Whats the best diet weight watcher, Nutrisystem, or nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: Whats the best diet weight watcher, Nutrisystem, or nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... As of this morning I have lost 100.4 pounds on plan. I started Nutrisystem on January 25 this year, and in just under 5 months I have lost the century mark. I can't believe it, I am thrilled to say the least. my overall goal is to get down to weighing 200 total pounds, so I have not finished the race yet by any means.

I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but I thought I would try it out a few weeks to see if I could do it, and the weight began falling from the start. During these past 5 months I have.....

1. Lost 100.4 pounds.

2. Gone from a size 54 waist to size 40.

3. Gone from XXXL and sometimes XXXXL shirts to just XL..

4. Gone from XXXL underwear to XL, and in some brands L..

5. Gone from very little to no exercise, to being able to walk 3-4 miles daily..

6. Gone from little to no energy, to increased stamina..

7. Gone from hating the way I look, to loving myself..

I owe this to three factors, first and foremost, the Lord, for giving me strength to face each day with determination. Second of all my family and friends for being encouraging, accomodating my needs at cookouts and get togethers, and complimenting me, and third and VERY important, you guys on this board for keeping up my spirits, setting the right tone and example, and being here for one another to answer questions, encourage, and offer support..

I love this program, I love what it has done for me, I love what it is making me, I love the food too (minus the split pea soup, yuck!) works if you give into it 100% and follow plan. I still have a bit to go before I will reach my ultimate goal, but for right now I am thrilled. I also really want to be in a commercial with Dan Marino, come on Mods, make it happen! I am telegenic, and I am a character, I will even riverdance for ya if you put me on TV, lol. All joking aside, I thank all of you for your help and support, and I wanted to share in order to encourage any newcomers, or strugglers, so they can see the plan works! Sorry, I ramble a lot as if you can't tell, so if you read this far, I applaud you and double thank you. Have a great week everybody!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Awesome to see comer! Weigh to go! Enjoy that white bear while you can cause the next is hot pink. lol..

Comment #2

Just got my 70,80, and 90 pound ones in the mail, I am not looking forward to the hot pink one, lol, but at the same time, they are little bears, and we are men so whatever, ha! I still have them on a shelf like trophies either way...

Comment #3

Hah! I have a small shelf for my bears as well, only problem is I've run out of space on my shelf with three more to go! But when I started, I never thought I would get attached to them at all, but they are quite motivational! Congrats again!..

Comment #4

Great Job and Thanks for letting us know your success story, It gives me more reasons to go on with Nutri system. I just started a week ago and I am down 12lbs. Yes, you are correct, Follow the plan 100% and it works great and it is also easy. I want to wish you continued success and I am sure you will reach your goal very soon...

Comment #5

Congrats, and Wow! You have kicked the program at an unbelievable level... I'm envious, but also know I haven't been as committed to it as you have been so I don't expect to see similar results. Fantastic job and expect to see you reach goal and be on Nutrisystem ads soon....

Comment #6


Congratulations!! What an incredible milestone!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!..

Comment #7

I'm giving everyone a standing O..

What a wonderful job everyone has done..


Comment #8

Nice Job, Man! You worked your butt off and stuck to the program - another great example of what.


Can do if they follow the plan and don't make lame excuses (are you reading this cheaters!!??).

Display that hot pink bear with pride ... you earned it...

Comment #9

Congratulations! Job well done. You inspire me. I know 100% On Plan will pay off, I will just keep doing what you did. Congrats and Thanks again for the inspiration! Dan..

Comment #10

Congrats Eat verb! Your loss to date is incredible. Keep on dropping...

Comment #11


It is amazing how wonderfully this program works. It is wonderful the energy that you have when your not carrying around the extra weight. The BIGGEST downside is having to buy new clothes that only fit for a short time then are too big. BUT, I am looking forward to not having to pay the extra 2 or 4 dollars for larger sizes..


Comment #12

Awesome job, Comer! Little pissed that you beat to the 100 lb loss, but congratulations nonetheless!..

Comment #13

You are awesome and I think it would be wonderful if they put you in a commercial with Dan Marino..

Comment #14

Thanks Gellar, in your defense though I had a lot more fat to lose since I started over 40 pounds more than you when I began, so you will be quite lean when you reach the 100 pound goal, and I have 39 more to go yet. You will get there soon enough. I just hope my next 39 goes as quick as my first 100, lol, though I expect it will slow down soon enough...

Comment #15

Great job, Comer!! Your loss rate is amazing. You'll be at goal in time for beach season! Congrats on a HUGE milestone!.


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