What's the best Dukan Diet to lose abs fast?

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First off, What's the best Dukan Diet to lose abs fast? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: I find it kind of "ho-hum". Any ideas to make this a better lunch?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can answer it..

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I have even made it thick and poured it on top of a salad for a "taco" salad. I love doing that whenever I can (i.e. tacos, fajitas). Add some FF sour cream (free food) and some shredded cheese (if you save a protein); others have even added olives to their taco salad (using their fat serving)...

Comment #2

Add two servings of canned tomato with green chilis.. My favorite weekend lunch...


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #3

Thanks!! Keep the ideas coming. I will give them all a try...

Comment #4

I just had this for lunch today! I had browned up some 92% lean ground sirloin earlier in the week, and added about 1 T. (the closest I could get to an oz without weighing) of that along with 1/2 large tomato (veggie), diced & 1 T. fat free sour cream (free food)after soup was "cooked" - mixed it all up & yummmmm-o! Really filling - I was going to have a salad with this, but was no longer hungry, so I didn't. Enjoy!.

P.s. I'm a newbie, so if a veteran sees that I have counted this wrong, please let me know - thanks!!..

Comment #5

I've mixed in egg beaters, a bit of salsa, some baking powder, and maybe a stray leftover piece of veggie or two and baked it...

Comment #6

I make it a bigger helping of soup by adding:.

Diced & sauteed onion, mushroom, carrot, broccoli & spinach (lots of all of these).

When all cooked, add:.

1 1/4c low sodium FF chicken broth and the dry bean soup mix..

Cook/simmer until beans, etc are fully hydrated & then serve in a large soup/pasta bowl..

Add some freshly diced tomato and stir gently..

Top with a dollup of FF plain yogurt or FF sour cream & sprinkle 2T shredded parm...

Comment #7

I think it is pretty yummy! I sprinkle shredded reduced fat cheddar cheese on it (I use one of my protein/dairy servings), give that a try!..

Comment #8

I add sauteed veggies to a lot of the dishes. It really helps to fill you up and gives a lot of flavor to the Dukan Diet foods. I also use V-8 juice instead of water to reconstitute some of the dishes. Just count it toward your daily veggie servings. Last night I added V-8 to the taco "meat" sauce. It was so good...

Comment #9

I like to add 1 FF hot dog cut up, a little bit of cheese to make up the remainder of the protein, and some FF sour cream or greek yogurt on top. I have also made it with my fat serving- chopped avocado- on top, and with grilled chicken breast chopped and added instead of those hot dogs. So many ways to eat this, it's one of my favorites...

Comment #10

Picklesmom, that sounds awesome. Totally eating that this week!..

Comment #11

Wow...I had removed it from my auto delivery, but have now added back!.

I had it yesterday with ff shredded cheese and a small dollop of ff sour cream. It was GREAT. Looking forward to trying all the other ideas...

Comment #12

I add an oz of warm grilled chicken as my protein, diced tomato as a veggie and add in some cajun seasoning and garlic powder for extra "tortilla" flavor..

Everyone has such good ideas. I should have looked here before now!..

Comment #13

A little chopped red onion, sauteed is even better, a sprinkle of garlic powder, a dollop of FF sour cream or plain greek yogurt, and sometimes I add turkey pepperoni. This is one of my favorite lunches.....

Comment #14

I thought it was bland too but I added a serving size of veggie crumbles by morning star farms-like ground hamburger and stirred it up-also find jalepenos spice stuff up. I find I also need to add something to the split pea soup. Both are filling but kinda bland without something added to it...

Comment #15

I thought this soup was disgusting, so I came here for ideas..

Every time I look for new recipes I'm amazed at the creativity of the nutrisystem community. (I think I'm daring when I add garlic salt !! ).

Adding tomatos and green chilis sounds yummy !!!..

Comment #16

One of my fav's, for sure, but here's something I learned awhile ago using ff cottage cheese within other food tastes just like sour cream, so I have the 1/4 c ff cc and some grape tomatoes with it and mix it up. simple and filling!.


Comment #17

Served over your greens with salsa, cheese(it melts when you pour the hot soup over it), then you can do onion, green peps, mushroom, just about anything you want. I like to ad some avocado for my fat sometimes..

Good stuff. Has been one of my favs for lunch for a while...

Comment #18

I also make salads out of this. I love it. I also like to add Frank's Hot Sauce...

Comment #19

You gave me the nerve to try this for the first time yesterday - 2 servings of Rotel tomato with chilis, mixed with the soup in the pan. Then ff cheddar sprinkled over the soup when served. Oh my - it was very good. Thanks all - the ideas were great!..

Comment #20

I tried this and it was great. Thanks for the advice. Its hard coming up with ideas but everytime I come here I can find new things to do...

Comment #21

I added fire roasted diced tomatoes today, simple and delicious. I add them to a lot of foods...

Comment #22

I like it with a sprinkle or coarse Sea Salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon...

Comment #23

I add 2 turkey fat free Oscar Meyer hot dogs as my protein , ( 80 cal/1mgfat/10 protein) cut up and in the soup, I also add this to the pea soup also. yum..

Comment #24

I like everything to be hot, spicy, and rich so I added some low sodium beef broth for the liquid, some ancho chili powder and cayenne pepper powder, and some diced roasted garlic. I like the idea of using V8 too - will have to try that!.

I do the similar things with the beef stew and soup - make it taste like hot, spicy chili and I'll eat just about anything!..

Comment #25

You guys rock!! I had one left and was seriously thinking about just throwing it away because I gaged the last time I ate this. Today I fixed it for lunch with ff hot dog, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Very good. My 8-y-o begged me to let him have it, but I held strong and gobbled it up. Thanks for saving me...

Comment #26

I would never have thought that hot dogs would go in this, but I think I will give it a try.I have all the fixins'. Thanks!..

Comment #27

I get a lot of both the BB Soup and the BB & Rice. They both get a variety of addins. Hunts fire roasted tomatoes with garlic (goes in a lot of things including RB & Rice and the Cajun Chix & Rice) Rotel is my second choice. Sauted onions and peppers are also great and like almost everything Dukan Diet a heavy dose of hot sauce. I always keep several bottles at work and home..

I'm a bit of a chilihead but I think keeping your food very spicy also slows up eating pace and helps you drink a lot of water. They only sad part is we can't eat the typical fat based foods that can kill the heat like cheese, sour cream, etc..

So enjoy the burn and every bite..


Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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