What's a good way to excersize in the winter? What's a good Dukan Diet that works?

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First question I have is What's a good way to excersize in the winter? What's a good Dukan Diet that works? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Ok, I saw a huge thread on this yesterday and now I can't find it. the thread inspired me to get some of this yogurt (i've never tried it before). I purchased a 32 oz container of fat free Chobani Greek Yogurt. how much pudding mix do I mix in? is 8 oz of yogurt a serving?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

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I use the Chobani and Fage 0%. With the Chobani, 1/2cup is 70cals. The ff/sf pudding mixes are 25cals for 1/4package so I usually add about 1tbsp for a free food! Some just mix those two, but I also add 3 packets of splenda. The pudding mix doesn't cut the tartness of the greek yogurt enough for me..

BTW, the pudding mix is also great mixed into the "rice pudding" made with 1/2c ff cottage cheese, 2tbsp ff coolwhip and 2 packets Splenda. Just a variation!..

Comment #2

FF/SF cheesecake pudding mix cuts the tart taste the best I think. I topped with strawberries today, and you would have though it was really cheesecake...

Comment #3

Ok so is the recipe:.

1/4 cup of yogurt with splenda to taste and 1 tablespoon of pudding mix?..

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You need to follow the stats of a dairy/protein which is up to 100 cals, no more than 3g of fat and at least 7g of protein. Amanda stated that 1/2 cup of the Chobani is 70 cals (and is well above the protein stats). I buy the individual 6oz cups of yogurt and they are 90-100 cals depending on the brand. so you can do either 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup. play around the first time and start with less pudding and no splenda and see what you like (i have gotten used to it being tart). you can always add more...

Comment #5

What is this pudding mix everyone is talking about?? I LOVE pudding!..

Comment #6

Jello FF SF pudding mix is what I use...

Comment #7

Strawberry cheesecake made with greek yogurt, yum. thanks all for the suggestions...

Comment #8

So funny, this looks like what I had today as my lunch protein, though I subbed 1/4c ff ricotta and 2tbsp of grrek yogurt for the full amt of yogurt as I was short. Love the cheesecake mix! Yours looks fabulous!..

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Well, just to make things MORE confusing, I use 6 oz. of yogurt to try to keep the calories under 100..

I add 1 tbsp. to 6 oz. of yogurt and it's perfect for my taste (without adding sweetener). Your mileage may vary...

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I had originally tried this with the Chobani and it was ok.... Then I tried the Fage and liked it much better!.

Today I couldnt find either, so I bought the Stoney Fields oikis greek yogurt; I like it the best of the 3! YUM!..

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Do you rate the yogurts the same if you ate them plain w/o the pudding? I put Fage one, chobani as 2 and I don't like oikos at all, nor the trader joes brand. I love the consistency of the fage which I eat every morning and I used that with the pudding the other day (very good and thick). I tried the chobani because it was on sale for $1 so I stocked up. big difference in taste and consistency but I can deal with it when I add my fruit along with the fact that it was nearly half price...

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Okay, my turn to ask a stupid question this is my first. are you guys using the SF FF instant pudding or the cook and serve one? I assume the instant pudding (which I used and it was fine) but I only saw vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch in the one store I checked. before I drove all over the state of NJ scoping out FF SF jello pudding flavors, I figured I would double check to make sure it was the instant stuff...

Comment #13

The instant. The local Kroger (Fry's in Arizona) also has White Chocolate, Banana and Cheesecake flavors. I also bought a Kroger brand one in Lemon..

I've only tried Banana and Cheesecakehaving a really hard time getting past that Cheesecake one...

Comment #14

Thanks, thought so. I would like to find the cheesecake and maybe lemon. I will have to check out a few more stores and some of the store brands...

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I'm not a fan of them staright - for straight yogurt I like Dannon. But for the desserts the thicker consistancy of the greeks is better. I found the Chobani a bit chalky, and the Fage less so but overly sour. To me the taste of the Oikis comes closest to regular yogurt without losing the thickness..

On another board I am on, the girls are making their own homemade greek yogurt... anyone want the specs?..

Comment #16

YES! Would love to see the specs - thanks - Francie..

Comment #17

To a 32 oz container of yogurt I added a package of pudding mix, some vanilla extract and splenda to taste. the above pic is of a 4 oz serving (70 cals from yogurt). I told my dh it was nutrisystem friendly cheesecake and he liked it. when I asked ihim if he wanted to know what was in it he said, "NO". he does not like yogurt so I am not going to share that with him if he does not want to know...

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I feel like I hit the jackpot. I found the cheesecake, lemon, pistachio and white chocolate flavors AND my supermarket had the Fage on sale for $1 so I stocked up on 20. I know what I am having for dessert..

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Hello I am new to Dukan Diet and looking at recipies. so this is what I got from you all..

Is this right..

6 oz Greek Yogart counts as 1 dairy.

1 Tbs cheese cake pudding counts as a free food?.

Splenda if needed.

Strawberries counts as a 1 fruit.

Any help is appreciated..

Comment #20

That is correct. enjoy. just make sure the pudding is FF and SF...

Comment #21

Thank youso much. making a shopping list and want to make sure I get what is needed and allowed...

Comment #22

Let us know how that lemon turns out. I love anything lemon!..

Comment #23

Dang, you did hit the jackpot!.

I tried banana today and it didn't quite have enough flavor to mask the tartness of the Greek yogurt (for me, anyway). I think the lemon will be good and I'm hoping the white chocolate will be, toobut I still LOVE the cheesecake!..

Comment #24

I've been using 1/2 Tbsp each of cheese cake and lemon S/F F/F pudding and it's yummy!..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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