am missing my brain too..

So as horrible as it was today, the mall did not close..

But really it's okay cause we got a ton of stuff done..

I went outside to clear my car off and the damn plows had plowed it in. Took me about 1/2 hour to clean it off. The ice build up was a little surprising at the time. Got it done and almost thought I wouldn't be able to get out, but I did. Then had to stop at Lowe's to get rock salt. They were out of everything that had to do with snow.

Rock salt was the only thing they had left..

But I made it home safe. Told my manager that I may not make it in tomorrow. Considering the snow that fell just while I was at work made it up to my bumper.... uh, no. I'm pretty sure I won't be in tomorrow..

But that'll give me extra time to get some more stuff done..

Like my taxes. And cleaning my files. And work..

It is currently 20, feels like it's 10 Supposedly we've gotten 4.5inches of snow. I think it's more like a foot. Snow tonight, snow & winrty mix tomorrow, snow tomorrow night. Chance of precipitation: 100%.


Winter storm warning.

Remains in effect until 1am Thursday..


...A chance of snow and sleet in the evening...then snow after midnight. Additional snow and sleet accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Near steady temperature in the lower 20s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent..


...Snow...sleet and freezing rain. Additional snow and sleet accumulation of 3 to 5 inches. Ice accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. Highs around 30. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent..

Wednesday Night.

...Snow showers. Lows around 12. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 80 percent...

Comment #56

Alie, was heavy stuff this morning, thought if was fluffy until my truck hit it and stopped. Of course the sheet of ice called my street did not help matters...

Comment #57

Sorry Tim, but that made me lol.

Probably cause I could picture it happening since I've done the same thing before...

Comment #58

I think if I any thing for the tires to grip to I would of got in the drive way. I have done that before, hit hard enough to get off of the street, walk inside the house and go to bed, and worry about when I get up. I honestly thought it was a fluffy snow, but it was heavy..

Oh and salt, my city does not believe in salt, that is only for the main roads, the rest of us just hope we can get stopped on our streets...

Comment #59

Good morning Roddy!!!! Been a long time since I got to share my coffee time with you...

Comment #60

Morning friends... so, how was the big snow storm? We're getting some rain today maybe, but it's warm... so no complaints!..

Comment #61

Good morning Zoners! To the relief of the winter-weary, the world's most famous groundhog predicted an early spring Wednesday...

Comment #62

That is a workout!.

Awwww tim.

Shh it made me giggle too.

Man glad it's not THAT bad here we are just BITTERLY cold 2 degrees out today and wind!.

Hey you ... I cant believe you would wanna miss this white fun fluffy stuff.

Hows your morning going rockstar?.

Morning linda!..

Comment #63

So I went home early yesterday it was just blistery out there so much blowing snow was dang near impossible to see while driving SO not cool. But I did get alot of work done from home so thats ok.

I made the most amazing dinner gosh it was good ... lil mexican casserole from scratch just threw some things in dere and WOWIE .. some times I exceed my own expectations lol.

It was SO good ....

Zumba tonite YEAH guess I need to work that casserole off.

Got muh cream of wheat and decaf and happy to report week 2 with NO capachinos.

YEAH ME!!!!.

Gosh I gotta quit staying up so late even with a nice hot shower this morning and 2 degrees out I could lay my head back down and go to sleep easily..

Comment #64

Hey Ya'all.

Icy mess this morning, I worked this morning now I'm on vaca.


Stay safe out there!..

Comment #65

Awwww have a good day off.

Gonna get a workout in today?..

Comment #66

Kinda quiet in here today... looks loke Snowmaggedon's got everybody snowed in today..

How you doin'? Me? I'm alright, just taking it easy, laying low...

Comment #67

Hey you I been busy busy in meetings most the morning gonna grab some lunch w/the boy chile then back at it till bout 4 OYYYyy... bout slipped on my arse going outside definately dint wear snow shoes today.

John Edwards is coming to Wichita !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg I wanna go sooo bad..

Comment #68

John Edwards the psychic dude? From "John Edwards - Crossing Over"? Not really sure how I feel about that dude... Kay loves him, thinks he's cool as can be. I just don't know....

You get much snow in your neck of the woods there? Be careful... don't fall and bust your butt!!!..

Comment #69

Yeah the psychic dude.

I think hes amazing .. they seem to only have balcony seats left.

But I really want to go my mom went when he was in AZ said it was amazing I mean WHAT IF ?!?! I would kill to hear from my dad or something like that !!!.

We got bout 3 inches but the drifts are much deeper but nothing like the east coast got so Im not complaining and NO ice so thats even better it's just a balmy 2 degrees out..

Comment #70

Headed out for the day, have a nice evening sweetheart!..

Comment #71

You too ... stay dry.

Have a great nite ... Im getting outta here pretty quick too gotta zumbaaaaaaaaaaaa tonite! woot woot.

See you finnnnnnne peeps later!..

Comment #72

Hi all, will be back to read before leaving..

Comment #73

Wow, now that was a quite humpday................

Any update on Donkey?..

Comment #74

Pictures on the way.....

Thank goodness!!!!.

Good evening Linda!.

I tried to call out of work but my manager said she would come get me..

So I took DH's car instead. Driving wasn't too bad. At least the roads were plowed on my way in..

Me too! But I'm sleepin in tomorrow!.

I will get another work out done too. Promise..

Dinner sounds yummy! Got any leftovers?.

Lucky gal! So jealous! So whatcha gonna do?.

Lmao Have you seen that South Park episode? Thats all I can think of...

Comment #75

No kidding Tim! I was all set to be reading for a while and I was done like that *snaps fingers.

I haven't heard anything other than her going home. I hope she's resting up!..

Comment #76

So here is the driveway marker the path to Chewie's area isn't that easy to see, but it's there.

And this is the view I had this morning standing in the driveway.

And here is looking out the window.

It's just a little snow...

Comment #77

And Annie... I got an updated pic of Heart. It's still alive after all of this time... 3 months I think..

No rips or tears or holes! *knocks on wood..

Comment #78

Good Morning!.

I dragged my heiny into work, geepers it's cold. I have training this pm.

Send us some sunshine Mike!..

Comment #79

No Sunshine here Kama.... it is warm, but rainy!!! Sorry about your snow..

Have a great Thursday, almost the weekend and the big Superbowl Sunday!!!..

Comment #80

I havent seen her ....

Hey hey I do have left overs mmmm sends you a care pkg ... lol at the episode of SP.

So not funny ... this guy is amazing and I so freeking cant wait to go! I called DH and asked him b4 I ordered tickets Im like you wanna go see him w/me? and I explained who he was hes like uhm NO.

He says .... it's not my thing. I said yeah but what if your MOM comes thru .. hes says Tell her hi.

Omfg I wouldnt be out for a week if I lived dere ... forget it .. I cant believe they still expect you to get to work!!!!!!!!! Heck I went home tuesday in 3inches LMAO.

Training? like workout training? or worse.

Lol at the word geepers hehehe.

Does that mean you are all wet? oh and alie I think john edwards is HOT kinda looks like Mikey all distinguished and blonde oooo wee.

*fans self*.

Do I see me a donkey ? .

Morning! happy thursday..

Comment #81

I'm around. I will be working housebound for at least another week. I actually work from bed..

Being home is wonderful. There are no middle of the night blood thieves here!..

Comment #82

Yup... all wet for sure..

Raining in buckets here. Suppose to let up by this evening and be a nice weekend. What about you? All snowed in? Iced up?.

Me distinguished? Hah, not so much... I'm pretty rough around the edges but I do clean up good!..

Comment #83

Hey Annie... how's my favorite beer drinking donkey? You gonna be able to have a cold one or six during the big game Sunday?.

I've been stockpililng the Bud Lite Limes all week in preperation for this weekend's activities!.

Gonna be so much fun!!! Glad they let you out and you are resting at home... feel better soon!..

Comment #84

Awww annie I'm so glad you are home !!!!!!!! feeling better atleast? did they ever completely figure out what was ailing ya? I sure hope so!.

I concur you do clean up nice.

Jus sayin!.

Whats this weekend?..

Comment #85

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