Whats the best site to monitor for new coupon codes & deals?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Whats the best site to monitor for new coupon codes & deals?.

My next question is: I was just thinking now that all the LLLL.coms and L-L-L.coms are bought out.Im just curious what everyone feels like the next plan for great investing in domaining is.??Similar to these investing strategies...

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Your question was: Whats the best site to monitor for new coupon codes & deals?.

I dont think is going far big hype but eventually it will die down and they will be worth next to nothing. Id say the best thing to do is find generic domains and find end users and wholesalers...

Comment #1

The next plan for great investing will be LLLL dot com that you still can find on a reasonable price on expiring auction.According to the vast majority of members (all apart one)their value would never drop and possibly will appreciate at a fast rate in a couple of years..

I think .in has a potential as I see recently a few buys for good one word keywords.This might pull along interest for (still one third available if I am not wrong) , but this is just speculation.....

Comment #2

For the next trend.going to have to go with e-LLLL names, like evans, and then generally cover the range of the names and names, of course taking into account the C / V debate.

Kidding kidding..

I think people should focus on trading their LLLL's and whatever back and forth, thats the only way they will increase in artificial value...

Comment #3

Maybe now it's a good idea to start investing in domains like that one in your sig "".

What the hell were you drinking?..

Comment #4

The next BIG thing?.


Oh yeah... !!!..

Comment #5

That's not what your girlfriend told me last night..

Comment #6

I hope you realise that the HostGator in the signature is actually an IDN !!!..

Comment #7

If so, why doesn't the URL show up in Arabic in my browser. My browser and OS support Arabic...

Comment #8

That is clearly an IDN. What IE version do you have?..

Comment #9

I have IE6 (Arabic supported)..

I can see the link anchor text in Arabic but not the URL...

Comment #10

To avoid phishing.

It was once enable'd by default.(IIRC)..

Comment #11

I've moved on to and they are getting impressive clicks.

So Far this month @

147 7,567 visitors 437 clicks.

123 : 2,227 visitors 6 clicks.

I have one that has 4,695 visitors and 0 clicks. Take that HostGator out and the click thru rate of my is over 10%.

No one clicks (But that's not really why I bought them)..

Comment #12

Exactly everyone is visiting the site to see if they are developed or parked but they are worth nothing outside the realm of domainers...

Comment #13

What's after

- I'm still looking for decently priced and have bought a few this week. have all been registered for reason - they sell. Personally I've sold more than anything else.

- pronouncable I'll buy a nice pronouncable long before I buy one of the's domains registered on the last day.

- .in domains. By 2020 or something India is expected to have the largest population of any country on the planet. Income and high tech are growing as are internet usage. How could .in not do well?..

Comment #14

Montenegro Granted New ".ME" HostGator

This is gonna be real big...

Comment #15

Maybe selling options on domains may become popular. I've found this concept interesting in the past...

Comment #16

I think L-L-L.coms are going to be worth alot in the future. From what I have experianced you will be hard pressed to find them for under $25 a domain. Given that they are so many less then LLLL.coms and they work very well with end users I believe that this market will be the market to be in over the next year. I am also investing in as I believe the India HostGator markets will be growing rapidly over the next few years...

Comment #17

It's interesting how a handful of BuyDomains sales is the common argument to identify this niche as a very underated type of domain. Maybe further investigation into BuyDomains and other sales can be used to identify tomorrows niche...

Comment #18

I was going more but the fact that I put up one of my L-L-L.coms for auction here at NP and it is already up to $30. I was using a number based off of what the domainers here are willing to pay for the names. If you go to the aftermarket thread you won't see any sales under $30 there and I think that is a very telling point. I am not trying to put down LLLL.coms as I do own a few. I just think that premium letter LLLL.coms and CVCV.coms are going to be good investments but I think bad letter LLLL.coms will not appreciate in value as much as people want to believe...

Comment #19

[xfiles] I want to believe. [/xfiles].

Just curious, what odds would you give for something like going for $50 a year from now?.

10% chance ...? 50% chance ...? 70% chance ?

Or what would you say? ("No idea" is a fair answer too!).

What about estimate for odds for something like going for $50 in a year ?

(I don't have an agenda, genuinely interested in your opinion ... I have a bunch of too - haven't been thinking about them much lately with all the hubbub since the buyout, but maybe time to start paying more attention to what's going on with L-L-L too ...)..

Comment #20

When typing zxwv into Google I get around 40,000 result. None are in English. When I type ZXW into Google I get around 600,000 results with two relating to major products being the Ford Focus ZXW and the ZXW-Euro card. As an English speaker I find it hard to come up with a use for a HostGator like so unless the whole market has a buttom over $50 I would have a hard time paying that much for it. I think it takes more then a year to get there but still possible. So lets say 25% chance.

Now for I do see a use for this HostGator as it could be made into a site about the Ford Focus ZXW. I feel that while is not premium letters it still does have end-users to be found. I say 50% chance it would be sold for $50 or more over the next year...

Comment #21

More potential endusers for your average L-L-L.coms than LLLL.coms, no doubt. Only question imho, is what percentage of endusers are willing to have a name with 2 hyphens. In Ford's case, they can easily afford the non-hyphenated version, regardless the asking price. For a fansite, something like for ZXW Fans might be a suitable option. ZXWP - ZXW pics, etc.

I don't really like 4x bad letter LLLL.coms myself and only have 1 as a memento of the last few hours LLLL.coms were readily available. Another thing we should remember... There are very few 4x bad letter LLLL.coms. Whether that makes them a collector's item at some point.. I do not know, however for comparison purposes, we should compare L-L-L.coms to what the vast majority of recently registered (eg. October regs) LLLL.coms are LLLL.coms with 2 or 3 bad letters.

It's very easy to make meaningful acronyms out of most premium letters...

Comment #22

IE6 doesn't support unicode domains. Upgrade to IE7 -> Add Arabic as a language in your internet options. It will show up fine.

Also, Firefox has a whitelist/blacklist feature which changes the unicode to punycode by default. This can be turned off, though...

Comment #23

Thanks for that research and analysis!.

Interesting to note that your estimate of 25% chance of hitting $50 seems in line with current market price around $12 for 100% "anti-premium" .... And along the same lines, might expect something like Z-X-W to fetch around $25 in current market - again (roughly) reflecting your estimate of 50% chance of hitting $50 in a year.

So looks like the market agrees with your estimates pretty closely. Well done! And, fascinating ......

Comment #24

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