What's an easy Nutrisystem Core Plan recipe?

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Quick question: What's an easy Nutrisystem Core Plan recipe? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Today, October 18, 2010, begins P90X for several of us Nutrisystem men. This is our Nutrisystem Thread to keep each other accountable, post some pics, complain about certain routines and give each other advice and encouragement. Anyone, of course, is welcome to join and write in here..

First and foremost, us P90X guys will probably want to compare workouts and diet. For the non-P90X guys, feel free to write whatever you like and tell us about your workouts..

I've learned a vast amount concerning diet and exercise in these forums - I know many of us have. The more we know the better chance we have at succeeding. Lets keep that going here..

Good luck guys. No excuses. Bring it!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I'm pretty fired up about starting. It was all I could do to not start yesterday! This is going to sound like something a lady might say, but I'm glad you guys are going to go through this with me. It's really going to help my motivation..

Are we planning to check in here everyday like the 100% thread>?..

Comment #2

You know how I said I wasn't sore from my Day 1 Chest and Back? Well it's starting. My lats are tightening up and I can feel a little pain in my chest from doing freaking pushups for a 25 minutes - my biceps are sore from doing chin-ups too. My core is a different story ... A Ripper X is a muthf*cker. I'm hurtin' but it's a good hurt..

I had to put a shirt on about 20 minutes into Plyo this morning because my t*ts were sweating so much I was afraid I'd slip and fall..

Shoulders and Arms / Ab Ripper X tomorrow at 6:30. Gotta get me some dumbells really soon - I broke a band Sunday doing Lawnmowers so I'm going to have fork over more $$. Totally Blows...

Comment #3

I'm in..

I know I'm new here but look forward to the challenge with all of you guys. I have the program but haven't made it out of week 1 yet due to lack of motivation. Look forward to all of our success...

Comment #4

Welcome ineptchef..

We're not screwing around in here. We're doing the program and we're doing it every damn day..

EVEN CHRISTMAS! So if you want to be in you have to be ALL IN! 100% ....

GOT IT!!???.

It's not called P5X or P6X ....

It's called P90X!..

Comment #5

Good luck Inept. looks like you have a good amount of weight to lose. me too. I am thinking very low weights and lots of repetitions here - I want to lose weight and not really bulk up. basically waking up the muscles I already have should be good for me - and getting the water and fat around them to disappear. I am on Nutrisystem but adding some protein after the workout - probably my whey protein shake most of the time - tuna or leftover tilapia occasionally - trying to skip the red meat since it is such a trigger for me..

As Sean said, we're in it to day 90 - no excuses here. get a pic of yourself if you can now and do it!.

I must say up front, I think the yoga is so-so - I may go for an hour or two bike ride that day instead or play racquetball for a few hours. I think those substitutions are acceptable as long as we do something with equivalent calorie burning...

Comment #6

Yeah Bob I was thinking that too about the yoga. My buddy told me it's 1-1/2 hours long. I'll give it a try and see what happens. I figure I need to get "centered" anyway..

I have day 3 Shoulders & Arms tomorrow and I'm going to do that at the gym - then come home and finish with Ab Ripper X...

Comment #7

The yoga is long and a little boring but I need to be more flexible. I'm gonna have to figure something out for those days that I have to travel for work. I usually cycle 2-3 days a week on top of it. I'm trying to workout 2 times a day, see if I can speed up the weight loss. I have my time with the TV slotted in for 8 o'clock...

Comment #8

Cool. So you're going to report in around 9:30pm tonight after your arms stop shaking, right?..

Comment #9

Tonight or tomorrow morning, be ready..

May the Schwartz be with me!..

Comment #10

Alright, I've leaving work a little early to get my gym set up so I can get started around 8 or 8:30. Stay tuned for further updates..

As for the yoga, I'm going to give it a couple of weeks before I write it off. I need to be more flexible and I did some Tony Horton stretch tapes back when I was in college and they really worked...

Comment #11

Don't write it off, but it may have an effect on the size of your Schwartz..

Comment #12

Quick question....

I am tracking my food intake and exercise on my overview. If any of you guys are doing the same, how are you logging the P90X workouts? As circuit training?..

Comment #13

Small is small, no matter the angle of the dangle.....

Comment #14

I'm not doing it here. we are tracking in

Go there and sign up - it's free - you can scheule the entire p90x workout for the next 90 days - plus you can actually win prizes....

If you go there, i'm bobm58 - you will see sean and gellar there too - make a friend request. I don't know if you know this, but I have a friend here at home doing this as well. my beachbody "coach" is starting today along with some of her "clients" - the more accountabiity for me, the better.

Yankees are officially being tivo'd.

When the kids fall asleep I go at it..

Comment #15

Yeah, I hear you about the game. Ranger fan here, my wife will update me while I workout..

I guess I'll be heading over to

Comment #16

Ok, I just found my darn bands - been looking for 30 minutes - not where I thought they were..

Starting at the top of the 4th...

Comment #17

Ouch - all done, I did not kill myself. plenty of rest..

"Bobby what's your goal?".


Just ate a hunk of baked chicken and drank about a gallon of water.

I can't do those under the fence push ups - lots of pushups on my knees like a girly girl - beats sitting on the couch drinking beer any day tho.

Some of the situps hurt my very lower back- I had this last time too,i think I just need to get stronger there..

Comment #18

I am totally stoked for what you guys are doing. Think you will learn a lot about how to do simple calesthenics based workouts. Very minimalist zen!..

Comment #19

Man, I wish I had started Nutrisystem a lot earlier so that I could join you guys on the P90X...I'm just not ready for it yet. Maybe on your next round if you guys do a round 2..

Comment #20

Ok, I'm done. Totally forgot to start my workout at teambeachbody..

Wow, that killed me. Feels pretty good though. I'm actually pretty pleased with my numbers. I didn't kill myself but was about to get to double digits in everything except the chinups. That's a totally new move for me. I did a max of 5 though.

Ab Ripper X was a different story. Are you guys going straight into that from Chest and Back? I was cashed by the time I got there. I was able to do a few reps on each move though, so not a total failure!.

Here's to Plyo tomorrow.....

Comment #21

Ok. Day three for me. Its 5am: shoulders and arms. Going to the gym for this one cause I need dumbbells. Every part of my body from my ribcage down is killing me. It seems I'm not in very good shape (except chest shoulders and arms which is basically all I've done since January)..

ARX and plyo killed me..

I'm doing the ARX part after my 10 minute ride home from the gym geller. Take your shoes off like I did. Lightens the load and makes a big difference. My size 16's feel like cinder blocks...

Comment #22

I was going to start with you guys, but my hamstring says otherwise. Once I heal up and the Dr clears me to do it, I will start..

Looks like I am going to miss the World Series of Bowling at the end of the month, unless miracles happen...

Comment #23

Shoulders and arms in the gym was perfect. It was nice having all of those dumbbells. I used 15s to 45s so there's no way I'm buying them. Going to stay home for the rest of the routines. I got a few looks from my lunk head gym mates but they know me - and they know I like to mix it up. They thought I was crazy for doing Nutrisystem but now they know it works..

I was freaking pumped at the end. Big shoulder balls and veins! ARX went a little better today...

Comment #24


These are supposed to be the best bands...

Comment #25

Good job sean. I did not think about taking the shoes off...good idea..

I did get right into it after chest/back - wasn't so bad for me, but, I did not go nuts on chest/back.

Lowry you are a pumped up machine!.

PBA, join in whenever you can..

I have everlast bands - they work ok..

Comment #26

I finished around 9:30 last night. I skipped the rest sessions and did it like it was circuit training. I almost puked at the end. I got up this morning and did 35 minutes of spinning. Plyo tonight...yeah..

I also hit double digits in about half of the workouts, but I was doing the pull ups with bands. I'm not strong enough to heave 285lbs up and down more than once. I couldn't do the last dive bombers at the end, I was way too gassed...

Comment #27

P90X ???.

I do good just to pee 3 or 4 times..

That must really be a workout!..

Comment #28

Nice job, chef. Try not to burn yourself out man! Doing two-a-days is rough. But heck if you can handle it.

And stay hungry and motivated.

Go for it. I personally like the way things are going .... after 23 hours of rest I'm ready to kick my own a$$. After 12 hours? not so much .....

Comment #29

I'm pretty sure I was doing something wrong. My shoulders are sore after pullups and pushups. That ain't normal, is it? I've been doing chest and back work since January, so I wasn't expecting to be crazy sore there today, but wasn't expecting shoulder soreness..

Good idea with the shoes, Sean..

Don't feel bad about the second set of dive bombers, chef. I fell flat on my face trying to start the second set of diamond pushups~!..

Comment #30

The push ups with your feet on the chair can hurt your shoulders if you have your arms too far foreward. so can the dumbell flies for your back if you don't have your back parallel with the ground...standing up too high. I wouldn't sweat it tho....

I did about 2 diamond pushups at the end then pulled my hands apart and got on my knees...those dive bombers? could not even do 1 at the end...i did them like the girl did tho when I did the first set - could not come back like those manly men..

Comment #31

* Note to Self:.

Dumba$$ ... Don't drink too much water before Ab Ripper X ever again!!!.

(my gut sounded like the water-logged hull of a boat and I was getting a little nauseous from all of the sloshing around in there. pretty darn disgusting)..

Comment #32

Speaking of Ab RipperX. Considering I haven't done much ab work in a long time, it's totally normal for me to have only been able to do about 5 -10 reps on those moves, right? On a lot of them, my legs gave out way early...

Comment #33

I'm pretty sure it's ok. I do OK on a few and completely suck on the rest. I figure that if we just keep pushing through we'll be able to hang with the folks on the DVD by the end .... sort of..

I'm not pushing pause on ARX. I'm just moving along as best I can..

I really did feel better on the 2nd run though - even though I was sore I felt a little more stable...

Comment #34

Some of the moves had me feeling like a fish flopping around on the deck of a boat on ARX. Hopefully, things will be better tomorrow...

Comment #35

I'm in the same boat as you Ryan..

That one where your legs are straight up and you pick you butt off the floor? I can't even do it once without bouncing or something.....

The girl on the video can do it, so I just sit and watch her..

Comment #36

I make it about halfway through ab ripper X before my core locks up. I'm not sore yet, but I can feel it slowly coming on...

Comment #37

Yeah, I noticed that. I made sure to watch her closely to make sure I was doing it right!..

Comment #38

Protein question for Sean (or anyone that knows).

I got the P90X recovery drink. If memory serves, it has 17g of protein per 2 scoops. Is it cool if I drink an EAS protein drink for my afternoon snack (about 3 hours before p90X) to get the extra protein in? It has 17g of protein too..

Protein still makes me nervous. I'd switch over to canned tuna or something but I have a sh!t ton of whey protein at my house...

Comment #39

Ryan I have to be honest with you - I'm pretty lost with this whole P90X deal..

Personally, I'm eating quite a bit of food - extra protein (powder and canned tuna) and I even started taking my old recovery drink this morning (EAS Muscle Armor) and I still feel whiped out..

If you're worried about not losing weight fast enough, don't. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine with what you're thinking. The plyo/cardio part of this workout is a real ba$tard and I sincerely doubt that adding in something as clean as a recovery drink or protein powder is going to screw with your goals..

If what you're asking is when you should take in your additional protein then you should have it after your workout. Carbs before for fuel. Protein after to fix you. Protein for your snack before your workout isn't bad at all - you just might run out of gas sooner..

Don't worry about the protein, man .... you're gonna need it to buff up!!..

Comment #40

Ok, cool thanks. My brother has always told me that protein will make you fat if you drink it at the wrong times (or something like that). guess that's why I'm so gunshy!.

My beachbody coach (who is actually a cool guy) told me to have a protein bar midafternoon as a snack. I asked him about subbing in a drink and havent' heard from him yet...

Comment #41

No ... It'll make you fat if you drink it and don't work it off!..

Comment #42

Well, I just realized that my EAS protein drink is actually low carb. I'll just eat my dinner carb before I break into Pylo tonight. Thanks, man...

Comment #43

Now you're talkin'..

I do the same thing in the morning - I have Fiber One with honey to sweeten it and give me a spike (and a sh*t-ton of coffee) pre-workout then the rest of my breakfast (sausage mcfrazz and protein powder/recovery) after..

We need to start skyping !!! My fingers are getting tired (good thing it's slow in the studio today)..

Comment #44

I dont even know what skyping involves. Also, I have a ton of stuff to do in my office, just no motivation to do it! That oughta teach them to give me a promotion!..

Comment #45

Looks like I'm in, boys. I'll start tomorrow night. Looking forward to the torture...

Comment #46

If anyone wants to rip the P90X DVD's to put on their iPhone, iPod (or laptop, etc ...), I've been scouring the internet for open-source freeware to do such a thing.


You can find it here:.


You're Welcome..

* perfectly legal, mods ... no worries...

Comment #47

Okay, a little embarassed here..

I made it half way through plyo before I couldn't do the exercises anymore. I guess you have to start somewhere. The warm up had my legs hurting. Man, I'm a wuss!!!..

Comment #48

I did it - the calf cross things I had to switch from the left leg to the right leg every 10 seconds...i have a chest cold so my breathing sucked but I did it, and it wasn't bad but I was definitly better last time when I felt good and not filled with decongetants..

I did stop early a few times to cough up a hairball - frickin colds...

That guitar thing is downright lame - skip the arm movement and simply bring your legs up to your butt - that's the point of it..

Welcome aboard Jill, good luck! are you starting day 1? chef, gellar and I just did day 2. Sean, since he is a non-team player, finished day 3 :-).

Start on whatever day you like but once you commit you are here for 90 days no excuses!..

Comment #49

I finished it, too. Wasn't all that sore from Monday night until I finished tonight, then my chest, back, abs, legs, all tightened up. Seemed odd..

I agree the guitar thing was lame - and I play guitar!.

I couldn't get a handle on the baseball thing with from the left either..

The whole thing was actually pretty fun though. I did stop to hack and spit though. Looking forward to a midnight session of Arms and Shoulders tomorrow night!.

BTW, my coach just told me to have three protein drinks a day - one before breakfast, one between lunch and dinner, and my recovery drink post workout. Does that seem logical?..

Comment #50

Hooray...sign up at teambeachbody, Jill! Welcome aboard. Its a pretty fun ride!..

Comment #51

Gellar if I were you, I would listen to him - use your whey - see what happens for two weeks, you aren't trying to lose now - if you gain a little, it is muscle..

I'm not depriving myself of protein but I am definitly keeping my calories below 2500 to lose weight....

It's a tightrope i'm not 100% sure I am doing correctly either, but we'll see..

Comment #52

Good point, Bob. I've been thinking about getting some Muscle Milk for my afternoon snack so I can have preworkout carbs and a little protein as well...

Comment #53

Thanks, guys. Yep, I'm in it 100%, so no worries there. I'll start tomorrow evening. I'll report back here when I'm done. I'm going into this totally blindI'm guessing that's a good thing..

Have no idea how I'm going to approach the diet aspect of it, though. I'm not on NS, but I follow a 1200 calorie diet. The kit came with protein shakes, so I'll read up on those tomorrow. I burn around 500+ calories per w/o with my usual run/walks. What is the average cals. burned with the P90X?..

Comment #54

Read up if you got it new, from what I have seen, they have a good plan...the good part is you will need much more than 1200 calories, but, of course, you still need good calories..

Comment #55

Yeah, I figured I'd need to add more calories. We got the box (unopened) from a pawn shop for $20. Pretty sweet deal...

Comment #56

I. Can't. Walk..

I look even more like Frankenstein now. This is awesome!.

So it took two days for my chest and back to tighten up. Ab ripper destroyed me. Plyo has beaten me to a pulp and for some rediculous reason - my shoulders bi's and tri's (three muscle groups that I've over-worked for years with great pride) hurt like hell. Why?!! Seriously!! I've beaten the pi$$ out of my arms since I was about 15 something really good is happening I can feel it..

I have yoga X coming up in about 20 minutes - or as soon as I get up the nerve to stand and painfully walk over to the workout room..

EAT YOUR PROTEIN RYAN!! I forgot you made goal!! You gotta eat man. I've upped my intake by about 5-600 cals and an additional protein on top of what I was already eating..

Pace yourself chef. Cut out the two a days and give it 100% on P90X. we want you to stick with us and not burn out..

Comment #57

I'm adding in tons of protein. My coach told me to try to stay around 2400 cal so I'm adding protein shakes in the morning and afternoon and probably something lean (chicken or tuna) postwork out. Won't be working out till late tonight though. Gotta gig tonight until about 9:00pm.

I know what you mean about the soreness, Sean. I fell asleep in the recliner last night and when I woke up this morning, I couldn't move my abs enough to un-recline! It's a good kinda hurt though...

Comment #58

All is hurting but not bad - tri's and chest definitely feel the pain, but it's a good pain. I was waiting for that "midnight wakeup with the calves tightened into knots" thing - but it never happened, I must be hydrated enough...i am going to take some pics today I think..

If you go to team beachbody, my coach did create a group room, but I think this is fine.

Damn chest cold had me up at 5:30 this morning coughing - can't wait till I feel better..

Comment #59

I got up and ran ( a little more than 1/4 mile) and then walked for the rest of the 40 mins. I got home to take off my shirt and that required a little resolve. Don't worry about me backing out Sean, I'm usually really good when I have someone to hold me accountable. I just want to work on my cycling while doing P90X. Cycling is my primary I have a division meeting in 2 weeks and I need to fit into my work slacks. They don't see much action considering I work mostly from home and wear scrubs to the OR...

Comment #60

I'm the Central Region Operations Manager for the Cryo division of a company called Healthtroincs. We mainly work in mobile medical service. Our equipment is used to treat mainly prostate and renal cancer, but can be used for other types. We also have medical lasers that are mainly used to treat enlarged prostate...

Comment #61

OOooooo, lasers....

Anyway, wanted to clarify. I haven't made goal. I got down the 192 (100 lbs lost) and then gained back up to 207. Back at 198 now though. Lowered my goal from 185 - 175. However, if I'm going to be bulking up much with P90X, I may raise the goal back up to 185. 175 seems tiny to me.....

Comment #62

It says in the nutrition guide to figure for 600 calories burned each session. Not sure how many calories Yoga burns though...

Comment #63

Is that for your weight, or a generalization by Beach Body? They probably account for someone who weighs less than 200lbs, so your burn might be higher...

Comment #64

There's a chart in the nutirtion guide for figuring out how many calories you need for P90X. It says to figure in 600 cal burned for each routine. I'm sure it varies from person to person though...

Comment #65

Really? It seems like it would be higher than that. (Not that that will deter me from doing it). I start my first w/o in 2 hours. Yep....

ETA:Just read what you wrote above. I'll read up on it...

Comment #66

I got through 60 minutes of the 90 minute Yoga X DVD (the hard stuff is at the beginning I assume) and I'll tell you it's hard. I'm not flexible - at all. I'm going to keep doing it - at least an hour - I just ran out of time..

I doubt I burned 400-600 calories but I sweat my a$$ of for the first 45 minutes. I was shaking. You'll see..

Legs and back tomorrow .... should be interesting since I can't get out of a seated position without pushing off something with my arms..

I hate it ... but I love it..

Hey - have fun doing shoulders and arms tonight guys. It's an awesome workout. my favorite so far. My triceps are killing me...

Comment #67

I did not buy p90x, my friend did. he photocopied a bunch of things for me I never filled out. One is a P90X Nutrition Guide with a "Nutrition Level Calculator". Did you see that?.

It has to do with your body weight, resting metabolic rate, daily activity burn and exercise calories....

I'm doing what they call the "fat shredder" which means I need to stay below 2400 calories/day.....

Comment #68

How tall are you, Ryan? If you're around 5'10, I think a muscular 175 would look good on ya...

Comment #69

Yeah, it told me to take in about 3400 calories a day, but I'm not feeling that. I'm gonna stick with the 2400 fat shredder plan. My coach ok'd it..

And Jill, I'm 5'10" exactly. If you think it'll look good on me, then 175 it is!..

Comment #70

Good to know I have so much pull around here. haha...

My husband is 5'10", 175, and a flabby mess. He could use some muscle, but I forbade him from doing P90X with me cause I know he would puss out on me after the first month...

Comment #71

This is pretty much what I have.


My wife does not forbade me - in the marriage contract!..

Comment #72

I have a similiar problem with my Dad. He's always dissapointing me - not eating right, drinking too much and never exercising ... yet every time he sees me he askes me for diet/exercise advice and tells me he wishes he could get in shape. I finally told him "no" a few months ago - told him that the only person he was going to let down anymore was himself - because I'm out. Tough love I guess. I get that crap from a lot of people in my family.

I'm going down swingin' ... hard...

Comment #73

I come from a long line of big people - except for my mom, she's a little wisp of a woman. I guess that's why 175 seems small, even with muscles. I agree, Sean. Now that I'm in better shape, everyone tells me that they are jealous of me. I just say "Well, I didn't find some magic spell. Bust your butt and you can do it too..

My sister tells me she wishes she could do what I did. My older brother is mad at me I think. I tired to give him some old clothes the other day and he got pi$$ed. My dad seems really happy though. He's a recovering alcoholic, so he kind of know what it's like to make a change in your life..

All but about three of my friends are out of shape and lazy. They ask me for advice occasionally. I used to try. Now I say "Diet and Exercise". Even tried to get one friend to do P90 (not x) and his reply was "I think I'm gonna take off early and have a nap" - At least, I tried...

Comment #74

Forgot this....

I got some of the P90x Vitamins. I couldn't tell much difference this morning, but I am bouncing off the walls this afternoon. I usually can't hold my eyes open by this time of the afternoon! Also, my pee is really pretty. You don't find that color in your crayon box!..

Comment #75

Yep, same here with my dad..

I told him this morning that I was doing this, and he said, 'huh, maybe I should do it, too.' I'm sure that thought has since left his head....

When I first started walking on a regular basis, back in June '10, I met my dad one day to join me in a brisk walk along the river path. I did what felt like a comfortable pace for me, while he walked like he was stepping over barrels. All of a sudden, I found myself walking like him, over exerting myself, and running when I clearly wasn't ready for it. I like to be pushed, but he was just plain show boating, and to this day, I don't think he has done more than one or two workouts, whereas, I have done mine almost everyday, religiously..

My sister is the only one in my family that has really been able to drop a significant amt. of weight, and keep it off, by diet and exercise. Actually, she is the one that gave me the pep talk to get started on losing weight myself. The rest of my family lament about their weight, and call me a b!tch (playfully) for being able to stick with it, and see results. It's true that something has to 'click' in your mind..

Sounds delightful!.

DAY 1 Chest & Back-.

Soooo...I finished my first w/o. Chest and back. It was a nice change from all of the cardio that I am used to doing, but my arms are...well...out of commission for right now. lol..

There came a point during the w/o, specifically the 'diamond push-ups,' where I had to literally look at my arms to make sure they were still attached to my body! It felt like they were nonexistent. Weird stuff, but a good w/o overall...

Comment #76

I was the same way with the diamond pushups. Feel flat on my face during the second set! One down 89 to go!..

Comment #77

I'm from a fat italian family - there are a few with great genetics - I'll get a pic of my pro grappling cousin....most of us tho are so so..

I was working out 3 hours a day for about 2 years when I first graduated college - man did I get some ladies then! once I got married tho...those 3 hour workouts dissappeared....

Anyhow, off to do shoulders and arms and abrip - see you in 90 minutes!.

Ryan those vitamins sound interesting - I wonder what's in them to make you stay awake?..

Comment #78

All done - I feel good and pumped up! I wish I had the weights, not bands tho. Ii did not attempt that last exercise lying on the floor - I could tell it would hurt my back so I did overhead tricepts instead..

A little better with ab ripper, much better with the shoes off..

My 10 year old daughter did some ab ripper with me!.

And I just finished a hunk of baked chicken with fat free italian dressing on it.

I have a headache again after ab ripper - I wonder if my blood pressure is a little high?.

Good job with the workout Jill!..

Comment #79

My 10 yo daughter attempted the abripper with me tonight, too, as did my forbidden husband..

I lasted the longest!.

Good job, Bob...

Comment #80

Kick a$$, Bob and Jill!.

I'm about to start. Gonna try ARX without the shoes this time! Its gonna be a late night!..

Comment #81

Done for the day. I feel fortunate that my wife is out of work, I may need some help wiping my hiny tomorrow..

I tried the last exercises Bob, I looked like fish flopping on the deck of a boat!..

Comment #82

I married a RN just so she can patch me and my friends up - can't tell you how many times we fixed things here instead of the ER..

Comment #83

Ok, just finished shoulder, arms, and ARX. I'm whipped, but I could have brought it harder I think. I pulled and/or tore something in my left shoulder about six years ago and my left arm wears out waaay before my right arm does..

Did a little better on ARX, but I "currently struggle with" anything that involves going from laying flat to sitting up in one motion. I guess that will come with time..

Stoked for Yoga X tomorrow....

Jill and Bob....answered your PMs..

Comment #84

What did Bob have to say? He was talkin' smack about me, wasn't he? It's because I'm a girl, isn't it?...

Comment #85

Don't worry about it Gellar, I'm just hoping to be able to finish the ABX by the end of the 1st cylce. I still can't make it all of the way through. About halfway my abs lock up and I'm forced to watch. As long as we keep working at it, it'll come!..

Comment #86

Probably shouldn't share what Bob had to say about you Jill, but, don't worry, it wasn't too bad!.

Chef, I agree. I'm more worried about my shoulder than my abs. My left side being so weak is effecting what I can do with the right...

Comment #87

Jill, I had sent Ryan and Sean a link that had female parts wobbling around naked so they would feel more manly - I think were were talking about finger sandwiches or something in some other thread....had to re-assure our manly demeanor. if you like i'll send you the link..

I have lower back pain again in ABX and some of the exercises I stop a little early but I think it will get better with time....that last exercise where you are supposed to touch the floor on the left/right with your hands - I can't reach the floor, too much butt cushion elevating me too high! if I reach the floor I roll over - sorta like what a walrus would look like doing it...

Comment #88

Missed my morning Legs and Back workout ... I'm hurtin' bad. I'm going to do it when I get home from work. I figured it'd be a good idea to sleep in and recover - I think that I'll be less sore after walking around all day. We shall see...

Comment #89

Don't be afraid of vitamin I - helps with muscle pain. I took mine already.....

Comment #90

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